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Our #FashionFriday winners this week are the PVRIS squad! They shook things up on our #APMAS 2015 red carpet - want a recap? 😬👌

2013 Highlights:  Wow what an amazing year it has been! I am so proud of all that I achieved this year from gaining BeyoncéOprah Winfrey and Naomi Campbell as fans of my work, to being published/featured in many magazines including ELLE Thailand and Harper’s BAZAAR Australia. Thank you to all the genuine supporters for the love. I look forward to what 2014 has in store - H.W

Mock Life magazine cover for November 26, 1965. This issue featured Edie Sedgwick's "Girl in Black Tights" iconic photo shoot photographed by Fred Eberstadt, and was the first outlet in which her title as superstar became national. Wearing a long sleeved dress by Rudi Grenich, "I swish them the way other girls swish their hair," she said of her chandelier earrings by Kenneth Jay Lane.

It’s FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Right now is a very exciting time in fashion. All around the world, it’s Fashion Week season. New York and London Fashion Weeks recently wrapped up, Milan is well underway, and Paris begins next week. So it seems only fitting that today we should talk about the history of the fashion show.

The precise early history of the fashion show is a bit of a mystery. It developed slowly, therefore no one has yet been able to pinpoint when and where exactly the first true fashion show was held. Back in the mid-19th century, Parisian dressmakers would have their assistants wear their designs around their shop to exhibit the pieces. This trend was likely started by Charles Frederick Worth,and as I mentioned in my Worth post, he was also the one to come up with the idea of spring/summer and fall/winter seasons. Yet as technology changed, it became possible to mass-produce garments. This completely changed the fashion industry. Designers could now sell their clothes across the world, and a woman no longer had to pay for a fully custom dress, but could instead go to a department store and choose a design from a wide selection. As a result, designers needed to present their designs to buyers so they could be sold in stores far and wide.

These early fashion presentations were known as “fashion parades.” They were highly exclusive events. Only the most prestigious buyers were allowed to witness these fashion displays. At their core, they were not too different from shows today, except for the fact that they were much, much longer. A show today might take 15 minutes. A late 19th Century Fashion Parade could take several hours. The show would pause several times, as the buyers waited for the models to be carefully dressed between each time they walked. The show would be repeated for the next several days for different audiences of buyers.

In 1903, Ehrlich Brothers Department Store in New York City held the first fashion parade in the United States, and opened it to their customers. This was likely the first “modern” fashion show. It quickly spread to other department stores, and soon designers began to invite non-buyers to their personal shows.

In 1943, the Paris fashion industry, previously far and above the top in the world, floundered due to German occupation. The American fashion industry jumped in to fill the void. Fashion PR specialist Eleanor Lambert organized “Press Week,” an opportunity for the editors of fashion magazines’ to feature American designers. This was the very beginning of the idea of “Fashion Week.” Of course, throughout the decades, the increased media exposure has amplified Fashion Week and fashion shows to the extravagant events that they are today.

Want to learn more about the history of the fashion show? Check out these books:

The Mechanical Smile: Modernism and the First Fashion Shows in France and America, by Caroline Evans

Fashion at the Edge: Spectacle, Modernity, and Deathliness, by Caroline Evans

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Jungle Love part 1 (a Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction)

A/N: So, this has been on my mind since I saw the episode “Animan” followed by the English version of “Evillustrator.”  I got really sad that there wasn’t enough Nathanette in the show.  I thought that Nino having a crush on Marinette was cute but then all I could think about was Nathanael and how sweet his crush was.  Thus I rewrote “Animan” to make it Nathanette.  Timeline wise this comes somewhere after Paper Faces on Parade and way before Holding Out for a Hero.  This is part 1.
Words: 3100 (getting better but still a bit in shock)
Summary: Nathanael asks for Adrien’s help in asking Marinette out to the zoo.  However, Nathanael’s shyness threatens to stall him out.  It’s up to Adrien and Nino to help Nathanael’s confidence afloat!

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“So there I am, stuck and balancing this giant cake and my lady decides it would be great idea to sling her weapon at my feet.  I trip.  Cake goes flying out of my hands.  It lands on bad guy of the day, red and black frosting everywhere.  He stumbles around blindly, steps on me and… Ow!  Nino!” Adrien rubbed his arm and glared at Nino, who was lowering his fist.  Right in the middle of the best part too!  

“Dude, shut up about the heroics.” hissed Nino.  “Nathanael’s coming this way.”

Adrien looked up.  Sure enough the other boy was feet away from them.  His hands were clutching his sketchbook tight to his chest and already his face was as red as his hair.  Adrien quirked an eyebrow but raised his hand in greeting anyways.  “Hey Nathanael!” he called.

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j, how do you know everything that's going on with exo all the time? could you explain the stuff? i've been out of the loop because of summer break. what's happened?

I try to stay up to date for all of you, of course!
(Editing as other things come out.)

Let’s go at this as the full team and then member by member, shall we?

EXO SUMMER WRAP-UP (June - August 2015)

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