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MC being avoidant of something that is obviously affecting her? Like whenever any of the boys (RFA) try to bring it up she flat out denies or changes the subject and she's set on being stubborn pretending nothing's affecting her even though it's clearly eating her away. They later find out she doesn't want to talk about it b/c she doesn't want to cry in front of them and appear weak b/c they've always seen her a someone strong and she doesn't want to tarnish that image they have of her.


  • Something had been bothering you all week, and it came to the point where he was tired of you denying everything he noticed.
  • “MC.. There’s clearly something wrong. You can tell me.”
  • You removed yourself from the room instantly.
  • What he didn’t know is that when you went into the bathroom, you tried to keep the tears away.
  • Throughout everything, all the scandals he had been through, you had been strong for him.
  • You never wanted him to see the weak side of you.
  • You kept blinking, to the point where it hurt, and rubbing your eyes violently.
  • The door creaked, Zen skulked into the room.
  • “Hey, shh.. There’s no need for that, my princess.”
  • He held you from behind, and that’s where you lost it.
  • “A small point of sadness doesn’t make the strength disappear, baby. Cry if you need to.”
  • You did, and he comforted you in there until you told him everything.

Jumin Han:

  • He gets angry when people keep secrets from him, to the point where he could let his rage flow out without controlling it.
  • And your secrecy was driving him to madness.
  • This time, when you said that you were fine, he slammed his hand against the desk.
  • “Something’s wrong with you!”
  • You looked up, lips quivering, at the enraged man stood in front of you.
  • He realised what he did, and removed the tension from his slim face.
  • “Just tell me.”
  • You stayed silent.
  • You looked like you were about to say something, but you shut your mouth before any words came out.
  • “Fucking hell..” He muttered under his breath.
  • Then you just stood up, and yelled out, “Maybe I don’t want to bother you. Do you ever consider that?”
  • It was his turn to go quiet.
  • “I’ll never be bothered by what’s on your mind.”
  • After that night, you told him everything and he listened finely.

Jaehee Kang:

  • Your sorrow made her feel worse about herself, like she wasn’t good enough.
  • So there was a clear friction and separation in the relationship until you told her.
  • You’d only be in the same room when you’d share the bed.
  • And one day she couldn’t keep it all in.
  • She just burst out crying, all over the paperwork she had to fill in.
  • When you walked in to get a book, her tears made your own fall.
  • And so you were both crying, for no apparent reason, until she spoke first.
  • “You never tell me what’s wrong.”
  • “I never wanted you to see me cry.”
  • “Now I have, so can you please just tell me? I hate this.”
  • So you did.
  • And she gripped onto every word.
  • And when you finished, she just hugged you.
  • “Do you feel better?” You asked.
  • “Whenever you do.” She replied.


  • You had helped him through the mourning of his cousin, through his encounter with Mint Eye, through all the suffering he was placed under.
  • Now it was your turn, and you sure as hell didn’t want him finding out what happened to you.
  • So whenever he wanted to take you out somewhere, you made some sort of excuse and hid yourself away.
  • And it broke this boy’s heart.
  • Honestly, he thought you were going to break up with him.
  • So when he managed to convince you to tell him, he was so thankful.
  • And he just cuddled you, until you felt better.
  • He didn’t speak often but when he did it was just a question of comfort.
  • “Do you want another marshmallow?”


  • He already knew what was wrong, and was merely waiting to see how long it would take for you to talk to him about it.
  • But as the days got longer, and the conversations became less and less connected, he felt ashamed that he wasn’t someone you could trust.
  • He managed to get a few hours off work, so was watching a movie when you came home.
  • “She wasn’t a good enough friend anyway.” He stated.
  • And you just broke down.
  • He stood up and quickly ran over to embrace you.
  • “She-Why did she do that?”
  • “Because she’s a bitch.”
  • Silence.
  • “You should tell me. You should know from my life, what bottling up your feelings does to you.”
  • And as soon as the serious conversation was over, he was back to joking around with you.
  • my hobbies: proving to unsuspecting, unaware people whose minds I likely haven't even crossed since their last reply to our conversation, that I have an interesting life of my own that doesn't revolve around them paying attention to me and I also have something other to do than just wait for their new message desperately while overthinking everything, by pretending I am not at all affected by their slowness to answer me and that I am in fact doing my own thing, all the while waiting for their new message desperately and not having any kind of my own thing and overthinking everything because my life revolves around the attention other people give me
In Matt Smith’s final episode he spent a thousand years on a planet watching everybody else age to death, while he ages very slowly. The Doctor is being taught a lesson. He’s not a human being, however much he larks around pretending he is. He is different and it’s time to stop play-acting. He goes back to being the trickier version of the Doctor, the fiercer alien wanderer. He’s not apologising, he’s not flirting with you - that’s over. That’s what the Doctor was like after the Time War but he’s not like that any more. He’s gone back and he’s changed it. Now he can go back to being a bit more Time Lordy.

