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*casually dumps a shitton of dear evan hansen/be more chill crossover headcanons*

EDIT: Now with a part 2!

NOTE: All of these headcanons take place within the crossover universe but not all of them feature characters from both musicals.  Some just involve DEH characters and some just involve BMC characters.  I JUST WANTED TO HEADCANON STUFF ABOUT THEM OKAY (also this is a hella long post so under the readmore it goes)

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Dirty Laundry

To be honest, I’m digging this vibe. Seriously digging the synth and the slow start. It’s different, yeah, but so what? Alex has already said in an interview with Alternative Press that they “started over” with Don’t Panic and Future Hearts continued that. And now this is too. Alex is writing the lyrics again - he had said previously he didn’t have as much control as he would like - and he seems happy. The band said on instagram they’re pleased with the song and the sound and said repeatedly before its release that they’re excited about it and the different vibe. The guys are happy, and they know what they’re doing now - it’s been ten years (fourteen since their formation). Have some trust in Alex, Rian, Zack, and Jack, and their new label, Fueled By Ramen, that they’re happy to be with.

Different doesn’t have to be bad, guys. Remember that. Music is supposed to change and evolve. This is a new era. Embrace it for what it is, not what it isn’t. 💜🌹

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What about Young Hanzo and young Genji in a club where Hanzo spots his s/o dancing seductively in the crowd?

He bristled when you winked at him, Genji choking down a laugh at his older brothers disgruntled face. You sashayed over, pressing a kiss against Hanzo’s cheek and he gave a grumble.

You just continued to give him affection, knowing that he’d eventually relent. When you pressed a kiss against his cheek he started to smile, you continuing to tell him that you love him. 

That moment Hanzo began to smile and return your affection reluctantly, Genji decided to make a cooing noise angering Hanzo again. Hanzo just frowned at Genji, snapping at him to leave as you pressed a kiss against his jawline.

“Is That One of Mine?”

Another Harry blurb. Hope y’all like it! Xoxo.


You saw it in the store and you absolutely had to get it.

It was a silk shirt that was a dark, royal purple, with a gold pattern that swirled and decorated the entire stretch of material. You saw it in the window of a little vintage store on your walk earlier that day. Harry was in the recording studio, and once he’d woken you up with kisses that morning before leaving because he “had to get some lovin’ in,” you had a hard time falling asleep. So you decided to go on a walk and get a relaxing start to the day. But when you saw that shirt, it screamed “Harry.”

Harry’s fashion sense was one of the things that initially attracted you to him and you’d gotten into the habit of wearing his clothing throughout your relationship. You were especially a fan of the pink shirt with white polka dots he wore during the iTunes Festival performance, one that he’d eventually just passed down to you. You were also known to wear his white silk button-up, as well as all of the many flamingo shirts that he had sported, and you even had laid claim to a couple that had never been worn outside the house. It was a running joke the two of you had that he always had to be buying more shirts because you eventually stole them all.

That day when you got back home Harry still hadn’t finished up at the studio. He’d sent you a text that he’d be done in an hour, but you knew that an hour for Harry while recording meant three hours, minimum. That was okay with you, though. As soon as you got home you changed out of the shirt you were wearing and into the shirt you’d purchased, doing up the buttons and leaving the top few undone just like Harry did, revealing hints and flashes of the black bra you had on that day. It was a men’s shirt so it was big on you regardless. You slipped off the pair of jeans that you’d been wearing that day and padded over to look at yourself in the full-length mirror in the bathroom.

At first it looked and felt a little bit strange—usually when you wore something like this you could sense and smell Harry all over it, and it brought you comfort and safety, but this one was solely yours and had no traces of him. You turned slightly to glance at your backside in the mirror before rotating the other way, repeating the action a couple of times, the shirt just long enough to cover the matching black panties you’d chosen to wear that morning. If you were being honest, you knew that half the things Harry wore were attractive to you simply because Harry was the one wearing them. But the longer the garment rested on your figure the more it grew on you, if only because you were excited to see your boyfriend’s reaction to it.

