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Do you think Press would play overseas? A lot of the other players are going overseas so would she if she had the opportunity?

If she thought it would be best for her career then yes. But at this point, I think she’s learned all that she could in Europe when she did it back when it was a necessity, not a trend and now she’s just working on being the best version of herself as a player here in the states.
nasa's new announcement
  • nasa: psst
  • clay: ???????
  • nasa: trappist-1
  • clay: oh
  • clay: mY
  • clay: GOALKFGJOPEWLEOWKF !!!!!!!!!
  • clay: KSNDFKLEIOWBRAOD *kicks down a plastic chair*
  • clay: WAKNFLKMEIOGWNQOIWN *opens too much dips for chips*
  • clay: AHHHHH!!!!!!! HAHSAKJNOPWNWI *screams into the sun*
  • apollo: *turns towards camera* and that's when i knew i lost my best friend to the eternal abyss of the final frontier
  • clay: *running amok in the background laying wreckage to mankind*
  • apollo: *tear runs down cheek* so long, spaceboy

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Am I the only one who can't watch some of the henrik's videos sometimes bc of secondhand embarrassment..he's such a dork, I always take a deep breath before pressing play on vids with him cause I never know what to expect tbh..

lmao kinda??? i make faces but i cant not watch :/:/

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Can you do 76 with William Karlsson

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“I bet it’s a boy.”

“I bet it’s a turtle.”

“She can’t be pregnant with a turtle,” You snorted.

“She never said she was pregnant,” William replied, sitting down and pressing play on the remote, the show resuming. “She just said there was a new addition to the family.”

“And you seriously don’t think that she’s pregnant?”

He shrugged. “Maybe she just got a turtle,”

“Oh, come off the turtle,” You laughed. “This is a drama, she’s not going to call up her boyfriend, very seriously, and say that there’s gonna be another family member.”

“I would,”

“But you can’t get pregnant.”


“That makes no sense.”

“Are you telling me,” He turned to face you. “You wouldn’t call me and set it up like you were having a baby, when in reality you just accidentally bought out the entire pet store?”

“Okay, you got me there,” You laughed. “But, come on, she’s definitely pregnant.”

“Let’s find out, then.”

I love that The American Outlaws call it the #Playlikeabadass cup

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It’s time to play KINGDOM HEARTS on Press Buttons ‘n Talk, I’ll just say if you love Kingdom Hearts so deeply that you can’t abide anyone making fun of it, maybe uhhh skip this playthrough


‘All about me’ - Syd 



It’s time to return to the beautiful monstrosity that is POKEMON: DARK CRY