pretend that my gifs are not so bad please

Choi Twins + Christmas + gif

I should’ve doing my assignment but ended up with this…. though it’s kinda messy.
sorry not to sorry

and I thought of a headcanon about this Christmas scene:
when they were kids, Saeran once said “Hyung, I want to wear same outfit with you. and pretend that you are me and I am you, since we are identical.
I wonder if people will recognize us?”
but they never made it that time.

so on Christmas eve, (after mysme story ofc), Saeyoung gives Saeran the matching sweater and antlers, and when RFA members hold the Christmas party, they pretend to be each other. but as soon as it goes, the members easily discover the difference between them.

p.s. please excuse my bad English T_T