pressed shadow

I imagine the sex.
The rattle of it,
the sharpness,
their tongues,
His & Hers,
matching towels,
coffee mugs,
hipbones aligned
into planetary
miracles. Mouth
seams full of light,
joints aching,
heavy with it,
curving their bodies
like swans necks,
his fingers, before,
the same fingers,
on a different body,
not mine,
less bulbous
and hesitant,
not mine,
open as a subway
station, eating
skin on skin on skin,
not mine,
like handprints
on foggy windows,
pressing her
into every shadow,
the same fingers, before,
pulling her throat strings,
swallowing her
into litanies of
greedy prayers, before,
not mine, before,
the grime of them,
furious with it,
—  Azra.T “Fuck You” 
Irreplaceable VII

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The sky over the port city of Stoneton was a mottled amalgam of grays and gold, the sunlight pressing dark shadows into the bellies of the clouds. The hum of the funeral procession carried on in shades of mourning, and Felo’thore considered the heavens above him. How uncanny that the sky looked a reflection of how conflicted he felt inside while there.

The brothers stood beside one another, draped in the dark purple cloaks as candles were lit and memories of Kironea Ashelanar were spoken from the pulpit. Thordemar kept his head low, the warrior’s long platinum hair down and gathering over his back, clutching the candle in his thick hands while his twin continued to stare into the space behind the speaker. To have it even on his mind pained him, but Felo’thore worried deeply about Adrianal- what he was doing, if he was okay as Aleric had said he would be. The mage hadn’t seen nor spoken to him in days but to send a letter only seemed superficial for the conversation they needed to have. There was little time for writing something even remotely thoughtful enough for such a delicate situation. After Thordemar and Eldriana had brought him home from brooding in the firelands, the brothers were on a dragonhawk charter early the next morning, only to immediately arrive in time for the funeral.

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Day 6 - Secret

Laurent found him in between corridors, drawing him away from the guards flanking him.  

“Damianos,” he said, when he had Damen pressed against a shadowed corner, hands on Damen’s bare shoulders.  

He trailed his palms until he was framing Damen’s face, a thumb caressing the stubble on his cheek.  

He went on his tiptoes and rested his mouth on Damen’s, soft, slow. It was the kind of kiss they exchanged when entering or leaving a room the other was in - a greeting or a farewell, no less instinctual than a verbal one.  

When he pulled back, Laurent’s lips remained glistening and parted. He seemed surprise by himself. Damen smiled helplessly.  

“Did you need me for anything, dear?” Damen asked, wounding his arms around Laurent’s back. “Or were you just overwhelmed by -”  

“Hush,” said Laurent, his mouth against Damen’s jaw, deliberate now. Then, in his ear, “Can you fake a Patran accent?”  

“You know I can,” said Damen.  

Laurent stepped back, still in Damen’s arms but far enough to look him in the eyes. He had that diabolic look he employed when he tried to be approving.  

“Good,” he said. “Don’t shave today. We leave at dusk.”  

He gently moved one of Damen’s curls away from his forehead, in his eyes a dangerous glint. Then he was gone, a flurry of blond hair and blue clothes, before the curl had time to fall down again.  

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Can we say BLING?!

I must admit when I first saw a visual of the new Urban Decay Moondust palette my heart started going a hundred miles a minute. Sparkle - yass!

Now most of us associate Moondusts with glitter. Shades that are meant for pressing over other shadows to add a little gleam and glamour. Not stuff to use on their own. But they CAN be used on their own. What I’ve done here is just to apply them wet. No primer, no other shadows beneath. 

And they rock.

If you plan to use them in a more subtle way, just dab on with a finger. These shadows are formulated with silicone in the base, and designed to stick to skin, not brushes, when dry. So don’t complain about there being no pigmentation if you try to dust them on with a dry brush. Damp, these are incredible foiled shades with plenty of duochromatic magic. Every shade has a different color shift when it hits the light. Right click each image and “open image in new tab” to see everything in higher res.

I STILL think this is a palette made for “accessorizing” other shadows in your collection. Pop 1 or 2 shades on when you wear a neutral or matte smoky look. Kapow. But if you want to wear these shades all on their own go right ahead! 

Gurrrl… you know they’ll see you bling from the moon.

