If a  guy stops talking to you cause you won’t give it up or do him any “favors” then that guy isn’t for you… Do what you feel is comfortable..if you’re feeling pressured into something then stop. There’s a guy out there who will respect that aspect about you..fuck that asshole, he only wants to pleasure himself..don’t feel like no one is gonna like you cause you’re not down..don’t stay in that situation cause you feel ” lonely” …you’ll find someone. It just won’t be that pathetic douche bag

Alim chats it up with fellow Loyalist, Roisin. They both eye Veira warily. 

The pressue of being the only dwarf in the games gets to Malika.

Niamh decides it’s time to send Alanna off with a bang. 

After a first try where I utterly failed each time, no matter how many times I re-did, I was ready to give up on myself and do nothing for hte rest of the day. Then I decided to try again after about ten minutes of dicking and now I’m better? Maybe I need to take short breaks like that to… I dunno, let my brain imprint my ideas? I do feel a lot less pressued when I’m not sitting facing my plushies and obliging myself to look them in the eye.

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Name: James
Time and date: 6:42 pm, June 19th, 2015
Average hours of sleep at night: about 6-7 hours
Last thing I googled: “import interface from a different project”
Birthday: February 8
Gender: male
Sexual orientation: straight
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Favourite color: blue
One place that makes me happy: My grandparent’s house
How many blankets I sleep under: 3, i need warmth and pressue
Favourite movie(s): Ink, The Empire Strikes Back, The Prestige

What I am wearing right now: a grey shirt and skinny jeans

Last book I read: A Clash of Kings
Most used phrases: “i’unno”, “dude“, “mother fuck”, “yeah…yeah…….yeah“, “where is the fucking…“

What I last said to a family member: "she’s not half as clever as she thinks she is” (to my sister about our lovely stepmother)
Favourite beverage: coffee, sweet tea, earl grey tea
Favourite food(s): fried rice, pizza, spaghetti (i’m a simple human-thing)
Last movie I watched: Pitch Perfect 2
Dream vacation: Europe, specifically Italy and France, or literally anywhere in the Caribbean.

Dream wedding: i don’t have an answer for this i’m sorry so instead i’ll say that my goal for myself by the time i’m 30 is to become an exceptional developer and grow as a person in every way possible
Dream pets: i want a boston terrier and i want to name him harvey
Dream job: Honestly I’m working my dream job now although i would love to pursue game development one day

I’ve been checking out on some of harteus‘ awesome paintings today and my tablet’s pressue sensivity died on me like it always does =A= so I tried to see if I could sketch something using what I observed from harteus’ art and ignoring completely pressure sensivity and having my tablet lagging and bumping on me all of the time

I figured all this lagging and bumping could generate a nice textural effect, though it got on my nerves before I could get too far into the painting.

and no, it’s not ariel.

Since even if I flood tumblr / patreon with sketches there are lots of sketches that I end up deleting or stashing away for oblivion to consume (because it’d be real hard spamming if I posted all those here) I’m offering a sketch pack as a Patron Reward! So every single damn little sketch I’ve drawn on each month will be actually in that pack. I’ll keep on posting my sketchesd regularly on here, but none of my stuff will be discarded anymore! Phew! That was making me feel horrible. ~

Check it out and consider supporting me plos! <3 ty

anonymous asked:

I'm not into guys anymore, I've fucked a boy once and i didn't really like it. I started talking to a girl and ever since then I can't see myself with a guy but I haven't fucked a girl. Am I confused?

hi, from what you tell me i think you are confused, but you should ask yourself if you didn’t like having sex with a guy because it was a guy or because you didn’t like this specific boy and how it went. are you not attracted to guys at all? can you see yourself in a relationship with a girl? are you attracted to girls? if you are, you should pressue it and see where it takes you in order to find yourself. hope i helped a little :)

