Has Anyone in Overwatch Actually Died?

Okay so first it’s all “Jack Morrison Died in the Fall of Overwatch.” No, totally fine, just wears a racing jacket and a mask now (as if he believes that will foo anyone.)

Then “Gabriel Reyes Died in the Fall of Overwatch as well” Not exactly(?) he dresses in black robes now and calls himself “Reaper (is anyone in this organization not a drama queen?)

“Gengi was killed by his brother.” Only kinda, Mercy made him a cyborg he’s fine.

“Ana Amari got shot in the face” She pretended to be dead for years, but yeah she’s just as alive as everyone else.

“Gerard was killed by his brainwashed wife” Honestly, he stands as the only guy who was claimed dead and hasn’t come back. Let’s see how long his death lasts. (psst, Blizzard, if you make him Haitian you can have him resurrected with a Baron Samedi theme. Just saying)