psa: don’t mention commissions/patreon on AO3

Hi guys! So I know we all don’t actually read the terms and conditions of things and just hit agree assuming there’s nothing important in there (I do it too oops) but if you take writing commissions or anything involving money, then there’s actually something in the AO3 terms and conditions to be aware of.

Linking to a personal website or blog/social network where you are taking donations, posting commissions or mentioning published works is permitted, but advertising it directly on the Archive is not, nor is using language which one might interpret as requesting financial contributions. For example, you can say something to the effect of “check out my Tumblr if you want to know more about me and my writing” and include the link to the site, but you cannot specifically state anything about donations, commissions or sales on the Archive.

Today someone reported one of my fics as violating this condition - presumably because I’d mentioned my patreon in the author’s note (I wasn’t actively requesting donations either… I’d literally just mentioned that it existed, and that the fic in question was written as a thank-you for hitting one of my goals).

I’ve written to AO3 to check whether just saying ‘thank you to those who support me on patreon’ is fine and I’ll let you guys know when they get back to me, but if it’s still going too far in terms of being a ‘commercial promotion’ then I’ll just avoid mentioning this in the future! :’)

As I said, someone did actually report my fic for this - so there are people out there who are noticing/reporting these situations. Please be aware of this if you take fic commissions, or use patreon or ko-fi, because your account could end up suspended, which of course no one wants!

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                                        DAY 7 ➔ Favorite Place : Castle Byers

Castle Byers is a makeshift fort created by Will Byers to hide out in at times. It’s the first place Joyce thinks Will has vanished to. As it turns out, she is somewhat right: in the Upside Down, Will hides in the fort for a while.

When Eleven enters the Upside Down in The Bathtub, she finds Will laying on a sleeping bag in very weak state.Joyce Byers asks Eleven to tell Will to hold on, but then Will and Castle Byers both disappear.

Later, the Upside Down’s version of the castle is presumably destroyed by the Monster when it finds Will.

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hey just curious, what do you mean by a bisexual haircut?? :0

it’s a trope in tv and real life to get a bob sort of haircut when a (normally female) character is bi or presumed to be in a relationship with a girl! 

some examples:

also in the bi community when you have a haircut/ get a haircut like this you call it the “bi haircut” i have a ton of friends who came out as bi/pan who had/have this haircut. it’s basically just a funny coincidence that turned into a trope! 

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I wish people were a bit more positive about the idea of Chloe being Queen Bee. Like I saw posts saying "Show dropped." and "I'm quitting this fandom." and it honestly makes me so sad. :(

That’s because people don’t understand how character developement and narrative work. What do they want? For Chloe to remain a nasty, two-dimensional character for her entire fictional existence? That she is (presumably) the Bee means she’s going to get character developement in one way or another. Though, to be frank, I don’t get why it’s coming as any great shock to anyone. We have our two protagonists–Adrien and Marinette–and then the secondary characters Alya, Nino, and Chloe. Nino barely makes this list and only does because he’s Adrien’s best friend and that, therefore, makes him a foil to Alya. Chloe is in the show SO MUCH! She’s in nearly every episode and when she’s not, they still make sure to show where she is (Gamer, for example). She’s not just a background character like Rose, Juleka, Kim, Nath, etc… I could tell from the get-go that she was important just based on how often she affects the narrative and how she was introduced. So yes, I’m excited, because that means we’re going to get more insight into her character than what exists already, which isn’t much. 

I don’t understand why people are so butt-hurt over it, honestly. I realize she’s not a nice person, but all the more reason then why she should get a bigger part. She hasn’t murdered anyone, she isn’t irredeemable. And so–in the spirit of a kids show–it seems only right that she get more developement, no matter what that developement is. 

Or maybe people are angry because Chloe The Terrible is getting more attention than some of the background characters they thought were more deserving (looks at Nath). Sorry, but the difference is that Chloe is NOT a background/minor character–she’s a secondary character, which puts her on an entirely different level than characters like Nath or Rose. 

