Introducing: Pocket/Instapaper-Style Story Backups

Keeping track of your published work has never been more important for a journalist. Here at Pressfolios, we’re working to develop the most intelligent and intuitive dashboard for managing your clips - all from one central location where you have complete control.

Today, we’re incredibly excited to announce the arrival of our latest development to the dashboard:

Pocket/Instapaper-style PDF backups have now been activated for all Pressfolios users.

From here on out, every story added to Pressfolios now comes with two copies backed up on our servers, safely stored and always close at hand. All stories previously added to your Pressfolios account will be converted to full-text clippings as well (as long as the link is still online).  

Here’s a look at how Pressfolios backs up your stories:

Additional formatting and design for our new full-text backups are on the way. In the meantime, go ahead and take a look at your new full-text clips by logging into your Pressfolios dashboard >>

(Next stop: Introducing full automation to the way you import stories to Pressfolios.)

Pressfolios Featured on Poynter

In this week’s career chat, Marc Samson talked about Pressfolios, a new Web application that helps journalists build and manage an online portfolio of their news stories.

Samson, who is Pressfolio’s co-founder, talked about how journalists can benefit from the site and why he created it. (Currently, the site is in private beta, but Samson walked through some of the features in the chat.)

Additionally, Samson talked about what makes a good online portfolio, how to create one and why they matter.

You can replay the chat on here


OUT (An LGBT Short Film)

Chrissy is so gay she’s about to explode out of the closet. Along the way maybe she’ll even find the courage to talk to that most mesmerizing and terrifying of creatures: a cute girl.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Ariel Leigh Hoffmaier http://arielleighhoffmaier.pressfolio…

Co-Directed by Simone Stachelski

CHRISSY … Jacqueline Tardanico
LOLA … Victoria Yong
MR. CLARK … Ralph Vituccio
HOT GUY … Daniel Brennan
JEFFERSON … Josh Brown
STUDENT #1 … Ann Chen
STUDENT#2 … Shannon Yang
STUDENT #3 … Dante Horvath
STUDENT #4 … David Frank

“Kite Flying Rainbow Colors” (Stock Footage) courtesy of © All Rights Reserved Saracin.

Pressfolios Featured by Mediabistro's MediaJobsDaily

An In-Depth Review Of Pressfolios, The Newest Portfolio Site For Journalists

Earlier this week, sister blog 10,000 Words wrote about a brand-new site that allows journalists to easily gather their clips in one place without any fuss, without having to know the first thing about coding, and without any design knowledge.

I got an invite code to check Pressfolios out (it’s currently in closed beta, but co-founder Marc Samson tells me that people aren’t having to wait too long to get their invite codes).

Here’s how it works….  

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