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The Pistol Armor of Charles Noe Daly,

Charles Noe Daly was an antiquarian who discovered this bizarre piece at Bordeaux in 1917. It was a steel cuirass mounted with 19 pistols. Here is a further description from Firearms Curiosa,

“…cuirass of steel … when brought into a right angle position may be fired in batteries of four and five by pressing the studs and levers, which release the hammers which are cocked by a hook carried on a chain.“ The armor also came with a pair of stirrups that contained two pistols, which would fire by pulling on a strap in case one is pursued or attacked from behind.”


A rare Paul Poiret day dress, circa 1926-27, 

Navy gabardine with pink knitted-wool plastron and cuffs, peasant-style embroidery in navy and gilt threads, silver metal lobed sequins with pink silk French knot and gold thread undulating bands, the back with three decorative vertical bands and belt, which fastens at the front, integral silk camisole with press-stud closure concealed behind the decorative front panel

REQUEST: Hardships Included [Wrench/Reader]

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Last update for the weekend, since I’ll be out for a long while for Chinese New Year celebrations. 

This one was weird for me to write, as I usually write for the reader to be more gung ho and feisty when confronted with a conflict… (unless it involves feelings. It’s okay to feel like you have to run from feelings…) As a result, I had to tweak my writing to suit the prompt. I hope it’s not too terrible.

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Feather collar!

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about how I made my feather collar for my Red cosplay. These are the only progress photos I took, but they show the most important parts.

I formed the shape out of chicken wire and duct tape, and then covered the whole collar in duct tape. I then covered it in white cotton fabric by gluing and using a few strips of duct tape to stick the fabric on there. Then I glues all the feathers in to place, starting at the top and working my way down. Remember to put feathers on the backside of the collar as well!

How I attached the collar to the dress is kind of obscurely done, and there are probably a thousand ways to do this. But I attached one side of a press stud (?push button.. thing) to the fabric on the neck part of the collar, and the other part of the button in the fabric of the dress. You can kind of see a bend on the bottom of the collar in the first picture, the fabric from the dress covers that, so that’s also where the buttons are placed. My philosophy is that costumes can look awful on the inside and in the construction, as long as it looks good when you wear it! :D

But yeah. I made the collar over a year ago, so I would probably make it differently today. My tip is to make the base in a thin foam or worbla instead of chicken wire. :)

even mORE alycia cuteness at paley

some specifics about the show/shooting the show:

  • she talked about how her character is really looking for connection, has never really had that in her family and doesn’t have it at all now, having lost her boyfriend, and she starts to look outside of the situation…..hmm
  • she and lorenzo were asked about the scene where they go into the neighbor’s house and smash all their stuff. alycia said they told her she couldn’t smash as much stuff as lorenzo’s character and she was really disappointed and kept trying to get them to let her smash more things. “just get me some plates.”
  • she said they wanted her to be playing piano in that scene instead, and frank asked if she played piano and she said “not really!” and that it was thematic or whatever but she just wanted to smash things
  • she also talked about how it was fun to dress up in that scene and how their characters realize they might never get to do anything like this again.
  • the moderator asked her and lorenzo about alycia and chris’s relationship and while it was probably meant to be an innocent question, it got weird quick because lorenzo was like, well, he sees her really as a stepsister and….um….and it was weird and everyone laughed.
  • she talked about the woman who played susan, their neighbor, and how she totally underestimated her strength when she attacks alicia and pulls her hair through the fencing, apparently she pulled way harder than she realized, ahahaha. the stunt person kept asking alicia “are you okay?” and alycia was like, “it’s fine, don’t tell her.” hahaha.
  • she said there is a really good zombie kill in the first episode of season 2
  • they have only shot half of season 2 as of right now

[ITEM] Mercury Goggle.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon

Kana: マーキュリー・ゴーグル
Romaji: Maakyurii Googuru

User: Sailor Mercury
First appearance: Episode 9
Last appearance: Episode 196
Status: In use.


