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A Lesson in Love (Confessions)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 3,178

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, this is not the end of story.

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - The messages you sent me after editing this part let me know that I had successfully tugged on all of the right heartstrings, so thank you for that.

Originally posted by ditchthevillian

Whenever an uncomplicated task arises, people say it’s as easy to accomplish as breathing. The adage always made perfect sense to you whenever you heard it. Breathing is second nature. It can be done without having to think twice and, sometimes, it feels like certain tasks are the same way.

Today, that’s not the case. Standing here across from Bucky for the first time in weeks, you find that breathing is anything but easy. The air was knocked out of your lungs as soon as you stumbled upon the note he wrote on the canvas and you haven’t yet recovered. You have to keep reminding yourself to breathe, just breathe. But it’s hard. How are you supposed to remember to inhale and exhale in a moment like this?

“Are you going to say something?” You press, once the silence of the room becomes too unbearable. Your fingers curl tightly around the canvas as you wait for Bucky to speak. “Anything?”

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False Hate

(A/N): I needed some Bucky up in here before I do another Natasha:)

Pairings: BuckyXReader

Request: Bucky and (Y/N) don’t get along at all but one decision changes everything.

Warnings: Angst, Some Swearing

Tags: @sxph-t @iamwarrenspeace @bigfootsiddhartamama

Bucky and (Y/N)’s relationship was different. No one knew why but they both could hardly stand each other let alone be in the same room together which caused lots of bickering and snarky comments among the two. They both don’t hold back the venomous words said towards one another and they feel no guilt when doing so. They never agreed on a single thing but if there was one thing they agreed on, it was they were to never be paired up for missions and the whole team knew it. There was one occasion they both almost were almost killed because they couldn’t agree on an exit strategy and afterward barely escaping they both proceeded to get their asses chewed out by Steve and Fury, both unable to go on a mission for the next month. The team tried different ways of getting the two to get along but nothing they tried seemed to work.

No matter how much they seemed to hate each other, there was an agreement of team comradery. Yes, they didn’t get along but they were teammates and they would always have the other’s back even if it was countered with a crude comment. It was an unspoken agreement that they knew a team needed to survive, especially a team like theirs.

“I don’t know how you deal with them, Nat. They’re so uncivil, cynical and intolerant.” Bucky spits out with disgust as soon as (Y/N) is out of sight and Natasha gives a chuckle as she sips her coffee.

“I don’t know what you’re saying. They’re one of the sweetest people I know.” Natasha says with a smirk as she leans up against the kitchen counter and Bucky stares appalled at the redhead’s comment.

“Says you. They’re only rude to me, have you heard the things they’ve said to me?” Natasha gives a sigh before setting down her coffee, looking up at Bucky with her bright green orbs.

“(Y/N) is the biggest sweetheart you’ll meet, Barnes. They have a heart of gold and they may act like they hate you but they don’t mean harm. It’s how they cope, maybe you’ll see one day.” Bucky gives a huff before crossing his arms. He didn’t believe it, (Y/N) and him would never get along as long as they both lived.

They were surrounded. What was supposed to be a simple mission quickly turned into a mission that seemed impossible to escape. Bucky and (Y/N) had somehow got separated from the rest of the team and were currently in a Hydra building on the basement level and all the exits were blocked by the incoming swarm of agents. They were battered and bruised, running low on ammo and energy and they were beginning to think that this was how it was going to end. The two of them were currently taking cover behind some boxes, shooting and fighting when Bucky’s voice is heard over the shooting. “We need to get out of here!”

“No shit, Barnes! What do you think we’ve been doing this whole time? Wanting to die?” (Y/N) yells as they continue to shoot back at the Hydra agents and Bucky gives a growl.

“Shut your mouth, (Y/L/N), I don’t need any of your shit right now!” He yells back with venom but before (Y/N) can counter, Natasha’s angry voice is heard over the comms.

