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"tonight is about my pleasure, not yours" - kai from sekai security please

You fell back on your bed with a lengthy sigh. You felt your husband’s hands drift along your naked body, massaging your legs, rubbing your stomach, teasing your core. He knew every pressure point to touch that had you keening for more. 

You sat up and tried to pull him into a kiss, but he would have none of it. “Tonight is about my pleasure, not yours.” He smirked as his lips skimmed past your lips and fell on to your sensitive neck. He bit and sucked and you knew he’d leave a bruise, but you couldn’t find it in you to care.

When you told your husband you were having a bad day, you expected to come home and be able to relax. He was giving you much more than that.


this video is so beautiful and makes me cry every single time i watch it

watch it

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i got a buzzfeed account and this is what i’m using it for