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You had finally reached that stage of boring couple bliss. At least, so you thought.
SOUSUKE is over at your house and you are both chilling out, him reading a book, and you playing a game on your computer. You are pretty intensely invested in the game and you don’t notice the looks Sousuke is sending your way.
It isn’t until you hear a whine coming from his direction that you take notice and look up, catching the wistful look he is giving you before he quickly looks back down at his book, pretending he wasn’t staring. Very quietly and subtly, you pretend to return to playing your game while still keeping an eye on your silly boyfriend. Next time he looks up, you swear he is sneering at your computer. You actually gasp when you realise what that meant.
“Oh my god, you are jealous!” He is startled by the sudden noise and looks up at your face.
“What? Pfft no I’m not.” He dismisses and looks back at his book, seemingly disinterested. But you know your boyfriend well enough to know that look. You put your computer down beside you and crawl over him, pushing the book out of his hands (being careful to keep his place because you know how much he would whinge if he lost it) and straddled his lap.

“You don’t need to be jealous of my computer, silly,” You whisper, watching as his face starts to flush.

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Intentionally an open ended question, it didn’t take long before Saul found himself second guessing his choice in words.

Saul: And now she probably thinks I’m a huge perv trying to get in her pants after only a week of dating. Wait, isn’t that a long time? What’s a normal time frame. What’s a normal time frame when you’ve been friends since the days of playing pretend. Shit. I don’t have condoms anyways. I…that’s going to happen eventually. I’m not ready. It’s Luna! She probably doesn’t have a dirty thought in her head…It’s a good thing no one can hear me think.

Saul: “Literally. Close our eyes and…sleep…kind of…sleep.”

Luna: “Don’t worry, I figured as much.”

Saul: “Ha…of course.”


Miss Lane is obsessed with Mommy’s make-up, so I decided to make her a set of her own to play with. I got some cheap make-up from the dollar store, cleaned out all the blush, eyeshadow and powder and then filled in the spaces with appropriately colored felt to look like make-up. She’s able to use the little brushes to pretend she’s putting on make-up all day long, and yet, still will stay her natural, beautiful 2 year old self. :) I keep it in her own zippered make-up bag, along with some Minnie Mouse chapstick. ;)

Reading about how autistic children don’t engage in pretend play, it occurs to me that I might have looked like I didn’t do pretend play when I was a kid, because I often didn’t like playing pretend with other kids (it was stressful and confusing to try to figure out what they expected, and my tastes in pretend games ran more towards “We’re part of the lost woodland tribe of elves who talk to ghosts and whose civilization works thusly” and less towards “You be the mommy and I’ll be the baby”), and I didn’t speak out loud when I played by myself (I didn’t need to - I had a running dialogue going inside my head). While I was creating an ongoing soap opera of friendship and betrayal and near-death experiences with my dolls, it might have looked like I was just stimming with them. While I was pretending to be part of said elven tribe, it might have looked like I was wandering aimlessly, lost in my own world.



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