“Both of you shut it! I’m done with both of ya’ll’s shit! Now, there’s a service elevator around the corner to your left, it’s your only way out. Steve and I are waiting up top for you, hurry.” They both look to their left and they both look at one another before giving a nod and they quickly run over to the elevator, shooting the oncoming agents. They shoot the majority of them and for a moment there is no gun shots but know there will be more coming. They finally make it in but when Bucky presses the button it doesn’t start. He begins to hit the button harder but to no avail. “Damn it!” He yells angrily, slamming his hands on the wall and he begins to run his fingers through his hair.

(Y/N) looks around frantically for any solutions and their eyes freeze on a blinking red button on the opposite side wall. An override button. Footsteps can be heard and (Y/N) gives a shaky deep breath before stepping out of the elevator, quickly shutting the elevator access gate and locking it from the outside. Bucky runs up to the gate, shaking it as he looks at (Y/N) with a crazed look. “What the fuck are you doing!” He screams angrily yet scared for them at the same time as he continues to shake the gate. (Y/N) gives a sad smile before pointing their gun where the agents are about to appear.

“Getting you out, making sure you don’t die… I-I’m sorry for everything. Good luck, Barnes.” (Y/N) says before running towards the flashing red button and Bucky begins to panic. He yells as they shoot at the now present agents and all he can do is watch in horror. (Y/N) hits the button and the elevator doors begins to shut but all he wants is them to be in there with him.

(Y/N) runs out of ammo and he watches helplessly as they get shot. “No!” Bucky screams as loud as he can as they fall to the ground and horror fills his body as he sees an agent ready to shoot again but as the agent points the gun at (Y/N) the elevator doors shut, blocking his view. Bucky hits the gate furiously before resting his head on it as the elevator makes its ascent. He has to go back, he has to. 

When the doors open, he rushes out ready to go down to the lower levels but is quickly stopped by Steve, Sam and Natasha. He fights, thrashing violently. “I have to go back!”

“Buck, Buck! We’ll look for them I promise but right now we have to go.” Steve begs the soldier and Bucky slowly stops moving before looking at the elevator sadly. He pulls from their grips before walking to the jet without a word.

He didn’t hate (Y/N) as much as he thought and right then, he made it his mission to get them back, no matter what it takes, no matter the conditions. 

anonymous asked:

Scenario with Shinsou, kirishima, and maybe katsuki (separately) where their s/o movie binges like once a month and once they start they won't stop for a couple days please also your writing soooooo good

I hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it! Also, thank you so very much for your kind words <3


Sitting down beside his partner, Shinsou takes a moment to see what they’re watching. Then he leans back and his partner moves to accommodate him, before they’re lying cuddled up to each other on the bed.

“I haven’t seen that one yet.” He says quietly after a second and his partner gives a small hum.

“Do you want me to replay it?” They ask, already reaching for the remote. Shinsou nods and with the quick press of a few buttons, the movie starts from the beginning.

Settling back down, his partner begins to gently and lightly drag their fingers through his hair. It’s a soothing, calming motion and Shinsou feels himself relaxing, his body growing heavier.

It doesn’t take him long to doze off, even though he doesn’t know the movie.  His head is pillowed against their chest and shoulder and their fingers move to draw circles along his shoulders. It’s a very peaceful afternoon and Shinsou just lets himself drift off to their warm, nice touches and the sounds of the movie.


This time, Kirishima manages to convince his partner to try out a few new movies, movies Kirishima has watched before and that they don’t know yet.

Grinning, Kirishima starts the first movie and motions for his partner to sit down beside him. Once they do, they’re both moving to comfortably snuggle together and Kirishima wraps his arms around them.

“I’m glad you don’t mind me doing this.” His partner murmurs and Kirishima brushes a smiling kiss to their forehead.

“You are perfectly fine the way you are. I can’t promise that I’m going to watch every movie or that I’m going to be around the whole time, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you like. Besides, you do you; there is nothing wrong with it.”

