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Sweaters- Michael


request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n wears one of Michaels sweaters and they have a lazy day together where they cuddle lots and share cute soft kisses?  

“ Michael get your elbow out of my boob.”  you say as he lays his head on your arm and cuddles  next to you  on the bed.

“ Babe, there’s not enough space.” he says  as he tries  to get comfortable under the blanket  fort you guys made  a couple minutes back so you could watch movies in privacy.

“Well, then- Ow!” you say as he elbowed you in the face.

“I’m sorry, love.” he says and leans up and  gives you a kiss on the cheek.  Immediately your insides become warmer  and   your cheeks turn redder.  

You pressed play and the beginning of the movie started playing on the laptop screen.  Normally you would concentrate really hard on the movie wanting to submerge yourself in the plot and relate to the characters, but Michael was making it so damn difficult as he takes your hand and starts kissing your knuckles five minutes in.


“What? Am I doing something wrong?” he says and trails his lips up your arm.

“Stop.” you say although  you kind of wish he didn’t.  You take a sip of the coke bottle  next to the popcorn bowl and try to ignore him.

“ Is that a yes?” he says and continues  leaving kisses until he reaches your tickle spot.

Your arm yanks back in protest and you manage to spill  at least half the bottle of Coke on yourself.
“You, dick.” you say playfully and punch him in the arm  looking down at your wet shirt.

Michael on the other hand keeps laughing, his shoulders shaking, going up and down.  

“Aw, babe, you’re  so clumsy.” Michael says and continues giggling reaching for something behind him.

“ You’re fault.” you say and pout your lips.

“ Here, then, take my sweater.” he says and hands you his white one which he knows is your favourite.

You take  your shirt off and put the white sweater on. This is the sweater you loved seeing on Michael. It was a little big  for you, but at least you were dry, comfy and you could smell his aftershave and deodorant  that was in the little  fabric. You loved it immediately as you peck him on the cheek.

“ Thanks, Mikey.” you say.

He doesn’t reply but pulls you down on top of him and  lets your lips collide. His lips are soft and you taste the salt from the popcorn and him. just him. You pull away and both of you have to gasp  for air as  you lie onto his chest and hug  his little tummy.

“ Damn it, you look better than me in  this sweater.” he says and tugs on the sleeve.

“No one looks better  than you  in this sweater,  Michael” you say.

He  chuckles and gives  you a little smile before kissing you on the top of your head.

You snuggle into his warm chest, and he holds you close wrapping his arms around you.  You sigh contentedly before your eyes fluttered shut, the sounds of Michael’s  even breathing pulling you into sleep like the  tide.


A/N:    I hope you liked it  my loves, this is my second imagine so far and i’m kind of nervous, but anyways i still hoped you enjoyed it. thank you to @natpanda08 for requesting this! it was such a lovely idea!  ( and honestly i love michael’s sweaters so this was really fun to write)  thanks to everyone as well who  like/reblog my writing. seriously you guys are the best and thanks to everyone who still continue to  support my supernatural series! part 5 is coming soon  so prepare yourself. 

Clearest Blue - Rowaelin Fic #7 - Part 4

A/N: Thanks for being so patient while waiting for this chapter! Please let me know if you like it and if I should continue. And as always, questions/comments are welcome!

If you haven’t read any of this story yet, you can start at the beginning here.

Part 4

She pressed her forehead into the cool, glass window. She thought that maybe if she pressed hard enough, she’d go right through. It would be better than standing here, useless, waiting for him to wake up. She temporarily left her vigil by the window to grab a fleece blanket off the bed. As she wrapped herself in it, she let out a high-pitched whistle, knowing that Fleetfoot, who was always nearby, would come running. She had an urge to nuzzle her fur, to receive kisses and affection, from the one person in the castle who didn’t think she was a complete bitch.

She padded into the room, right up to Aelin, who bent down to shove her face into the dog’s fur. Fleetfoot let out a small yelp as Aelin squeezed her a tad too tightly and tried to back away. “Oh no you don’t,” Aelin murmured as she pulled the dog closer. “I’m not letting you run away from me, too.”

