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“have you ever thought of us being more than just friends?”
have i… you mean… you also…?

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A New Hunt
Preston E. Downs
A New Hunt

Comstock came by the wagon at dawn.

Man was just… he just transfixed by my trophy scalps.

Asked about the white ones, there.

I said, 

“Well, sir - if your quarry dwells in the jungle,

and beds down with the local color, why split hairs?”

*Laughs* Not a chuckle out of him.

Either he ain’t seen a man go native, or maybe…

maybe too many.

Anyhow, now he’s got me huntin’ down this “Daisy Fitzroy.”

Hope he don’t expect me to stuff and mount her. *Laughs*

✪ xparlay; Black Sheep ✪

Elizabeth swiftly ducked into the decrepit building and gratefully shut the door behind her. She breathed an immense sigh of relief when she saw that there wasn’t a single soul in sight, not even the barkeep. The unsavory Graveyard Shift bar wasn’t exactly the ideal place to avoid the violent rioting in the streets, but it was a far better alternative than remaining out in the open. She’d be relatively safe for the night if she hid herself well. At least that was the plan. It was unfortunate that the door didn’t lock, but perhaps if she searched around there would be a spare key of some kind.

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