You remained in the garment as you walked around the house and did little things to keep you occupied, like read through the mail you’d gotten and put the dishes away that had been loaded into the dishwasher the night before. Eventually you ran out of tasks to do and began to read a book on the couch, glancing over at the clock on the wall every once in a while, waiting for Harry’s return.

Eventually, when you heard the keys jiggling in the lock across the hallway from the room, your lips couldn’t help but tilt into a smile. You waited for him to open the door and walk in, his voice filling the air with life and light.

“Where’s my girl?” He called out in a jolly tone, which meant that he’d had a good session. It sent a wave of happiness through you to hear—he was rather nervous about doing this solo album, even though you reassured him constantly. 

“On the couch!” You called back to him, gaze still attached to the book that was open on your lap. Shifting a little bit and tugging on the silk that rested on your skin in a fidgety action, you waited as you heard his feet bring him closer to you, and out of the corner of your eye you could see him stop at the entryway and lay eyes on you. You continued looking at the page of your book, acting nonchalant, even though you weren’t reading anything at this point.

“S’that one o’ mine?” You could hear the smugness in his voice already, and he adopted that husky tone that made you feel a certain way. You looked up from your book and he was leaning against the wall with his arms folded over his chest, sporting a signature smirk.

You shook your head and reciprocated his smile, gaze attached to his frame as he pushed himself off of the wall and began taking steps in your direction. “I bought it this morning, reminded me of you.” You spoke casually, as if you hadn’t spent a good ten minutes checking yourself out in it a couple of hours earlier, but the playful light in his eyes caused you to giggle involuntarily.

“Oh, so you were thinkin’ of me, hm?” He teased softly, wiggling his brows up and down in a cheeky gesture, and before you knew it he had plopped himself down on the couch and splayed his body across it to rest his head on your lap. Your fingers immediately found their place in his cropped locks as you massaged his scalp gently, lowering your lips to search for his and press a light kiss to his mouth.

“Always do. Do you like it?” You asked, watching him as his eyes fell shut and his lips remained in the smile that hadn’t disappeared since you laid eyes on him two minutes ago. You loved when Harry was like this—when he was absolutely confident in who he was and what he was doing, when it felt like light and sunshine itself was coming from his body and you would bathe in it forever if possible.

“Love it. I might have t’steal it off of ya one o’ these days. Like right now…” You suddenly felt his hand sliding underneath the silky material which caused a delicious shiver to run up your spine, and it was amplified when his hand cupped the swell of your breast. Your breath hitched in your throat and you didn’t know how even after all this time of being together he could still have you like putty in your hands within seconds. Somewhere between his touch and you trying to formulate a response you felt him slide his hand out from its nestled location, and before you had the chance to complain his hands were on your rear pulling you onto his lap. A small squeak fled your lips and you found yourself sitting with his nose nestled in between the rise of your breasts. 

“I didn’t know you’d like it THIS much…” Your voice came out softer than you intended, and you felt his shoulders shake softly as he chuckled, leaving a delicate kiss upon your skin before tilting his head up to glance at you with so much love resting upon his features that it caught you by surprise.

“I wrote a song about you today,” he explained, nuzzling his nose against your skin gently this time, his smile softening as the mood lightened. His words sent different kinds of chills down your body and butterflies into your stomach, to which you smiled widely and looked down at his features that were now hidden in the material of your new shirt. 

“Really? A song about me?” You whispered, fingers curling around his locks of hair as you looked down at him, waiting for him to look up but he simply remained nestled against your chest. The two of you had started dating after Made in the A.M. was released, which meant that to your knowledge he hadn’t written any songs about you before. And that was fine by you, but the idea of it happening made you feel a certain way that you’d never felt. 

“I did. All about you, babe. S’not finished yet, but that’s why I was so late today. Once I started I couldn’t stop,” he continued, pressing a series of light butterfly kisses against the skin right over your heart which you could feel beating out of your chest, and you were sure that he could feel it too. You could feel tears form and suddenly you hear yourself sniffling, and his head snapped up to look at you as soon as he heard. He chuckled lightly, his large palms cupping your features as you struggled to not cry. 

“Why’re you cryin’, princess?” He spoke softly, handling you as if you were about to break, although within his arms you never felt stronger.

“I’m not crying,” you replied stubbornly, even though you were sure your eyes were watery.