Aedion and Lysandra, while supportive of Aelin, did not realize that she was going to become a shell of her former self after trying to heal him. A year had passed since Rowan had first disappeared. One whole year that she felt like a piece of herself was missing.

Three months prior, after weeks of practice, Aelin had poured every ounce of healing power she had into Rowan. She would have killed herself trying to heal him, but Aedion had found her just before she burned out. Rowan had been knocked unconscious from Aelin’s blasts, alive, but unable to wake up. Both Aedion and Lysandra had been furious with her.

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Wordsandjank’s Fic Rec Days - Haikyuu!!

This is gonna be big and is going under a read more, but first, the rules I used picking these fics!

  1. Everybody only gets one rec, because if I went through and rec’d everything I love by everyone I love, I’d be here for a month.
  2. Unfinished works are allowed this time, but I tried to stick to ones I thought would be finished at some point.
  3. I Will Follow You Into The Dark was not allowed on this list.

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Easy As ABC - B and W


Enjoy :)

“Ok, seriously Shan, you need to calm down. I don’t even know what you’re talking about!” Penelope was trying to get me to sit as I paced around her bat cave.

“Calm down! Penelope, he’s my best friend! This could ruin our friendship… what if we can’t get past this!” I was chewing on my nails, flailing around the room before finally flopping down on the couch and grabbing a pillow. She sighed and wheeled over to me so her knees were pressed up against my own.

“Start from the beginning.” She said.

Spencer and I both had guessed what the other was doing pretty early in the week. It wasn’t hard to guess that I was going to pick baking since it was a favorite past time. If you could see how much wine this boy hoards in his apartment, you would have guessed wine too.

I had just gotten everything that we needed to bake the cookies when he knocked on the door. I set the wine glasses on the counter and ran to the door, pulling it open with a smile. He held out two bottles of wine and returned the smile.

“Oooh, these look good!” I said taking one of them from him and looking it over. He followed me into the kitchen and we put both of them on ice.

“Yeah, Rossi suggested a wine connoisseur to me, a lady named Marguex. Here’s hoping they go well with cookies.” He chuckled.

“Not just any cookies my friend! It’s an ancient family recipe from the great MaryBeth. These are the most amazing things, you are ever going to have in your mouth I promise!” I gushed pausing when I realized the words that had just left my mouth. He chuckled and nodded his head.

“Well, I’m looking forward to it.”

“As you should be! Alright, which one of these are we cracking open first?” Spencer opened up a bottle of Moscato and poured each of us a glass.

“Did you know that there’s a way to do this properly?” Spencer asked, handing me my glass. “Apparently you’re supposed to swirl, waft the smell, take the tiniest of sips and then spit it out.” He looked amused.

“What the fuck? Spit it out? How much did you spend on wine and wine tasters want us to spit it out? Fuck that.” I took a sip, skipping all the steps and practically moaning at the taste. “oh my god taste it.”

“You literally skipped every step of the wine tasting process. W is for wine tasting, Shan.” He was chuckling at himself as he too, took a drink from his glass.

“Mama didn’t raise no fool, we don’t waste good wine.” I smiled, clinking my glass with his. I reached over to the stereo that stays in my kitchen and pushed play on my iPod, hooking it to the aux chord. I hit shuffle and gasped. “I love this song!”

“The Killers right?” He asked and I nodded as I began singing along.

“Well somebody told me, that you had a girlfriend!” I danced around the kitchen.

“You’re such a freak.” He couldn’t help but laugh. “Are we making these cookies or what?”

“Buzzkill. Alright, so you take this bowl and mix in all the dry ingredients, except the flour, that goes in last and I’ll start mixing the wet ingredients in this bowl.” I smiled, showing him the list of things he would need to put into his bowl. Another song came up onto my iPod.

“Don’t go Jason Waterfalls” I was slowly rocking out to the classic of TLC and I could feel Spencer staring at me. I looked at him and he had an eyebrow raised.