  • Its origin was never explained in the anime. Sailor Mercury simply summoned the Mercury Goggle in episode 9.
  • This was one of the few items to be used throughout the entire series.
  • Sailor Mercury typically pressed her right ear’s stud to call for the Mercury Goggle. On occasion, like in episodes 34 and 170, she would touch her left earring.
  • In the R movie, all of the text on the Mercury Goggle’s display was in German.

The best example that why do chemists wear lab coats. 

In this case a nitration overreacted and spilled a large amount of concentrated sulfuric and nitric acid everywhere. Just imagine what would happen if someone is doing that reaction without a lab coat….

How to choose a lab coat:  

  • go for cotton (in case it catches fire, no plastic to melt on your skin) in a sturdy quality (takes longer for things to seep through) 
  • press stud buttons (easier to get the lab coat off in a hurry in case of spills)  
Request: Best and Brightest of Them All

Request: ok, so I dug through your blog (sorry about that) and I read the one shot where Gabriel walks in on the reader cutting herself and wraps her in his wings. well, I was wondering if you can do a sequel for that where Gabriel is helping her out and leaving her treats and being extra fluffy. love you and your blog so much!

Word Count: 1,046

WARNING: Mention of reader self-harming in the recent past, nothing graphic but it’s there.

Here it is, I hope you like it! Thanks so much, and it’s absolutely not a problem- it’s really nice that you like it enough to stay here for more than three seconds!:D

Part One Here (It’s pretty triggering, I think, so be careful. I love you guys!)

“Hey, good morning, cupcake!” Gabriel wakes you up with rather too much glee, rousing you from your slumber with a bright smile. You groan, rolling over as he pulls your shoulder towards him. Before you can open your mouth to complain, however, he leans down and presses your lips to his.

Every morning since that day he found you pressing a blade into your flesh, he’s woken you up like this- with the sweetness and light and humour he’s so full of. You can’t help but smile as he pulls away.

He grabs your arms, pulling you into a sitting position. When you go to drop your head back to the pillow, however, you find a cushioned backrest for you to lean against. You smile.

“Good morning to you, too.” You say softly. A small, flowery tray appears in your lap, filled with your favourites- waffles, cherries, tea- and a small vase containing a single sweet pea; one of his affectionate nicknames for you carries the same name of the flower.

He grins, “Eat up, ‘cause today’s going to be a good day.” He tells you brightly, before popping out of the room as if he was never there.

You eat the breakfast in a happy silence, the smile lingering on your face long after you’ve finished and everything has disappeared.


You’ve some errands to run, so once you’re dressed, you head off to the town centre. Despite the fact that you’re in a crowded place with hundreds, maybe thousands of other hustling, bustling people surrounding you, a small man finds you.

“You’re Y/N Y/L/N?”

“That’s me.” You say, looking around. It’s not often, if ever, that random people approach you on the street.

“Special delivery!” He announces, handing you a single red rose. A small tag around the stem reads,

Hello, my love! I hope Dennis didn’t worry you too much, he’s a good guy. Anyway, beautiful, I was hoping you’re free tonight, there’s something I want to show you.

See you at seven! All my love, Gabey Baby.

It’s followed by about a zillion kisses, tiny little ‘x’s spanning across the bottom of the page. You smile, looking up to nod your thanks to the little man- however, he’s gone, disappeared into the throng of people.

You grin to yourself, tucking the rose into your shopping bag and going on your way.


Just under an hour later, you arrive back home. As soon as you open the door, a shot of confetti hits you square in the face and your world is reduced to a blur of bright, shimmering colours. You laugh, the little pieces of paper showering down on you.

Upon further inspection, each one is a love note, little things written on them in tiny golden letters.

You’re beautiful.

I love you.

You’re the mist incredible human.

I’d rather have you than all of the sugar in the world.