“Yes, you are.”

“No, I’m not.” 


You pursed your lips softly, lowering your gaze to the space in between the two of you, and a few moments passed before you felt Harry’s fingers tilt your chin up to look at him again. He waited a few moments, allowing you to process whatever you were thinking, and you could tell that he was a tad worried with the tightening in his eyes.

“No one’s ever written me a song before,” you stated simply, your voice a soft murmur. 

You’d had a lot of bad experiences with men before, many of them either using you and then leaving you or simply not treating you the way you should. And for a long while you’d settled for being alone, until you met Harry. He was already everything that you could have ever hoped for and more, and even though dating someone as well-known as Harry Styles had its downsides, he was always worth it. Especially when he caught you by surprise with something like this. 

“How could I not?” He asked, his palms travelling up your sides overtop of the new garment that you’d forgotten all about at this point. Though you bought it partially as a surprise for him, he had a much better surprise for you. “You’re…I love you, (Y/N). So much that I had to tell the world.”

The simplicity of his words resonated deep inside of you and he didn’t even give you a chance to speak before he crushed his lips to yours in a searing kiss, and something told you that you weren’t going to be doing much more speaking that evening.

The rest of the day was filled with passionate love-making that eventually made its way into the bedroom and resulted in soft and playful whispers in between the sheets afterwards. Harry told you all about his visions for his new album, and you reassured him as always when his nerves began seeping through. They were going to love it, of course they were. It was impossible not to. That day was one of the best days that you’d ever had with Harry, and it all started with a purple shirt. 

A few weeks later you were laying across the bed in nothing but one of Harry’s white t-shirts when he came in practically bouncing up and down with his laptop in his hand, plopping down next to you. 

“Listen to this,” he commanded, and you propped yourself up on your elbows and listened closely as he pressed play. A laid-back guitar intro played and you could see the pride in Harry’s features as you looked up at him, and you couldn’t help but smile as you heard the sound of Harry’s singing fill the room between the two of you, warming every inch of your body.

It was a love song, it was YOUR love song, and you could tell without even asking by the way that he was looking at you. It was gorgeous, it was better than you could have ever imagined, and you were surely going to listen to it over and over but there was one part that stuck out to you more than all the others.

Purple shirts and whispers,

early morning kisses,

I see your tears and wish away every ounce of pain.

And I can’t wait until tomorrow, to do it all again, because it’s you.

It’s only you.

reasons for sinnoh remake  /  continuation : beautiful music re - orchestrated  ( distortion world, floaroma meadow, cynthia’s battle theme ), character redesigns, more in - depth on storylines  &  pokémon creation mythology, the distortion world in 3 - D, younger players seeing how truly terrifying cyrus  /  team galactic is  (  can we get rid of their space suits?  ), new cities added  /  redesigned, snowpoint city, eterna forest, mega - evolutions, et cœtera. 

Last Time- Percival Graves

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Request: “anonymous asked:
Hey! I was wondering you could do a percival graves x muggle!reader where he goes to her after a battle eventhough they have broken up ? ( basically somethimg angsty hahah)! Slight smut?💓💓”

Warnings: All the angst. All of it. I’m not responsible for what happens to you after you read this, I’m just saying. Other than that, there is slight, slight smut. I wouldn’t even consider it smut tbh, but you know. Just covering my butt. 

I really loved writing this <3 I hope you all enjoy it!

The house was silent as I slipped inside, closing the front door behind me. My feet were killing me after another long day of work and all I wanted was to crawl into bed and close my eyes. The days felt achingly long anymore, each one fading into the next without any real sense of purpose or passion. My zest for life had vanished the moment he had walked away, like he had taken a piece of myself with him. I sagged back against the door, letting my purse strap slip from my shoulder before it plummeted to the floor. Even now, after almost two months, he was still a lingering presence in my thoughts.

I heaved a sigh and dropped my house keys into the dish near the front door, tugging out my hairband as I walked up the steps to my bedroom. My fingers raked through my hair, combing out my ponytail as I padded down the carpeted hallway. The walls were bare, blank except for a coat of soft yellow paint. He had been the one to suggest it, claiming the house needed to match my sunshiny personality. Except now it had been weeks and I felt like I was living in a world of endless night. How was it possible to love someone so much, yet feel so much pain at just the thought of their name?