“You realize those aren’t the actual words right?” He asked and I smiled and nodded, continuing to sing along.

“That’s what I always thought the words were when this song first came out.” I laughed. He shook his head, but didn’t reply, no doubt making fun of me in his head.

“Then what do we do?” He questioned, looking at the two bowls of ingredients in front of us.

“We mix them together, that’s what I forgot the mixer!” I said turning around. I opened up the cupboard door and leaned up, reaching up on my very tippy toes.

“Here let me.” He said, placing a hand on my hip, his thumb brushing against the exposed skin of my midriff where my shirt had ridden up. His chest was pressed right up against my back as he reached up, easily pulling the mixer down from the shelf, and just like that he was gone. I’m sure my cheeks were flushed, just blame it on the wine.

“Thanks.” I breathed out, turning back to the task at hand. Once the two bowls were mixed I pulled out the flour. “Here’s the hard part. We have to slowly add in the flour. I’ll mix, you pour?” I asked. He just nodded, measuring out exactly what we needed into a smaller bowl.

“Tell me when.” He held up the bowl, ready to pour.

“Alright, slowly… Spencer!” I tried to stop him but it was too late. Too much had gotten into the bowl and the mixer sent flour flying everywhere, we were covered. He let out a loud belly laugh. I turned off the mixer and set it against the side of the bowl. I looked over to him and couldn’t help but join in the laughter.

“You look ridiculous!” He laughed out, clutching his side.

“I look ridiculous?” I cried out between giggles. I reached into the bag of flour and threw some at him. He gasped and looked at me, challenge accepted written all over his face.

We started throwing flour at each other, clouds of white flying in every which direction. Our laughs were echoing off the walls, screams of surprise as we smushed flour into each other’s hair until the tears of laughter were streaming down our faces.

“Do I still have a change of clothes here?” He asked, after we had finally settled down. Panting heavily from all the laughing I couldn’t speak just nodded. Walking carefully from the room I handed him his clothes which he changed in the bathroom and I quickly changed in my bedroom, throwing my clothes into a plastic bag.

We walked back into the kitchen and couldn’t help but giggle some more as we looked around at my once colorful kitchen, now only colored white. Spencer started sweeping and I started wiping down the cupboards, working together the cleaning only took about 45 minutes. I looked at the dough in the bowl.

“I think we can salvage it.” I mused.

“How about I mix, you pour this time?” He insisted and I nodded my head in agreement. This time around things went much smoother and the cookies were soon inside the oven baking.

“I really hope they turn out.” I couldn’t help but laugh. “Hopefully there was enough flour.” I smiled, which he returned.

“Definitely, I think the caramel and chocolate chips will taste really good with this wine.” He said, taking another sip.

“Well it says here on the bottle it’s a dessert wine.” I shrugged, placing the bottle back on the counter. “Hopefully the other bottle tastes just as good.”

“Hey, you still got some flour.” He said pointing to my cheek. I lifted my hand and tried wiping it away.

“Did I get it?” He shook his head with a smile and leaned out, placing his hand to my cheek, using his thumb and rubbing the flour away. His hand was warm and soft against my skin. Had we always been standing this close to each other?

“I’ve never noticed how green your eyes are.” His voice, just barely above a whisper as he took a small step forward. I mimicked his actions. My hands were on his chest now. Was his heart beating just as rapidly as my own or were my hands just shaking? His eyes flickered down to my lips. His hand still on my cheek, his face coming towards my own, I closed my eyes in anticipation.

“That’s when he got the call to come in.” I said to Penelope who had a white knuckled grip on a pillow and was leaning forward.

“What? No!” She screamed, flopping back, slapping the pillow against her thighs. “So you didn’t actually kiss?”

“No, but we almost did. It was so awkward Pen, like as soon as his phone rang he like super quickly pulled away and cleared his throat. Then when he left he muttered something about saving him some cookies and left without even a hug goodbye. What if I totally screwed it up?” I placed my head into my hands.

