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is anyone here trans masculine? i'm not sure if i'm autistic, but i've started binding recently, and besides the back pain, i love the pressure/tightness, i have no breathing issues, and it keeps me from having anxiety attacks. i was wondering if this was an autistic thing, cause i know deep pressure is?

Absolutely. Deep pressure/pressure stimming is very common with autistic people, and binding is one way to achieve deep pressure. In fact, outside of binding, many autistic people wear weighted vests to achieve the same type of deep pressure that causes pleasure and calm.


MBTI under pressure

ESTP: *injects themselves with adrenaline* fight me

ISTP: lol i’ll just sleep it off

ESTJ: *stabs a guy* i am alpha


ENTP: i’ve got a totally 100% reliable idea and i’m gonna do a completely non-deadly thing and it’s all part of my fully formed non-improvised plan that absolutely exists

INTP: why can’t people just be robots it would make everything so much easier

ENTJ: everybody sit the fuck down shut the fuck up and do as your fucking told you little fuckshits

INTJ: you could not possibly expect me to work around you insolent apes my mind is an idiot free zone
everyone other than me must leave

ESFP: *eats ten gallons of ice cream* if i ignore it it’ll go away

ISFP: nono *covers themselves in blankets* nononono *curls into little ball* nonononononononono *rocks back and forth*

ESFJ: *bakes fifty thousand cupcakes* this is good enough right?

ISFJ: *starts vibrating* i’m totally calm *shakes violently* the picture of serenity *causes earthquake* the most tranquil person on earth

ENFP: *downs bottle of Xanax* iM fINe *washes it down with ten shots of espresso* LeTs dO THIS *smiles* *dies inside*

INFP: lol nope *hides in blanket fort*

ENFJ: i must do all the things and meet all the needs of everyone on the planet because they need - *dies of malnutrition/dehydration/exhaustion*

INFJ: *emotional breakdown*


“Tell me where our time went”

THE MANTLE CONNECTION: Mauna Loa and Kīlauea

Mauna Loa and Kilauea are among the most active of the volcanoes that formed the island of Hawaii. Kilauea seems to be erupting continually these days, but Mauna Loa last erupted in 1984. However, to quote Monty Python “It’s not dead, it’s resting.”

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This is a neat rock, found in the Opawiskie Mountains on the border of Poland and the Czech Republic.

The rock is metamorphic. You can clearly make out a foliation – a pattern of aligned minerals running from the left to the right. If you look closely, there are larger chunks within this rock, many of which have been rotated and are at a small angle with the foliation direction.

Those chunks are clasts, remnant of what this rock was before it was metamorphosed. This is a metamorphosed conglomerate, a sedimentary rock made of large sedimentary chunks.

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