Sun Hotel’s biography indirectly states that the band is made up of a “group of young men with a perceptiveness far beyond their years.” This outlook can certainly be heard in their songwriting, but of more interest to the IA community, their wisdom is also proven in how they conduct business through their homegrown record label, Chinquapin Records.

From an outsider’s point of view, Chinquapin seems to hum along in perfect DIY harmony. Founded on the mantra of artists running artists, Chinquapin not only makes sure that all seven bands involved are pulling their weight, but also that each artist participating in the collective is assigned to a project they can excel in. Whether it’s flyering, booking, making t-shirts or recording, lead singer Tyler Scurlock firmly believes that tailoring everyone’s jobs to what they’re good at helps to create a sense of pride in each contributor, and in Chinquapin. And don’t think these guys are just local college kids booking shows at their campus venue—they’ve booked a slew of national dates for one another. That’s no small feat for only being 18 months deep in the operation.

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The label hasn’t been held up by the roadblocks similar ventures face, like uninspired members or presumptuous self-promoters, largely because of the community vibe that Chinquapin’s founders and the New Orleans music scene have helped to construct. According to the guys, New Orleans venues are renowned for how generous they are in giving new bands paid shows. Keep that in mind when debating whether or not to make a stop in New Orleans on your next tour!

But enough about the business. Check out the world premiere of “Without Feathers (5/3/1808)” in the player above, and keep your eyes peeled for their next string of tour dates, most likely kicking off at the end of June!