“First of all, he started it so I’m pretty sure if anyone messed up it was him. Second of all he didn’t mess up by trying to kiss you, he messed up by not kissing you. Third of all… does this mean you actually have feelings for him?” She questioned, a big smile on her face. I thought about it for a moment before shrugging my shoulders.

“I really don’t know. I mean, he’s my best friend, what if something didn’t work out I mean could we go back to being just friends? Was I caught up in the heat of the moment? I really don’t know what to think…” I trailed off. She opened her mouth to speak but was cut off when the door opened.

“Just wanted to let you know we were back.” Spencer walked in, taking notice that she wasn’t alone. “Oh, hey Shannon.” He said with a smile. He seemed totally fine, was I just totally overreacting?

“Hey, Spence.” I smiled and waved.

“You wanna give me a ride home so I don’t have to take the metro?” He asked.

“Uh… yeah sure I can do that.” I grabbed my purse, getting ready to stand.

“Wait!” Penelope pulled a bag from her purse. “In an event such as these I have taken it upon myself to keep these with me at all times. Are you ready for next week’s letters?” She smiled cheekily, looking from Spencer and back to me.

“Let’s do it.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Bring it on.” I held my arms out, ready to see what came next.

“The fairest maiden in all the land gets the letter C!” She exclaimed, pulling a letter from the bag. Reaching in again she said, “And the knight in shining armor gets the letter… E!”

The letter C… this couldn’t be that hard could it?

A Push

We’re both teachers and I don’t know about you but I think our students are trying to set us up because this is the fifth time we’ve been locked in the supply closet/classroom and I can hear them giggling outside. 

Requested by: captain-k-jones

Word Count: 862

Giggles can be heard outside the door. Killian tries the doorknob again, with no luck. It was locked.

“Emma and Killian sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g!” A voice sings.

“Mary is on her way,” Emma says as she checks her phone.

He moves a little closer to her and their knees brush against one another. Heat spreads across her cheeks.

“How many times do you think we will fall for this?” He inquires.

This time she looks up at him. Even though the supply closet is dark she can feel his warm body pressed close against hers.

This had all started a few weeks before the beginning of the school year.

Mary Margaret, the third grade teacher was helping her hang leaves and other decorations around her classroom. She’d never really had a knack for that sort of thing, but Mary was a natural.

“So, are you ready for this years fourth graders?” Mary inquires.

“More then ready.”

“I heard we are getting a new teacher.”


“I know that the last name is Jones.”

“Do you think he’ll be one of those old crotchety guys? Do you think he’ll tell us that we are young whippersnappers?”

Mary chuckles and shrugs. “Regina didn’t say.”

“When is he arriving?”

“Do I hear people talking about the new teacher?” A male voice inquires. He comes into the room and Emma’s mouth drops open. His eyes are deep blue and his hair is slicked back. He’s wearing a deep blue shirt and jeans.

“Uh,” Emma squeaks out. “Hello.”

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Benefits of having a perfect plus PTX loving mom :)

I just needed to tell this story, its really nothing special but it meant the world to me. Okay so I have really bad depression because of my body size, everytime I eat I feel like shit about myself and I sometimes end up throwing up….honestly I have even cut before (But that was before Pentatonix came into my life) Anyway I had another break down today at a music rehearsal with my family and something snapped. My mind went down its dark route, I went to the bathroom and started crying/degrading myself in the mirror, my mom found me, and she realised I was having a relapse and told me to sit down next to her. She told me to unlock my ipod, I did, and she went into my PTX Photos file and started from the beginning. She pressed each photo and told me to tell her where they were from and why I loved each one. We went for the next 15 minutes or so just smiling and looking through photos together and by the time we came to the end i had completely stopped crying. I know this isn’t eactly a good story but I wanted to tell it anyway. I love how my mom new exactly what to do when I thought nothing would make me feel better. She knows how much I love PTX and she does too. Anyway thats my story for today :)