pretend you are champion

I always see people complaining about how Yasuo, Riven and other assassins and the like “take no skill”. And I still don’t understand why there are people who believe that. Yeah, they can kill you faster than a tank like Maokai, Malphite or Nautilus but they die just as fast. People like to pretend that a champion being able to kill you fast means they take less skill than other champions, and that’s honestly dumb, especially when there are champions who can’t die and still kill you.

Confession by @pastelprincessgalacticempress


“The Great Pretender” by Freddie Mercury

Night and the City (1992)

Lauren Zuke was THE precious gay cinnamon roll of the crewniverse, and the fandom harassed her–a queer woman–off of Twitter over accusations of queerbaiting because some didn’t like her ships. And it wasn’t even some abusive or squicky ship, it was freaking Lapidot.

If you participated in this, do not EVER pretend to be championing for LGBT people ever again.