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First Look: The BMW M760Li xDrive

With the new BMW M760Li xDrive, the freshly launched new BMW 7 Series is gaining a prestigious flagship model. Headlined by its exceptional refinement and supreme power delivery at all times, the 12-cylinder petrol engine with M Performance TwinPower Turbo technology under the bonnet reinforces the new car’s range-topping status. The boldly dynamic driving characteristics of the BMW M760Li xDrive combine with superior ride comfort to make a compelling statement & set a new benchmark in the luxury sedan segment.

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Accidental Ladynoir Reveal Thing

What if Ladybug and Chat never revealed their identities through high school, and even partway into college? Then one night, after a patrol, and to celebrate the anniversary of their partnership, they get a little drunk off of some champagne Chat brought (stolen from his dad, not like he’d notice one bottle of champagne).

As Adrien and Marinette they are still in school together, attending a prestigious design and modeling school where Adrien is her modeling partner for all of her male designs.

After getting slightly too drunk, Chat and Ladybug had ended up in his penthouse dorm, accidentally falling asleep in his bed together.

The next morning, Marinette woke up in Adrien’s arms and screamed. After he hit his head on pretty much everything near his bed, he’d looked over to see his pretty design partner and close friend, mostly clothed, but tangled in his sheets.

They had just stared at each other in complete shock. “Did we…?” She asked, trailing off as she turned scarlet.

Adrien blushed at the implication, rubbing his aching head. “ I don’t think so?” Then he looked down to see himself in a rumpled version of his outfit from yesterday. Plagg must have released the transformation when he fell asleep. “Nah. We’re both dressed, I’m pretty sure we just passed out together.”

He shrugged in response to her glare.

“How did I get here? I was with someone else last night, as far as I can remember. The stupid champagne is making everything fuzzy,” she muttered.

“Did this person happen to be wearing black leather and carrying this bottle?” Adrien asked, his suspicions rising as he showed he the empty champagne bottle that had been discarded on the floor near the bed.

Marinette turned to stare at him, here eyes wide. “No…. You can’t be….right?”

“And you, My Lady?” He supplied, still rubbing his head.

“Oh my god. No, no. Why!? But you…but he…ugh! I’m so confused,” she groaned, rubbing her own temples.

“You know,” he said, “you really are the same. You’re eyes don’t change. They’re always that fierce cobalt, like pools of liquid sapphire. I feel stupid for never noticing how similar you were to Ladybug. But at least this means that I didn’t fall in love with two different girls,” he added.

Marinette choked. “Excuse me?”

“I fell in love with Ladybug and Marinette. The side she showed only to Chat was full of fire, and the side she showed to Adrien was so warm and kind. I was terrified at falling for Marinette when I was in love with Ladybug, but now I know that it’s you, it always has been.”

Adrien looked so happy that Marinette almost started smiling with him, but then his face fell. “Though I suppose you still love your oblivious crush.” The one she had always mentioned vaguely to Chat throughout the years. “Though, Marinette, if you ever move on, I promise I’ll make you happy.” He looked so sincere, she was touched, but also….

She snorted and burst out laughing. “Haha. I can’t do this right now! Oh my god. Haha. You’re right. My crush really is oblivious. Though I’m afraid that if I moved on you probably wouldn’t make me very happy.”


“You, Adrien. You were my crush.” She punctuated her point by kissing his nose. “You have been since junior high. And as Chat you became my best friend, both to Marinette and Ladybug. I love you as Adrien Agreste, and I love you as Chat Noir.”

“ Really? I-I love you too. Both sides of you. I’m in love with you, all of you, for years.” He turned faintly pink, and she giggled.

“I thought I was the shy one,” she teased, blowing on his ear, making him jump a little.

He smirked, his emerald eyes twinkling with mischief. “We’ll see, Princess,” he responded, pulling her close and kissing her deeply.

When he pulled back, she was blushing and dazed, making him blush in turn.

“Hey Mari…?”


"Do you think we could get undressed me-now?” He pleaded, giving her the kitty eyes.

She smothered him with the nearest pillow. “Absolutely not!”