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The Rooftop (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Pairing: Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader

(Collab with @nonstop-smashing-expectations)

Requested?: ‘Hi! Can you write a poly hamilsquad fic that’s very angsty and sad? Maybe the reader gets into some type of accident?’ 

Prompt: Reader has been missing for the past hour and the boys find her about to jump.

Words: 2500+

Warnings: Depression, Suicide, Angst



9:45 pm

Alexander was pacing the living room floor. His hands were feverishly running through his hair and he was murmuring to himself. Lafayette was scrolling through Facebook on his phone while he was lounging on the couch. John was in his studio painting while Hercules was taking a shower. It was a somewhat normal night for the four.

Except there was one person missing.


You were supposed to be home an hour ago.  

You were never a forgetful person. You always showed up on time for things, sometimes early if you felt like it. But you were never a late person. Yes, you disliked your job, but it put money in your account so you couldn’t complain. You were the Chief Editor for a local newspaper, meaning that you control what was or wasn’t going to be published. There were a few people on the editing team that tries and boss you around when really it should be the other way around. You were soft-spoken and had an anxiety problem so it was an unlikely job for someone as quiet as you. But, your boss liked your creativity and put you as the Chief Editor with no second thought.  

Your boyfriends were very proud of you for getting such a high rank and even took you out to dinner to celebrate when you told them you got the job. Those boys, they loved you to the ends of this universe and back. Alexander smothers you in affectionate love letters and sonnets, John loves to paint and draw pictures of you, Lafayette likes to cook for you and sing to you when you’re tired, and Hercules always insists on making your clothes anytime you grow out of them. All four of them simply adored and loved you and each other to no end. Not many people understood the polysexuality and call it ‘cheating’ or something similar to ‘sister-wives’. Hell, your own parents disowned you for your sexuality and called you a whore. You ended up moving in with Alexander once he got his first apartment. That was a few years ago and you managed to move into a large apartment with all of your lovers living happily together.  

But, somehow, you weren’t happy.

Not with yourself.

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anonymous asked:

sorry for being stupid, but, wdym merge your cc?

ok so i got multiple questions about this, so I thought it might be good to make a tutorial! Basically it gathers all the CC packages you have in your game and makes it one big file. This makes it easier for your game to read the file and speeds up the process of loading and general gameplay. I’m putting the tutorial on how to merge CC under a cut because I have a feeling this post might be a bit too long lol.

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Microsoft Word/AO3 writing tip:

You may have already seen my Google Docs/AO3 post, explaining how to get around the odd formatting that occurs when you copy and paste from Docs to AO3. Here’s a guide for Word!

This will help avoid the paragraph spacing becoming messed up when you copy from Microsoft Word (2007 and later) to AO3′s Rich Text editor box. Basically, you want to only hit return ONCE when typing, regardless of your line spacing (single, multiple, etc).

I’m using 2007, but these steps and commands will work in newer versions too.

First, check if you need to change your paragraph spacing.

- Press CTRL+SHIFT+8 or click this button (found in the Home ribbon): 

This will show/hide the ‘formatting symbols’, which are little symbols that tell you which buttons have been pressed (space, tab, enter, etc). You can keep it turned on if you like – none of these symbols will print, or be copied when you copy and paste.

You want one ¶ symbol at the end of each paragraph.

- If you have one ¶ at the end of the paragraph, you’re fine!

- If you have two (or more) ¶ between paragraphs, see below.


Now, let’s sort your paragraph spacing

- Highlight everything. CTRL + A will do this nicely for you.

- Locate the ‘Paragraph’ dialogue box.

- In the box that comes up, go to the ‘Spacing’ section.

Your best bet, aesthetically, is to change the ‘After’ value, but it’s up to you! Line spacing doesn’t matter.

- Change the ‘After’ spacing to 12pt* using the up arrow.
*if your font is 18pt or larger, use 18pt spacing.

- Save the spacing as default if you like.

This will save you doing this step every time!

- Delete the extra lines. This is the sucky part. Hopefully you don’t have too much to correct! Remember: you want just one ¶ at the end of each paragraph.

