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These days im all over the spectrum, too much one side for the other, not enough of this for that. Im most comfortable in-between and i hope one day ill know if what i feel comfortable with is OK

The thing about Damianos Akielos is that he is a Hot Commodity. There’s probably a 30 page waiting list out there of people who want a chance to date him. The only problem is that since the age of fourteen, he’s never been single for more than a week. A week!

“He sounds great,” the bartender says, polishing a glass. Laurent realises that he’s been speaking out loud. He is drunk. He also realises that this bartender - Rick, or Mick, or Mike, or whatever his nametag says, words are a little blurry at this point - doesn’t realise the magnitude of the situation at hand.

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No More Nesting Dean?

Dean used to be so excited about the bunker. He had his own room with a mattress that remembered him and a bedside table where he could put his picture of Mom. He enjoyed the “marvelous” water pressure in the showers and felt comfortable enough to walk around in slippers and a bathrobe. He cooked and kept the place clean. He hung around with Sam, with Kevin and Cas and Charlie, sharing a drink or watching Game of Thrones together or just sitting in companionable silence. He was surprised that Sam didn’t see the bunker as anything more than a workplace. Because to Dean, the bunker represented safety and family. Sadly, both of those things are not exactly there anymore.

It turned out that the bunker isn’t the impenetrable fortress it was made out to be. Gadreel killed Kevin, the Wicked Witch killed Charlie in Dean’s own room, Demon Dean almost killed Sam. The Stynes broke in easily, going through Dean’s most personal possessions, making fun of them and planning to burn it all before Dean killed them. Lucifer snuck in, wearing the body of Dean’s closest friend. Chuck and Lucifer took over the bunker, poisoning it with their family drama. Lucifer occupied Sam’s room and threatened the Winchesters, Chuck took to wearing Dean’s bathrobe (just like Mary did, curiously) and using his laptop without permission. Metatron’s been inside, as has Billie, Rowena and Crowley. Toni broke in to kidnap Sam. It’s not a surprise that Dean didn’t show any concern over Crowley being able to zap in after all that. And as Mr. Ketch’s recent visit shows, the BMOL can come knocking at the door anytime. The place is not safe anymore, it’s not Dean’s anymore.

And as for family? That concept has been getting a lot of hits too, lately. Mary’s return paradoxically made Dean’s home less of a home as the truth about who Mary is (and was) slowly deconstructed the idea of home, safety and family that Dean had held onto since he was four years old. Even before she left, things were off, as shown by Dean feeling the need to exile himself to the kitchen floor. On top of that, Mary lied to Dean, as has Sam, both choosing a group of deceitful strangers over him. And it doesn’t matter that they confessed to it or apologized, Dean’s trust in them is seriously shaken. As is his image of what family is supposed to be. Or rather, it seems like he’s the only one holding onto something that everyone else has abandoned or forgotten, and it only keeps getting him hurt.

It’s no wonder that by Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell, we see Dean carelessly sit in a clean chair in his blood-streaked clothes and flick bits of siren gore across the room, and at the same time be overly protective of the Impala. It’s like he’s retreating from the bunker back to the car, because Baby is at least still his, still safe, still home.

“Troop Leader” Part Three

Summary: How will you handle a broken heart and an over protective father?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Extreme Dad!Tony, fluff

Word Count: 1096

A/N: part three! let me know if you want to be on the taglist. i thought Papa Tony would take up most of this part.

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You arrived on your father’s doorstep in tears. Thankfully, the tower was empty except for the team and your father. FRIDAY alerted everyone of your arrival. In the elevator, you got a good look at yourself. You were still barefoot, your hair was coming out of your tightly pulled ponytail, and the tear tracks were evident on your face. You were a mess, but you didn’t care. All you wanted was your dad.

The elevator dinged, signaling your arrival to the common room. When the doors opened, you could see everyone standing there through your tears. You could see their faces drop when they took in the sight. Tony ran to you and brought you into a hug. He patted your hair and rocked you back and forth. You finally let the sobs free. The whole team could feel your pain. The sobs racked the entire room. You were their family, and they weren’t going to let anyone hurt you.

“Oh, my sweet girl, who did this to you?” Tony asked you in a quiet tone.