Chloe’s in it to win it, yo ;D

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honestly, ive been talking w/ a friend about how mer/cy had no right to save gabe (and genji too) and they still doesn't get why i don't like her very much. thank you for understanding it.

mhm. gabe was already dead (presumably), and it would have saved him a lot of suffering to just leave him to rest in peace. and it totally backfired because he ended up joining talon lmao

and the only reason genji was able to stop hating himself and being miserable was b/c he met zenyatta & found inner peace!! wouldn’t have happened otherwise!! mer/cy ain’t got nothing to do w/ it!!

Oh hey Tumblr accidentally left in a mechanism to spam notes, which they’d presumably tried to prevent by, e.g., only letting you like multiple versions of a post once and only keeping a person’s most recent reblog in the notes (and so capping number of notes at 2*(people who interacted with the post). )


That makes a lot of sense actually, in the previous episode Garnet mentioned that she tried to “heal” the monsters, presumably with her tears  in an attempt to give them back their conscience.

So Rose was both the Tank and the Healer, and judging from her sword she wasn’t too shabby on combat. I think I might have misranked her, she’s probably the second most powerful gem right after Ganet.

“Alright Steven all you need to do is cry so make sure to…”

“… you know what nevermind.

Later, observing the rapport the Dark Lord shared with the stormtroopers who supported him, and the technique he displayed in wielding his crimson lightsaber, Tarkin grew more and more convinced that his suspicions were right.

Vader might very well be Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, whom Tarkin had fought beside during the Clone Wars, and for whom he had developed a grudging appreciation.

Tarkin by James Luceno

So Tarkin figures out who Vader is based on his interactions with stormtroopers? That’s…kind of sweet, actually.

(I mean, as long as Vader’s not using them as human shields, presumably.)

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Is there any proof (as in, clear pics) that Rob Rinder was at Sherlocked today? I need more evidence than a blurry video and a statement by one of the über nans who have proven time and again that they don't have very good eyesight, since they can't tell elegance from sloppiness, talent from fraud, and loved-up from dead-eyed. - Stardust

No Stardust, as far as I know, a Nan identified the man who was with him on the helicopter as Rinder and everyone presumed she was right for the better part of the day.

I think @cardboardbatch is right on the money and it was one of his bodyguards instead.

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For Finn to become the Mockingjay of Storm Troopers, he needs to regret shooting them. Instead not only he didn't feel any remorse but was enjoying himself. Therefore, I don't think that Trooper liberation is set up in TFA. We weren't supposed to be appalled that he shot them, but cheer with him. I don't think Troopers were meant to be sympathetic and humanized beyond Finn. He's one of a kind and that's really it.

That’s kind of the vibe I get too, but I think it’s possible for the events in Episode VIII to shift things and indicate that Finn isn’t just a one-off. When Finn displays signs of aberrant behaviour there is talk of his being sent to reconditioning, and one can only presume there wouldn’t be a reconditioning program if every stormtrooper were perfectly behaved and completely loyal to the First Order. I don’t think Finn is alone in his dissent.

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Hey, sorry if you've answered this before, but do you have a tag for all the art that was definitely or presumed to be done by done by John?

I actually didn’t have a tag for it, but I just made one for you.  All of John Laurens’s art is now tagged as “Laurens art”.

Here are his softshell turtle drawings

Here are (possibly) his paintings of southern flora and fauna

Here is (possibly) his sketch of Hermes/Mercury

“Unlike you I would never hurt my own daughter.”

I don’t know if anyone has posted on this quote yet, but it occurs to me that these words may have more significance than we realize. Upon first hearing I assumed what Kirk meant was that Unlike like Red, Kirk would never hurt Liz. The wording intentional or not actually implies something different. Technically speaking Kirk is saying that Red WOULD hurt, his own daughter (presumably being Jennifer). This may actually be a clue, not a slip, because of the information we got on Jennifer in Season 2, that knowing Red would one day come for her she fled and hasn’t even been in contact with her mother. With the story of blood Red told Madeline Pratt, this might be more hints as to what happened 12/24/90 that made Red want to blow up his house.

