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I came out to my friend last week and she was super supportive but now she's pressuring me into coming out to other people and she's saying that she's out as bi and nobody cares and that nobody's gonna judge me or whatever but I still don't feel ready and idk how to tell her without sounding rude bc I do wanna come out some day it just doesn't feel like the right time right now

It is 100% not okay that your friend is pressuring you to come out when you are not ready, and you are not being rude by telling her you are not comfortable to come out of the closet just yet. Only you can decide when you are ready and comfortable to come out of the closet. Coming out is a deeply personal journey that everyone should be given a chance to decide whether or not they wish to undertake. Only you get to make that choice, not your friend. 

-Mod Em

Padres: Sé tu mismo.
Padres: Pero no te pintes el cabello de otro color, no uses piercings ni tatuajes, no estés con esta persona, haz esto y sé el hijo perfecto.

If you see a geyser just as it’s about to erupt, it might look like some sort of alien egg is about to hatch from the earth. As the super-heated water below ground turns immediately to steam, bubbles rise and pressure builds- but for a split second before the geyser erupts, you can often see a giant bubble that catches the light as it forms over the fissure. Source Source 2