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The Lost City Of Z Press Conference (Full)

from Korita05 (Cyn) on Vimeo.

  • Rob’s entrance at 2:25, sat down at 2:56

Question (about Big Adventure) at 05:34.  

  • Rob answers at 07:24 (after Charlie)

Question (about Intellectual Curiosity) at 17:10

  • Rob answers at 17:56

Question (about Valentine’s Day) at 26:58 

  • Rob answers at 27:19

Question (How long can you survive in jungle) at 28:19. 

  • Rob answers at 28:33

Question (How do you work on the role?) at 38: 32

  • Rob answers at 39:52

Robert Pattinson has a very cool co-star. Charlie Hunnam is the best sport. On the promo tour for The Lost City of Z, he discovered what Oscar-winner Reese Witherspoon also noticed when she went on tour with Rob promoting Water For Elephants. Reese said that she had been going to premieres for 20 years and she had never seen anything like the way Rob’s fans turned out for him.

During the THE LOST CITY OF Z press junket, Charlie was asked about Rob.

Q: Rob has a lot of crazy fans from his Twilight days. What’s it been like?

Charlie: “It’s good, you know, it takes a lot of pressure off me. I did a press conference the other day and it was nice. I just took a little nap, because no one wanted to talk to me, everyone wanted to talk to Rob, which is fine by me. This is a sort of necessary evil for me, having to go and do press and do interviews and stuff, so if there’s somebody the journalists and the public would rather talk to, then I’m happy to have him answer the questions and just sit there and look pretty." 

Watch Charlie’s interview here, the quote starts at 03:45