English bulldogs are at a genetic dead end, study finds
By Josh Hrala

Researchers have found evidence to suggest that English bulldogs – a breed known for short snouts and tiny, wrinkled bodies – are so genetically similar to one another, it’s impossible for breeders to make them healthier.

This ‘genetic dead end’ means that breeders will likely have to breed bulldogs - the fourth most popular breed in America - with different breeds if they want future generations to continue without major health issues.

“The English bulldog has reached the point where popularity can no longer excuse the health problems that the average bulldog endures in its often brief lifetime,” team leader Niels Pedersen from the University of California, Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, said in a statement.

“More people seemed to be enamoured with its appearance than concerned about its health. Improving health through genetic manipulations presumes that enough diversity still exists to improve the breed from within, and if not, to add diversity by outcrossing to other breeds,” he said. “We found that little genetic 'wiggle room’ still exists in the breed to make additional genetic changes.”

The team examined 102 English bulldogs - 87 from the US and 15 from elsewhere around the world - and made genetic comparisons to a set of 37 other English bulldogs that were brought to the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine because of health issues.

They found that the bulldogs lacked that genetic diversity needed for breeders to selectively breed individuals with healthier phenotypes, which means there’s little hope for breeders to create a healthier bulldog unless they crossbreed them.

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1.05: “Hey, what is it?”
1.06: “What happened?!”

BrainDead 1.05/1.06: Boy, That Escalated Quickly.

that “mfw there is 800% more pharmercy fics than mercy76 fics” post is so funny like, pharmercy is pretty whatever in the grand scheme of pharah ships, but ur really giving mercy, a normal human presumably with normal human taste, the romantic choice between pharah (beautiful, dashing, interesting and endearing characterization, rocket suit) and FuckVisor Morrison the 76th and xpecting her to choose the latter.. Get outta here!!  

I’m frankly still not over that response to John’s head on the Vitruvian Man’s body, not only did they not know and reply that they didn’t know they presumably took the time to find a reaction gif for not knowing from a scene where Sherlock is upset because he doesn’t know why John is still in danger, and just apparently felt this was so not analyzing that this answer was totally fine 

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Help! This is the anon with the snake that hides in my sleeve and musks when I pick her up. She's jammed herself up as far as she can in her hide and we can't get her out to feed her, and she doesn't ever leave except presumably when I'm asleep to get water then goes right back in. How do I convince her to come out? Food won't draw her out as it's f/t and she's only ever fed live before.

Unless you break the hide or feed live, I’m not sure I have any suggestions. Sorry! The best I can think of is dethaw the feeder and hope the scent draws her out.

In sure it goes without saying, but you might want to throw away that hide and replace it

So according to FNAF The Musical Canon:

The Animatronics are actually small and are basically walking talking hand puppets, but their suits are presumably stretchable since Mark threatens to wear Freddy’s skin as a suit.

The Animatronics DO NOT WANT TO KILL YOU. Just like the kids that posses them, they just want someone to play with during the night.

Yeah that creppy backstory still kinda applies.

Purple guy is actually just some guy who likes his job and wants more hours so he brings Springtrap to scare Mark and Nate. Also his name is AJ.

Purple Guy/AJ isn’t evil.

MatPat is a psychotic man who wears a Freddy suit stained with blood, and is also Phone Guy, Scott Cawthon, and possibly the true killer of the kids?

MatPat somehow has a Chainsaw mixed with a flamethrower???? How????

Golden Freddy is actually an super hero persona for Freddy.

The Puppet and Springtrap are enemies.

Springtrap is green, mean, and small. He will kill you.

A man took three rounds to the chest and somehow lived.

Mark brought guns into a children’s pizza place.

Nate has worked for Freddy’s before.

Freddy is the true creator of Five Nights.

Foxy literally can’t speak.

Never trust the fire extinguishers.

There is an angry plush Chica that just exists.

Ballon Boy is a surveillance bot??? For some reason.