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You’ve been having wet dreams of your bodyguard and you finally get to make them a reality in the bathroom of an airplane.

Genre: Smut

Pairing: Bodyguard!Jimin | Reader

Word count: 1,953

Originally posted by jiminuh

The sound of my phone ringing woke me up. I was having one of those dreams again and yet again it was with him. I groaned as I picked up the phone not bothering looking who was calling me. “Hello?” I asked sitting up from my bed.

“Did you forget you that you have to be at the airport in three hours?” my manager, Yeri, said in annoyance. I quickly got out of bed but stumbled in the process almost falling face first on the floor. I had forgotten I have to film a movie in France plus do commercials. Hopefully, I’d have time to explore the city but I knew that it would be impossible. 

“I didn’t,”I lied as I quickly rummaged through my closet for an outfit. “Are you on your way?”I asked as I put her on speaker. 

“No. Jimin is going to be taking you. I have to get to France before you do so I can arrange your schedules,” she said and I could tell she was rubbing her head at the thought of all the paperwork she had to do. “Get dressed Jimin will be there in 30 minutes,” she said as she hung up.

My heart quickened as I got myself ready. Park Jimin is going to be taking me. I have to sit with him on the airplane for who knows how long. What I dreamt a couple of minutes ago flashed through my mind. I felt my cheeks burning as well as another part of my body. 

I waited in the living room for him to call me. I tried to forget the dream that I had of him but it seem almost impossible. Jimin was my bodyguard, my personal bodyguard to be exact. A year ago there was an incident with an anti that almost ended badly for me and my stylist team. At the time, I was barely reaching the peak of my acting career and I didn’t have any security or anything but after what happened my manager, as well as the president of the company, decided that it was better for me to have a bodyguard. I heard two faint knocks and the front door shut a few seconds after.

“Are you ready to leave miss?” he asked standing in front of me. I nodded as I got up from the couch looking briefly at him in a suit. “You’re dressing up as if we’re going to wake the red carpet,” I teased him as I cursed at myself for not wearing something more appealing.

He smirked as he held the door open for me,“Just if the occasion arises I’ll be prepared.” During the whole car ride, we were both quiet as the chauffeur drove us to the airport. I snuck glances at him as I admired his chiseled features. His red hair complimented his skin tone and his brown eyes were warm but also held this mysterious aura in them. 

The security team guided us to the gate after going through all the checks and paperwork. The airport was filled with fans that were talking all at once and all I could do is smile and wave at them as I tried to follow Jimin, who was easily moving through the crowd. He held out his hand so I can move quicker as we approach the boarding gate. His hands were small and soft against mine 

I huffed as we walked to the plane. “Your fans are something else,” Jimin said smiling. I nodded as I smiled,“They’re very dedicated. I wonder how long they’ve been waiting.” We took our seats and thankfully for me he was sitting an aisle across from me. There were only two other passengers in first class with us but, they were engulfed in a pile of paperwork to pay any attention to either of us. 

“Here’s to a boring 11-hour flight,”I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and I felt a pair of eyes watching me. “You can’t really take your eyes off me Mr.Park?” I asked smiling as I turned to look at him. He looked away startled as I saw faint rose color on his cheeks. I bit my bottom lip as I smiled at his cute reaction, which surprised me from his usual cold remarks he’d make. 

“Sorry,” he said looking out the window. I tried making a conversation with him but I couldn’t find the right words to say but nothing came to mind. After two hours I started to drift to sleep and I started to dream where I left off in the morning. 

Again. With Jimin. His full lips on my neck sucking at the skin and his hands on my waist pulling me closer to him. I felt his hot erection through his jeans as I tried to undo his jeans but he pinned my arms above my head. “I’m in control tonight baby,” he whispered as he took off my small pajama shorts. He brushed his fingered through my silk underwear as I moaned hating it that he was teasing me.

“Jimin please,” I whined. 

The light shake from someone woke me up. I groaned as I swatted the hands away from me anger. “Did someone really wake me up again,”I thought as I rubbed my eyes to see who had woken me up. There stood Jimin looking down at me with a smug look on his face. He lowered himself as he whispered in my ear,”Be a little more quiet when you actually get to moan my name.” 