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  • At the age of nineteen, Percy was at camp for the summer. He was supervising campers who were kayaking in sound. 
  • He noticed a boat, with one of the newer campers who was twelve, flipped over. He waited for the campers to pop their heads out of the water. He saw one of the campers pop their head out of the water fifteen seconds later. The new camper was no where to be found. 
  • Percy ran into the water and dove in once he was deep enough. He looked around where the kayak tipped over and didn’t see anyone but naiads that were looking at him. He asked them if they saw a twelve year old girl and they said she was headed to shore. 
  • Percy summoned the current to shoot him towards the shore. 
  • When he got there, he saw the girl, dry, and dragging the kayak back in with help from the camper that was in the boat with her.  
  • He went back to shore and went over to the new camper. Her back was to him and he gently touched her shoulder to get her attention. When she jumped, the ground rumbled under him. 
  • Her green eyes looked up at him and Percy knew instantly who her parent was, his own father. 
  • “I’m sorry! I swear I don’t know what that was.” She told him, her green eyes filled with tears. 
  • “No! You’re not in trouble.” Percy promised. “I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Percy.”
  • “I’m Lily.” She replied. 
  • Percy smiled at her. “I want to show you something.”
  • She nodded and followed Percy to Cabin Three. She was amazed by the interior of the cabin and loved that it reminded her of the beach. 
  • As she walked around the cabin, Percy saw a green trident form above her head. He didn’t know how to feel. He was really glad that he had another sister but also, his dad broke his promise about not having anymore kids. 
  • “I also wanted to introduce you to your new home.” Percy said, still looking at the trident above her head.
  • Lily turned and looked at him. “New home?” She looked up as Percy’s eyes were looking above her head and saw the trident.
  • “Your godly parent is Poseidon. He’s my father too.” Percy told her. “I’ll help you move your stuff in here.”
  • Lily nodded and looked at the fountain. She put her finger in and water flew out hard enough to make a hole in the ceiling. 
  • Percy stepped back and moved her away from the falling debris. Lily closed her eyes and was shaking. 
  • “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. I just wanted the water get a little bit higher. I’m really sorry. Please don’t kick me out!” She begged. 
  • “I’m not going to kick you out. It was an accident and you haven’t learned how to control your powers yet. When I was your age, I made toilets explode.” 
  • Lily wiped away some tears and looked at him. “Did you cause an earthquake before? Or accidentally got the entire gym wet from a pool?” 
  • Percy blinked and stared at his sister. He never did any of that, even if he was angry or scared. “Were you angry or scared when those happened?”
  • “Yes.” She replied. “But the fountain was an accident, I swear! I was calm and I just wanted to see the water get higher cause it was super clear and-” 
  • “Lily, it’s okay.” He assured her. “What else have you done?”
  • She started to tell him when her first foster family went to the beach, the tide would get higher with every laugh until a wave dragged her into the ocean but she was completely fine. Then with her second foster family, she was angry with her foster dad that she caused an earthquake that caused the entire house to fall down but she was the only one unharmed. With her fifth family, she tried to turn up the water pressure in the shower and the head of the shower came off along with the faucet for the tub. Now she was with her sixth foster family and she was trying really hard not to mess it up.
  • Percy stared at her in shock. She was more powerful that he was. He has never caused an earthquake before. Nor has he done anything that she has. 
  • “I’m an awful person.” She looked down. 
  • “You’re not awful, just powerful. I’ll teach you how to control everything.” Percy told her. 
  • Lily nodded and looked at her shoes like they were the most interesting thing in the world. 
  • He placed a hand on her shoulder. “And your big brother is me. I know everything about this camp, so you got a great mentor besides my girlfriend. Well, she’ll mentor you too.”
  • Lily looked at him. “Thank you.”
Starling: Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Kenna pulled over on the shoulder somewhere more dust than sidewalk. She killed the ignition and half-leaned, half-crawled into the back seat to stare at Roy’s screen. Elliott and Alex had both abandoned their sulks to look too, which totaled three enormous people craning into his space, reading and rereading Laura’s message over his shoulder.

“What does that mean, rescue will be complete by dawn?” said Kenna, jabbing a claw at the phrase in question.

“Before sunrise,” Roy rephrased, unsure if that was what she was really asking, but unable to understand anything more complex about it himself. His voice sounded flat and distant even to him.

“Did something happen?” demanded Elliott.

Kenna withdrew to the front to fiddle with her own comp for a moment. "Nothing in the news,” she reported.

Roy sank slowly in his seat and let the conversation flow over his head.

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First Love Chapter Two: Falling

Summary: You and Misha spend your week off wrapped up in each other.

A/N: Go get some clean panties ready

Pairing: Misha x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male and female receiving), temperature/shower head play (blame this one on @afanofmanystuffs), masturbation, light cum play, mushy gushy fluff. 

Word Count: 2.2k

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“I know…I feel it too.” He said, his voice low as leaned forward to kiss you softly. His lips were incredibly soft. Slightly chapped, but not too chapped; and swollen from the desperate kissing you two had just done moments ago. He slowly broke off the kiss, your eyes fluttering open to look into his as he backed away. God damn.

He moved to sit up and he held his hand out for you.

You took his hand and sat up with him, ready to bring him to bed for the rest of the night.

