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I guess it would be Drabble since you're just writing quick imagines but can you do a Tom x black woman where he spends a night discovering your body (smut or not lol) and listening to stories about dark spots and burns and scars and birthmarks? I just thought it would be interesting in cute! we miss your writing!

Tonight was finally the night Tom would spend the night in your sort of trendy NYC apartment. He was on break from an exhausting press tour that honestly barely even began. 

You two had been dating for about 7 months but could never really get to spend time with each other due to hectic schedules. But you knew that your patience would eventually pay off because you two were snuggled up in your California King, which at first felt very lonely but with his face nuzzled in your neck you felt loved and relaxed. 

The moment he laid in your bed you felt immediately at home in his strong arms. There was no hesitation or tenseness, his arms felt like they were meant to be around you. 

You smirked at the feeling of his fingers tracing circles on your abdomen. Before you knew it, yours shirt was off and Tom was ogling your body but not in a sexual way in a way of a museum patron taking in the finest art in the world. “Your so beautiful.” You felt the heat rise to your cheeks, “Shut up.” You giggled. 

He smiled and traced your side causing you to squirm, “Sorry.” He mumbled. The dimly lit room allowed him to see a burn mark. “What’s this?” He asked out of curiosity. You looked to see which mark he was talking about, “S-sorry if I’m intruding.”

“No, you’re good. My brother and I were lighting shit on fire when we were little and it caught on my shirt. It hurt like a bitch.” His curiosity got the best of him and he started asking about every little thing, he missed you so much and wanted to know everything. 

“Don’t laugh but I slipped in the shower like a week ago.” You laughed. Alarmed he made eye contact with you, “Are you sure your okay. We could go to the hospital-” You placed your finger over his lips and smiled, “I’m fine.” You said, reassuring him with a kiss which intensified. 

“Don’t do that.” He moaned. “Do what?” You teased and kissed him again. You melted into him as his kisses got more passionate. 

The night got crazy but you wouldn’t take it back for a moment. You slept soundly as Tom placed soft kisses on your back. He felt strange but he knew in that moment he wanted to be with you forever. 

Thanks anon! This was fun, lol.

Title: And We All Fall Down, Chapter 2

(Chapter 1 here)

Summary: Cassian and Jyn are forced to share hotel rooms as they travel the world on the promotional tour of their movie.

Story based on this moodboard by the lovely @operaticspacetrash

AO3/1895 words

Jyn thought she could put up with Cassian, until she found out the studio would not be paying for separate rooms for the two of them on the press tour.

“This is a terrible idea,” she said to Bodhi over the phone, when he broke the news to her. He would not want to give her such news in person.

“It’s much too late for that thought now.”

“I’m positive I had that thought before I agreed to this,” said Jyn, throwing stuff in her suitcase. Her assistant was going to come along and tell her she hadn’t packed correctly, but Jyn didn’t care.

“You agreed to it anyway.”

“I don’t think I should forgive him yet. You know, Beyonce had her sister beat up Jay-Z in an elevator.”

“You don’t have a sister.”

“I have you.”

“I am not beating up Cassian in an elevator.”

“I’m finding a new agent.”

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