A Moffat quote from RadioTime the source said.

First line: Yes watching everybody die around him, it could have been heartbreaking, dramatic and make him realize things and change if

1) there wasn’t so many ways around it for half the time he was at Christmas he had his TARDIS with him

2) he wasn’t already going around for hundreds of years alone to ‘not use up’ his companions (so no he wasn’t 'acting/pretending to be a human’ or thinking of himself  as a human as Eleven) and

3) if he had lost actually someone important to him oh and 


How can we take out that this was the message of Trenzalore? That this was a 'lesson he learned’ if all the characters were cardboard characters only there to praise him, if we were never shown the Doctor bond with any of them (oh wow the 30s with barnable so heartbreaking I can’t!) and thus being actually affected by the villagers dying on him over and over. Omg it makes me angry. SHOW DON’T TELL IN INTERVIEWS.

'He’s not a human being, however much he larks around pretending he is.’ I already said some thing about how this doesn’t work for Eleven. But further on the 'Eleven never really tried to be human’ thing: the 'completely oblivious to human customs’ for example. This really doesn’t show me a Doctor who tried to be human, because he if did, he would have picked up at some point some of those 'socially acceptable among humans things to do’ not completely disgredard them. Also 'the Doctor trying to be human’ why couldn’t you try to make it a stroy arc instead of shoehorn in the Christmas special!? Oh yeah because the Tenth Doctor already had a similar story arc.

“He is different and it’s time to stop play-acting..’' what does that even mean? Eleven play acted what? Being human? How? When?

’'being the trickier version of the Doctor” And wasn’t Eleven already super-manipulative? (And for no reasons with that). 

“the fiercer alien wanderer. He’s not apologising, he’s not flirting with you - that’s over.” Okay, tell me, when was the last time Eleven actually apologized to anyone? And why does 'being darker’ equates to not assuming responsibilities of his actions in his mind? (at least thanks for small mercys maybe Twelve will not be super sexualized).

“That’s what the Doctor was like after the Time War but he’s not like that any more. He’s gone back and he’s changed it.” ….What do you mean by that? Okay now time to be more serious and trying to actually understand his reasoning. So in his mind post Time War Doctor was apologizing a lot (well Nine and Ten did) so now Twelve won’t do that anymore because it’s bad? Like there’s so many ways Twelve could be different from post Time War Doctors because 'Gallifrey is back now’ without it being 'not assuming the responsibilities for your actions/being obnoxiously manipulative’ as Moffat is hinted at and only means 'being Eleven but worse’. Twelve could be in fact more open to his humans companions, more generally happy because he doesn’t have the burden of the Time War on him anymore.

“Now he can go back to being a bit more Time Lordy.” What does that even mean? Is he saying 'now the Doctor will be more like Classic Doctors’ …but that’s not what he described. I’m sure he’ll pretend the Doctor is more 'purer to Classic Who lore’ but won’t actually be, and all the Moffat stans will be like : see see he respects classic who! But really, what does 'Time Lordy’ means? I’m lost here. Does that mean a Doctor with less emotions as he seems to be hinting at? (some classic who moffat stans will be so happy) a Doctor disregarding even more his companions (which wasn’t what classic who doctors did) a Doctor travelling more in time? (don’t you think we had enough of the 'timey-wimey’ Moffat? Wasn’t eleven already 'Time Lordy’ in some wya with all of his rewritting time?) Does that mean ,complete alien/detached/think himself superior’? But not all Classic Doctors were like that.

And goddammit EXPLANATION BEHIND A CHARACTER CHANGE the 'explanation’ you gave Moffat, doesn’t hold. Like, man I should make him look at the rewatch of his series I’m doing. Because he doesn’t even seem to be able to know how he wrote Eleven, and what the character was like.

I tell you, Twelve will be worse than Christmas Special!Eleven…oh god.

Oh my poor, poor Twelve, I already feel you being destroyed.