Arriva la contravvenzione per chi bestemmia in auto 

Chi bestemmia in auto, o in qualsiasi altro veicolo, che sia anche una moto, rischia di ricevere una multa salatissima. Non è uno scherzo, bensì realtà, specialmente dopo quello che è accaduto a un gruppo di automobilisti di Modena e Ferrara qualche mese fa, costretti a rimanere in coda sull’autostrada A4 nei pressi della provincia di Udine. Come riporta la, i guidatori, forse nervosi e stufi del traffico, si sono resi protagonisti di imprecazioni pesanti, sfociate in bestemmie, tanto da essere multati dalla Polstrada, impegnata nel risolvere la situazione, che ha applicato alla lettera l’articolo 724 del Codice penale “Bestemmia e manifestazioni oltraggiose”.

Alla contravvenzione di 102 euro si sono aggiunte anche le multe dovute al mancato allaccio delle cinture di sicurezza da parte dei passeggeri seduti nella zona posteriore del mezzo e alla non esposizione del tagliando assicurativo. Il totale della somma da pagare, così, è stato di 180 euro.

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E se ieri postavo la palese civiltà dell’Islanda nel rendere legale la blasfemia, oggi mi tocca ritornare in casa nostra: nel medio evo… secondo me la terra è ancora piatta!

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Sabato a casa?😌

Sabato a casetta bella. Muoio di caldo. 
Cioè vorrei che la mia casa fosse in Antartide con i pinguini ora, ma a parte questo, a volte mi prende la voglia di andare in centro da solo. C’è tanta vita di sera nei pressi del Colosseo. Se qualcuno di interessante ora mi citofonasse per uscire e andare lì io mi precipiterei a farmi una doccia e a scendere. 
E tu, anon?


Joan Laporta’s Press Conference (all photographs above via SPORT)


“I feel more prepared than ever to preside over the club. I have a renewed energy and determination to chair the best club in the world"

“I’ve had many partners who have given me tokens of appreciation. This has also been the dream of my family. I made the decision thinking how this would affect my family, particularly my children.”

“When elections were called in January, I told my campaign team to prepare, but that there was a possibility of not presenting myself, but this has now managed to be a success, and has also been achieved thanks to the players.”

“For me, FC Barcelona is more than a club. It is based on Cruyff, Masia, Catalunya, and Unicef. These are the pillars of the club, and our proposal.”

“I introduce myself because we work for the next decade prodigious for FC Barcelona, with La Masia as the house where dreams are made. We are committed to the process.”

“There were many people who thought that we would not have the courage to introduce. But I have character. I have never practiced foul play. I will always go face to face and say what I think in arguments.”

“I will not play the victim. I will go ahead and defend the locker room to protect it from any destabilization.”

“The favourite is always the president who is running for re-election, but every day I see more support from the socis. Each day that passes I feel more supported by Barca members and fans worldwide. I believe we have a good chance of winning. We will fight for it.” 

“You know my shortcomings and my principles. I ask for respect, and I will respect all ideologies.“


“Luis Enrique returned the club to the Cruyff philosophy with his own variations. We very much agree with that. It defends our style of play and the philosophy of the club. Times evolve, and Luis Enrique has evolved the system. Now we have other variants, such as the counterattack, and for us this style is a reference in the world of football. It is an honor for us, and we believe the right thing is that Luis Enrique continues with Barça.”


“With Puyol, I have a great relationship, we have a great time together. I know I will always have his support.”

“Puyol told me in January that he wants to remain connected to football, but that he wants more time to prepare first, which is logical. I didn’t propose a role for him, nor did he ask me for any role at this time.”


“For now, no. We will begin to lay the foundations with Abidal.”

“Sergio Ramos? I have nothing to do with him. The rumours regarding him seem like something to do with his contract.” 


“Pep Guardiola was always getting wet for us in our most difficult moments. I will be eternally grateful.”

“I speak with him a lot, I have a friendship with him, but I do not know how he will vote.”


“They (Bartomeu) have the treble in their favour. Although in our election campaign, we have enough arguments against that, such as a sextuple.”

“They believe that winning the treble was their liberation to cover for all their mistakes.”

“Rosell and Bartomeu are inseparable, they are always together. I have no doubt that one is behind the other. If they say otherwise, I do not believe it. They go hand in hand.”

“We cannot register players, La Masia has been dismantled, Barça B has fallen to Segunda B… The club is on trial for corruption and tax fraud, and have a complaint for fraud and misappropriation. They have chosen to slander they are the reason why the club is being accused of corruption. Let them stop telling lies.”