You’d known Misha for less than twenty-four hours, and you were already madly in love with him.


Ohh…G-god..” You moaned as your body began to tremble, an orgasm taking over your body at full force; your walls clenching and your hands reaching down and gripping tightly onto dark brown locks of hair as your clit was sucked and licked until you were in complete ecstasy.

You let out a deep breath as your orgasm calmed down, Misha pulling his head away and kissing his way up your naked body until he was next to you in bed, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into his chest; the smell of sex still heavy on both of you from last night.

“Morning-” he mumbled, his voice still sleepy.

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I have never seen The Bachelor, but am v invested. Does Viktor have a prior Not Relationship with Chris in this AU? Does he corner producer!Phichit for inside deets on Yuuri?

so victor bought his condo from chris, who is a luxury real estate agent, and he instantly thought that chris would be amazing on the show.  chris is wild and funny and charming and he drips of so much sex he leaves behind slutty footprints wherever he steps.  chris had declined, because he wasn’t interested in looking for love.

“no one goes on the bachelor actually thinking they’re going to find love,” victor had replied.  they had been standing in victor’s empty future living room at the empire at bellagio, all white walls and pale wood floors.  victor had been sold on the rooftop dog park.  “now what do you say?  it could be good for your brand, and maybe in return you’ll knock the price down on this place by two-fifty.”

“or,” chris had said, “we go check out the water pressure in the shower i’ve been telling you so much about and we knock down the price by seventy-five.”

“one-fifteen,” victor had replied, and chris had pulled him toward the bathroom with a hand already undoing his belt buckle.  

they saw each other occasionally after victor took the condo and their working relationship ended, but then yuuri katsuki is announced as the new bachelor toward the end of the latest season of the bachelor when casting has begun for the next, and victor sees he’s missed eleven calls from chris in twenty minutes.

“chris,” he says by way of greeting. 

“how dare you keep from me the fact that yuuri katsuki was going to be the bachelor on the next season,” chris says.  he could be teasing or he could be genuinely pissed, victor’s not sure.  he hadn’t actually made the call on yuuri, just signed the papers after phichit convinced everyone it was a good idea.  he knows next to nothing about him.  

“honestly, i didn’t think he was that big of a deal,” victor admits.  “besides, i thought you weren’t interested in falling in love.”

“shame on you, nikiforov.  i’m a collector of beautiful things, and i have expensive taste,” chris says.  “i want in.”

victor laughs.  chris is going to make good television.

three months later and eight weeks into production he hasn’t quite changed his mind.  but he’sworried.  chris is in the top three, which isn’t very surprising;  after he had eased off, he’d figured out yuuri’s grooves in front of the cameras and production crew and god and everyone.  victor had only learned to understand yuuri in private breakdowns and soft moments in his hotel room when it had just been them, over breakfast sandwiches in the car on the way to shoots.  and chris is an option, and victor isn’t, even though they had kissed hesitant and sweet on the green coast of miraflores overlooking the ocean late one night when yuuri had been exhausted by production and sad about losing yurio and wanted to sneak away.  

(also i haven’t watched the bachelor since the michelle money season (GIRL WAS #GOALS, I LOVED HA), but it’s worth watching a few episodes just so you understand the show well enough to get into Burning Love, which is an incredible parody and ran for three seasons feat. some of my favorite comics!)

Peter Quill request

Watching Peter with Gamora always broke your heart. You’d been in love with Peter since the day he had saved your ass in a bar fight that went wrong. You loved everything about him; from his taste in music to the little way everything seemed like a dance with him. But he never saw you like that. He had Gamora and that was the end of it. Seeing them together all the time had hurt to much and you resigned yourself to spending all of your time away from Peter. It was getting harder to do though because no matter where you went somehow Peter was there.
Right now you had been going to get something to eat from the kitchen on the ship and somehow there he was even though he was supposed to be with everyone else at some restaurant on the planet you were on. You couldn’t help the small smile that crossed your face at the sight of him. He was making something and when he turned around and saw you he jumped a little before trying to do something. You couldn’t help but think it was him trying to pose but he wouldn’t do that for you. Before you could think of anything else you saw him put his hand on the burner. Peter yelped pulling his hand off quickly and in doing so flung whatever he had been making into air. Your eyes were wide as you watched all of it come crashing down onto him. You couldn’t help it as you laughed at the sight before you. A wide frown crossed Peter’s face and he huffed.
“Come on Peter. Let’s go get you fixed up.” You finally said after a minute or two of laughing.
“Alright.” He sighed in resignation.
You grabbed his not burned hand and led him to your room. You handed him a towel and pushed him towards your bathroom.
“My bathroom has the best water pressure. Now you can shower and I’ll wash your clothes.” You said smiling softly at the mess in front you.
“Alright.” He said walking into the bathroom.
After he was in the shower you grabbed his clothes taking them to wash them. When they were clean you put them back into the bathroom. When he finally came back out dressed and looking less like a mess but still looking like a puppy dog, you had a first aid kit. You motioned him over to your bed. He sulked over putting his hand out. You started cleaning it wincing every time he would.
“You know… this is the longest we’ve been alone together in months.” He finally said staring at you.
“Yeah.” You answered keeping your focus on his hand to keep from looking st him.
“Why?” He asked never looking away.
“Why what?” You answered.
“Why are you avoiding me? It’s been months and it’s killing me (Y/N). You’ve been on this ship with me for forever and now since everyone else got here you have nothing to do with me”, He let his feeling come out, “and I’ve been trying to get your attention for forever and you just keep avoiding me! I love you (Y/N).”
Your eyes widened and you dropped his hand in shock. You stared at him searching for something to prove what he was saying wasn’t true. When you couldn’t find a single thing you smiled.
“I love you too Peter….. I just feel stupid now. I thought you had something for Gamora.” You admitted.
“Gamora?” He laughed out.
“Yeah don’t laugh at me!” You huffed out pushing him a little.
Before you could yell anymore he had leaned down and kissed you pulling you into him. You smiled into it wrapping your arms around him.

