press walls

summer lovin’

word count: 1665

She sat on his bed, legs stretched out, back pressed against the wall, idly skimming some article about some celebrity doing something they shouldn’t have. Shawn sat on the floor beside her strumming together chords and marking things down a spare piece of scrap paper.

It was hot outside, the summer sun beating down on their little town. The stale heat threatened to creep through the window, but the air conditioning was their savior. The cool breeze cascading across the room sent goosebumps up her arms.

Her long legs extended across his mattress and he couldn’t help but look up every few minutes. Her eyes lazily moved across the pages before she looked up at him. She was bored. She looked out the window, to the beautiful summer day outside and wished that it wasn’t so hot.

Then she looked back at him. 

“Shawn,” She said patiently.

He didn’t look up from his work, instead, offering a grunt as he flipped his paper over, trying desperately to find any small space to write down the few words that had just popped into his brain. 

She threw the magazine at his head.

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anonymous asked:

junhui + library 👀

Smut. I’m glad we read the signs right 👀

Your back was pressed against the tile wall behind you, and one of your hands was holding Jun’s shoulder tightly while the other searched for support from the nearest dusty rack of books. He was thick as he desperately moved inside of you, his lips mindlessly moving on your neck and chest, leaving light marks whenever he got excited enough to suck on your sensitive skin a little.

Jun held your ass snugly with one of his hands, the other holding your leg that went around his waist, and his breathing was hot and heavy and probably turned you on even more than the fact that there were people not that far away, yet no one would end up in your aisle. …Or at least they wouldn’t, if you were quiet, which you knew from all the times you had come to that specific aisle to make out with no interruptions ever.

“Shh, baby, we don’t want anyone here, do we,” Jun breathed by your ear when you let out a muffled moan, frustratingly close to your orgasm. Your legs were quivering around him and your hips were starting to move against Jun’s on their own accord, and it all felt just so good and you just needed to come.

“No,” you sighed and brought your other hand to Jun, too, and pressed your lips onto his shoulder, nibbling and sucking on the skin in an attempt to remain quiet, and when you finally came, your mouth opened into a silent cry, your fingers dug into Jun’s shoulder and he couldn’t do much else than grunt as he continued chasing his own high.

With him fucking you through your orgasm, it was exceedingly difficult for you to remain quiet, yet somehow you managed to mostly keep it down to sighs and the quietest whimpers of Jun’s name.

As his orgasm began approaching him, Jun slowed his movements down considerably, almost gentle as his hips met yours thrust after thrust. Pushing deep into you and making you gasp, he finally released into the condom he had on, and buried his face in your neck.

“Considering how nervous you were at first, you got into it really fast,” Jun said with an amused chuckle and kissed your neck while caressing your sides gently. You giggled and played with his hair.

“I wonder why,” you mumbled, referring to how seductive Jun had been earlier and how weak you were for him in general, which he knew more than well.

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Alternate Time Vault Scene (S2E11)

I just want to say thanks to @fuck-you-i-am-spiderman​ for helping me with this, as well as @phantompierce-okamoto​ and @parrilla-collins​ for encouraging me as I worked on it.  Also crossposted to Ao3.

Cisco lets out a strangled cry as Harry’s voice cuts through the air, hands flying defensively to his chest as he presses himself to the wall.  Breathe, breathe, it’s just Harry.  But oh god, it’s the suit, he’s wearing the suit and Cisco feels dread trickling down his back.  “Don’t do that!”  He shrieks in a voice too high, trying desperately to calm down.  “I’ve figured out your trigger,” Harry says, and if Cisco could summon the will he’d snark something like, ‘Oh I’m fucking triggered alright Harry.’   But instead he just arches his eyebrows incredulously at him, only half taking in Harry’s words as he draws slowly closer.

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The thing is, stockings drive Bucky crazy. You wear them whenever you get the chance. When you first found out about the kink you had work a short dress with stockings to match for a small party Tony was throwing. You had been dancing playfully with Nat when you spotted Bucky out the corner of your eye. He was watching you almost predatorily. That night when the party ended you found yourself pressed up against the wall being fucked and told how pretty you looked tonight.

oh and he definitely wants you to keep them on 

Sinful Sunday™


Logan and William in Westworld 1x05 “Contrapasso”

for @asweetdeception

spock’s freckles appear when he’s seven years old and out in the vulcan sun too much and his mother catches him trying to scrub off the faint green dots one night, because he hates them he hates them can’t she see how human they make him look; when he’s twelve he learns, to his horror, that they now shimmer when his face flushes, the boys who spit it at him holding him pressed up against a wall but he just turns away because he’s already learned to not fight back; no one dares to say anything to him about them at the academy, but he can feel their eyes glancing over the light spots on his skin like a brand, just one more thing to alienate him from both of the cultures he tries to claim as his own; but it’s later, much later, when he’s first officer, when he’s laying in jim kirk’s arms and being told “you have a galaxy spread over your cheeks, so beautiful, you’re so beautiful” and soft lips are on his bare shoulder, that he finally thinks that maybe, just maybe, its okay to be different for once


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s your birthday, and this is Bucky’s late gift to you. (No plot, just smut)

Warnings: smut. Unprotected sex(Wrap it before you tap it) daddy and kitten kinks, sergeant kink, ties and such

A/N: Happy birthday to my babe, @jamesbarnesblog! This one is for you, bb.

Bucky backed you up against the door of his quarters, smashing his lips against yours as his hands roamed your body, your hands playing with his white collar and tie in a hot and heavy kiss. “Easy, Sergeant.”

