me: wow, i’m glad i gave Boku no Hero Academia another try, this really is a cute, fun show!

Aizawa gets beaten half to death while three of his students watch


I think Taylor’s greatest friendship story is how people thought Lorde was insulting her like 4/5 years ago so Taylor sent her flowers and Lorde was like “No, I wasn’t insulting her, I love her! I was just commenting on society’s beauty standards and the shitty music industry pressuing girls” and then they had a picnic together and started hanging out and Taylor started painting her nails black and they started going to cooking workshops together and posted pics of them drinking orange juice together to reference Lorde’s lyrics and Taylor wrote some of Lorde’s lyrics in her cute little quote notebook and tweeted about them on Facetime laughing at rumors that they were fighting and they went to Hawaii together and Lorde would randomly tweet amazing compliments about Taylor like wanting to live in a galaxy ruled by her and Taylor would post polaroids she took of Lorde with cute captions and they always post about when the other wins a big award and they colaborate with the same people and have the same mutual friends and now they’re in it to the grave and I think it’s beautiful how they seem like really different people and how the industry that Lorde was originally critiquing keeps trying to pit them against each other and neither of them tolerate it and just love each other and that’s the kind of quality female friendships I’m here to see honestly

xundercoverangelx  asked:

Dear Duke, I tried searching in the tags but all I was finding were asks pertaining to BB&B; I was wondering, since drinking is a very social thing, especially for authors, what I, as a writer and a novice bar-goer, should get when out with potential employers or people I want to be able to impress with 'drinking class' in general. You know, that saying of how your drink 'says something' about you? I'll be nervous enough-- I don't want to be nervous over ordering a damn drink, too. Thanks!

So, here’s something I want to be totally 100% clear about: Booze does not make you cool or impress anyone, it is not an essential part of any career or craft, and drinking for any reason other than genuinely wanting to is not something anyone should ever do, ever. 

Let me expand: Is drinking fun? For some people, absolutely. I am one of those people. I really genuinely enjoy a glass of wine or whiskey and have a lot of fun doing liquor and lit pairings. But there is nothing at all wrong with not being one of those people, or with being a person who likes drinking but prefers fruity cocktails or Miller Lite or only drinks once a year when they’re at a wedding. Is it a social activity? For some groups, absolutely. But any group that pressures you to drink or pressures you to drink a certain way is not a group you want to be a part of. Really. In my experience, that kind of behavior is exclusively the property of stupid people in high school or college who haven’t figured out all that stuff I put in bold up at the top. Nobody in publishing is ever going to judge you for not drinking or not drinking a specific thing. Really. (Case in point: I am not drinking at all this month. I’m on a really strict diet right now because I’m trying to drop a few of the pounds I gained in grad school, and on a number of occasions I have been out with friends or colleagues who were getting drinks and said, “I’m just going to have water,” and literally nobody batted an eye. People drink or don’t drink for all kinds of reasons and most sane adults know that and know it’s none of their business.) This is like the last thing you should ever stress about, because if the mere concept of drinking is stressing you out, you’re already going about it completely the wrong way. If you’re going to drink, drink because you want to, drink what you want to drink, drink responsibly, and fuck drinking any other way. It is not a social requirement. It is not an artistic requirement. It doesn’t impress anyone worth impressing. Literally the only time your drink order is ever anybody else’s business is if they’re buying it for you and you’re asking for a top shelf double that’s going to set them back $45. So long as you don’t do that, you’re going to be completely 100% absolutely fine. Life is too short for something that should be relaxing to make you nervous, and if it makes you nervous, just don’t do it. 

I want to remember...

Summary: What if you wake up and can remember enough of what happened the night before to know that everything has changed, but still don’t know who made the first move? (just a little friends to lovers sexy times for your Saturday) AO3

She wakes up to the usual sounds of squealing brakes followed by impatient horn blasts, security gates rattling in their journey upwards, murmurs of cell phone calls and the occasional bark of a too small dog. The noises of the city around her never seem to change, even on a morning that feels like it should be different. She presses at the base of her neck to see if the skin there is raised, fingertips tracing the same pattern as his lips, his tongue, the coarse hairs of his chin. Scrunching her eyes ever more tightly closed, she tries to add clarity to images threatening to disappear as consciousness fights with the fog of drunken mistakes.

