it’s not just the fact. the fact that you message me everyday at 4 am just to remind me to take better care of myself. the fact that you do it even after I tell you not to. the fact that I barely answer back on time. the fact that you’re on the other side of the planet. the fact that an online friend is one of my biggest fans. the fact that you remind me to eat and drink. the fact that you love throwing random information around, my own personal human google, you’re the lightbulb of my ideas. the fact that you hate yourself just as much as I hate myself. the fact that you blame yourself for your uncle’s death. the fact that you love me more than I love myself. the fact that you love my poetry more than the amount of poems I’ve written, and I’ve written plenty. the fact that you’re still here after all of this time. you are simply too damn cute, by simply being you. friendship masked as sundown, you never like to see me frown. you always ask– what was your suck and sweet of the day? most days I say nothing. most days I don’t want to talk about it. when I think that I deserve pain, I remember you and I stop. when the moon grows the flowers in my mind, when I can’t come up with hard facts or a simple way to say I love you to myself– I think about you. a thousand rivers must contain one dragon, a thousand nights must be enough for me to forgive myself. you are randomness. you are a singularity. you are a tiny poem. you are pressed daisies. you are an unwritten metaphor, you cross my mind, but I can never formulate you. you are on the tip of my tongue, a prose piece without a single mention about love, but I still feel loved by you. you wanna know why you’re different? a million tumblr accounts, yours is the only one without reblogs, posts or anything. you’re my invisible reader. and I see you for you.


found a pressed daisy i’d put in an empty journal this summer. i’d forgotten about it. 🌼

your name.

i wanted my own space, but now i have too much. too many cracks on my heart, where were we when i needed us to happen. i wanted to breathe, but now the oxygen betrays me, we all breathe alone. i needed to be lonely to understand the fear of not having you is more real than thunderstorms and breaking points. i needed someone, but i didn’t know that that someone would be you. years have gone, wrinkled souls— press the daisies well, this is how i’ll fade away. i wanted to know love, but i chose pain instead. did we choose wrong? did we know that we would kill ourselves years later just to find out the true meaning of living without one another? it’s much colder in summer even with the sun out, you used to be around, but now you’re a year round trip to nowhere. where did we go wrong? is this the end of the song? we used to watch each other from a distance, but now the distance watches us grow old without another chance. is this darkness? where is the light source? where were we when love hung itself? shaking away my worries, i should have held you with fury and bit my tongue a little more. patiently waiting delivered my patience to the sea, this is how i’ll drown. if this is death, where would we be if we chose to love— where would we be right now if i would’ve picked you years before? things i’ll always ponder on, my heart it’ll wander on. if this is lust and longing, where would we be my dear? where would we be? if another reality, in another path— a quiet road, in another place, at another time. you are still mine. i’m just fucked up because it took me this long to realize. it’s all messed up, baby, it’s all messed up. darling, i fucked up and now—

i’m missing you. so much so. forgive me.

I Get to Love You

Requested by @sgarrett49:  Hi may I please request an Eggsy imagine where instead of the Princess he comes home to/marries the reader? Just snippits of their life together after the events of Golden Circle ex: their honeymoon or them being domestic?
Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x female Reader
Warnings: Plot fix-it’s from yours truly to the best of my abilities. A few NSFW references and Eggsy level swearing. *Y/F/N = your full name.
Word Count: 2,082. yikes.

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hearts don't break around here — s.h.

wc : 3.8k

summary : everyone’s got an affinity, he just so happens to be hers.

a/n : this is a sam hogwarts au inspired by ed sheeran’s song hearts don’t break around here. yes i self sorted him into ravenclaw and yes i made him a quidditch player, because well that’s how this draft was when i found it lol but i like the idea of ravenclaw quiddtich player!sam

moodboard found here <3

There was a time back home with her parents over the summer, where she read books upon books each day. She read underneath the old oak tree in her backyard, daisies in her hair and a book in her hand. Her nails in her mouth as she focused on the words on the pages. A discarded notebook and pen sat next to her and suddenly she grabbed them both, scribbling down a word or two. The swift summer breeze fluttered her loose shirt and caused the daisies to become loosely woven into her hair, nearly on the verge of falling out.

Her fingers gently pulled one of the white flowers from her wavy locks of hair, and she placed it in between the pages of the book. Swiftly, and nearly elegantly, she got up, books in one hand and her pen gripped in the other. She crossed the threshold of her backyard and made her way to her bedroom. The book sat on her desk and she swapped it out for an old worn out dictionary. The pages were worn and faded, as she searched for the word she discovered. She bit the pen cap off, and held it in her teeth as her hands scribbled down the definition.

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Rant about the notion that Daisy having a romantic interest detracts from her impact

Daisy can be an ass-kicking independent super hero whilst wistfully glancing at one Mr. Robbie Reyes. It doesn’t have to be either / or.

Let my girl live fully, breathe freely and feel the flutterings of love. Or like. Or even lust. We see Robbie and his fine self 💦🔥💦

To think about it, Robbie and Daisy haven’t even touched! ( My bad, she rested her hand on his knee briefly that one time. ) They’re like a freaking Victorian romance for goodness sake- all stolen looks and meaningful glances.

The way the writers are setting the scene, Robbie is going to catch a glimpse of ankle in season 5 but hurriedly look away with a racing heart. Or a glimpse of cleavage with those low ass zippers Daisy rocks. 😶

My point is, part of Daisy being represented as a whole individual would include all her relationships. Family , enemies and friends and yes romantic ones.

So if in season 5, Daisy gently presses her hand into Robbie’s while blushing furiously or slams him down so she can fuck him any and every which way, I’m all for it. You have the right to go after happiness girl 💜❤

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