His partner moves to press a quick, small kiss to his cheek. “I love you.”

Grinning, Kirishima pulls them even closer and leans his cheek against their temple. “I love you too.”


Bakugou feels comfortably worn out from training and once he steps into his partner’s dorm room, he realizes they started with their movie binging. They glance up to grin and wave at him and he grunts a small hello, before he shuffles over to their bed.

His partner shifts to make space and Bakugou lies down at their side and pulls them close to wrap them up in his arms. Glancing at the screen, he grins when he recognizes the movie.

“I fucking love that one.” He says, leaning his chin and cheek against their shoulder.

His partner smiles at him before they look back towards the TV again. “Me too. It’s a great movie.”

“It’s frigging fucking awesome.” Bakugou moves for a moment to bunch up a pillow and pushes it into a more comfortable position, before he settles back down. He feels relaxed and at ease and secretly happy to have his love close, their back now resting against his chest.

The movie ends soon enough and after his partner starts the next one, Bakugou feels himself nodding off, his arms still wrapped around them.

DamiRae Headcannon

While being on the news after another battle won by the titans, Damian doesn’t speak much but has a gloomy face. His reason being that he’s never been one for the public eye. He doesn’t like the feeling.

Soon after the very short appearance on TV the press and news reporters begin starting headlines ’ BOY WONDER BRAT’ and ‘ROBIN REGRETS BEING A TITAN.’ Damian is secretly frustrated and says how the media is the media and they’re not worth his time. Although believing the titans have changed him in a way in which his lone wolf days are less comforting, it affects him.

Raven being an empath feels and knows what’s wrong with Damian and takes matters into her own hands. Even being shy and non destructive, she walks into the news paper office and marches up to the publisher’s section. She comes face to face with the woman who had written the article and says, “The words you spoke about my friend are not only untrue but very disrespectful. We may be young, but we keep this city safe and he deserves more respect.” All while saying this she is as calm. The woman is dumb founded. Raven turns to leave and speaks over her shoulder, “Don’t forget the brat saved your son out of a burning building last week as well.” Raven exits and makes her way back to the tower with pizza. She sits with Damian and they begin watching corny shows on TV.

Angry Game Play

*Okay, but this gif though, I want this.

Bucky Barnes x Shy Reader

Summary: Reader is obnoxiously loud playing video games and Bucky decides to check it out. 

Word Count: 1,552

Warnings: language (sorry, just expect it in every fic I do), yelling, video games, and a lot of fluff. 

A/N: Alright, I don’t know if I really like this all that much. I suck with titles, I’m shaking my head at this one. Let me know what you guys think, please! I’d seriously love some feedback. P.S this gif though? I was like, hmm I wonder what I could use. Lol perfect. Anyways, enjoy!

Being a nerdy, shy girl wasn’t anything new for you or the team. You’ve always been obsessed with tech and video games ever since you were little. It was a part of you that couldn’t be taken away.

It comforted you and in a way, truly expressed who you are. Your shy nature definitely affects the way you act around people, especially those who were obviously more outgoing than you. It’s not that you hated being shy, you just wish you could speak without becoming a stammering mess. It was honestly difficult and exhausting trying to talk to people. 

That’s why you resorted to tech. This, in return, gave you the opportunity to work at Stark Tower, with the Tony Stark. 

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anonymous asked:

GUUUURL DEM AOMG FEEEEELS Could I request a Gray bondage smut ? Thanks a lot and you're super cute <3


“And what do you say?” Gray asked softly pulling the dripping dildo from inside your pink folds. 

“M-mercy! Ahh!” You whined out weakly through the gag that was pressed tightly begin your lips your hips starting to tremble as you cried out your orgasm finally rippling through your body as he used two fingers to pound in and out of you curling them as you squirted on his chest. 

“Good girl. Now I will reward you.” Seonghwa promised moving to line the tip of his member up to your abused pussy lips, his hands trailing up and down your bruised thighs. 


