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How are you such an amazing writer AND artist? So much condensed talent in one person... Plus you seem like such a cool person!

Aw thank you!! I work hard at both things its so sweet to hear this!i usually get comments on one or the other so both is so nice!! And I pretend that im cool in the same way Nathan Drake and Han Solo pretend that they are cool. All smirks and one liners while internally like “Oh crap oh Crap OH FUCK” and flailing my way out of adversity
Which is to say not very cool at all hehe


stucky musicians au

bucky is a world famous piano player and music composer and steve is the cute guitar playing boy next door who bucky manages to charm into falling in love with him (feat. sam as steve’s enthusiastic best friend)

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all i really want

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⊰ ♛ ⊱—;   While Elizabeth and Oren’s paths diverged, their ultimate goal remained the same now that the church’s dirty secrets were exposed: destroy it all. The church, the blood, all records detailing Yharnam’s hidden nests of human experimentation– everything had to go.

               Swishing away the blood coating her sword, she lowers the blade and eases pressure on its hidden trigger beneath the guard.  ❝ The streets are dangerous enough with beasts around, ❞  she tells him, frowning.  ❝ If you’ve no affiliation with the church, it’s safer to wear different garb if you can find it. Not only are beasts set to be slain this night, so too is the Healing Church. ❞


i like angry punk music and also tea. let’s listen to leftöver crack and talk about anarchy. sometimes i pretend im cool nd hardcore but rlly im just some tol queer plant hunni that talks with a lot of !!! and gets overly excited whenever someone cute gives me any attention whatsoever

“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ says v nice things!! and has v cute hair!! and is just very good in general i wanna be more like her!!” -cute boy in a cute band
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