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Prude (M)

Summary: You’ve caught Jungkook for doing something inappropriate on school grounds and you’re the one getting punished.

Genre: Smut AF

Word count: 3602

Warning(s): TeacherXstudent relationships, oral, fingering, cum facial, language

Pt. 2

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Tomorrow - Jughead Jones

Anonymous said:

can i request a jughead imagine with the prompt, “i think i’m in love with you, and i’m terrified.”

Originally posted by evenstoast

I’m sorry it’s so short, it’s more of a drabble than an imagine!

“C’mon, Y/N, you know I didn’t mean it like that,” Jughead said, but you were too busy looking around the diner, looking anywhere but at him. He had taken it too far, almost getting into a fight with Reggie, then just making a joke about it all. “It’s like you don’t care about your well being,” you said, finally looking back at him and seeing his greenish-blue eyes. He shut his laptop screen and lean forward, across the diner table. “Can we go outside and talk?” His voice was surprisingly calm, so you nodded and he packed up his belongings. When outside, Jughead turned, pressing you against the wall of Pop’s diner. “You’re right, I don’t care about myself, because I know that there’s a killer out there and I’m worried about you.” You stared up at him and you could see the sincerity in his eyes. The arm that had caged you against the wall, fell to his side. You reached for his hand, intertwining your fingers. “Jug, I’m going to be fine but I need you to look out for yourself too.” He pulled his hand out of yours, rubbing his palms against his face. He turned his back to you and you could see his back heaving. “Jug-” you started, but your friend turned around and you stopped upon seeing the tears in his eyes. “Y/N, you don’t get it,” his voice was quiet when he spoke now, “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

His words left you speechless. All you could do was walk towards him a wrap your arms around him in a tight hug. You felt his arms wrap around you as well, and he buried his face in the crook of your neck. Despite the fact and you Jughead having been friends for many years, you had never seen such a blatant show of emotion like this. You were used to his dry humor that always made you smile, but sarcasm would have never been able to hide these feelings. You felt his hands at the small of your back, pushing you closer to him. At some point during the hug, it started to rain. Little droplets fell against your hair and Jughead’s hat. You felt his shoulders shake and you pulled back to see if he was crying; but it was a smile that graced his lips instead of a frown. “Why are you laughing?” You asked, smiling at him, but he just slumped his head on his shoulder. “This is just…” he moved his head, looking into your eyes, “I tell you about how I feel and then it started to rain.” You reached up, the back of your knuckles stroking his cheek. His hand reaches up to grab yours, pulling you a little closer. You eyes darted from his eyes to his lips and you blushed when you realized he was doing the same. “Are we really gonna kiss in the rain?” His voice was a whisper, but you smiled at his tone. “I think we are,” you replied with a grin. The tips of your noses brushed as your faces grew closer. You lips met his in one quick movement and it was a flurry of emotions. His hand found your waist and yours landed on the back of his neck. You felt the rain start to fall heavier as he deepened the kiss.

You finally pulled back for air, you left him panting. You studied his face with somewhat swollen lips and you giggled at the expression in his eyes. “That was…” you nodded, grabbing his hand and pulling him under a rain guard near the diner. “Cliche?” You asked, taking his soaking hat off his head and running your fingers through his hair. He gave you a grin before he started to lean down again, pressing a quick kiss to your lips.

You stayed in the diner until the rain stopped and then Jughead started to walk you home. The walk was quiet for the most part, it wasn’t until you reached the edge of your driveway when someone spoke. “Y/N, I know that all of that,” Jughead raised his hands, “but if you don’t want to date I unders-” You cut off his rambling by pressing your lips to his once more. His hand instinctively reached for yours, holding it loosely. You backed away with a smile, “I think I love you too, Jughead.” The smile he gave you was breathtaking, but you had to go inside. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” you said, walking towards your house. His fingers were still tangled with yours, but as you pulled away, he let go on your hand. “Tomorrow.” He whispered to himself as he walked away. He would see you tomorrow.

Shrinking in a corner,
pressed into the wall;
do they know I’m present,
am I here at all?
Is there a written rule book,
that tells you how to be—
all the right things to talk about—
that everyone has but me?
Slowly I am withering—
a flower deprived of sun;
longing to belong to—
somewhere or someone.
—  Lang Leav “Love & Misadventure"

Characters:  Dean x Reader

Summary:  Sex.  Just…hot, fast, and hard.  If you’re looking for plot, this isn’t the fic for you.

Word Count:  1383

Warnings:  See summary.  Also, about ten million f-bombs.

Tags are at the bottom.  As always, feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Thanks.


Her back is pressed up against the wall, my forearm across her chest. She’s breathing heavy, I’m breathing heavy. Just a minute ago we wanted to claw each other’s eyes out, but now? Now I hear myself asking her, “Can I-?” And she says “Yeah.” That’s it. Just ‘yeah’. One little word that changes everything. And now my fingers are sliding up under her too-short skirt, the one I was mad at her for wearing earlier. My fingers are running over the lace of her panties and I’m groaning. I shouldn’t be, because I was angry as a polecat thirty seconds ago. She’s the only person on this earth that can me so goddamn crazy.    

She’s up against that wall and her cheeks are pink, her teeth worrying her lower lip. I’m thinking about kissing those lips, but that’s a line that maybe we shouldn’t cross. A bigger line than my fingers up her skirt. A line I’m not sure we can cross and recover from. But fuck it, I’m horny, she’s horny, we both need fucking release. This job, it’s bringing out the worst in all of us. So screw it. I’m all in.

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