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My lesson of the day

So I was in the elevator and this 11 year old girl walks in. The first thing I notice is all the foundation, fake eyelashes, fake nails, winged eyeliner, lipstick, eye shadow and her extremely nice curled hair. Obviously, I frowned and my first thought was “Ugh all these 11yr olds dressing like miss universe. I’m 16 and here I am wearing no makeup and dressed like a potato sack.”

But than, I noticed her. Like really noticed her expression. She looked uncomfortable but she was trying to smile and keep her head high, like she knew she was being judged by me but pretending like she didn’t care. That’s when I realized that it shouldn’t matter what she’s doing to make herself feel good. Yes she’s just 11 and she shouldn’t be trying this hard but you know what? It isn’t the same world like it used to be when I was 11. We tell our parents that it’s different being a teenager back than and now. But it’s also different for the 11yr olds now than it was with us. They have a society they have to try to fit into. 

So basically long story short, I smiled at her and told her she looked beautiful. She thanked me and genuinely looked so happy and comfortable in her own skin. At the same time, I told myself that if i ever saw her again without all that makeup, I’d tell her she still looks beautiful.

It’s important to make 12yr old girls feel good in their own skin, even if it involves a bunch of makeup. At the same time, it’s also important to let them know that they still look good without all that stuff on their face.