Baby I Love You is a hit song.

MatPat is arrested for murder and the destruction of a building.

Mark gets to keep the flamesaw.

And Nate presumably goes off to work at Sister Location.

I don’t think they like the fox-hunting set very much. 

I do like this about Steed and Mrs. Peel (also Cathy, who expresses similar sentiments). They’re both presumably from upper echelons - Steed’s landed gentry, Emma’s father was a knight and she obviously grew up rich. But neither of them have much time for the pursuits of the idle rich, or for the idle rich themselves. They’re privileged and they’re not bothered by that privilege, but they turn the privilege to good account. Neither of them are idle, nor do they do their jobs just for the fun of it. They have strong moral characters and a drive to do intellectual, active, and moral things. 

Steed also seems to have money concerns, at least in the Gale era - whatever money his family has, he’s not getting much of it.


Rachel Weisz - Hipatia en Agora (2009)

Hypatia of Alexandria - This beautiful, intellegent, kind, and brave historical figure, according to the following article, was a Neoplatonic scholar and most learned woman in the ancient world since Diotima, chatty girlfriend of Socrates. The mathematician, astronomer, philosopher, and presumed habituée of the Library of Alexandria, was lynched by an angry early Christian mob on March 8, 415 A.D.

But, what really happened? If you like to find out, there’s a link to this great article:

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Maybe this question is better in the 'thesetison' sideblog, but what are you theories on the line of nurses in the trailer. Someone mentioned it's probably from the mind palace because of how it looks, but if so, why is Sherlock (presumably) imagining nurses? Especially when the voice-over is talking about inner demons waiting during that moment.

Let me start by saying that I definitely would not pair the voiceover with what’s being shown on screen at the time. Trailers are built for drama and excitement, and not logic, so we honestly have no way of knowing if that voiceover is actually connected with that scene or not. (And my money would be on it not being directly connected.)

But let’s talk about the nurses. From setlock, we can seem to connect the scenes filmed at Riverside House (which is where that shot of the nurses comes from) with those filmed at Mount Stuart Square. In both locations, we have a conference-style table with people sitting around it attached to IVs, with Culverton Smith there seemingly presiding over whatever’s going on. It looks like it’s essentially the same scene happening in two different places. Now the fact that the scene at Mount Stuart Square is taking place in the middle of the street makes me think that it certainly isn’t really happening that way, so then I feel like the scene at Riverside House is likely the “real” version of the scene.

Now I see a couple options here for this “real” scene. It could be that Sherlock is actually there for whatever weird things are happening there (and we do know that Ben was spotted outside Riverside House their second night there, even though Sue told us he wasn’t filming). OR it could be that someone is telling him about what happened and he is visualizing it, kind of like the scene of Emelia on the balcony in TAB. Either way, I feel like whatever is happening with the nurses at Riverside House is real, not something that Sherlock has hallucinated or otherwise completely made-up in his head.

But then we have it repeated in the middle of the street at Mount Stuart Square, and that I feel has to be some kind of mind palace-type scene. (Conference tables don’t just appear in the street, right?) It could be a deduction–that Sherlock has suddenly figured out something about the real scene from Riverside House–and is picturing it in the middle of the street as he makes his deductions. But given his poor condition during the other filming we saw at Mount Stuart Square and the fact that there was a scene where he was standing in front of a taxi, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he’s in the middle of the street, I don’t think it’s quite as simple as a deduction scene. (I will say that the other scenes at Mount Stuart Square don’t have to connect, but as there weren’t really any costume changes, Sherlock is behaving similarly sick throughout all of it, and the location would be quite obviously the same throughout these scenes, it makes sense that they would be connected.) So my thoughts on how it all fits together are that Sherlock witnesses whatever happens with the nurses at Riverside House (or is told by a client perhaps about what happened there–but I lean toward him having actually seen it). Then later when he’s sick, he stops in the middle of traffic at Mount Stuart Square because he’s hallucinating/flashing back to what happened at Riverside House.

