Imagine toddler Anduin making a squeaky, chirpy noise while playing, and a certain Lady Prestor freezing in place because it coincidentally sounded exactly like the sound a dragon whelp makes when amused or happy.  

She knows there’s no possible way that one of her offspring would turn up in Stormwind Keep, but for just a second there…   

It takes a few minutes before her heartbeat returns to normal.

Obi-Wan Kenobi spent at least a week severely injured, cut off from the light side of the force with little food and water on a planet bathing in the dark side while constantly being tortured and attacked by a Sith holocron that dragged out his worst memories over and over and over again, made him hallucinate, and that constantly whispered “Die Jedi, die Jedi, die Jedi” until that was all he could hear.

And he came out stronger at the end of it.

He could have fallen, he could have gone insane, he could have killed Bail, he nearly died. He made Bail use his lightsaber to torture him so he could send for help through the force.

And Bail Organa, holy shit. Stuck alone on a planet with a Jedi Master that is slowly going insane and that nearly kills him several times. And he refuses to give up. He knows he gets off easy compared to Obi-Wan. He refuses to let the holocron kill them. He keeps Obi-Wan going and sane. His stubbornness saves both of them.

[Story]: Prologue - The Danger.

I felt like doing a silly Modern AU thing because of mcsars

Even if she were twenty years older, Princess Morgana of the House of Falomyr-Albrecht was certain she would never be like her mother. For most people, the back of the royal limousine would have been large enough to sit comfortably alongside at least ten others. When it came to her mother though, even the two of them seemed too many to be found in so close a position. That thought did puzzle her, as most of the time she hardly seemed to know that she was there at all.

She was certain that her mother wasn’t paying attention to her then. Queen Madelynne I of the Blessed Kingdom of Lordaeron would not have sat idly by as her daughter dared to look outside of the window at the world around her. No, a princess was meant to be poised and quiet and out of the way: someone that could be summoned up before whichever dignitary that was to be entertained and speak in several languages, perform several dances, recite several poems, or sing several ballads. If not for her father’s insistence she was certain that never would her palm have been ‘spoiled’ by a rapier, or her legs harassed by the saddle.

Thankfully, if only for her sake, her father had been willing to stand up to her mother then. From the sound of the conversation that was occurring behind her back, she could tell that may have been the last time he did such a thing ever again.

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The Misadventures of Prestor and Rennali (Part 2)


She knew the taste of it well from many a time someone had thought themselves bold enough to strike her. Rarely would a woman of her gentility seek to fight back but rather become mousy and demure; hiding their face in the shame that they had allowed the moment to escalate to such a degree. The mixture of soil and copper flavor that invaded her mouth was enough to force her to wakefulness, even if her mind and body collectively begged her not to move even an inch. Her tongue instinctively fished around her gums if only to taste more of the soil that wedged up her nose from where it had been pressed against the ground for a time. Yes, there had been blood, but she was relieved not to have any broken teeth. 

Slowly, she rolled onto her side, feeling her shoulders pulled and her arms forced back with no relief to the strain. As she rolled over sluggishly, she tugged at her wrists; the rope bindings on them biting at her soft porcelain flesh to leave them feeling bruised. The last thing she could recall was the world spinning about her in a flurry of anger and vitality before it all went dark and silent as the grave. The queen hadn’t even the time to wish herself a fruitful death before the hours were stolen from her. Opening her eyes, there was the darkness again as familiar as ever, save for the jump in her throat that left a burning sensation down to the pit of her stomach. 

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