You laugh, advancing through the hallway and into the kitchen. As soon as you get there, however, you’re greeted by the smell of fresh-baked biscuits- indeed, a small pile of sugar cookies lie on the countertop, decorated with little iced hearts, flowers, and smiley-faces. You grin, placing the shopping bags down and heading for the cookies.


Gabriel appears in your sitting room right before seven, finding you pressing a pair of studs into your ears. You don’t tend to go anywhere particularly fancy with your archangel boyfriend, preferring beauty and peace over any poncy restaurant, so instead of wearing a dress, you settled for your good jeans and a pretty little shirt.

He grins, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“How’s my beautiful, gorgeous, amazing girl?”

You laugh, leaning into his warm frame.

“I’m good. Today has been a good day.” You inform him. He grins widely.

“Mission accomplished. Let’s see if I can’t make it better.” He tells you and before you can say another word, you’ve been zapped to a grassy hill.

It’s dark, sure, but the lights spanning across the town glow in the misty autumnal air. The orange and white and green mix, pulling a magic, fluorescent shimmer into the air.

“Reminds me of the Northern Lights.” You say softly. He grins.

“You got me.” He says excitedly, “I knew you’d guess it, you’re so intelligent.”

You laugh, “Thank you.”

He shrugs, “Credit where credit’s due. You might get a little chilly.”

The next thing you know the air is whipping around you, frigid and icy. You wrap your arms around yourself to shield yourself from the wintery cold but upon examining the dusted-with-snow ground, you let out a gasp.

Everything is illuminated green.

Casting your eyes up to the sky you see a long, viridescent ribbon spanning across the starry sky. You let out a laugh of glee, watching as it moves in perfect harmony with the world around it.

A pair of strong arms wrap themselves around your waist and you grin, leaning into Gabriel.

“It’s beautiful.” You whisper. He chuckles.

“Not half as much as you.”

You roll your eyes, but he squeezes you a little tighter as he continues speaking. “Ancient peoples believed that this, the Aurora Borealis, was the spirits of their ancestors’ manifestation on Earth. It was the afterlife’s ‘portal’, as such. Of course, then modern science made an appearance and it turned out it was sun particles hitting the Earth and something, magnetic field, blah, blah, blah. But you know what it is to me?”

“What?” You ask, intrigued. Despite the freezing temperature, you’re warm.

“It shows that life goes on, like it did to those ancient people. I mean, this is a meaningless miracle of a glow in the sky, sure, but it appears sometimes and not others, sometimes bright, sometimes dull, a multitude of hues and colours, sometimes wiggly, sometimes straight. It reminds me of humans.”

“What kind of Aurora would I be?”

He pauses for a second, then grins, “You’re the best and the brightest of them all. A rainbow of undeniable, incredible, awe-inspiring beauty.”

You laugh as he spins you around, pressing his warm lips to yours.

“I love you.” You whisper. He chuckles.

“I love you, too. More than the stars, the moon, the Earth, and all of the sugar in the world combined.”


A lot of people came to me lately and asked me about my X-Men: First Class Uniform. So I figured it’s time to try and tell you a little bit about how I made this. I’m not really good at explaining things because I’m not a professional and I mostly plan things in my head instead of writing them down, especially when it comes to how to sew a Cosplay. But I’ll try my best. 

First of all - that is what I needed with a height of 1,60m (Picture 8): 

- 3m blue fabric with some sort of pattern that fits the one from the uniform.
- 1m blue fabric without pattern. Also it has to be a little lighter than the other blue.
- 2m yellow fabric with a pattern that fits best.
- 3m blue leather.
- 1m black leather.
- 7m lining fabric (optional)
- 3m belt, the black ones you always use to buckle up in a car.
- 7 zippers (2x 15cm for the ankles, 2x 20cm for the thighs, 2x 10cm for the wrists, 1x 70cm to open and close the whole thing)
- 4 press-studs
- 1 black buckle
- Leather gloves
- A pair of shoes
- Something you can use to create the silver buckles

Concerning the fabric: I always buy more than I actually need in case I make any errors so yeah c: ! You can buy a bit less if you’re sure about how you’re going to do this.

