press stud


A rare Paul Poiret day dress, circa 1926-27, 

Navy gabardine with pink knitted-wool plastron and cuffs, peasant-style embroidery in navy and gilt threads, silver metal lobed sequins with pink silk French knot and gold thread undulating bands, the back with three decorative vertical bands and belt, which fastens at the front, integral silk camisole with press-stud closure concealed behind the decorative front panel

even mORE alycia cuteness at paley

some specifics about the show/shooting the show:

  • she talked about how her character is really looking for connection, has never really had that in her family and doesn’t have it at all now, having lost her boyfriend, and she starts to look outside of the situation…..hmm
  • she and lorenzo were asked about the scene where they go into the neighbor’s house and smash all their stuff. alycia said they told her she couldn’t smash as much stuff as lorenzo’s character and she was really disappointed and kept trying to get them to let her smash more things. “just get me some plates.”
  • she said they wanted her to be playing piano in that scene instead, and frank asked if she played piano and she said “not really!” and that it was thematic or whatever but she just wanted to smash things
  • she also talked about how it was fun to dress up in that scene and how their characters realize they might never get to do anything like this again.
  • the moderator asked her and lorenzo about alycia and chris’s relationship and while it was probably meant to be an innocent question, it got weird quick because lorenzo was like, well, he sees her really as a stepsister and….um….and it was weird and everyone laughed.
  • she talked about the woman who played susan, their neighbor, and how she totally underestimated her strength when she attacks alicia and pulls her hair through the fencing, apparently she pulled way harder than she realized, ahahaha. the stunt person kept asking alicia “are you okay?” and alycia was like, “it’s fine, don’t tell her.” hahaha.
  • she said there is a really good zombie kill in the first episode of season 2
  • they have only shot half of season 2 as of right now

Feather collar!

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about how I made my feather collar for my Red cosplay. These are the only progress photos I took, but they show the most important parts.

I formed the shape out of chicken wire and duct tape, and then covered the whole collar in duct tape. I then covered it in white cotton fabric by gluing and using a few strips of duct tape to stick the fabric on there. Then I glues all the feathers in to place, starting at the top and working my way down. Remember to put feathers on the backside of the collar as well!

How I attached the collar to the dress is kind of obscurely done, and there are probably a thousand ways to do this. But I attached one side of a press stud (?push button.. thing) to the fabric on the neck part of the collar, and the other part of the button in the fabric of the dress. You can kind of see a bend on the bottom of the collar in the first picture, the fabric from the dress covers that, so that’s also where the buttons are placed. My philosophy is that costumes can look awful on the inside and in the construction, as long as it looks good when you wear it! :D

But yeah. I made the collar over a year ago, so I would probably make it differently today. My tip is to make the base in a thin foam or worbla instead of chicken wire. :)


The Pistol Armor of Charles Noe Daly,

Charles Noe Daly was an antiquarian who discovered this bizarre piece at Bordeaux in 1917. It was a steel cuirass mounted with 19 pistols. Here is a further description from Firearms Curiosa,

“…cuirass of steel … when brought into a right angle position may be fired in batteries of four and five by pressing the studs and levers, which release the hammers which are cocked by a hook carried on a chain.“ The armor also came with a pair of stirrups that contained two pistols, which would fire by pulling on a strap in case one is pursued or attacked from behind.”

The best example that why do chemists wear lab coats. 

In this case a nitration overreacted and spilled a large amount of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acid everywhere. Just imagine what would happen if someone is doing that reaction without a lab coat….

How to choose a lab coat:  

  • go for cotton (in case it catches fire, no plastic to melt on your skin) in a sturdy quality (takes longer for things to seep through) 
  • press stud buttons (easier to get the lab coat off in a hurry in case of spills)