The Creak in the Floorboards

A/N: Okay, this is a little bit of silliness inspired by the CS 6x01 sneak peek – I know, I know, just about everyone’s done their take on this, but I couldn’t resist. This picks up a few days after that, and presumes that things have been so hectic in Storybrooke since then that Emma and Killian still haven’t yet had another truly quiet moment to, ahem, “enjoy” together. Until now…

Hope you all enjoy – it’s about 1,330 words of mostly smut-adjacent fluff, with a tiny dollop of feels. Happy Once day, everyone!!!! [Title taken from a gorgeous Tired Pony song - ‘cuz I just like it].

Letting the gate swing shut behind him with a muted clack, Killian paused for a moment and gazed at the house ahead of him. His eyes roved over the (slightly uneven) risers of the front steps, swept to the right along the curve of the porch, then traced their way up the turret all the way to its conical roof before sliding back down to rest on the front door.

A contented sigh escaped him as he made his way along the walk and up the steps. He and Emma had only been living here – together, he thought happily – for a few days, and he had yet to lose the feelings of peace and contentment that washed over him every time he returned home.

Home indeed, he mused, taking in the warm glow of lamplight spilling out of the front windows into the deepening twilight and feeling all the depth of meaning encompassed in the simple word. After everything they’d been through in the Underworld, and the more recent chaos brought to Storybrooke by Hyde and the denizens of the Land of Untold Stories, he was profoundly grateful for the second chance he and Emma had been given to build a life with each other.

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Viewsie (having a drink and catching up): wanted to thank you for keeping up with me those last few days. And since noone else seemed to have noticed any shoehorning, I'll just presume I was wrong and there wasn't any at all. Which makes the whole day even more perfect. :D Have to confess, I actually did get a bit annoyed by Ben those last two years, but I've (dare I say it) actually become a big fan of him all over again today. Lets see how long it stays that way. (1)

(2) If I had to give one advice: he really only needs to be himself, like today, to rebuild his somewhat shattered fanbase and get people to watch his stuff. The Ben we saw today is the one people love and admire. Lets hope that got through to his PR team.


Keeping up with you?  Are you kidding me Viewsie???  Thank YOU for keeping us up to speed with what was happening at Sherlocked!

Judging from the response to Ben’s appearance from today, I couldn’t possibly agree more with your advice…

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Did you notice how Archie added h00k as an after thought. Didn't even put him with family like "Oh and H00k"

honestly not really because after three years of this show my brain automatically filters most hook-related things and puts them in that memory void pit like the one in inside out. but if this is true, and i presume it is, that’s fucking hilarious lmao

A 19th century Italian Ebony and Hardstone Inset Clock Cabinet-On-Stand. This Master Cabinet-Maker splendor is presumed of Florentine origin. It can be compared to other Opificio delle Pietre Dure de Florence, which was founded in 1588 by Ferdinando I de’ Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany from 1587 to 1609. The Opificio studios rapidly gained a reputation for their exquisite yet intricate pietra dura and semi-precious stones and minerals
incrusted cabinetry, which ebony core they adorned with somptuous colour contrasts.

Courtesy of Sotheby’s - The Robert de Balkany Collection

Marvel “Earths” I want to peer into to see more about the “Tony” there:

  • 3940 - The infamous “Civil War never happened because Tony is a woman and she and Steve got MARRIED” reality.
  • 57289 - Rhodes Labs International is a thing (and presumably Rhodey takes the slot in that reality as Iron Man). Also Tony is a scientist that works for Rhodey and even though we only see one panel of them he has some MAJOR heart eyes for his boss.
  • 311 - I just really want to see the armor from Marvel 1602 again.
  • 9230 - The Civil War AU where Tony got assassinated … I wanna see how that played long term.
  • 9810 - Sorcerer Supreme Tony. I need more of this ridiculousness.
  • 555326/10943 - All the little Avengers spawn! All the Uncle Tony! Also I’m 95% sure that James Rogers is not really Steve’s son but Bucky’s.
  • 81114 - Another woman version of Tony; Dr. Stark, she’s advising the planetary leadership, and she’s in a wheelchair. There’s a story there.
  • TRN193 - “No more Humans”-verse; graying!Tony and cyborg!Steve acting like the ultimate divorcees.