Love and Love

“I love you,” he says forty-three miles outside of Saskatchewan, but he didn’t mean it that way. Cas had been deep into bite number two of the double bacon extra cheese burger that Dean had bought for him. He had lost enough of his grace now that such meals were more than molecules although not entirely necessary for existence.

Dean smiled at the declaration. Whether it was dedicated to the burger or to him for delivering it hardly mattered. It was Cas speaking from a place of happiness, and how often did he truly get to experience pleasure anymore.

“I love you,” he said when he tossed his body in a heap onto the memory foam mattress that Dean had set up for him in his room back at the bunker. The time on the road had been long this time, and although he did not strictly require sleep, sometimes he enjoyed the simple pleasures of just lying down in his own bed. Dean stood in the doorway and smiled at his back, trenchcoat fanning out around him like wings.

His face was pressed into the pillow, and Dean thought about how nice it was too finally have Cas here in a more permanent way. He had called the bunker home the other day, and something in Dean had warmed at the thought that at least one thing in the universe was finally right.

“I love you,” he said to the shower. Dean heard the declaration past the door as he wandered to his own room. The water pressure was a little slice of heaven. He couldn’t blame Cas for loving it. He paused in mid step, though when he heard the words. He replayed them and imagined them delivered in a different way.

He continued on his path to the bedroom, feeling happy and frustrated in equal measure. He tossed himself on his bed, pulled on his head phones, and drowned his thoughts in hard, fast songs.

“I love you,” he said again, this time to nothing in particular, and Dean had had just about enough of that. He did not know when it had become a problem. He told himself that it shouldn’t matter, but sometimes what one tells themselves in the too quiet night cannot live on in the light of day.

Dean stared at him in the big empty glade, sweat slicked from the heat and the demon kill that brought them there. The heat smelled like the warm pelts of animals. The breeze did nothing to chill them. It merely kicked up puffs of dust to add an extra layer to the skin.

“I love you,” he repeated, still standing there in the heat, angel blade gripped right in his hand. Dean took in the words again, and their surroundings. What was there to love out here? His weapon, for bringing down the demon, his coat for shielding him from the sun, the taste of dust… Dean’s mind swam through the possibilities, until Cas stepped up to him.

“I love you,” this time quiet and close enough to make the words a tangible thing between them. Dean swallowed down a joke that would fuck up the moment. He felt like the universe really really was finally right, like a good meal, a perfect mattress, excellent shower pressure, and Cas staying right here with him. Cas opened his mouth again as if he was going to repeat himself. This time, Dean did not let him.

An Indecent Proposal

A/N: So. I originally wanted to get this done yesterday but was so worried it was gonna turn out like shit. But after going over my notes and some encouragement from @arathewallflower, I’m releasing it into the tumblr void. Fair warning, there is SMUT within. It’s not too heavy (at least IMO) but it’s there so if that’s not your thing, go ahead and skip it. It conveniently fit between some asterisks so just keep scrolling and you’ll pass it. Also, this was inspired by this post. Saw it and just couldn’t help myself ;) Anyways. Hope you enjoy!

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An Indecent Proposal

Tonight was the biggest night of his life and she was late.

Finn glanced at the clock, fiddling with his tie. Okay, only by about 20 minutes…but the reservation was for 6 and she still needed to get ready and her advanced lit course always let out at 4:30 and it’s now 4:52 and oh god, where’s the box?

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