- Write your thing! Now, when you copy into AO3′s Rich Text editor, the paragraph spacing will play nice.

I hope this was helpful! 

If you have any questions about this, or about Word or Google Docs in general, please feel free to ask! I’m always happy to help.

go ask Alice, when she’s 10 feet tall. (Trixya) - Vixen

Look. I’ve not a fucking clue what this is. This idea has been circling in my mind for about 4 months now, and I’ve finally - finally, been able to write it. So this is a Woodstock AU, with LSD, trippy as fuck smut. Warnings for (incorrect) drug use and earth shattering orgasms. Title comes from White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane which was on repeat this entire fic. Let me know what you think - Vixen

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anonymous asked:

David, could you please help me? I have a few (like 600) package files and my game is taking sooo long to load. Do i have too much package files? What should I do to make it load faster? Thank you :-(

Hello Anon! :]
Well, I can help you with some stuff I tried, too many things I’d say…
600 packages are not too much, in my Mods folder I have 210 Packages but I Really have 1417 files plus 61 plus 80 so I have 1558 files as total :]

So I’ve tried too many things, look this unordered list —before you start reading let me say you that this become a “Solve Your Problem” guide LOL:

  • Merging packages: The “First” Way

    With S3PE and doing it manually, you can see a tutorial in case you don’t know how Here, start at step 5

  • Merging Packages: The “Cool” Way

    With CCMagic —which is Great and saves you a Lot of time!—, at start it can be confusing but this guide is good, not the one I learned from but still nice.
    The thing with CCMagic is that I’m very organized and I have All in folders and they contain all by category so all is even more organized, look:

    And there I save the things that have a prefix :]
    I rename all my files

    A friend of mine aka Kilhian told me that CCMagic made her game run a lot lot faster because she had around 10GB of CC plus All AroundTheSims files

  • Having packages of Less than 200MB - 250MB is recommended

    So make sure any of your Merged files is more than 200MB or 250MB

  • Cleaning your Save

    It happens that sometimes your save can be of 1GB or so :0 My first save file had that size and the load times changed Too Much!
    What I did too much times was this:
    To Clean it through Save Cleaner which is the modern and programmed way to do the old way which is shown here at NRaas, this can reduce your file a lot But have this in mind:

    It will delete All the Thumbnails of your sims and the sims in the town plus some more things, the game will generate that again and again so clean it often, one per two weeks is nice —if you play too much!

    Thing I cannot do so often

  • Or Moving your Sims again

    It happens that sometimes the world can get buggy or have too many sims, I don’t know if you’d ever had that problem when the game saves forever but I’ve had, so you may want to une all your sims in a house and then saving it to library with their pictures, paintings and remembers in their pocket or library and load a new world or the same as a new game and start again :]

  • Saving As instead of Save As

    The woman at the video says —I think— that EA suggest to always Save As instead of Save, I learnt and could discover that Saving As would take a little less time for me to save —which is strange— and the save does not get corrupted as it used to get, I’ve had the same save from January or so, but don’t be excesive, use better the NRaas Saver for that, a Pop-up appears every 30 minutes asking you for save and give a name

    Watch the Video here

  • Monitoring your Town

    This game has weird things, so many I’d say, but one of these are the Wild Animals and the constant creation of NPC (Non Playable Character) in the town

    So for that I use a few Mods as are:

  • Seeing What your game Reads and why!

    There is a Great tool called Process Monitor and that thing can say you what your game is Reading and not why, you discover the why iin the next link, I learnt from Here the SimsWiki

    But I will give you a tip when you’re angry at the game, While loading and you think it’s been a while press either ALT+TAB or the Windows Key, open your ProcessMonitor.exe —previously configured— and if the game is reading per example “TheSimsSupernatural” folder toooooo much and veeery often or another EP or SP enter to the game again —if you play Fullscreen— and then start pressing random keys such as ESC | Space Bar | Enter | Shift | and in a minute or less the game will Load! That’s weird, isn’t it? But I could play by knowing that

  • Deleting your Caches

    It is good to do this, the game saves in the caches even the recolors you don’t used —And Multiple times!— so it starts getting bigger and bigger, every once a month or the time you want is nice :)
    Remember that are those:

    • compositorCache.package → This thing contains All your CASt presets and rendered objects
    • simCompositorCache.package → This things contains all your sims textures and CASt presets rendered too
    • socialCache.package → This thing downloads the news at TS3 site and your friends activity and Showtime shows and more
    • scriptCache.package → Try to delete this if you have problems with Mods or removed one and the game acts weird
    • Your WoldCaches folder can be deleted if you’re really hardcore LOL Or delete one by one
    • Your Thumbnails folder, you can leave DownloadsThumbnails.package if you use the Launcher

  • Being Really Hardcore

    This means to delete your The Sims 3 folder as this tutorial says, but don’t be That hardcore, save some useful files as these:

    • userPresets.package → Your CASt presets and saved patterns and colors
    • Options.ini → Your options of the game
    • DeviceConfig.log → Other Options
    • Your folders: Collections | ContentPatch | DCCache and the CCMerged.package inside it | Downloads if you have any | Exports if you have any, try to remove the files on this thing | InstalledWorlds if you have any | Library because OH MY GOD | SavedSims | Saves | Screenshots —those are the most important files of the game.

    Or just Rename the folder at Electronics Arts for The Sims 3 Old and move the files I say to not delete

  • Move your DCCache Files to Mods!

    I’ve not tried this one yet, but I’ve read that it can make your game faster, you basically move the files from the DCCache folder aka dcdb0.dbc —and so— and dcdb0.ebc —if you have legit Store content— to the Mods folder in another subfolder called “DCCache” and modifying the Resource.cfg by this thing —I suppose you have an Overrides Subfolder too:

    Priority 1000
    PackedFile "Overrides/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*.package"
    PackedFile "Overrides/*/*/*/*/*.package"

    Priority 500
    PackedFile Packages/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Packages/*/*/*/*/*.package

    Priority 500
    PackedFile DCCache/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.dbc
    PackedFile DCCache/*/*.world

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Test/*.package

    Priority 499
    PackedFile Probation/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*.package
    PackedFile Probation/*/*/*/*.package

  • Compressing your Stuff!

    This is more useful before merge all the CC
    You can do it with the Compressorizer Redux, I learnded from Mirrah —I’m sorry that it does not have HTML format but w/e— See it here

  • In Case your game is Crashing

    Try this tool The Sims Crash Log Analyzer —or without Register here— and if it says that one EP or SP need to be updated then use this tool called The Sims 3 Patch Downloader

  • Disabling some Memories of sims

    I use this mod called Only Important Memories and it keeps your save smaller than a regular EA one because it does not saves the “OH I went to a Park 100 Times this week” Memories, plus it is nice

And I think that it is All, long enough LOL
But I hope you can find a solution to your problem, some people uses this program Razer Game Booster, and don’t be downloading all the things you see, there are so many broken things and a lot that need to be recategorized, see how here. By the way I have a few other mods.

Plus I save my Mods in the Overrides Folder, plus the content I don’t want to merge or just does not appears in Packages, and CCMagic has its own folder but leave it alone

Have a Beautiful day Anon! Let me know if you understood LOL

c-jay321  asked:

Kirishima and Mina went to the same middle school?!!

Yeah! there were some character information cards/profile things at the end of a volume a few months ago i guess; and someone who knew Japanese posted a picture of it and was omgg they went to the same middle school
And I tried to find the post for quite a while… but alas I could not.. (I found a lot of great mina art tho so thats a plus)
If anyone can link to the post im talking about… that would be great

TS2: Windowed full screen mode and taking screenshots

If you want to play the Sims 2 on windowed full screen mode, you can download an external program that will make any windowed games borderless - click here.

With that, you no longer have to crop your screenshots and worry about switching between programs back and forth!