My heart rate quickened as my eyes widened to look up at him. I tried to find the right words to say something but nothing could come out. He smirked,“Speechless? I didn’t know you thought of me that way miss." 

I gulped embarrassed as I felt my cheeks burning and the next thing he said caught me off guard. "Jimin please? What was it that you needed?” he asked raising his eyebrow. He started to slowly trace his finger on the side of my arm sending shivers down my spine. 

“Was I being a tease?” he asked moving his touch to my fingertips. I looked around but the two other passengers were fast asleep. My heart wouldn’t keep a steady pace as he brought my palm to his lips. His eyes looking deeply at mine,“Come with me.”

I followed him to the bathroom and once inside he quickly locked the door. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? I must be. He had me pushed against the sink as he cupped my face in his hands scanning my face. "May I?” he asked. I nodded as my eyes fluttered shut. His lips pressed softly against mine, almost as if he was afraid. I grabbed him by the collar pulling him closer kissing him even more roughly. He smiled as his hand moved away from my face and onto my waist. 

He pulled away,“Even better than your dream?" 

"Let’s see,” I said as I pulled him back into another kiss. I can already find myself being addicted to his lips on mine. I wrapped my legs around his waist feeling the warmth of in between his legs. “You look so good in a tux,"I whispered as his lips moved to my neck. 

"I know,” he said as he took off my shirt with one hand as his other hand started to rub against my thighs. I grinded along with his hands wanting him to take my jeans off. “(Y/N),” he said smiling as he lowered his voice,”Are you going to be whining just like you did in your sleep?” 

“Fine I guess we won’t do anything,” I said as I tried to get off the counter. He blocked the way as he lowered himself in between my legs as he unbuttoned my jeans,“You’re no fun. You sounded sexy I just wanted you to repeat it again.”

“Oh am I really no fun?” I asked as I took off my jeans and started to pull at his pants. I stared at him as he tilted his head waiting for my next move. I got off the counter as I pulled down his pants seeing his erection made me even wetter than I already was. “May I, Mr. Park?” I asked him smirking as I pulled down his boxers. I rubbed my thumb against his tip as I stared at him to see his reaction. I pumped him a couple of times before taking him in my mouth. I started to slowly pull out as he groaned cussing quietly when there was a faint knock at the door. “Is Mr.Park or Ms.(Y/L/N) in here?” a female’s voice asked. 

“Yes I-,” Jimin started to say as started to suck him again making him stop midsentence as he tried to sustain a steady voice. “I’m in here. Is (Y/N) not out there?” he asked as he gripped at the sides of the counters as he watched me moving in and out of him. “Miss can you get me one of those outlets?“ someone asked. All you heard was a pair of heels clicking away. 

“Come here,” he said in an angered voice as he put me back on the counter as I smirked. "Let’s see if you’re going to be smirking anytime soon,” he said as he quickly took off my underwear as he parted my legs apart as he started to insert one finger inside of me. I closed my eyes arching my back as he started to roughly pump in and out of me as I moved along with him. “Jimin,” I moaned as he inserted another finger.

“What was that?” he asked,“Say it a little louder.” He started to rub his thumb against my clit making me moan louder as he continued to finger me. “Fuck me,” I said as I felt the inside of my stomach turn as I felt the familiar warm feeling inside of me.

“As you wish,” he said. He waited for me to adjust myself and I bit my lip as I felt him inside of me. “We have to make this quick before they knock at the door again,” he said as he slowly started to thrust himself into you. Maybe a little too slowly as he started to move your hips a bit quicker pulling him closer moaning quietly in his ear. “Fuck (Y/N),” he said as his nails lightly pressed at my back. He started to kiss my shoulders as he continued to thrust even faster and harder now making me bite my bottom lip from screaming in the small bathroom. 

“Jimin. Faster,” I said breathlessly as I felt my orgasm nearing. I looked up at him. His eyes were shut and his mouth was half way parted looking in utter bliss. As he thrust a few more times as he reached his orgasm and I soon followed. I wrapped myself around him trying to catch my breath. 

