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Netflix: Bring Back Iron Fist

Netflix has made a terrible decision in cancelling Iron Fist after 2 seasons . There are many fans of the character and the series and most people said that the second season was excellent . I think its unfair that Luke Cage , Jessica Jones and Daredevil get a third season and their shows get mixed reviews too yet Iron Fist gets the shaft . There is so much more potential and stories to be told and its not great fanservice to end the last season on a cliff hanger and not go along with it especially when the second season was more well recieved with critics and fans . So Netflix and Marvel please revise your decision and greenlight a third season for Iron Fist  

it’s so weird hearing americans talk about Target© as some kind of semi-religious holy space of reasonably priced goods and services, bc in it’s short, fever-dream existence up here in the frozen north it was… Not Good. 

in my experience with the three (3) i went to in the surrounding area it was. uh. you know when you step into a place and there’s nothing immediately noticeably wrong but you can just Feel that this is a Bad Space? like the kind of space where if you catch a glimpse of your mother walking down an aisle and turning a corner you know it’s a demonic trick and if you follow her it’ll lead you down a path to a dark space you can’t return from?

or you go in with your friend who’s right next to you but you get a text from them saying “hey i’m in the shoe aisle, you should come here” and you know it’s a trap from the devil? like other things:

  • only half of the dim, washed out, often flickering fluorescent lights were lit at any given time, usually only every-other set, leaving these valleys of darkness that made entire aisles inaccessible for fear of shadow people latching on to your soul like a dark passenger. 
  • entire sections were just Empty. empty shelves with no product, never any employees filling them up, no boxes waiting to be unpacked, no signs saying what should be there.
  • no employees at all actually? wandering around the store even though the parking lots were full and you walked in with a group of 20 or so felt so lonely. you could walk the whole place and it was dead silent and the only other “people” around always were several aisles away with their back turned, unmoving. there was always only one cashier and there was never anyone in her line.
  • there was never any music on or announcements played? another place that does this are all the dollar trees in my area and it gives me anxiety. i feel like i’m being hunted, like i have to hold my breath and listen for the footsteps of beasts in other aisles. 
  • the fitting rooms had a strange, dark energy to them. it felt like if you ever used them, whatever universe you closed the door on would not be the same one you stepped out into when you were done. the washrooms also contained this same dark energy.
  • passing the employees-only doors felt like wandering too close to a bears den. the glass windows never showed anything going on back there, no racks of product, no employees milling around. it was just pitch black, complete darkness. a hungry void.
  • leaving a target was the same disorienting feeling as leaving a dark theatre and exiting into the light. sound and colour and feeling rush back in. you feel like you can breathe again. a weight is lifted from your shoulders. you can’t remember any of the time you spent inside the target.

it is my sincere belief that the targets in canada never existed. the storefronts were put up, yes, but the stores themselves were vast empty caverns filled with dark dreams and sinister interlopers attracted to the malignant leftover energies from zellers. passing through the automatic doors was meant to teleport us to the nearest american location, but something went wrong and we entered an unnatural zone halfway between the upside down and whatever it was that happened in the langoliers. 

i believe the balls outside target are carefully crafted and powerfully attuned magical artifacts that keep up the illusion known as Target©, but were incorrectly spaced in canada due to a mixup between the metric and imperial systems of measurement, and that is why the brief twilight zone episode that was canadian target collapsed virtually overnight.

IU really took the time to acknowledge Jonghyun and the importance of mental health during her DAESANG speech, a moment that’s supposed to be all about celebrating her and her accomplishments as a musician… she could’ve used her speech to say the usual thank yous and I love yous to her fans, family, and friends, but this angel on earth took it one step further and congratulated all the other idols/artists for their hard work and reminded them that putting yourself first is completely okay and being unhappy sometimes is not a sign of weakness. Not only did she admit to millions of people that she’s felt the similar depression Jonghyun had (which mind you is a huge deal bc of how much of a public figure IU is and how literally so many fans and artists look up to her), but she willingly talked about all of this in front of so many young people and idols from every company, not to mention the fact that she was brave enough to do so in a society that looks down on mental health and illness in general… IU really did that and the audience thinks it’s okay to blatantly scream and yell when their faves are on the screen for like a second while she’s talking and giving an important message no one else is willing to discuss???? This isn’t only a message to K-fans but to all of you: yes, supporting your faves and hyping them up is okay – that’s what you do as fans, of course. But to completely disrespect other artists, ESPECIALLY when they are having their well-deserved moment to shine, makes you a person that no artist will ever be proud to have as a member of their fanbase. Remember that behaving like an asshole isn’t only going to affect you – your actions are going to reflect the reputation of your fandom as a whole, and eventually they will reflect the reputation of the idol(s) you support.

moral of this story basically is to stop being a bitch and stan iu instead, this has been your daily psa thank u!!!


Josh Horowitz: We’ve seen dozens and hundreds of hetero love stories, well told over the years. And the fact that this one isn’t that. You can count on one hand, I feel like, films of this… that tell this story in this way. That’s gotta feel gratifying that you guys are making something that transcends and works with every audience.

Timothée: That’s exactly it.


Love Michael B Jordan, love Forest Whitaker, but I have to talk about the women in this film. because they’re all so different. […] This sort of extends that conversation about black superheroes, women, women in superheroes movies, because there’s not just one image to look at, they’re all very different, and have different types of beauty and strength. I think it will be fascinating to see that x