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coralrives  asked:

I have a first edition, first print copy of Following The Equator by Mark Twian. What's the best way to preserve this book and to display it also?

Katie covered storage in this ask - as for display, minimizing exposure to light as well as humidity and temperature fluctuations are in order. If you really want to keep it out (off the shelves) you could box it and take it out of the box for special occations ;)

~Keri for Katie

melodyfair3  asked:

I am currently holding a family book by lord tennyson called idylls of the king. It is my great grandma's father's book. How do I preserve it and keep it safe? The pages are turning yellow brown and starting to come out of the bind. :/

I think the best you can do would be to control where you store it  and possibly place it in an acid-free box. Just make sure the box is correctly sized for the book so it doesn’t slide around.

~Keri for Katie