Wow, ok, that was a long explanation for essentially a two sentence summary of what I think is going on, but hopefully you can kind of see where my thoughts are coming from there. I should also say that we of course know very little about these scenes in the first place, so there could be pieces missing that would make all of this make more sense, but based on what we’ve got, this is what I’m thinking right now. Ask me again in a month and maybe that will have changed, lol.

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that's a pretty cool theory, i wonder (if its canon) where will her gem be? might it be smaller because of the washed down generations? is its hidden? maybe we'll find out you can have gem ancestry without having a gem on you.

I don’t believe Connie has a gem like Steven does. It only takes one male heir for it to fail to be passed down, and it would probably be really hard to hide. Plus her mom is still alive, and the bloodline is presumably maternal for her.

That said, if she did have a gem, hers would be hard to place. The forehead seems the obvious place, since she is pretty brainy and it would look like a bindi, but when you think about it, her braininess isn’t really one of her defining traits, and she doesn’t have the same autism spectrum symptoms that Pearl and Peridot do.

More realistically, Connie would have a gem on one of her left palm like ruby does, symbolizing both her love for Steven (holding hands), and her rebellion against her parents (the left-hand path). Rebelling is something she’s done a lot of after all, lying about Steven’s family status, learning sword fighting behind their backs, fusing with Steven to participate in a drag race, etc.

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Shit Sena is already done... UUUUUUUUH... NOAH

Full Name: Noah Evien
Gender and Sexuality: Male; aro/ace
Pronouns: He/him
Ethnicity/Species: Croconaw [Scottish/English]
Birthplace and Birthdate: Presumably New Bark Town; May 19
Guilty Pleasures: Walking out in the rain and even play around puddles without anybody looking, getting a blanket and making a cocoon out of it
Phobias: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
What They Would Be Famous For: Royally fucking up things
What They Would Get Arrested For: Royally fucking up things, mostly for being at the wrong place at the wrong time
OC You Ship Them With: No one
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Hayes, Rocket, a few deites in Johto
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: Anything that has a happy ending, really– even if the movie/book is shit
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: What Celebi foresaw
Talents and/or Powers: Water manipulation, strong as hell despite his stature, and has quick reflexes. He doesn’t like fighting with his hands, so he resorts to kicking/capoeira. Also recently learned how to freeze his water attacks but that makes his skin crawl unpleasantly afterwards. He usually knocks back his opponents with a quick water attack and comes in with a powerful smash/attack.
Why Someone Might Love Them: He’s a nerd.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: He’s a nerd.
How They Change:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Why You Love Them: I like making his life hard.

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I'm not sure if this happens in the books but on the show Sandor is the one to discover and presumably tell the queen when Sansa's period starts. What do you make of this and why do you think he did it, if he was the one who told at all.

Thanks for the ask! If you’ve followed me for very long you probably know I don’t have much love for the show, and I’m sorry I won’t be able to give you much of an answer in that regard.  There’s simply no making sense of that mess.  I did note that Rory does looks quite grim in that scene.  My interpretation is that he is well aware of the implications of Sansa’s flowering and may have tried to do a little damage control by not allowing her to hide it, knowing that to do so would only make matters worse.

I’ve included the excerpt from the book under the cut because it is perhaps the most heartbreaking and traumatizing tale of menarche I’ve ever read.  If you like show!Sansa, I strongly encourage you to read the books.  Sansa’s character is deep and complex and truly lovely in a way that Sophie and D&D fail to understand and convey… 

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October - 9:23pm

The van - George driving, impassive expression. Vehemently trying to ignore - tune out the sounds rising, echoing around in the back of the van. Chinese take out - stacked beside him on the passenger seats. George’s hand darting out every few minutes to prevent bags from topping off of the seat, which should typically be Matty’s job. 

But tonight - he’s a bit preoccupied, preoccupied by means of shagging you in the back. 