“Jay! Stop fucking around give me back my phone!” You fussed at the rapper rolling around the couch with him as you tried to retrieve your items. He smirked shaking his head. 

“No. Let me see what’s in here that you’re hiding! I’m going to tell Gray!” He shouted out loud starting to tickle you causing you both to fall on the floor.

You don’t know why you had agreed to come here with Gray. You should’ve stayed home. It was always a bad idea to hang out with the rappers because something always happened and you were always in trouble for something. And this time it was going to be worst than you ever imagined. Gray came treading out of the kitchen with Kiseok beside him, Jay pinning you down under him was something he was not fond of this particular day. 

“What’s this? A lovers quarrel?” Kiseok asked pointing to the both of you sprawled out on the floor.  

“I’m just trying to help hyung out by seeing what’s on this girl phone.” Jay defended moving to sit on your stomach as he held up the device. 

“THERE IS NOTHING THERE!” You hollered out looking at all of them. 

“Don’t believe that.” Jay said handing the phone to Seonghwa who smirked putting it in his pocket. 

“I know there isn’t anything in there. She knows how to behave.” He was cocky to talk and for some reason that really pissed you off. And it wasn’t just that it was the looks he was getting lately from everyone. The charming playboy who was your boyfriend and you for once wanted to put him in his place and go against him. 

“You don’t know shit. I do what I want.” You spat at him causing mouth drops from everyone but him who kept a smile on his face. 

“Oh really baby?” He asked walking towards you sitting on the floor beside you. “Last time you said that. I had you begging for mercy.” He mumbled quietly as the guys watched you, Jay ass getting up to run from a scene he caused. 

“I said that because I knew it would stroke your ego like everyone else does.” You pouted jerking your body from his so that you could sit up on your ass. The air was getting thick with tension but you were to naive to notice it. Of course your fellow friends did and there was a number of looks shared between all of them before everyone looked at Seonghwa.

“Alright baby.” He said giving you a smile reaching his hand up to caress your cheek with the back of his hand until he gripped your chin a tad bit too hard for a split second letting you go. 

You should’ve known it was a joke, everything he did was too nice. Keeping that smile up making you feel like he wasn’t angry and you were right. How he held your hand and rubbed over your skin while you all sat and talked. He didn’t even get too upset when Jay was getting a little too flirty with his advances, but of course it was Jay he never meant any harm. But still you should’ve known. You should’ve been cautious when he offered to drive home. His hand only resting on your knee and his voice filling the car with soft sweet hums. It was too nice and pleasant. He gave you a chance to forget. And that was the fucking worst part of all of it. 

When you had gotten home, he did everything too perfect if it were possible. Making a bubble bath for you. Offering to clean up the kitchen because you needed your rest. Picking out your damn silk gown and lace pink panties with no bra. He was a cunning master alright. Washing your long black hair with softly skilled fingers stroking your scalp every now and then. Helping you out of the tub to dry you off. 

“Let me lotion you tonight?” He asked softly wrapping an arm around your waist. Stroking your side sweetly he laid you on your back. Crawling between your legs to grip at the Shea butter scented lotion. He started at your collarbones rubbing down to your breast. Circling your nipples with his fingers he made sure to put the lotion all over your chest. Gripping your breast gently kneading them as rubbing down your sides towards your stomach and belly button. He went back up to lotion your arms and fingers humming Just do it to you. He moved down more rubbing the lotion over the front of your thighs and legs down to your feet massaging them gently. He was finished in no time tapping your stomach telling you to roll over on your stomach with a bright smile. 

He waited until you were in place even grabbing a tie to bundle your hair up in a loose wet bun while it air dried out. He raised your arms up above your head starting to lotion your back. He spent the most time on your ass slapping the flesh gently and putting more lotion on it. He would spread your cheeks wide only to let them close and jiggle as he watched you. With your eyes closed and your self meditation to calm down your raging hormones you didn’t notice the hardening of his pants as he rubbed your body up and down. He turned you back around leaning down to press a soft kiss against your lips, his hand rummaging through the side table for a second while he made out with you. His tongue asking permission to enter your mouth which you granted. Both of your tongue gliding against each other fighting for dominance while his hands moved up and down your arms rubbing on them, gently scratching them with his nails. 