(aagaghaaAaghhagaghghAaghaghGHAGH) WOO. (aghaAHAghaGHAghAGHAGHAGH) BOW. ooo. hee. (aaAaHahHAahAahAGHGHAGH) (aaaaaHahAHGAGHahAHHAGH) WOO. they gotta be injusitce. they gotta be schemes. lies ar es disgusting. driectors are mean. they kicking me down. i got to get up. i got to this sound. a shosit of suction dada. hoo. (aaahGHAghaghAghaGHAGHGH) BEING A SHADOW, A COMMTIED A LIE, THEY TRELL ME WRONHG, THENNN YOU BETTER PROVE YOU’RE WTONG, SELLIGN OUR SOULS BUT i g I CARE BAOUT MINE ,I GOT TO TGET STORNGE, ANDI  GON GIVE UP THE FIGHT with such confusion don’t it make you wanna scream? MAKEY OU WANAN SCREEM auhc oifoan onso isalndsi n the stream,. they T TRY TO GRUT P I LTRIE NAND OAND ICIRUTRUSIK,E ISMEOBSODNY P;LRLPLAEA HAVE MERYC ICNAS’T TAKE THIS pstop pressuirng me just stop rpessure me p stop presusring me, wamake nwnana screma. ztop pressuign me . sjsut stop pressuing me. dstop pressuign me. make me wanna scream. they gotta have dinner, a storyo f wayyy, with all the cofnusion, they thin kit[s aoaky THEY CHANGING THE RULES VIA, PLAYING THE GAME,  ANI CAN TAKE YOU UCH LONGE,R I THINK I MIGHT GO INSANE. (aahgAGHaghaGHAGHGHAGHA) DAVID. with such confusion, tdojnt’ it mamke oyu ennaa screaM/ .you pasb bah a a epewo islandis nth r strema. WITH ALL THE PRECIOUS ALY OU NCISN FIISREATHERILIGHT ,FATHERP LEAEH VEAME ERCY JUST CSN’T TKAH RIGAS sotp pressubgn me. ksust dotp presusign wme . stop presusign me ,. amke wma anan scream. stop rprssusigng me. stop prerssuign me. stop fuckin with me, make me wanna scream. oh my god cnan’t beleive whast i saw as ia turned on the tv this swevnien,g i was didasgusted by all the injsutice all the injjsutuiice 9(aghaghahAGHHAGGHAGHAGH) HOO HOO. HOO HOO. BAWW. yeah yeah. BAAGGHHYBNY. with such delusipon don’t it make you wnana scrwam? you BASH confusion isalndsi n the strwam. YOUJ TRY OT OGOOD WIEHT THIS RELY AND SCURTIICSA,E OH BROTHER PLEAHVE AMERCY, I CNA’T TAKE IT. (aahgAGHaghgaHGAGAGHAhga) stop rpessugin  me. just stop pressugi nme .s top pressuignr ,e . amke me wanna scream. stop pressugirng me. just stop pressuring me., stop pressugirng m,e. wmak e m e wnan ascrwma. stop rpessuring m,e. sjsut sotp rpresusign me. jotp pressuruing me. make me wanna scream. stop pressuring me . jsut stop rpressuritgng me. stop pressurting me. make me wanna scream. (aaagaGHAHGagHGAHgaHAHAGHGH)

– Scream, Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson

selfluzer asked:

Hello Jupiterbub, I saw you ask on mustardbaby and really felt for you. My parents weren't that supportive in me going vegan in the beginning (especially because they have super conservative ideals) but I say you can push through it. Especially if it makes you feel good and happy; do what makes you happy no matter what because if we don't we may dwell into regret the rest of our lives, I think that's a big part of parenting that sometimes gets forgotten with a bunch over lining stress/pressu

I have tried so so so hard, but unfortunately to no avail. my mum literally said I have to buy and make my own food if I continue being vegan and as I am only 16 I really can’t do that. I’m so passionate about it and in the next 2 years when I finish school I am moving out and I will go back to being vegan. thank you so much! I really appreciate this! 💕💕💕

Don't live to their expectations.