Soft sounds, sighs resembling Matty’s name, a sharp mewl every few minutes, giggles, coaxing whispers - and the vulgar expressions leaving Matty’s lips have George shaking his head, a muttered, “Oh my God”. Exasperated. 

Recently - this has become a semi-regular occurrence, and George is rapidly growing sick, tired of it. He had presumed it would only be a one time thing - and he had let it happen to get the idea out of Matty’s system, let him cross it off his bucket list of sexual escapades. Or whatever it was that helped Matty keep track of all the places he had gotten off with you. Which - George was sure it had something to do with the whiteboard chart in your garage, a vast accumulation of checks, times, seemingly random place names. Because he appeared to remember every single encounter - and it turn, usually, George received a rather descriptive play by play of exactly where and what went down.  But - this was a bit too close for comfort. Especially when they’re supposed to be working.

A sigh, grimace - turning up The Streets - radio. Not helping much - however, muffling slightly.

Sudden - realisation, a groan, he doesn’t even know where the fuck he is. Dark - wrong turn, snapping his fingers over the seats, attempting to get Matty’s attention - “Oi!” 

A grunt in answer, snapping - “Jesus Christ, George - give us a second.

Irritated, a hiss - “No - I fucking well won’t give you a second, get the fuck up here, Matthew. I’m bloody lost.”

All gets in reply - soft pants, meshed moans, whimpers. Enraged, an eye roll, spinning the van, a jerky turn - having the most of an effect on you and Matty. A thud - bodies slamming into the side of van. Grumbles, a giggle - “Fucking Hell - George!

Lips curving - despite himself, a chuckle - “Mm - love it when you moan my name, baby.”

You - a giggle, Matty - a grumble. “Oh, fuck you, George.”

In which you reply - “Fuck me.

And apparently Matty takes that as a serious notion - moans, whimpers, resurfacing. George - vexed. Fingers - thrumming against the steering wheel, lips thinning. 

Adjusting the rear-view mirror - clear view of the back, you’re on top, Matty and your lower half hidden from view. Frenzied movements, rhythmic - teeth harsh, tugging your lower lip. Matty - soft, jagged coaxes. Hands - traveling up, your hips to your bra, grasping, fingers hooking on the straps. Pace growing more frantic, fervid - your head falling back, Matty’s name. And George can only hope the sudden shift in tact can only mean you and Matty are nearing a finish, 

George - eyes shifting back to the road, an upcoming speed bump. A smirk - vengeful,  George building up speed. Hand over the food - an almighty jolt racking through the van, George bouncing off his seat, knowing the impact on the back would be ten times worse.

Sudden, a loud cry - you. Matty - panted, disjointed curses. A frown - George, because he was expecting the ramp to throw you off, however it seems to have had the opposite effect - instead of throwing you off, it was getting you off. Bringing your hips down harder, Matty’s jutting deeper. Breathless sounds, curses, panted praises. 

George - a frustrated groan, his head - repeatedly hitting off the steering wheel. Cursing himself - and his backfired revenge plot. Idly wondering if this would give Matty some sort of speed bump fetish now. 

Minutes later - Matty appearing behind the seats, readjusting his jeans, breath heavy. A sloppy kiss to George’s cheek, fingers tapping across his chest - a grimace. Sly smirk tilting his lips, smug undertone - “Cheers for that, G. Well helpful.”

An eye roll, gruff - “Yeah, yeah - shut up. Fucking lunatics.”

You - popping up alongside Matty, pulling back on your shirt, cheeks flushed, hair tousled. George’s gaze drifting over you - eyes narrowing, finger pointing. “And you - you’re gonna get us fucking fired - I swear to God.”

Eyes widening - a squeal, “Me?

You,” - George, mocking your tone. A chuckle - Matty, clambering back over to the front seats, thigh to thigh with George. 

A drawl - “Listen - nobody is going to be fired, calm down you little drama queen. How the fuck would anybody even know - and shit it’s my van, I have a right to shag whoever I fucking well please in it, so shut up, George.”

