pretend fitblr

First rep of a 135x5 warm up set. I actually hit 165x1 today. I’m kinda bummed cause it would have been 2 but my brother touched the bar so it didn’t count. Looking and feeling kinda chunky lately but it is what it is. I’ll get that in check and in the mean time I’m starting to feel strong af! 💪😀


At least I can say that today was productive. I had some more body appreciation going on (177.7 again this morning), the boy and I gave Buddha the royal treatment with nails, brushing, AND a bath, then we cleaned our cars, got lunch at Atlanta Bread Co., and finally ended our afternoon meandering Pearl Street in Boulder. We look like dorks in the last picture and I wish I would have taken more time for a good photo. Now for the last several hours I have been somewhat working on my final paper… the LAST thing (I think) until I am done with summer classes. Grad school was a stupid and great decision, but good grief I just want to be done. This part of life stinks and I’d rather adult. 

anonymous asked:

Your blog is so fake. You apparently barely do any exercise any more and from what I've seen you don't eat healthy. Stop trying to pretend to be a fitblr when you aren't. Also, if you don't get your act together you're going to end up gaining so much weight.

  1. If you don’t like my blog, don’t follow it.
  2. I’ve talked about how my exercise/healthy eating regime is dwindling, AND how I’m totally okay with it because I’m getting back on track with everything when I move out next month. So that point is so irrelevant I can’t even
  3. I’m happy. So why the fuck would I care if people like my blog? It’s the fucking internet for christ's sake.
  4. I’m not ‘pretending’ to be anything. I have a blog. People follow it. I post whatever I want on it and I give people advice about whatever they ask me about.
  5. Idgaf how much weight I’m apparently going to gain because oh my god I’M HAPPY. I know you might not understand that seeing as you’re sending someone you don’t even know hate anonymously over the internet, but it means that I only care what I think. And I think I'm fan-fucking-tastic.
  6. Fuck off and take your unwanted opinions with you.