pressure shower

  • Slytherin: Hot, hot, hot water; all the soaps are piled on top of each other at the back of the shower on the floor; relatively short shower
  • Gryffindor: Turns on shower, goes back in room and forgets about it, only luke warm water left to take shower; uses one multi purpose body soap/shampoo/conditioner
  • Raveclaw: Stands next to shower periodically testing temperature because different showers call for different heart levels; soaps neatly organized in matching DIY bottles on shelf
  • Hufflepuff: Takes a bath first to relax; stands under high pressure shower head for too long, relaxing all knots in neck and shoulders; uses different type of soap every time

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is it weird that at least four times a week whenever i take a shower i turn my shower pressure onto those jets and put it against my cl** and it gets me off within minutes? it's addicting. PS im a girl. ps you should totally try it, it feels AMAZING

boo boo i’m pretty sure most of us have tried this before

Home is different for everybody.
For some people, home is the place with all of your favorite snacks. Home is the place where you know which cupboard all of the dishes are in. The place where the mattress is worn in just right, where the shower pressure is perfect, where your wall is covered in posters and pictures.
Sometimes it’s a person- your mom, your grandmother, your best friend or partner or sibling. Maybe it’s a place- a house, or a room, maybe the city or the ocean. Some people have lots of homes. Some have just one.
When I think of home, I think of two. I think of my mom, who works so hard for our little family, and helps me in any way she can, and how she always smells nice and comforting when I hug her. But I also think of my other home. And it hurts, because I miss it too much. My home is a place where my anxiety isn’t as painful as it usually is, where I never feel empty. It’s a place where people are accepted and loved no matter what their gender or sexual orientation is. My home is a place where it takes a team for everyone to get ready for the dances. A place where I can waltz by myself during a slow dance and be applauded for it, or lead a big group in the Macarena to every. single. song. A place where one boy can ask another out and get applause from the entire cafeteria rather than hurtful words and hateful actions directed at him. A place where I can discuss headcanons with big groups of people and fear being made fun of, where friends can make a big cuddly pile of cold teenagers and pillows and blankets and hot chocolate when we all have to run back to our dorms in the rain. A place to make really bad jokes and be stopped by total strangers to be complimented on your lipstick or eyeliner. My home is the place where my roommate tells me she loves me and holds me when I cry. My home is a place where everyone is a family and everyone is safe. Where everyone is loved and cared for.
I want to go home. I want to go back to TiP. Back to the people who have become my second family, and to the three weeks I wish and wait for every single day for the rest of the year. Back to the place where I feel needed and uplifted. I want to go home.
—  Homes, by me, for all of my tip family, written with a lot of tears.

Spectacular Rooms With A View

When we’re paying hundreds of dollars a night for a room, we want the room itself to be pretty special. We want a smart layout and a great bed and a high-pressure shower, but we also want something nice to look at: a compelling, changing landscape in late afternoon, a skyline that comes to life as the sun takes its daily bow, a sky that wakes up as a new day begins.

It’s no wonder there’s been such an ascendancy of glass lately. Is there any material that’s sexier?

These hideaways make a compelling case that no, there isn’t. Read more.

Lasagna, Bellarke Modern au fic

Notes: Hi guys!! Tonight I wrote this Bellarke fic when I should’ve been sleeping (whoops). This is my first time writing for the bellarke fandom (or writing on this tumblr account in general) so I hope it’s not too bad lol. This was based off a random prompt i saw in a post on tumblr. Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

Word Count: 1691

Rated T (mild swearing)

Bellamy Blake officially had the worst neighbour in the world.

He’d been living in his modest apartment for 3 months now, and all in all, he had it pretty good. Bellamy’s place was close to the university, and to O and Lincoln’s house, it had a guest bedroom, and the water pressure in the shower was amazing. To top it all off, he was one of the only two apartments that was on the 5th floor in his building, which would’ve be great, if he didn’t have a pyromaniac for a neighbour.

Not that Bellamy had ever actually met his neighbour, he was just guessing they were a pyro, considering the fact that their fucking smoke alarm went off at least 10 times a week.

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“I wonder if petitioning for better water pressure would do anything. Showering shouldn’t take an extra ten minutes because the water barely does anything but trickle out. Juuust sayin’.”

Harry shook his body and stepped out of the water. They swapped positions, Louis dousing his face and entire body. He quickly worked shampoo through his hair, rinsing and shaking his head under the water. He sighed and rolled his neck while conditioning, strong thumbs rubbing the backs of his shoulders.

“Mmm, fucking nice.”

“But what about shower sex?”

“I mean, yeah, it’s fun having sex in the shower if it’s a big, porn set shower with perfect water pressure.”

“Like the shower we’re in right at this moment? I mean, you’ve got a bench in your shower.”

“But otherwise,” Louis continued, pressing his heel on top of Harry’s toes, “it’s really hard–”

“Hard, hmm?”

i usually start a shower warm just to wash my face then turn it as cold as it can go. ive been doing this for almost a year and honestly my hair and skin look so much better and i feel better afterwards too. ive got really low blood pressure so during hot showers id get dizzy and nauseous and lightheaded and have to lay down lol but then i started using cold water and it doesnt happen anymore

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Pynch, number 17, bonus points for including actual crybiking?????

 Pynch + 17. “I didn’t know you could sing”
(and no, there’s no crybiking get it togeTHeR saumya)

Alright, Adam had to admit, this was amazing. He’d never before taken Gansey up on his offer that the shower at Monmouth was always available to him if he ever wanted to use it to wash the grime from one of his dirty jobs off him. The suggestion had chafed him, which Gansey of course didn’t understand. It was like Gansey thought everyone at the trailer park (back when he lived there) just shared a communal tin bucket or something, the way he always made it a point to remind Adam that the shower at Monmouth was all his whenever he might need it. He didn’t need it. Though all he’d ever known was tiny, cramped, spaces and weak, dripping pressure with finicky temperatures, showers were not meant to be a luxurious activity. For Adam, a shower never lasted more than five minutes. Ten at the very most. 

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