it’s not just the fact. the fact that you message me everyday at 4 am just to remind me to take better care of myself. the fact that you do it even after I tell you not to. the fact that I barely answer back on time. the fact that you’re on the other side of the planet. the fact that an online friend is one of my biggest fans. the fact that you remind me to eat and drink. the fact that you love throwing random information around, my own personal human google, you’re the lightbulb of my ideas. the fact that you hate yourself just as much as I hate myself. the fact that you blame yourself for your uncle’s death. the fact that you love me more than I love myself. the fact that you love my poetry more than the amount of poems I’ve written, and I’ve written plenty. the fact that you’re still here after all of this time. you are simply too damn cute, by simply being you. friendship masked as sundown, you never like to see me frown. you always ask– what was your suck and sweet of the day? most days I say nothing. most days I don’t want to talk about it. when I think that I deserve pain, I remember you and I stop. when the moon grows the flowers in my mind, when I can’t come up with hard facts or a simple way to say I love you to myself– I think about you. a thousand rivers must contain one dragon, a thousand nights must be enough for me to forgive myself. you are randomness. you are a singularity. you are a tiny poem. you are pressed daisies. you are an unwritten metaphor, you cross my mind, but I can never formulate you. you are on the tip of my tongue, a prose piece without a single mention about love, but I still feel loved by you. you wanna know why you’re different? a million tumblr accounts, yours is the only one without reblogs, posts or anything. you’re my invisible reader. and I see you for you.


found a pressed daisy i’d put in an empty journal this summer. i’d forgotten about it. 🌼

❝ weeds are flowers too,

once you get to know them ❞

- A.A Milne

and so it goes,
if i write enough for you to know,
for you to see the windows of my soul–
and so it goes,
if i bleed out my words to show
you that snow is just a raindrop roll–
ing around in a blanket of white roses
waiting for you to warm and flow
thoughts back into us, we will grow
from the soil and concrete, we will woah
and awe our way back to where the wind blows–
i am not whole
on my worst days of glow–
there is a sadness with a costly toll,
our woes dressed down into foes
we buried our secrets, we reap what we sow–
or so it goes, or so we’ll know
if our regrets break through the window
as a bird that keeps trying to escape this hell hole,
which way do i go when your eyes keep saying
no, this isn’t rain, this is snow
from a distant memory of when we didn’t grow,
of when we didn’t know,
of when we lost our souls–
my senses may be dull,
but my heart shall be full
some day and if i love you before i wake, go
back to a place when yes means no,
and a couple of misfits mowed
down as pressed daisies with no tomorrow–
if life brings love and romance whispers sorrow,
if my stars broke, if an arrow
pierces my heart, zero
goodbyes shall be said by the hero
to the princess of white, bliss and snow–
and so it goes, and so it goes–
no… this snow? it’s just really, really… ya know…
—  this snow is just really, really pretty rain.

recordsofme  asked:

sitting on someone' lap skimmons <3

5 times Jemma sat in Daisy’s lap and 1 time Daisy sat in Jemma’s lap


“This is ridiculous,” Daisy manages to say through chattering teeth.

Jemma agrees from where she’s shuddering, arms wrapped around herself hunched down on the floor pressed up against Daisy’s side, but she can’t steady herself enough to talk.

Jemma doesn’t know exactly how they got themselves in this situation. They went in after the bad guy and now they were locked inside of an empty industrial freezer. The rest of the team was probably busy with the bad guy and haven’t noticed that they are missing.

They haven’t missed their check in time yet.

After a few minutes, Jemma feels frozen solid and she knows that they have to share more body heat than they are at the moment.

She turns to Daisy and her hand shakes really badly as she grabs her arm to get her attention.

Daisy looks at her.

“We,” Jemma starts, but can’t seem to get the words out.

Daisy seems to be on the same wavelength as her because she just reaches out, and is barely shaking when she tugs Jemma closer, manhandling her into her lap.

Jemma wraps her legs around Daisy tightly.

Daisy folds her legs underneath Jemma, and wraps her arms around her waist.

Jemma wraps her arms around Daisy’s shoulders in turn and buries her head into Daisy’s neck pressing her cold lips against the skin there. Daisy tucks her head down on Jemma’s shoulders, and moves her hands slowly up and down Jemma’s back in an attempt to get her warmer.

Jemma tightens her hold around Daisy and shuts her eyes tightly, hoping that the team finds them soon.


Mack and Elena find them on top of each other, almost frozen together.

That night after they’re saved from the brink of hypothermia, Jemma still feels as though the chill is settled deep in her bones.

When Daisy slips into her bed not even ten minutes after lights out, Jemma doesn’t even say anything. She just wraps her arms around Daisy in return and finally feels warm enough to fall asleep.

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