It was said in the making off that the blue leather was made to look like this by just sewing it in a certain way so there were small bumps (?) everywhere. So I did exactly the same as you can see in picture 9. The result can be seen on picture 10.
The arm-pieces needed to be 60cmx10cm long in the end and the blue leather had to be 2mx15cm long so I ended up with the final length in the end. Then I did the same for the butt-, leg- and chestpieces. The length of course depends on how long your limbs are etc. etc… 

Afterwards I looked up all pictures I could find of the uniform and in every single angle. I drew the uniform a couple of times and then I took each piece (leg, arm, chest…) and drew it seperately. Then I took apart the different pieces and tried to find a way how to sew it together in the end (picture 7). I didn’t draw all of it, most of it is still in my head so instead of drawing all this down, I marked the pieces on the original and my piece to show you where they should end up (pictures1 and 3).

Oh and those… blue long straps that separate most of the pieces are made out of leather as well. Cut out a long and thin piece, folded it and sewed it between the pieces.

I don’t know what else I should say about this because I really can’t tell exactly what I did apart from sewing the pieces I figured out together so I’m sorry that I can’t explain this further u__u!!

If you have any questions you can always come to my inbox and ask me specifically about certain things and I’ll try to explain it to you.

I really hope that helps at least a bit c: !!

He gets his lip pierced

Luke waltzed in the room, his whole bottom lip sucked into his mouth. You looked up from cooking dinner in the kitchen as he dropped his jacket on the counter. “Hey Luke,” You greet him, turning back to the pan on the stove. Usually he’d come up behind you and comment something about whatever you were cooking, kiss you, then head upstairs to change, but he remained in the same place, his lip still hidden in his mouth. You turned down the gas and and turned towards him, raising an eyebrow for explanation. He just shrugged.

“What’s going on?” You asked him in confusion. He just tried not to smile and shrugged again. “Lucas Hemmings if someone is about to jump out and scare me or if you’re about to throw a fake spider at me or something I swear-”

“Ha!” He exclaimed, pointing to his lip. You gasped, coming closer to examine the new little black stud decorating his lip. A large grin was lighting up his face as you looked at it, your heart doing a weird flip in your chest. “Oh,” You breathed out, as he began to gently tug at it between his fingers.

“You don’t like it?” He asked, his smile dropping. “‘Cause I can get it taken out-“

"No no no,” You chuckled. “Don’t get it taken out. I love it, like, i really really love it.”

Luke smirked. “You do?” You nodded. “Have you ever kissed someone with a lip ring before?” You shook your head. “You’re about to then.” Luke pressed you against the counter and cupped your face in his large hands before smashing his lips to yours, the cool metal of the stud pressing into your own lip. You gasped, running your tongue along his bottom lip. Once you tasted the metal of the ring, you used the tip of your tongue to flick it, causing Luke to groan against your mouth.

“I never expected this, Lucas.” You mused, leaning your forehead against his. Your eyes flickered back down to the jewelry. “It’s so… sexy.” You leaned forward to kiss him again, considering begging him to just take you on the counter right then, when you smelled your food begin to burn. You pulled away from his grasp quickly and stirred in the pan.

“You almost made me burn your dinner.” You joked. You didn’t hear Luke approach you until he was right behind you, his bottom lip grazing up the back of your neck causing you to involuntarily shiver. They moved all the way up your neck before he kissed under your ear.

“After dinner,” He mumbled huskily, his lips brushing the shell of your ear. “You’ll see how good this thing will really feel. All over your body.”

minghuaghazan  asked:

Modern AU Levihan: Hanji is as restaurateur and Levi is her new chef :D

Okay this request has been here since the dawn of time I’m sorry it took me so long to get around to. 