Shades used:

Vega - inner half of lids

Galaxy - outer half of lids

Lightyear - center of lids

Specter - inner corners

Magnetic - lower lash line

The Moondust palette will be available in Singapore from 1 Sep for SG$80.


SWATCHES of the Mac Cosmetics Star Trek Collection!!

•Lipsticks $18
•Lipglass $17
•Super stick liquid eyeliner $22
•Mascara $16
•Mac studio nail lacquer $14
•Makeup Brushes $25 each
•Fantastic Powder $34
•Pressed pigment eye shadows $23

Available online and in stores in September!

Pic’s by IG@ashley_rudder And IG@dominic_mua

click of the clock

Imagine if, instead of darkness
and the click of the clock colliding 
with the early hour of day,
there was a soft knock on the door.
Imagine the repeated tap, rousing
me from the folds of sleep.
Imagine seeing the slices of shadow
pressed between the door frame 
and the shift of your feet on the carpet. 
Imagine your whisper, nervously 
asking “Are you going to let me in?” 
Of course I am, the door is unlocked.
Imagine the night realising that 
it was ours alone now, and 
that the constant echo of voices
was nothing more than a backing track.
Imagine talking until the hours
grew longer, and sleeping as 
the sun rose. 
Imagine only needing the night
and the hot cover it draws. 
Imagine the summer holding out
for us. 
Imagine looking out onto our stars. 
Imagine us. 
Now, remember it’s all fictional.
Remember how the fiction feels too dense, 
and the pressing of the light 
untainted by your shadow too faint.
Remember how I’ll imagine
you, as I’ll remember how it 

This or That tag

The questions MAKE-UP 

1. blush or bronzer
2. lipgloss or lipstick
3. eyeliner or mascara
4. foundation or concealer
5. neutral or color eye shadow
6. pressed or loose eye shadows
7. brushes or sponges
1. o.p.i or china glaze
2. long or short
3. acryl or natural
4. brights or darks
5. flower or no flower
1. perfume or body splash
2. lotion or body butter
3. body wash or soap
4. lush or other body company
1. jeans or sweatpants
2. long sleeve or short
3. dresses or skirts
4. stripes or plaid
5. flip flops or sandals
6. scarves or hats
7. studs or dangly earrings
8. necklaces or bracelets
9. heels or flats
10. cowboy boots or riding boots
11. jacket or hoody
12. forever 21 or H&M
1. curly or straight
2. bun or ponytail
3. bobby pins or butterfly clips
4. hair spray or gel
5. long or short
6. light or dark
7. side sweep bangs or full bangs
8. up or down
1. rain or shine
2. summer or winter
3. fall or spring
4. chocolate or vanilla
5. eat coast or west coast

Embodiment of Darkness Allergic to Stupid

Rumia, the infamous youkai of darkness who was tangentially involved with the Scarlet Mist incident, possesses a debilitating weakness to sub-par intelligence, an encounter with local firefly and insect master Wriggle Nightbug revealed.

The weakness came into light when Wriggle taunted the shadow youkai, attempting to goad her into “eating” the cape firefly. During Rumia’s initial attempt at literally eating the insect girl, Wriggle interrupted her with her own attempt at explaining that she had meant what most would call a “different kind” of eating, which she terminated prematurely after four words. The failure of the anthropomorphic arthropod to explain what she meant in the first place brought Rumia to a halt and prompted a short kiss on the cheek from her, followed by a request for a date which was accepted on grounds that a more “proper kiss” be given to her - sealing Wriggle’s narrow victory over the looming shadow.

At press time, Kakashi Spirit News is investigating whether Rumia’s stupidity allergy would be triggered by an encounter with herself in her unsealed form.

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the lights are dim in alexander’s penthouse – his tall stature is only a shadow, pressing the other’s smaller shadow up against the floor to ceiling window overlooking manhattan. it’s completely wrong, being here, with her – but she’d made herself irresistible, playing this subtle seduction game with him, right under her father’s ( his biggest RIVAL ) nose. 

and tonight – tonight was the night he’d decided to throw all his cares away and simply indulge himself. and that, he was definitely doing. chapped lips move against her soft ones roughly, hands on her ass as her legs encircle his waist. he’s drunk off her - her scent, her sounds. finally, his lips part with hers, just far enough for him to nip at her collarbone.