He played with your skin until he was tying the rope around your wrist binding you against the headboard with a wide smirk. 

“S-seonghwa??” You asked him pulling back from the kiss a little breathless before you pulled at the rope frowning. 

“You basically called me soft in front of my boys. And said I didn’t fuck you good. Did you honestly think I was going to let you off the hook with that?” He asked with a rather confident voice moving to bind your ankles on the bed post up beside your head leaving you spread open. 

“I-But-You said!” You were speechless. Watching him move around the room to get toys and other things placing them beside you. He was a sneaky little thing. He kept chuckling eyeing you with that dark gaze, lust shimmering in his eyes as he moved around your body. 

“It still surprises me you didn’t catch on. Of course I did all those things to butter you up, but don’t get me wrong I will do it for you always. But you didn’t even say you were sorry. You didn’t even think about how it could’ve hurt my pride. So lets have some fun shall we? I’ll gt you to beg me. I’ll make you say mercy.” He winked blowing you a kiss before he started it up. 

The first round consisted of just vibrators that stimulated the clit of different shapes and sizes. He would do things that made you squirm but not get you close to the edge. Not close enough. He pressed those vibrators against your clit using different speeds, watching the juices gush out of your lips before he pulled back. 

“I want to see it.” He hummed softly getting clamps to clamp both of your lips apart to see your insides as he fucked with you.

Next he grabbed a feather sliding it up and down your slit making more juices gush out as he played with you. Leaning forward over your body he started to lick on your nipples one by one sucking on the sensitive nubs letting them turn hard and swollen because of his plump lips and teeth. He growled softly watching you as he pulled back looking down at the sheets. Telling you how there was a puddle and how wet you were. 

He next grabbed a riding crop slapping at your clit targeting the swollen bud as you cursed and shouted pleas at him. He gave you three warnings not to make any noises and you couldn’t comply so he slipped a gag into your mouth, fastening it tightly around your head to make you feel the pain and the pleasure. He leaned down after he was done dragging his tongue up and down your puffy slit looking up at you. He hummed sweetly as he licked up both sides of your lips wrapping his mouth around your clit he sucked on it softly pressing and flattening his tongue against it. He pulled back going to lick around your entrance before he slipped his tongue inside to lick up and down your walls slowly. He hands slapping on your thighs, nails digging into your skin to scratch the skin. 

He pulled back when you were close to releasing moving to get a pink ridged dildo pressing it into your soaked folds. He tapped a small silver bullet against your clit turning it on the max setting. He thrust the dildo in and out of you at a fast pace not slowing down for anything. Your pussy lips wrapped around the toy, your head thrown back mouth open around the gag as you squirmed and whimpered trying to hold onto that word. He knew you would do it so he continued to slam the toy in and out moving his hand and flicking his wrist to press against your spot. Your body was sweating and quivering under him against the sheets. Your hair wet from the sweat and being washed. He didn’t give up and neither did you. 

“And what do you say?” Gray asked softly pulling the dripping dildo from inside your pink folds.

“M-mercy! Ahh!” You whined out weakly through the gag that was pressed tightly begin your lips your hips starting to tremble as you cried out your orgasm finally rippling through your body as he used two fingers to pound in and out of you curling them as you squirted on his chest.

“Good girl. Now I will reward you.” Seonghwa promised moving to line the tip of his member up to your abused pussy lips, his hands trailing up and down your bruised thighs.

He slowly slipped inside of you hissing in pleasure as he filled you to the brim. Steadying his hands on each side of the pillow beside your head he started to slam into you slowly, letting the vibrator stay pressed against your puffy folds. He leaned down to take off the gag with one hand pressing his lips down against yours but not kissing you. Just teasing you with his little groans and moans of your names. 

