pretend she is singing to herself

She sat
Poised on the edge of forever
Breathing slowly to herself
Suspended in a moment
When dreams meet reality.

Wonders are beheld
Wrapped within pockets of perfection
Strung together by breaths held
And stars wished fervently upon.

Fingers itching for the company of his palm
Sliding against hers, safe and warm
Feet anxiously beating a specific tattoo
Searching for a place to call home without him.
Her heart pretends it knows what home is
When it is trapped beneath her ribcage
Singing a song of freedom
Until it can run headlong back into his arms.

Her life has become theirs;
Her thoughts are shared
A shy waltz so as not to spook him.
The sound of us brings a dazzling smile
To cling lovingly to her lips.
The memories of we
Bubbling over, a sea of happiness.

There is no finer treasure than this;
A reality that transcends
Any notions she had saved for the future.

© Courtney Turley 2016

okay okay I think I’ve sorted out most of my thoughts on this. It’s obvious mp100’s animation greatly excelled that of Yuri On Ice’s by a long shot. We all know the only reason it won is because mp100 wasn’t very popular, not even close to ONE’s other work One Punch Man, and yoi was very very popular.

I don’t have a problem with yoi itself, I watched the show and enjoyed it, I’ve seen how happy it makes lgbt people to finally have a healthy mlm relationship that isn’t fetishized.

HOWEVER I can’t pretend that I’m not aware the creator is homophobic herself, complaining about gay pda on twitter, yet here she is capitalizing on the popularity of a show about a gay relationship. And everyone is singing the praises of her amazing work, having it win in every category it was nominated for.

so i have this tiny little headcanon that Claire is a wonderful singer - i mean we already know Rosario has a killer voice (see: Rent) - but very shy about it. and sometimes when Matt’s passed out in her apartment or sleeping off his injuries, she’ll sing to herself, thinking that he can’t hear her, but the minute he wakes up she stops.

Matt will never say so, but sometimes he pretends to be asleep so that he can hear her singing softly, switching from Spanish to English effortlessly, and privately he thinks her voice is more beautiful than any of the hundreds of records in his collection


She and I Sing To The Beat Of A Different Drum

Anna Kendrick doesn’t pretend to be perfect- far from it-the gorgeous songbird describes herself as a hot mess (although clearly the emphasis should be on hot) and is  proud of her imperfections. Her earthy, free-spirited attitude perfectly harmonizes the Glamour spread’s eclectic bohemian notes.

Demi stared up at the ceiling as she lay on the bed Joe had given her. When she said she would stay, would keep him out of trouble, he had opted to put her in an actual bedroom with some clothes she could change into when she wanted, pretend she had a little freedom. Her voice was soft as she sang to herself, just a lullaby her mom used to sing when she was younger.