Also, I recommend simNopke’s no pause frame mod. If you want to take screenshots in-game without UI and especially queue icons showing up at top-left corner (I never understood why they didn’t leave those out in cameraman mode), switch to options menu (F5 or click on ‘…’ icon) then press ‘TAB’. Voila! You can take screenshots without any user interface! (Obviously if you have dialogues in top-right corner, you can just dismiss them before taking screenshots)

Here’s an example below of what unedited screenshots look like without UI. (I play the game in 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution)

And finally, here’s a disclaimer: if you have garden sprinklers or are currently running a business, switching to options menu will show a transparent blue hemisphere (or a fraction) around each sprinkler and out of stock items appear to look as they weren’t sold out. (Don’t worry, it’s just a visual annoyance!)

anonymous asked:

hi! do you know how to get pictures of the sky in the sims 4? like so i can take pics of the fireworks and stuff?

  1. Enter Tab Mode (free camera) by pressing the TAB key on your keyboard
  2. Use your mouse to move the camera around
  3. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out
  4. Pressing the TAB key again will take you out of tab mode


W key moves camera up | S key moves camera down
A key moves camera left | D key moves camera right 
Q key raises the camera | E key lowers the camera 
Z or + key zooms in        | X or - key zooms out 

Holding the shift key plus any of the movement keys helps you move faster in that direction

What you didn’t expect was him in front of you with barely a blink of your eye. You didn’t expect him to have you backed to the wall, his fingers pressed against the zipper tab. Against your chest. He slowly and deliberately tugging the zipper lower, your face in flames and your heart suddenly pounding.

Okay, so I was reading another one of those sansfictions and I’m just in so deep now.

Anyway, it’s from Chapter 4 of “No Place Better” by SeashellQueen.

when the light came through (r, 2.5k)

for grace ❤️

They leave the bunker just as dawn begins to ease over the horizon, until the sky above the Kansas plains is smudged with pale rose-gold. A soft mist hangs low, catching on the bare, bristly grass poking through the thin smattering of snow. Castiel has seen many sunrises in his time, but he thinks this is the most beautiful. Perhaps because of where he’s going, or who he’s going there with.

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Modern High School AU 10/? => Grant/Talbert

For @alexpenkala

anonymous asked:

Please describe how did you do view of neighborhood from picture number 4 from menu ? ;)

Hello Nonnie,

okay I’ll try it. ^_^

What you need:

1. I use Fraps as Screenshot-programm for taking pictures of my game. 
Fraps is a free-ware programm.

You have to choose a hot-key (red market) which you press ingame to take a picture.

2. I also use Gunmod’s CameraMood (Neighborhood Cam) so you can scroll trough the whole map.

3. (Ideal) For the sky I use the neighborhood Sky of Nimi

4. (Ideal) Neighborhood Terrain Default Replacement by curiousb 

5. (Ideal) a Photo editing software. I use Photoscape, also a free-ware programm

What you have to do:

1. Go in your neighborhood

2. Press “Tab”-Key, the menu disapperas, (it pop up if you press the “Tab”-key again)

3. move your mouse, you will see the view will change

4. press “Q” to go down or “E” to go up with the view

5. with “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” can you move the whole mapview (?)

6. Find your position in which you will take the photos and press the “Fraps-Key” which you chose before (step 1 above)

7. You will find the pictures you taken in the linked folder (purple market)

8. If you want you can edit it with Photo editing software (Photoscape for example)

And that’s it. :D Hope I explained it understandably. :3

Isaac Lahey

(So, this is my first post on this blog and my first ever fan fiction! Feedback would be greatly appreciated. I still don’t know what fandoms and characters I’ll write for as of yet, but I’m actually quite impressed with how this turned out and I hope whoever decides to read this, enjoys.)

Who Knew

The first time you met Isaac Lahey, you were running late for class.

Your best friend Scott had woken you up since you had slept through your alarm. You ignored him as he tried to wake you and groaned “Five more minutes.”

Well, five more minutes turned into thirty. You honestly thought only two minutes went by when you heard Scott yell that he was leaving. You let out a little “okay.” and quickly went back to sleep for what you thought would be a measly three minutes. You finally began to wake and as you turned to face the alarm clock on your dresser… let’s just say you sprang into action now noticing you would be very late for first period. You were amazed at how fast you showered, got dressed and shoved all the books you needed for the day in your bag before sprinting out the door.