He kissed your jaw, kissed down your neck sucking on the skin. His hips rotating and snapping deep inside of you. In and out he went, your juices covering his dick as he got faster, and went deeper. He bit harshly onto your neck to bruise the skin his hips slapping against yours. 

“Are you going to cum for me? Yeah?” He asked watching you nodding his head removing the vibrator so that he can rub your clit quickly with his fingers causing you to meet your end. You came again lips wrapping around his dick your voice ringing though the air. He growled watching you come undone along with the heat and tightness of his dick he couldn’t help but release into your abused cunt, filling you up with his hot cum until it was overflowing. 

“That’s my good girl, now. I bet we won’t have any more problems seeing who wears the pants here. No? Thought so.” He chuckled as he kissed on your lips and undid the rope on your limbs holding you close and stroking your back slowly letting you fall asleep on your chest. 

@touhou-memories Can you explain that duplication thing on the side?

I was playing Lunatic to have some laughs at my failures (I like to do that once in a while) and I paused on this exact frame before dying. My brain said “Woah”, my mind said “Let’s keep going” and pressed “Start from Beginning” so I had to find the exact frame again… any explanation?

moldlyloafoftrash  asked:

if i may suggest a theme song for gamer, how about the song, Press start to begin' by da games, also*yanks gamer's tail*

Just because I have a tail doesn’t mean you can yank it!

…but to answer your second question, I haven’t listened to that song and now I definitely won’t out of spite.

(M!a: Gamer is a neko for 10 asks: 0/10))

((Also aaa thank you for your input :0))

Septic-Spies Part 3 - “Double Agent”


I had fun with this part, you never see enough lee!Mark heh. Oops, spoilers, hehe, part 4 tomorrow prob

Warning: Profanity, tickling, teasing.

Part 1

Part 2

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Let It Rain

A/N: Reader and Spencer enjoy a rainy day together! Requested by an anon :) I hope you all enjoy this fluffy one-shot!!! :)


“Good morning, beautiful”

You rolled over when you heard your boyfriend, Spencer’s, sweet voice whisper into your ear. His arm was wrapped tightly around your middle as the two of you were snuggled deeply under your covers.

You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and smiled at Spencer’s raspy, sleepy voice. You immediately sat up to stretch your limbs out then started to crawl out of bed.

As soon as you threw your covers off, Spencer grabbed a hold of your arm and pulled you back into bed, making you giggle.

“Noo not yet, it’s too early” Spencer yawned as he hugged your body close to his.

“Spence, it’s our first day off in weeks, I’m not going to spend it in bed! Besides, we’re going to the beach! A day of laying in the sand, swimming in the lake, fishing, a bike ride… we have to get started early for that!” you laughed as you grabbed his hand and tried to tug him out of bed.

Spencer groaned but smiled at your enthusiasm towards your activities for the day. After a few pulls of his arm and giving him your best pouty face, he finally surrendered and crawled out of bed.

You went to open your curtains to let in the bright sunny day, only to open them to disappointment.

It was pouring rain outside.

Spencer was in the kitchen preparing cups of coffee for the both of you when he heard you groan in distress.

“Y/N? Y/N, are you okay?” he asked worriedly as he rushed over to you, only to see what you were seeing. You still stood facing the window, not answering his question when Spencer set down your coffees and came up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist.

“I’m sorry honey…” he cooed in your ear.

“Just our luck, the one day we have off and plans, it rains” you broke out of Spencer’s embrace to turn to him face to face.

He gave you a soft smile then kissed you softly on the top of your head. “I know how much you wanted today to happen… I guess that just means we’ll have to have a relaxing day in”

You melted into his arms and rested your head on his shoulder. “Movie day?”

