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Bath for sunburns๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ”ฅ

•About 5 tea bags of any black tea (I like earl grey because it smells nice)
•About 3 leaf things from an aloe plant
•A container that holds about a liter of water

Boil the aloe leaves in about a liter water for about 10 minutes or until you think the water has mixed with enough aloe. Take out the leaves if you want clean up to be a little easier but if you want to bathe with the leaves go for it. Wait for the water to cool and pour it into a container and add the tea bags. Allow it to sit for about 30 minutes. Run a bath and add this mixture in with it and leave the tea bags in there too. Take as long of a bath as you wish and rinse everything off when you’re done.

This works so well to relieve sunburns and make it fade faster. The tannin in the tea works wonders for burns. If you have any spots that are worse than others you can just press the tea bags on it and make a compress. I hope y'all get as much use out of this as I do!


etsyfindoftheday | 6.25.17

organic face and body soap collection by evyjoandco

sometimes it’s hard to choose just one scented soap, but this 4-pack saves you the trouble of trying to decide! you get a true variety:

  • lime + eucalyptus tonifying green tea
  • patchouli + olibanum exfoliating charcoal
  • rose + ylang ylang purifying clay
  • may chang + geranium moisturizing coconut milk

and you even get a wooden soap dish!! :D

I’m honestly so tired of talking about Katy Perry and the people who genuinely somehow think Taylor Swift was wrong in this situation because look… We ain’t gonna change their minds!!! Katy is always gonna be petty and tryna use Taylor for attention and we are out here GIVING HER WHAT SHE WANTS Y'ALL!!! wake up and sip the tea that she is serving bc we are drinking it. We need to stop drinking the tea. Just put the tea down

harry hugs louis from behind when louis is brushing his teeth or making tea and presses his chin to louis’ shoulder and bends down a little and maybe places a random kiss to louis’ neck and it makes louis feel all warm inside and louis hugs harry from behind when herry is making dinner or staring at his wardrobe deciding what to wear that day but louis buries his face in harry’s back, or stands on his tiptoes to dig his chin in harry’s shoulder as harry does it and it always makes harry laugh fondly while he clasps his hands over louis’ to stop him from getting away 

getawaymachine  asked:

Every time I see people going on a blame-hunt against Yuuri or Victor, I just want to protect the other! Early on, and then after ch 13, when people were like 'Victor is a jerk' I was like NOOO GIVE THE POOR PINING MAN A HUG! But now with people getting angry at Yuuri for ch9 in your asks recently, I just want to wrap him in blankets and press hot tea into his hands and tell him how good he is. BOTH of them have things to apologize for, but BOTH of them deserve to be loved and protected dammit!!

To be honest I have been in a constant state of ‘fight me’ ever since I started writing this fic and people have been hating on one character or the other. They might not be perfect but I love them both and will defend both of them to the death