As soon as you arrived at school, you ran to your locker to lighten the weight of your book bag as you desperately tried to hurry up and not make yourself even more late than you already were. You were moving so fast that you ended up dropping a few of the books you were trying to cram into your overstuffed locker. Silently cursing to yourself, you saw someone quickly come to your aid as they bent down to pick up your fallen textbooks. “Thank you.” You muttered as you still tried to jam as much as you could into your locker. You were so focused on trying to get everything to fit, that you didn’t notice the person as they stood up to hand your belongings back to you. It wasn’t until after what felt like a century of rearranging and moving items around that you finally turned to the stranger. You weren’t expecting to be greeted by a pair of beautiful blue eyes and a smile that made you weak in the knees. “Thank you.” You said again to the tall boy standing in front of you. “Sorry, I had you standing here so long to hand me my books.” You quickly said as you realized you probably made the guy late for class because he was being polite enough to help you. “Don’t worry about it.” He said with that beautiful smile still on his lips. You retrieved your books from him and threw them into your locker quickly closing it and locking it before the books could fall out. You’d deal with your locker later, right now you just really needed to get to class. As you walked past him to head to your first period, he called after you. “I didn’t get your name!” You turned and gave him a smile. “Y/N.”

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How to use the Comico app to read Nanbaka- A Tutorial!!

Hello Everyone!! So recently have gotten some messages and asks on how to use the Comico app for Android or Iphone. So I decided to create a simple step-by- step tutorial to help anybody who is confused.

Please Note: I cannot read Kanji, everything explained is from my own perception, the pictures also displayed are from my Iphone, so I’m not sure if the android version is any different, sorry I apologize if it is Android users… ^^;

With out further ado, let’s get started!!

So first, Open up your Comico app and you should come to a page that looks like this:

For simplicity sake I will only be going over the tabs at the bottom (except for the middle since that holds no relevance in reading nanbaka) so these tabs at the bottom are you tool guide, if you get lost or anything just click on the first tab and try again.

The first tab we have is the Comico home page, which is represented by the little “C” at the bottom of the page.

Next you want to click the 2nd tab where the blue arrow is pointing at.

By picking this tab you will be brought to a page that look like this:

In order to find nanbaka, click on the tab circled in blue,

and your page will look like this:

Viola~ you’ve found nanbaka owo~ So press the aesthetically pleasing photo of Jyugo and you will be brought to a page that looks like this:

An important think to remember about this step is the make sure, you press the star over by the blue arrow, since I’m 95% sure that adds Nanbaka to your library. 

To access you library you press on the 4th tab with the bunch of lines at the bottom. 

and your screen should look similar to this:

Your library is important since it is the easiest way to access nanbaka over and over again. The tab at the top circled in blue represents your “favorited” or “starred series”. The tab at the top circled in pink brings you to a list of recent chapters read on the app, no matter the series.

Moving onto the last tab with the three dots brings you to this page:

This page could could be considered akin to that of a user menu, The first line underlined in pink represents the number of points you have, points come in the form of “hearts” and are usually more difficult to obtain, Ten hearts lets you buy the newest chapters of nanbaka that are in gray at the bottom of the Nanbaka chapter list, once you use ten points on anything, you get that specific chapter forever, no questions asked so long as you keep the app. The bottom line underlined in blue displays how many Tickets you have, Tickets are great and they let you view any chapter that has come out on the nanbaka chapter list (EXCEPT FOR THE ONES IN THE BLACK BACKGROUND AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE!!) However, when viewing chapters with tickets, you only get these chapters for a limited amount of days before the rental runs out, tickets are able to expire as well so be aware of that. 

A simple and easy way to obtain tickets is by first, click on the present circled in green and you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Usually the new Items in the box are highlighted in orange when they are new (sorry, I don’t have photo for this) A pop up menu will pop up, pick the right option and it will take you back to this page but with the button looking inverted like how it looks on the page and then click on the story, by scrolling through the chapter list, you will be awarded free tickets. There also special events that occur during certain holidays where you are awarded 2 tickets per day and on some days you will get 10 points, after every day has been completed for a certain number of days (usually a month) the prize is 50 tickets, or something akin to that. 

And that is about it, and what you need to know for the app and reading nanbaka, please spread this post around and feel free to add something if I forget to add it, Thank you!!