pressing plants


I’m pressing a few of the Baby’s Breath to use in a tiny little thumb sized oval herbarium pendant molds.

This time of year has me obsessing over the end of winter and the coming of tiny spring ephemerals and as a result this is where my head is, creatively; little tiny pendant shapes for little tiny flowers.

  • Shepard: Happy anniversary Garrus! I got you a gift!
  • Garrus: Aw Shepard you shouldn't have! It's...a book?
  • Shepard: It's a scrapbook! There's pressed plants from planets we've visited, news article clippings from the day we met, and I wrote a different love poem on every page!
  • Garrus: Oh, wow....That is very sweet of you, Shepard. I will cherish it alwa-
  • Shepard: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm totally kidding. Here's your real gift it's turian brandy and a new rifle.
  • Garrus: *tearing up* I love you so much.