pressing my luck

I forgot my keys today apparently so I’m locked out of my apartment until one of my roommates gets home which I have no idea when that’ll be so I’m sitting in the sun in the backyard on my phone because I didn’t even take my laptop to class today and I am eternally grateful that after a month of nothing but snow and rain and thunderstorms it’s decided to be sunny today

My secret.

So as many of you know or may have guess, i am sexual attracted to my son. It has been for a few years now. The distance between my husband and myself has only fueled this burning need of mine. Over the last few months and weeks i have decided to act upon my desires. It has been going slow and steadly getting more bold on my part as well as my sons noticeand his own desires are making themselves known.

Unfortunately yeasterday there was a setback and I need to talk about it. On Saturday i decided to press my luck and try a little ‘Netflix and chill’ with my son. I wore some sexy pjs but nothing overtly sexual. We cuddled on the couch and enjoyed a steamy movie together. I could feel my son’s attraction and decided to press my luck by kissing him. Soon it was like a makeout party. In the middle of this we hear the backdoor open and i see the kitchen light come on. Apparently my husband had a load coming through town and decided to surprise us. Need less to say the shock of what i was doing hit me like a ton of bricks and i practically flew to my bedroom and into bed before my husband could find me in my state with my son. The next morning my son would not catch my eye and soon decided to go over to his friends house for the day. I feel extremely guilty but not toward my husband but toward my son. I haven’t seen him since Sunday morning at church. Even after my husband, his father, left my son did not come home and i feel like I may have ruined my chances.

Gonna press my luck and see how making a doujinshi goes.. I haven’t made one in over 4 years so I’m hoping to try and make one before college starts back.

If it works out, it’ll be Dazai x Chuuya (R18). I won’t upload anymore until I finish the entire thing so keep an eye out!

Please do not steal or repost.

Fantasy 2...

My dirty secret…
It’s about 10pm my husband has gone up to bed and we have been secretly messaging back and forth for a couple hours. I tell you that the coast is finally clear and to come around back and I’ll let you in the basement door. I’m not worried about him hearing he’s several floors away. I go to the back door and pull open the curtain and there you are. I’ve waited days upon days to see you again. To kiss you and touch you it feels amazing to be near you. You come in and we go to the couch and we can’t help ourselves our mouths gravitate to each other. I can’t believe how wet you make me with just a kiss. I know that my husband never comes downstairs after he’s gone up but as reckless as this already is I don’t want to press my luck anymore then I already am. I’m already dressed for bed so I only have a T-shirt and panties on so it makes it easy. But before I let you fuck me I have to taste you. I slide off the couch and kneel at your feet. The anticipation of undoing your belt, button & zipper get me so hot it takes all my willpower not to tear your pants open & devour you. But I want this to be good. I need to savor it who knows when then next time is you will be able to sneak away from your wife. As I pull you out I can’t help it I don’t even wait to get your pants off my mouth is on you I need your flavor on my tongue. You taste so good. The longer I suck your dick the wetter I get. I’m so ready for you I need you!! I can’t take it anymore. I climb up your body and slowly slide down until I’m seated all the way. It takes all of my willpower not to moan out loud. I need to stay quiet but when you are in me I can barely contain myself. I slowly rock back and forth on you. You are so swollen and thick I can feel you touching everything I love it…. I swear if we both weren’t married I would live with you inside me. You are a drug I can’t quit…. I need to stop daydreaming we need this release and you need to go back home. You have your hands on my ass and you are squeezing and rubbing and it just makes it that much better for me. I’m getting closer and I can feel you start to tremble under me. I know you are close too. I fuse my mouth to yours so you can swallow my moans of ecstasy. It is so amazing to feel you finish. I love knowing that even after you leave I still have a part of you with me…. I hate that now that we have cum you have to go…. but I know you will be back. You need me as much as I need you. Our connection is strong and one I don’t see being broken. I help you straighten up and walk you to the door kiss you goodbye and watch you leave out of the side gate… no one knows you were just in my house fucking me where my husband sits… no one needs to know the naughty dirty things we do to each other. After you leave I go lay where you just sat and bask in the glow of the orgasm that you just gave me. I fall asleep with a smile on my face and your cum in my body….


Thanks to @pjs411, for leading me to this quote. She connected it to what she   lovingly calls these Lil duck lips.  I’ll always believe that two free spirits can collide in the Universe! I am always one to press my luck……   Make way for ducklings (BTW, that’s a children's book)! 

Quote from gifs @lisa-ny-la. 😘


I started detailing the Master Form dress! There are lots of ways to approach putting the Form designs on Kairi’s dress, so for Master I just decided to follow my own lead a bit. I put Valor’s straight up the side (borrowing from the Dead Fantasy design), and Wisdom’s along the bottom (because it was easiest, pfft). So for Master I decided to angle it to get a bit of both. I may make the outlines thicker, but I’ve already had two mishaps with the paint so maybe I shouldn’t press my luck. Also I don’t want to lose the shape of the points too much; I’m not working on a black backdrop like Sora’s version has. 

Now the question is what to do for the inevitable Final Form…