“Movie day”

After finished multiple cups of coffee and a breakfast of pancakes with strawberries on top, you started rummaging through your cabinet of DVDs you had in the corner of your living room. You picked out an assortment of what you and Spencer both liked – a mushy romance movie for you, a documentary about Elon Musk for him, and one that you both liked: a season of your favorite show, Doctor Who.

You popped in the documentary first and settled down into the couch next to Spencer. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder as you started going through the title menu.

Before you pressed the button to begin, Spencer stopped you when he sprung up to look at you. “Y/N, let’s build a fort! You know, like one that you make out of bed sheets and chairs… We can build it around the television and pile up pillows and blankets and watch our films in it!” he said excitedly.

His random outburst made you perk up. “A fort?” you replied eagerly.

“I’ve technically never built one, but I’m sure we could do it!”

Your heart broke hearing that Spencer had never built a fort out of blankets and pillows as a child. “Well Dr. Reid, that is about to change”

You gathered all of your extra bed sheets, clothes pins, hair clips, and all of your dining room chairs and bar stools and set them in your living room to begin your creation.

Spencer turned out to be oddly good at making forts.

His sharp mind and heightened ability to visualize anything really came in handy. He knew where to put each pin and chair to make the best possible fort. After almost an hour of giggles and bickering, the two of you had created a fort mansion.

It covered most of your living room – you strategically placed blankets and pillows for maximum comfort and finally climbed into your masterpiece.

You nuzzled into Spencer as you both laid down to watch you documentary. As much as you loved a good documentary, the mixture of the darkness of the fort and the comfortableness of Spencer’s arms made you fall quickly asleep.

You awoke up to Spencer brushing your hair out of your face. “It’s almost lunch time… do you want to go out for lunch?” he whispered in your ear as he gave you a light kiss on the cheek.

You sat up sleepily and rubbed your eyes. “Is it still raining?”

Right as you asked that, a large clap of thunder echoed outside. “Well, I guess that answers your question” Spencer laughed. “Do you want to walk to that deli down the street?”

You crawled out of the tent to look at the rain falling outside. “Walk…? I guess a little rain won’t hurt us…”

It was barely sprinkling on your walk to the deli, but on your way out it was pouring. You pulled your rain coat over your head and headed out into the rain.

About halfway home, Spencer stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and grabbed your hand.

“Spence, what are you doing?”

He pulled you close to him and tenderly cupped your face, pressing his lips to yours. “Would you dance with me?”

You looked up at him through your lashes and smiled. “Right here, right now?”

Taking your answer as a yes, he spun you around and immediately started your dance by dipping you down. His strong arms pulled you back up to him as his arm wrapped around the small of your back and yours wrapped around his neck.

As you continued to sway and twirl, the absurdity of your situation was making the two of you burst out in laughter.

You reached up on your tip toes to reach Spencer’s soft, pink lip and planted a light kiss on them.

“I’m sorry it’s raining on our day today, Y/N… I know how much you wanted to go to the beach. But I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a pretty great, relaxing day so far” Spencer smiled as you pushed on of his long, curly hairs out of his face.

“As excited as I was about the beach, I didn’t really care what we did today, as long as I was with you… Thank you for turning this gloomy day into a bright one, Spence”

Spencer smiled then pulled you close to him, swaying slowly as if you two were the only people in the world in the middle of a crowded sidewalk in the pouring rain.

Sweaters- Michael


request:  Can you do an imagine where y/n wears one of Michaels sweaters and they have a lazy day together where they cuddle lots and share cute soft kisses?  

“ Michael get your elbow out of my boob.”  you say as he lays his head on your arm and cuddles  next to you  on the bed.

“ Babe, there’s not enough space.” he says  as he tries  to get comfortable under the blanket  fort you guys made  a couple minutes back so you could watch movies in privacy.

“Well, then- Ow!” you say as he elbowed you in the face.

“I’m sorry, love.” he says and leans up and  gives you a kiss on the cheek.  Immediately your insides become warmer  and   your cheeks turn redder.  