“Next time it’ll be more comfortable. Your suite or mine?” he asked laughing as he pressed his forehead against mine. I smiled,“How about both?”

|Apology Accepted|

“Shut the fuck up,” he growled, backing her against the door. They had been arguing ever since stepping into his house over an hour ago and he was tired of it. There was no reason for her to be upset but she was too stubborn to realize that.

“Excuse me?” she questioned, looking up at him. Her gaze was just was menacing as the anger she was feeling reached new heights. No one had ever spoke to her that way without getting dealt with and he wouldn’t be the exception. 

“Shut. The. Fuck. Up,” he repeated, slower this time so it would sink in. “For the first time in your life be fucking quiet and listen.”

She was so taken back by both the way he glared at her and the way he spoke, that she had no choice but to comply because his behavior had left her speechless. Seeing that he had her full undivided attention he took a deep breath before saying, “I don’t care how many girls lose they rabbit ass mind over me in front of you. None of that shit matters. Do you want to know why? Because I love you. Ain’t shit that they can offer me because they aren’t Giselle Marie Laselle. If I ain’t bothered, then you damn sure shouldn’t be. You should know better than anyone that I don’t even go for disrespectful shit so to accuse me of entertaining it is foul. That shit hurts.”

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ooh dc characters how about "wake up kisses pressed gently to the column of A’s neck or the underside of B’s jaw." with Wally!!! please if you have time momma

@shayara @badassladysif

You trace the light freckles that litter his bronze skin, connecting them with your fingers and making your own constellations on his skin. You watch him sleep easy for what may be the first time in months and you smile. This was how it was meant to be.

The sound of his breathing is light and carries through the silence of your shared room. As much as you would like to lie around like this forever, you can’t.

You push yourself up, hovering over him and ducking your head close to his neck. He doesn’t stir at the first few kisses you press on his neck until you start nipping gently. He murmurs as you continue up his neck, eyes fluttering open and smiling when he recognize the sight and feeling of your lips against him.

Wally wraps his arms around you, smiling when you let out an ‘ompf’ as he pulls you on to his lap.

You sit up straight, arms crossed over your chest and a pout setting on your lip when he laughs softly and grabs your hands.

“Don’t stop now.”

                                          here comes a new challenger !  think you can keep up with her ?  please like / reblog this if you’re interested in interacting with the one and only D.VA !  hana song is flawless. she has two alienware laptops and a limited edition ariana grande cat headphone. her hair’s insured for $10,000. she does car commercials in japan. her favorite movie is wreck-it-ralph. one time she met john stamos on a plane, and he told her she was pretty. one time she punched me on the face. it was awesome.   press start to continue.

had a dream that I was restarting my animal crossing game and apparently they’d updated it so the bus stop from city folk was there but now it was a petrol station with a little convenience store
there was also a change to the villager houses where you could choose a theme at the start and all the houses matched the theme so apparently I’d chosen a modern theme which was why the petrol station was there
and once you pressed ‘continue’ at the start menu you had like 8 different save options to choose from each for different towns it was great

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Kageyama and "why are you smelling me so much?" prompt?

Kageyama was almost asleep when hinata stumbled over and started snuffling around his neck, obviously still asleep as he continued, starting to press his nose against the gland that stood there. Kageyama instantly went stiff, unsure what to do with the tiny sleep walking omega. As it continued kageyama sat there, hoping that his friend would wake up and realize what he was doing and that the rest of the sleeping team around them wouldn’t awaken.

Movie night - Jin Scenario

Kind of smut/ not really

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

“Tonight is gonna so fun!” Placing a packet of popcorn in the microwave, you said to Jin as he tidied up the place. The boys were coming over tonight for movie night, and since it was your turn to the pick the movie; you guys were gonna watch “The Notebook”.

“Yeah. I was kinda hoping we could have the place to ourselves though.” He said as he made his way over to you. Wrapping your arms around his neck pulling him closer, you gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

“There only gonna be here for a little bit. Then we can do anything you want.” Earning a grin from him, you wiggled your eyebrows.

“Anything?” His hand creeped lower down your back. Nodding your head yes, you broke out of his grip before it led to more. You heard a groan, as you walked to the living room causing you to laugh.

