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Karim Benzema Press Conference ahead of France vs Brazil (25/03/15):
Do you feel that you have a leader role in the team? And will you wear the Captain arm band against Brazil?
Yes, you can say I’m one of the leaders. It’s been a while now that I’m with Les Bleus. But I still learn. One should always try to progress and work. It’s a new year and there’s always a new challenge. About the arm band, Hugo is our captain and  I wish him a good recovery. For tomorrow, It’s up to the coach.
Is your position different with Real Madrid and in the NT?
Nothing is different, just the players change. It’s top level football either way. My role is simple, it’s to help the team to go as far as possible. Then, if I can also help the younger players and talk to them, I do it. It all happens on the pitch for the players.
What do you think about Henry’s career, he will be given a tribute tomorrow: 
I had the chance to play with him, he is a great player like Platini, or Zidane. He is on that level. He had a wonderful career. He won everything and he is a complete striker. Why not have a career like his?
Brazil is the favourite tomorrow?
There is no favourite. After the WC, Brazil kept their heads up. They don’t concede a lot of goals, but score a lot and they win. We are fine too, we play well, and we get hurt too. We know how to endure in order to win. But it’s true that after the World Cup, Les Bleus is more respected and more feared than before. Because we did win against big teams like Spain or Portugal, opposite teams look at us differently now.
Who are the players in the Brazil team that you like the most:
The most talented for me are Marcelo, Neymar and Thiago Silva. But of course they have others aswell.
Do you think you will be on a challenge against Neymar:
I don’t have anyone to beat. In a team, you need everyone. It’s certain that Neymar can make the difference at any time. It’s up to us to defend well. I have to be decisive and work well for the team.
He’s having a great season. I wish him to continue like that, and that he wins titles too..even if it will be difficult (smiles).