Was it a mistake the way his mouth felt against hers, the weight of his hands on her skin or the possessive feel of his fingers anchored in her hair. Did he not mean the words he breathed between her lips between soul deep kisses?

“Finally…I’ve always wanted…Emma…”

She knows the truth of hers.

“Me too…”

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It’s Us | Namjoon

Word Count: 4k 

Summary: Good news: you went into labor. Bad news: where the fuck is your husband? 

Originally posted by rapnamu

“It’s four in the goddamn morning I wanna go home”, Taehyung whined, head hitting the surface of the soundboard with a hollow ‘thud’.

“I’ve been here since yesterday”, Yoongi said, glaring at the back of the younger’s head, “Feel blessed you piece of shit.”

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                            KYLO X READER || Soul Mate

“the voice you hear your thoughts in is your soulmate’s but you don’t know who they are until you hear them speak for the first time”

A/N: Originally, I was gonna make this fluffy, but we all know Kylo isn’t really the fluffy type so I made it a bit angsty. Thanks @sweetcinnamonbun​ for the request, feel free to send any! [GIF NOT MINE]

Word Count: 2.4K+

Warning: A bit angst…


Unique, it was utterly unique, the ‘myth’ your grandmother had told you when you were young. You were always so curious as to how she had met your grandfather, a story quite breathtaking every time you asked. It was a constant thing–at least it was then–that you asked her to tell the story all over again, as if it had been your favorite bedtime tale. “I had never believed it, not in the many years before I started feeling it. You know how everyone has the Force in them, of course, some others are more strong with it…but others, others just have small fragments of its capabilities. And that one ability that I was able to gain, was hearing my soul mates voice speak for my thoughts.”

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Bendy Prediction...

Someone made a joke about how Bendy can’t see because there’s ink in his eyes, but what if it’s true?
Maybe he uses the cutouts to see you (or anything with his likeness). Like, the one cutout showed up when you find the ink machine’s power switch and that second cutout peaks around the corner to see if you’re coming to turn the ink pressue on. It’s like he’s checking up on you.

i've realized something about homestuck

so… I haven’t read homestuck or been in the fandom since middle school. and what i’ve realized is that as much of a mess as the comic is, as much as it’s been designated some kind of internet punching bag, it’s not Problematic™. it doesn’t glorify anything awful like cheating or abuse or homophobia. 

when there is violence – and there will be bc it’s a fantasy/scifi/adventure webcomic – it’s not “this character is so cool and badass for doing this violent thing”. either they’re a villain and distinctly portrayed as such (ie, caliborn) or they’re a good/neutral character who doesn’t want to be doing it but has to. shit’s going down either way, but i don’t remember a single instance in which homestuck actually pushed violence as being good. 

even dave and dirk do not actually want to be violent, terrible people. I don’t remember much about the older brother, but dave is  just a kid with a fucked up childhood who likes martial arts. violence was definitely more a part of his life than of, like… john’s. and he hated it. 

yes, sure, gamzee was blatantly violent and abusive, and the comic depicted several arcs/instances in which other characters were fucked over by his actions. even the people who genuinely cared about him didn’t condone what he did. he wasn’t shown to be cool at all for that, but… he was mentally ill. he had a breakdown. that was also addressed, I don’t remember if/how it was resolved, but they really showed how dangerous illness & violent urges are when left untreated. if he’d gotten help or talked to his friends, he’d have been fine. 

nor did the comic take a gross turn and villify gamzee or any other mentally ill antagoist for their illness – they were considered villains because they worked against the “good guys”. that’s kinda the point of villains. 

then there’s elitism/classism shown in eridan and feferi being dickwads bc “fish are better” or whatever. eridan was… from what I remember, just a dick. more of a malicious “racist” (for lack of a beter word, i know it’s just a comic) — than feferi, who was for the most part going along with what she’d been taught. both types of ignorance are shitty, feferi wasn’t depicted as “better” than eridan, both eventually learned  they were being awful. 

