You’re gonna touch her
And I’m gonna feel fucking sick

Cause you’ll be tasting her mouth
And I’ll be tasting the blood from my lip

I’m gonna try not to scream
and not picture your hands on her
but you’re gonna fucking touch her
and it’s going to feel right

So you won’t be thinking of me
you’ll be thinking about the way
her shoulders taste
The way her hips tremble

And I won’t be able to stop shaking
but none of it will fucking matter

Because I don’t get to forgive you for this
I don’t get to let you touch me again

Because every time your fingertips
will press into my stomach
I’ll wonder if you notice the difference
between the way my lips feel
and the way hers taste


Battle for Zendikar.

October 2.

This year.


Take Time to Realize (Part 3 of 4)

Request: Modern Day!AU They are best friends and the reader likes Bucky but he doesn’t like her and when she confesses it’s like one of those ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone’. After that Bucky realizes his feeling for the reader.

Word Count: 1,996

Warnings: None.

Part 1  Part 2

A/N: Let me know what you guys think of this part! :) Thank you to Fenja for helping me out ^^ @matthewmurrdock 

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It’s almost midnight when you finally get into bed, grabbing your phone and deciding to go on your social media accounts before going to sleep. You smile when you read Pietro’s text, thanking you for a fun night and expressing his excitement for your next date.

You press on the reply button when your phone dings again. But this time, it isn’t Pietro.

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Dark Fairytale Princesses - Rapunzel

A labyrinthine everwood in all succulent colors of green and autumn red, the wood is her kingdom and she reigns with a beauty and body so pure that shines trough darkest night, a light that lures voyager and hiker in her derelicted tower. She locks them up so they can never escape and when the moon rises she claws and scrapes their eyes out with her bare hands to sacrifice them to the spirit of the woods that keeps her bounded to her bosky cage. 

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please do a birthday writing? I feel like that would be so cute :)

2. Harry. Birthday. Tears. Cake. Fluff. Heat. That’s what I need.


Combined these two requests because they kind of go together! Thinking of writing a second part adding onto the ending. Let me know if you’d be interested in reading it. ;)



You were mumbling against his cheek as you wiggled your toes against his calves, both of you tangled underneath the sheets. His sleepy features twisted into a slight smile at the sound of your voice, but other than that you got no response whatsoever, and it made you huff.

“Harryyyyyy,” you murmured once again, this time pressing a collection of delicate kisses to the patch of skin under his ear, which caused him to stir a little. As soon as he moved underneath your frame you snapped your head up to look at his features—his eyes were shut, but you could see the dimpled smile that was threatening to form on his lips. He looked like a little kid that was pretending to be asleep on Christmas Eve. You paused for a second to take it in—your boyfriend, the man you loved, the love of your life, was a twelve-year-old.

And you adored him for it.

You hummed for a second and a lightbulb went off in your head; you pressed one more peck to his cheek before flipping over with the intention of getting out of bed, but you weren’t even able to travel an inch before you felt Harry’s arms winding around your waist and pulling you back against him, causing you to expel a melody of giggles.

“Need cuddles,” you heard him mutter quietly as he slipped his legs over yours so you had no escape. You squirmed playfully as your face got hidden against the crook of his neck, fingers brushing the sides of his bare torso.

“I thought you were sleeping, mister!”

“S’my birthday, you’re not allowed to leave without cuddlin’ me,” he announced once again, ignoring your words.

“Oh, it’s your birthday? Must’ve forgotten,” you said with a grin, and when you heard a small growl escape your boyfriend’s lips, you knew you were done for. 

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“Babe,” he groans softly, his breath tickling your ear, “wake up." 

You pull away from him and roll away. It was too early for this shit. 

"Babbbee,” he whined, closing the distance between your bodies so your back fits against him like a mold, “Wake up.”

You feel the bulge in his pants kiss the back of your leg, but still don’t answer. You keep your eyes closed.

“Summer,” he kisses the back of your neck, then just lets his lips linger against your skin, “I need you.”

You sigh and give in, opening your eyes, “Niall, i’m tired. You’re such a pest sometimes.” You wriggle out of his hold and roll over to look him in the eyes. 

He smiles, then leans forward and presses his lips to yours, “Morning!”

You chuckle gently at the excited look in his eyes then leans forward to press your lips against his again. This time he doesn’t let you go. His lips move with your tired ones, hungrily. It doesn’t talk long for you to feel his tongue swipe against your lips. You part your lips for his tongue and moan as his hands grab onto your thighs. 

You both don’t speak as he climbs over you. The only sounds circulating your small bedroom are the soft hums of the airconditioner and the moans escaping both your lips as he grins down into you. 

He reaches down, brushing some strands of long black hair away from your face tenderly before, kissing the area he cleared. 

Thats when he slides into you and you’re not able to take in much after that. Your eyes shut and all you can fell is the way his dick is jamming into you, your thighs jamming against his, the bed moving under you and crying out with creaks. 

You moan his name over and over again, until he lifts your leg a certain way and your moans transform into scream. 

Oh my gosh, why hadn’t he done that before.

You scream his name, your eyes slammed, shut until you feel yourself loose control. Your eyes roll back, your toes curl and suddenly all there is is this intense feeling that has you screaming harder. All that matters is that Niall’s pounding into you and sucking on your neck. 

All that matters is that you’re cumming so hard you hear him moan, “Oh fuck, Summer. You’re so fucking hot right now.”

When you open your eyes, after regaining control of yourself, he’s smirking down at you cockily. You’d been too wrapped up in yourself to realise he’d been cuming also.

He chuckles, pulling out of you and flopping down, “Who knew lifting your leg would turn out so…good?”

You blush and his his arm bashfully, “Oh shut up before I knock you out.”

You hear him chuckle softly before pulling you into his arms, “You’ve already knocked me out. 


Niall Imagine for Summer. I hope you enjoyed, love!

Also, yes i’m doing personals right now. Ask for one :)

[finishes a video game] shit, man. that fucked me up. i feel so empty. like part of my life is over. i’m never going to recover from this.

[presses start again] just kiddin hAHA time to put myself through the crippling pain and heartbreak all over again!!!!! YAY VIDEO GAMEs

Creepypasta #752: Nobody

Length: Short

The subject, barely out of infancy, spun around his enclosure fruitlessly. All the other occupants who inhabited his cell were batshit crazy, except one who looked like he came from a gang. The kid sobbed, craving for home, a lone traveler with a deformed arm.

His cell became filthier and filthier as the months passed. His deformed arm did nothing for sympathy, and would not serve any further purpose. He entertained the childish though of someone coming to bring him home once more, then banished it. This was his home now. He sighed as the female pressed her monstrous face to his enclosure yet again. Maybe this time she would shake him to death.


Miles away in the Great Barrier Reef, Marlin frolics among the corals happily with his new wife, all memories of Nemo long forgotten.

Credits to: nichonova