Matty - rant ending, giving George directions, chewing on red vines - helping you over the seat, sandwiching yourself between Matty and George. 

Discontent - grumbling, a playful glint in your eye, gaze sweeping over George’s tensed figure. Teasing tone - inviting him to join next time. 

His scowl shifting - an amused smirk, glancing over at you. Matty chewing - stony expression. A wink - George, pulling the van to a stop - “Tempting offer - but only if Matthew promises to call me Daddy.”

A snort of laughter, Matty huffing - flinging the end of his red vine at George, grabbing one of the bags, hopping out of the van - a hiss, “You are not my Daddy. Fucking prick.”

A/N: Based off of a prompt - lol i hate myself. But hope you all somewhat enjoy!

- L xx

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Can I request a scenario where TFA Optimus has to save a reader from a jealous Arachnid?

Optimus Prime (TFA):

          “You mean to tell me that you have a, a relationship with this puny, filthy, utterly disgusting organic?!

           Blackarachnia was just trying to comprehend the situation at this point, the sheer absurdity of it not missing her. But as it began to become more and more clear in her processor, so too increased her absolute rage. To think that such a lowly thing, an organic, an abomination against all things of good Cybertron, something beneath even her own mangled and corrupted existence as a techno-organic, would find itself in the good grace of Optimus… It burned something inside of her and set off an eternal flame of unadulterated hatred.

           Optimus had you behind him, subtly motioning you to run, presumably to the shores of Dinobot Island, where he prayed to Primus the rest of his crew where. Feeling the adrenaline rush through you like a wave, you bolted as fast as you possibly could have. Blackarachnia lunged, seeing pure red and wishing for murder, to rip you to gory ribbons like the meat you were.

           You continued to run even as Optimus, ever the hero, covered your rapid retreat, trying to fight off a ruthless and very deadly Blackarachnia.

The yellow eye or AI Jack survival

This theory is just based on a personal analysis of the game so it engages only me~ And i’m fairly sure other people might have think about it too but heh xD

At the end of TFTBL you can crush the eye that is supposed to contain AI Jack. Presumably ending or not his digital existence. But quid of the yellow eye ? 

Let me explain : “future” rhys got a new echo eye, a yellow one, in contrast with his previous blue one… But it’s not the first time we saw that specific color being used in game before. 

Indeed “past” rhys got a blue eye (same blue as jack is himself), that turns yellow at very specific times in the stories, as an echo (which is pretty clever for an echo eye…) of AI Jack own eyes that turns that shade of yellow and makes him look even more like a fucking devil (yes, i love that xD). 

For exemple At the Atlas factory, when he enters rhys subsystem to control the bots… And later on he even gains full control fo rhys body for a few (until he get punched “out” xD) 

And as Jack, in ANY case makes upgrades in rhys’ echo (the vasquez and his car sequence), it’s not that far of a stretch to think that even if he cuted out the most of his implants it had to be connected fully to his brain for him to use it and that he didn’t get those parts out (he nearly died already) but just cut out most of the things that allowed jack to appeared and act.

You could argue that well, if you choose fiona this first part doesn’t happen, which is true, but choosing fiona doesn’t prevent rhys from gaining that specific hyperion yellow colored eyed. And not an orange like Atlas. 

It is an odd choice as mostly everything in the game about rhys is made to reflect his ressemblance and parallels with AI Jack. So even if Rhys didn’t became a “full” handsome rhys (sadly), there is a good chance that holo jack, or a part of him at least, is still moving in his systems and could returns, or even that rhys is still communicating with him but on a more sub-level than before. 

you can’t tell me that genji doesn’t find out that his playboy years produce a baby that he only finds out about while he’s in overwatch as he’s presumed dead

and that he has to juggle dealing with the fact that hanzo tried and nearly succeeded at killing him, working for overwatch, being not all human, but having a human child who maybe would have to rely on him or at the least he would have to decide whether or not he should be in his child’s life.