and it damn well could have been ableist with tavros being in a wheelchair and mituna (right? don’t remember well) being mentally disabled. tavros being kind of a pushover was just him; it didn’t have anything to do with his legs. his disability wasn’t used as a pity device, and he wasn’t pressued (too much) to forgive vriska for putting him in that situation. when their sprites fused or joined or whatever, it wasn’t fun for either of them. they didn’t like each other and they didn’t have to like each other. and sure, mituna was weird, but the joke wasn’t that his disability made him weird. he was just awkward and it was more like “lol mituna is strange but we still like him”. i don’t remember anything about them shunning, hating, or judging him for his disability. and of course there’s terezi too, for whom blindness wasn’t a pity device either, and it wasn’t some giant “i hate myself” arc that she had to overcome. honestly she was my favorite back when I actually was a fan of homestuck. there were several jokes that hinged on her not being able to see, but they were'n’t ableist – they were more along the lines of her falling off the wall into a pitcher of koolaid and screaming “fuck” or some shit. she was weird on purpose, and no one connected the weirdness to her blindness. 

like… i could keep going on about all of this, but the bottom line is that i think we should all have an appreciation for how homestuck did not push shitty values, stereoptypes, violence, and discrimination. when those things were shown, they were distinctly shown as bad. characters who did them were called out. those characters either grew and were accepted, or didn’t change and kept being villains. we can make fun of homestuck all we want, but we should keep this in mind. 


H’s Pro Tip: Walk him all the way back to his front door. If I’ve learned anything from Ray’s romcom’s, it’s that this is romantic. I guess. Those aren’t mine! Yes they are.

XR’s Plan Step 5: Alright Mogar you know what to do. This is what we’ve been training you for this entire time. It’s make or break right here! No it isn’t. MAKE OR BREAK MOGAR. MAKE. OR. BREAK. DON’T FUCK THIS UP BUDDY. NO PRESSURay’s an ass. We believe in you (;


Not Scary, Seductive (Doctor!Hoseok x Reader) Smut

Genre: Smut
Word Count: 2,142

Welp today is the day I go visit that terrifying place again. Believe me I dislike going to the hospital as much as you probably do. 

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anonymous asked:

So how's your libido lately?

exhausting.theyre getting big fast. always putting pressue everywhere. my back is really starting to ache and ive got a near constant boner or im soaked. i hate it. id kill to get laid right now. usually im all for dicking someone else but right now i want to get stuffed so bad

pregnancy is weird

Here, Have some fluff.

Title: Rub me the right way (I’m sorry, any other title was wrong)

Summary: Dean/Castiel. AU - Dean needs a massage.  3k words. Fluff.

Also on AO3.

“Welcome to Paradiso day spa, how can I help you today?”

Dean just about turned around and left right there. There was literally nothing in the softly-lit lobby didn’t remind him of how stupid this was. From water was cascading serenely down a large black stone in the corner, to the shelves of products and candles arranged just so, to the soothing music, to the smell like he’d walked into one giant lotion bottle. Among the sea of sage green walls and river rocks in his worn jeans and busted up leather jacket he felt like stain on a nice suit.

“Sir?” The kid behind the counter couldn’t even be old enough to drink, maybe even vote and he looked at Dean with wide, expectant eyes. “How can I help you today?”

“Huh?” Dean grunted back. “Oh, uh…yeah, I…well my sister-in-law, she gave me this…this gift certificate at Christmas,” Dean explained, avoiding the kid’s confused stare and fishing the crumpled piece of paper from his jacket pocket. “It was a joke, I think but…” Dean ran his hand through his hair nervously. The gesture only served to aggravate the pain in his shoulder that had driven him here. “Son of a…” Dean exclaimed then sighed. “I think I need a massage.”

“Oh, of course,” said the kid, whose nametag stated in elegant calligraphy that he was called Samandriel. Weird, but…ok.  “Let me see what we have available,” Samandriel chirped, turned to his monitor and began clicking eagerly.

“Thanks,” Dean muttered. The stupid gift certificate from Jess had been sitting smugly in his wallet for months now. Dean was willing to bet it had just been waiting for a day like today to remind himself of its existence. A day when he’s been waist deep in the innards of a 2004 Taurus when his neck had decided to start pinching, then spasming, then fucking in pain every time he moved wrong.

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Everlark Fanfiction Authors List Masterpost (Updated 11/6/14)

It’s that time again where I post my latest list of Everlark fanfiction authors.  They are amazing! I am always looking for authors to add to my list, so if you have any authors I haven’t listed please message me! As always, you can find my list here:

Please spread the word and reblog this! Tumblr gave me a REALLY hard time…

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