Thinking about it, Levi wasn’t even sure why he’d taken the job in the first place. The interview had been terrible. The interviewer was young – younger than Levi – and his anxiety was palpable as he rifled through the papers on the cluttered desk and apologised over again on behalf of his boss who, for whatever reason, couldn’t be there to hold the interview herself. 

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FOR SALE Various Sized BJD Things!!

I ship from the UK, and I do not charge Paypal fee’s. Prices are in GBP and do not include shipping. Shipping to the UK starts at £1.20, EU £3.70 and US £4.10 additional items will cost an extra £0.50 - £1 depending on how many you add. The tea cups will be £1 GBP extra then the starting price.

I have all good feedback on DoA, Etsy and Ebay and can provide that on request. I will also consider any reasonable offer on these items, especially when buying multiple items. 

  • I will consider trades for pastel coloured slim MSDs items!

Any questions please do feel free to ask!

Pink Leather Look MSD Coat: £15 GBP - Like new very good condition, will fit slimmer MSDs but is a little on the bigger side. This is good quality, lines and the zips work. 

Alice Collections MSD Boys Copped Top: Sold

MSD Kimono Dress: Gone!

Custom MSD Patch Skirt: £2 GBP - A little big on slimmer dolls. This looks store bought but then customised. In reasonable condition, there is an access of cotton on the inside of one of the straps. 

MSD Black Lace Leggings: £1 GBP - Used and in okay condition. I think they are on the bigger side for MSD however they used to fit my Doll Château Albert girl really well.  

Slim MSD Tutu: £1.50 GBP - New, never used is very much on the short side. You doll would need leggings with this tutu.

Slim MSD Pink Music Note Skirt: £6 GBP - Used but in reasonable condition. Was handmade by me, but the edges have been finished. I just personally think I can do better now and the skirt has my older way of doing waste bands. Press stud fastens at the back.  

Slim MSD Pink Skirt: £4 GBP -  Used but in reasonable condition. Was handmade by me. This does have some raw edges at the bottom of the skirts on the inside. I just personally think I can do better now and the skirt has my older way of doing waste bands. Press stud fastens at the back.

Tiny BJD Wig Caps: £1 GBP Each - New never used. Bought for a doll I didn’t end up owning. 

Tiny BJD Socks: £1 each -  New never used. Bought for a doll I didn’t end up owning.

Tiny BJD Hats: £1 each -  New never used. Bought for a doll I didn’t end up owning.

Tiny BJD Skirt: £3 GBP - New never used, hand made by myself. Bought for a doll I ended up not owning. Although was a little chubby then most tiny’s. Fits Mr. Kitty dolls. Press stud fastens at the back. 

Tiny BJD purple Shoes: £3 GBP - New never used. Bought for a doll I didn’t end up owning.

SD size tea cups set of 4: £7 GBP - I bought them when I wasn’t as good at judging size. So they are too big for my MSD’s. So would probably look ideal for an SD sized doll. 

16mm Glass Eyes: £5 GBP per pair - Reasonable quality, but they do have a little bit of a dome. 

MSD Dollmore Pink Skull Coat: £15 GBP - Like new is way too big for slim MSD sized dolls. This is for standard MSDs. 

MSD Pink MSD Tunic dress: Sold

MSD Brown-ish Ruffle Dress: £6 GBP - Like new, reasonable condition. Is too big for slimmer MSDs.

MSD Nine9 Style Beanie Hat: £3 GBP - Like new, barely used. Good fit for 6-7 sized heads. 

Dollheart MSD Black Petticoat: £8 GBP - New never used. Fits Slim MSD. 

Green/black Reversible Strap Top: Sold

Black MSD Boots: £4 GBP - Way too big for minifee, for chunkier MSD’s. Like new hardly been used. 

Various hats: £1 GBP each - Or free with anything else just ask. The Black Baret Hat is sold.

AC socks: Gone!