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Hello, our host has trouble switching out and we really just want to help them because it's cussing them a lot of stress, do you have any advice??

i think just trying not to force them to switch, like let the switch happen on it’s own. i know sometimes when i try to force a switch to happen, it causes more stress plus it can make the body feel drained. so, try not to pressure yourself into switching out. kinda just relax into it and see what happens then.

lots of luck to you guys!! 


I knew the second i thought of this i wouldn’t finish within the time limit so i just timed myself and included how much i got done after the 60 minutes passed. (click the images for their Total Times)


something happened not long ago that required me to consider retaliation efforts. i tend to go too far with pranks, so i’ve been refining each of my ideas until their their collateral damage coefficient is zero (or at least next to it).

i have a device already made from another project that i cannot mention, which i wanted to use, but it’s a “manual” device and i needed it to be more of an “automatic” kind of booby-trap device. the solution came to me in a mid-workday epiphany, as they frequently do, when my mind is so far from invention and creation that the perfect idea has no option but to bubble up from the depths of monotony and burst into my brain.

the solution was actually quite simple. the device is triggered by a low voltage electrical switch, so all i needed was a different type of switch: one that my “friend” would inadvertently trigger on his own and without realizing that he had done it. but how to create it was what troubled me. i toyed with parts and levers and light switches, my usual invention methodology. i found all potential solutions to be cumbersome and obvious. until i found a picture of a pressure switch that some guy had made for his paintball scope. all it did was press the ends of 2 wires together, completing the circuit. duh! it’s just a closed loop, wire touching wire.

thus the perpendicularly oriented wire circuit pressure switch was born. i doubt this is a new idea, but the design is 100% from my head, which i really can’t say for many of my inventions. what’s more? it works perfectly, every time. i can’t way to try it out for real.

the base is a vertically oriented meander of steel wire and the top is horizontal. when set on top of one another, they create a grid with 126 potential touch points (9x14). since it is a meandering wire, if any of the touch points connect, the circuit is complete and the device is triggered. in the center of each 2 inch square 4 way wire connection is a square of 5mm mini-cell foam, which separates the two 1mm wires attached to the bottom of the cover and the top of the base by 3mm of non conductive compressible foam. compression is simple. it only takes slight pressure, but the welcome mat cover is rigid enough to not sag. pressure from a thumb or a footstep is plenty to trigger the device and likely on multiple touch points which adds a nice level of redundancy, increasing the effectiveness of the switch.

EDIT: A couple days later, i get the idea that chicken wire would have saved a lot of time and effort. the use and construction of model 2.0 will be very interesting.