pretending this is real ok

OK so when are we gonna stop this?

How long are people gonna stay pressed about B.I. and Bobby? Seriously it’s been 2 years straight. Get over it.

How long are people gonna act like BTS Namjoon and Suga are the best rappers ever? Seriously it’s been about 3 years, educate yourselves.

How long are people gonna pretend like khiphop is something new, groundbreaking, superior and a COMPLETELY seperate entity from the rest of hip-hop? It’s the same shit in a different language.

How long are people gonna hate Okasian and Keith Ape and pretend that they aren’t Real HipHop™ because they make Trap music? OK we get it you don’t like trap, but your opinion doesn’t make it any less a part of hip-hop.

How long are people gonna pretend like YG ent didn’t have a huge influence on where khiphop is today? If you’ve never heard any of the pre-2005 music of YG, there’s a good chance you’re not that knowledgable of khiphop.

How long are people gonna pretend that Illionaire is the only company making songs about partying, money, and material things in general and use that as a reason to hate them? It’s just not true, not even a little bit.


How long are people gonna sleep on MIB and Electroboyz? Don’t do this to yourselves.

polygon-dusted  asked:

1. Ben Wyatt (pretend he's real ok), Arthur Nory in all his Brazilian/Japanese greatness, Porter. 4. Penny, Alice, Quentin 5. Me, Nicole, Janessa :)

1. Ah fuck fuck fuck. Umm well I would marry Ben Wyatt for sure because he’s perfect husband material and we would be adorable. Ummmm shit I’m sorry Porter. I’m so sorry. I would fuck Arthur Nory and I would tell Porter to make like 5 more albums before I kill him and probably be crying the entire time.

4. I would marry Penny because he’s sassy and brooding and never wears sleeves my bby. I would adopt Quentin because he’s a smol child who complains a lot so I would stop that real fast and I would be adopted by Alice.

5. Well I would betray I think Janessa because she’s chill even when she’s angry (although knowing her she would murder me in my sleep). I was originally going to have you on my zombie team cause you’re hella smart and good at engineering but you don’t like running and if we have a zombie hoard chasing us, I ain’t gonna die. Actually I think I would betray you, have janessa on my team and kill Nicole. Sorry Nicole. It’s the gimp leg. 

Lurve yoouuuuu

mysteriouslyhopefulstranger  asked:

“STOP PRETENDING TO BE OK!” Alice snapped. "I know how REAL people react around me! Just admit that it's all an act to tear me down, you selfish, sadistic prick!!"

Send “STOP PRETENDING TO BE OK!” for my muse’s reaction to yours yelling this at them

“I would never!” Lewis exclaimed. He was hurt to hear this. Sure he understood the way he looked would seem like he was the kind that would hurt everyone and use his looks against people. But those that knew him knew that he would never gravely hurt anyone, not even those that deserved to die. Tears welled up in his eyes. He hadn’t been anything but good to Miss Alice. Hell, he even kept his distance when she told him to do so. 

He sighed. This was a consequence of being the way he was. But it still hurt. “I-I’m sorry if you think that way. B-But I would never do anything to hurt you. I thought I proved it to you by now” He bit his lip as he wiped the tears threatening to slip. It was hard on him than one would think. He was already insecure about himself, to hear this was like hearing he wasn’t good enough. “I’m sorry you’re scared to have a true friend care about you. But I promise you, I would never hurt you. I would never hurt anyone.” He took out the spare key her mom gave to him and tossed it in front of her feet. “I’m sorry you never had a good friend before. Maybe…maybe I thought if I helped you, you could find friends that were good to you. But I guess I’m not able to do so. And I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to be good enough to you. I-I’ll stop. I’ll let your mother know I won’t be going around anymore. Don’t worry, I’ll make an excuse so you don’t get in trouble” And with that, he left. Tears slipping down his face.. Maybe it was best for him to stop. It seemed like after everything he did wasn’t good enough. He really tried though. But maybe she didn’t want him as a friend.