pretend that my gifs are not so bad please

hello everyone! This is my first ever BOTM event that I’m doing so I’m really excited. Btw, thanks so much to everyone who followed me because I got over 2.8k! (really close to 3k! yay!) Anways, sorry if I came back with another bad banner but I hope you care to join.


  • must be following this lil aesthetic freak
  • must reblog this post — likes don’t count (please get to over 60 notes or I would cry and pretend it never happen)
  • enter until September 1
  • there will be two winners and two runners-up for each category


  • the aesthetic blog of the month
  • the creative blogger of the month*
  • the  blogger of the month

*please leave your creation tag under the tags



  • spot in my update tab
  • 2 edits of your choice
  • follow if not already
  • 4 promos in the month
  • my love ;)

runner up:

  • 2 edits of your choice
  • follow if not already
  • 2 promos in the month
  • 1 edit of your choice
  • my love ;)

thanks so much!  :) hope you join!