press start to continue

Imagine investing in a games console for the bunker...

“Right. You’ve had more than your fair go, it’s my turn,” you grumbled as you set the top up of drinks down on the table, “Scoot over.”

“I’m just about to- Oh come on !” He snapped as his character got attacked from behind, “That’s- Seriously?!”

He mashed the buttons angrily before handing it over to you silently as the screen came up, taunting him that he’d died.

“Anger issues?” You said with a smirk, taking the controller and pressing continue as you started again from the last checkpoint.

“It’s stupid. I could’ve done better than that in real life!” He muttered as he grabbed the drink you’d brought through, “You can’t block attacks in this. Who fights without blocking attacks?!”

“You can, you just press this button here,” You said, hitting it as a baddie tried to attack you.

You could feel Dean quietly seething next to you but he just took a swig of his drink and settled back into the chair. “Surely if you keep shooting one leg though, it’d weaken it?”

“It’s just a game, Dean.”

“Yeah, but-”

“It’s still a game.”

“Oh yeah, whatever.”

Portal 3


The start menu has the typical “Press START to Continue”. Pressing start allows you to proceed to the menu, but pressing any other button causes GLaDOS’ voice to come out and say degrading things such as:

“That’s not the start button. I suppose you failed kindergarten a few times.”

“Your mother must be so proud to have raised an ignoramus.”

“*slow clap* you’re still trying.”

“Congratulations - you’ve earned a lifetime in the room of screaming robots.”

“I may as well help you proceed since you can’t do it by yourself.”

“This is almost painful to watch.”

After pressing any other button and then the start button, GLaDOS says “Finally we can begin” in a condescending tone.

My sister needed art for a project and their fantasy story was some-what similar to mine but with a princess.

Quick sketches I did before I went to bed, lots of mistakes but what evs. I had fun and I wanted to share it! I don’t draw too often anymore.