Naranasan ko kasi yung mabuhay sa expectations ng parents ko mahirap pala talaga. Naaalala ko yung mga panahong ang tataas ng mga grades ko nung first sem, grabi ako ipagmalaki ng parents ko sa relatives namin. To the extend, what ever I want, they’ll surely give it to me. Ito na dumating na si 2nd sem, I was pressured to give all my best, try to be number 1 but it all turned me down.

Hindi kasi maganda yung pressue sa pag-aaral. Natatakot ka, na baka hindi mo maabot expectations nila. Na ayaw mo sila madisappoint. Lahat naman gusto gawin yung best nila para mapakita sa parents natin na magaling tayo. Kasi we want them to be proud of us. Ang kaso lang, living with those expectations give us pressure. Sa malamang at malamang, nagfocus ka na lang sa pagiging best at hindi ka na dumaan sa pagiging good. Kaya natatabunan tayo nung takot. Sabi nga sa 3 Idiots, “Fear is not good for grades”, so leave it.

In order to be the best, we should look if we’re still in the process without skipping step.

He is always jealous! At first i thought jt was cute, it showed he cared. Its not like i havent felt it when he is adding lots of girls on fb and posing with them in pics on nights out, which seems like every night cos he is always drinking there.
But now its getting over ridiculous things. Like bringing up when i talked to a guy in koolers, when i was with him, like 2 months ago, making several “jokes” about builders and finding them attractive and last night topped it.
I went out after seeing my nan and kelly and leav could see how upset i was, it took a while but i cheered up and then at tbe end of the night instead of walking home alone i was invited by my old teacher. Old in everyway, to a house party. Kelly and leah really wanted to and inwas pretty tired but since kelly had work that meant all tbe pressue was on me to not leave leab by herself then so i went. There were a load of us. Martyn who ive known since i was 16, three other male teachers, all married with children btw and four other lady teachers were among the house party goers. It was as innocent as a family get together. I thought it was so funny and random and took my mind off negative stuff that id been feeling earlier. When james text me what you doing now i told him where i was and he started asking all these questions and being on my back and making me feel bad. I sat there and leah was like are you ok. I said yeah but i wasnt. I really really wanted to go but had to wait for her then. I was so upset that be would even think anything of such a innocent situation. How it even comes to mind. God help him if was in my shoes! Imagine what he would be like if i was in a party hostel sharing my room with random guys getting drunk all the time and seeing pics and snaps of me hanging out with different guys all the time. He literally shares a room with girls, and i trust him! I dunno maybe i shouldnt, cos i heard the guilty people project thier guilt onto other people. Is that what he is doing? Or did his exs fuck him up so bad? Ive been cheated on but i thought james was different, i was instantly attracted to his honesty and thought heres a guy that will never lie to me which is just what i want from a realtionship. I want him to trust me cos him not trusting me makes it harder for me to trust him. How can his brain go to hooking up when i said im going to my tutors party. His brain works in a way where it immediately goes to like that creepy hooking up thing or negative situations. If he said im going to a party, after a tough day, with old tutors from my college.. Id never be jealous, id be jealous if i was a house party of young girls he knew. But id laugh at tbe tutor thing and be like random cos i know they would be old and there is nothing to worry about.
I dunno how to feel about this. It almost feels like he is trying to make me feel bad? He wouldnt do that surely? Like would he.. Maybe he is acting like this cos he has or is thinking of hooking up with someone himself? Oh this is stupid. See its just wrecked my brain now. Its just nuts cos it was a old people party like i said it was like the nans and grampas of a family party. Why would james be worried about that? Id never kiss or want to kiss or hook up with anyone anyway but these old gross farts?! Its like kissing my dads friends, gross! If i wasnt with james there is no way in hell id get with anyone there. It wouldn’t even come to my mind! They are old people who helped me when i was younger, like i do not think of them in that way. Its so weird. If only he could see the teachers that were there. He would laugh at how silly it all is.
I dont want to have the third degree all the time but i dont want to argue so i dunno what to do

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