So I went out to “school” but really, I went to catch up with an old friend and we pretended for a while we were back in high school and I was actually skipping class and we sat there in the car and we just made up a thousand and one reasons as to why my mouth was red, because our school didn’t sell icecream…I think we stopped when we came up with the abducted by aliens part and they painted my mouth red.. Whatever. Idek I just know I’ve had a good day and I came home to a cooked dinner and Julie running around like “Dont touch the buttt” with a frozen bag of veggies.

You must not know about me.

I could have another you by tomorrow, so don’t you ever for a second get to thinking you’re irreplaceable. 

So, I went to my daddys company and I made quite bit of a mess. I might still be drunk.  I’m just not suit to run a oil/gold mining company.tooo much dirty work.  Nope. No. Just call me when we struck gold.