“May socis choose between Qatar and FC Barcelona in the courtroom - as seen with Rosell and Bartomeu - or UNICEF, and people who are clean.”

“ I don’t see any similarity between our two models. Cruyff? He was cast out. La Masia? Dismantled. UNICEF? On the back of the shirt, where it loses its meaning.


“We want UNICEF to return to the front of the Barcelona shirt”

“With the link between UNICEF and Barça, we want to develop a strategic plan, because the club was founded to improve the situation of the most disadvantaged children.”

“We are UNICEF. They (Bartomeu) are Qatar.”

“We want to fight for a good contract with UNICEF. If a United shirt worth 70 million euros, ours is worth more.“

“We are not participants in the political regime in Qatar. Qatar bases its projects on money, they think that everything can be bought. We believe that not everything is about money.”

“It surprises me that they say the only choice is Qatar. Either they work poorly, or there’s something that needs to be explained.” (note: Bartomeu had said earlier that Qatar was the only current offer for Barcelona’s shirt sponsor) 


“When we speak of Cruyff, we speak of someone who created a new playing philosophy, which is now our way of playing, it defines us a club. This is the philosophy we applied with Txiki, with Rijkaard, with Pep, and with Luis Enrique, who we signed for Barca B. The mentality of victory has been installed in our club thanks to this philosophy of understanding the sport.” 

“It was a mistake (by Rosell/Bartomeu) to withdraw the honorary distinction from Johan Cryuff. We will have to talk to him to know which role in the organization he should take.” 


“FC Barcelona has always defended democratic values and progress of the country.”

“We want the club to be at the service of the country, while respecting other languages and cultures”

“My project is Catalan. It stands for our culture and our language, but respects all languages and cultures. We understand that the club is cosmopolitan, but we also have a strong and clear commitment to the process in the country.”


“Leo knew that I would introduce myself (as a candidate). And perhaps he knew before me, because he’s a genius.”

“With Messi, it’s like we have telepathy. He knows what I think.”

LAPORTA’S TEAM (in attendance):

Eric Abidal (Sporting Director)

→ Abidal: “For me, Barca is more than a club. I’ve always wanted to continue working here. I’ve been lucky to be here at a professional and personal level.”

→ Abidal: “I am excited to be part of this project, to be here with Joan. Joan and I know each other, we speak without hiding anything. We want to get back to producing Masia players like Leo, Xavi or Andrés.”

→ Abidal: “I am ready to assume this responsibility. I have great confidence in Joan, as does he in me.”

Alexanko (La Masia)

→ Laporta: “We want top level players to come out of La Masia and reach victory by our way of playing. We must return to work for La Masia. Alexanko has a lot to say.”

Roger Grimau, Audie Norris, Roger Esteller (Basketball)

Enric Masip (Handball)

Gabi Cairo (Hockey)

Ludovic Giuly

Rafa Yuste


{A present is left at Clint’s door, with a note, cheerfully doodled little versions of kurt on it, along with alles Gute zum Geburtstag written in his handwriting}

Hello! I heard it was your birthday yesterday, my friend! Many happy returns, and may you be blessed with many more! I saw this in a shop going to the mall with katzchen, and I had to snap it up. Never can have too many gym shirts. 

Dovrei solo pensare che, comunque vada, tra poco di meno di un mese avrò finito; eppure ancora non ce la faccio totalmente: ‘comunque vada’ non riesco a mandarlo giù. Non mi significa nulla che mi aggradi il 'comunque vada’. La verità è che non ho ancora accettato del tutto la possibilità che qualcosa (soprattutto in ambito universitario/lavorativo) possa andare in una direzione diversa da quella preventivata. One shot, big shot: la mia vita è così da sempre; e nonostante astrattamente mi stia avvicinando a scalfire questa convinzione, concretamente continuo imperterrito a manifestarla.
One shot, big shot.
Tra un mese a quest'ora sarò a bere un bicchiere di vino sugli Champs-Élysées: forse è davvero arrivato il momento di provare ad affrontare la vita sapendo di avere più colpi in canna. Non tutto è one shot, big shot.

No other life forms know they are alive, and neither do they know they will die. This is our curse alone. Without this hex upon our heads, we would never have withdrawn as far as we have from the natural—so far and for such a time that it is a relief to say what we have been trying with our all not to say: We have long since been denizens of the natural world. Everywhere around us are natural habitats, but within us is the shiver of startling and dreadful things. Simply put: We are not from here. If we vanished tomorrow, no organism on this planet would miss us. Nothing in nature needs us.
—  Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against the Human Race: A Contrivance of Horror