Later That Day

Running to the door, you heard it ring at least 5 times. Opening it, you started at Jungkook as he continued to press the doorbell.

“We’re here.” He said as he removed his hand from the annoying button slowly. Giving him a sarcastic smile, you opened the door wider for everyone to come in.

Grabbing the popcorn you made earlier, you poured it in a bowl as you let Jin and the boys socialize. You walked over to where everyone else was and placed the popcorn on the table.

“So what movie are we watching?” Hoseok asked as he was the first to dig into the popcorn. Smiling you grabbed the movie case and placed it behind your back.

“I’m glad you asked. Since it’s my turn to pick the movie tonight, I have picked ‘The Notebook’.” The boys groaned in unison as you finished your sentence. Rolling your eyes you inserted the movie inside the disk player.

“I’d rather take a nap.” Yoongi said which made you throw the case at him. It missed him by an inch, but that didn’t stop him from pretending it did. He threw himself on the floor as if he was in pain. You sighed at him and sat on the couch next to Jin as you hit play.

In the beginning of the movie the boys actually decided to watch it, but halfway threw that’s when they got restless. You could see Jungkook and Taehyung playing cards on the floor as Yoongi and Namjoon started to do stuff on their phone. It seemed as if only you, Jin, and Hoseok were watching the movie. You sighed as your failed movie night continued on.

The way you were positioned on the couch made you uncomfortable so you tried to fix your position. Not realizing you placed your hand on Jin’s manhood as you tried to position yourself on the couch. You could hear a sigh escape his lips. When you were comfortable, you rested your head against his shoulder.

You felt as his hand moved from around you waist to your core causing you to yelp. All the boys turned to you as you basically just screamed. Playing it off you smiled at them.

“I thought I saw a spider. False alarm.” Everyone continued to what they were doing as you turned to Jin who was grinning at you. Ignoring what just happened you rested back on his shoulder.

“You know this movie night isn’t as fun.” He whispered in your ear, you shook your head and rolled your eyes at his remark.

“But I know what is, just be quiet.” Confused by what he meant, you soon caught on as his hand started to make friction between your legs. Your what sped up as he rubbed lightly.

“Jin.. What are you doing?” You said in between breathes quietly in his ear. Good things the boys were too distracted to know what was going on.

“Having fun.” He breathed in your ear, as he kissed the side of your neck. Throwing your head back you let him kiss around your neck, while his hand continued rubbing against you.

“I can’t wait until the boys leave so I can have you to myself.” His words made you go wet in between your legs. You tried to keep your breathing quiet.

“What are you gonna do to me?” You tried to keep him saying more.

“Well first I’m gonna remove those tights you have on, so I can have a better view of what’s mine.” He grabbed your thighs, causing you to jump slightly.

“Then, I’m gonna taste the wetness that is waiting for me.” You wanted to moan so badly, but you knew you couldn’t. His rubbing increased which made you want to scream out his name.

You placed your hand on his throbbing erection which wanted to come out of his pants. He sighed in your ear as you palmed him through his pants.

You couldn’t wait no more, you needed him now. You jumped off the couch and ran to turn on the lights.

“Movies over! I have to get up early tomorrow.” You turned of the movies and opened the door for all the boys to walk out. They all gave you and Jin a confused look as they gathered all of their things. As soon as they left you closed the door and turned back to Jin was palming himself on the couch.

“Now where were we?”



This took two days and it’s not two days material :/

Metal Torture - Chapter 20

AN: I can’t believe I’m already on chapter 20. It seems like I just started this story and now I’m so invested in my little character and her adventures with our favorite mouth breather. 😉 I hope this chapter makes up for the cliffhanger. Let me know what you think, my lovelies. 😚💚❤💚

Warnings: A lot of that good stuff, so beware.


Both of them fell to the ground with a thud and I stood frozen, the gun slowly lowering, my hands trembling.

I killed him.

I rushed forward, the gun falling from my hands as I threw myself before them. Mister J was still in the embrace of the soldier, blood and brain matter covering them both. With shaking hands, I pulled the soldier’s arms away from The Joker, struggling and sobbing as I dragged him away by one of his legs, laying him flat on the ground.

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