You pressed play and the beginning of the movie started playing on the laptop screen.  Normally you would concentrate really hard on the movie wanting to submerge yourself in the plot and relate to the characters, but Michael was making it so damn difficult as he takes your hand and starts kissing your knuckles five minutes in.


“What? Am I doing something wrong?” he says and trails his lips up your arm.

“Stop.” you say although  you kind of wish he didn’t.  You take a sip of the coke bottle  next to the popcorn bowl and try to ignore him.

“ Is that a yes?” he says and continues  leaving kisses until he reaches your tickle spot.

Your arm yanks back in protest and you manage to spill  at least half the bottle of Coke on yourself.
“You, dick.” you say playfully and punch him in the arm  looking down at your wet shirt.

Michael on the other hand keeps laughing, his shoulders shaking, going up and down.  

“Aw, babe, you’re  so clumsy.” Michael says and continues giggling reaching for something behind him.

“ You’re fault.” you say and pout your lips.

“ Here, then, take my sweater.” he says and hands you his white one which he knows is your favourite.

You take  your shirt off and put the white sweater on. This is the sweater you loved seeing on Michael. It was a little big  for you, but at least you were dry, comfy and you could smell his aftershave and deodorant  that was in the little  fabric. You loved it immediately as you peck him on the cheek.

“ Thanks, Mikey.” you say.

He doesn’t reply but pulls you down on top of him and  lets your lips collide. His lips are soft and you taste the salt from the popcorn and him. just him. You pull away and both of you have to gasp  for air as  you lie onto his chest and hug  his little tummy.

“ Damn it, you look better than me in  this sweater.” he says and tugs on the sleeve.

“No one looks better  than you  in this sweater,  Michael” you say.

He  chuckles and gives  you a little smile before kissing you on the top of your head.

You snuggle into his warm chest, and he holds you close wrapping his arms around you.  You sigh contentedly before your eyes fluttered shut, the sounds of Michael’s  even breathing pulling you into sleep like the  tide.


A/N:    I hope you liked it  my loves, this is my second imagine so far and i’m kind of nervous, but anyways i still hoped you enjoyed it. thank you to @natpanda08 for requesting this! it was such a lovely idea!  ( and honestly i love michael’s sweaters so this was really fun to write)  thanks to everyone as well who  like/reblog my writing. seriously you guys are the best and thanks to everyone who still continue to  support my supernatural series! part 5 is coming soon  so prepare yourself. 

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Mingyu x reader 11, 21, 87

11. Moving in together

21. “How can I say no to you?”

87. Finally meeting (after a long distance relationship) 

When Mingyu had suggested moving in together after a two-year long-distance relationship, your initial reaction had been a bit reserved. The whole idea had felt odd - you had never met him face-to-face, yet he wanted to go straight into spending every day and night with you? However, the more you thought about it and discussed it with him, the better the idea started to sound. It would be new and exciting, and you knew that you’d regret if you didn’t take the opportunity to take a leap.

So when the day finally came and you stood by the door of your new, shared apartment with Mingyu, who you had met up with only a few hours earlier, you were full of excitement. You held his hand tightly in yours as he opened the door and let out an amazed “Wow” as soon as the door was the slightest bit open. Chuckling at his fascination, you pulled him inside, your heart still beating fast with the excitement of finally seeing him; finally being able to hold him like you had only been able to imagine for the past two years.

Since you had been the one taking care of the furniture finding its way to their rightful places in the apartment, you weren’t as fascinated as Mingyu was, but you were just as excited. “So, how does it look?”

He turned to you, his face completely taken over by a bright, genuine smile. “It’s fantastic. Much like you.”

You laughed as he leaned down to press a soft kiss to your lips, his hand that had been holding your hand soon finding its way to your lower back while he let his large bag of clothes and necessities fall to the floor. You kicked the door shut behind you and put your bag down from your free hand before wrapping your arms around Mingyu’s neck, a content sigh leaving your lips when he pulled you closer and deepened the kiss a little.

His breath got heavy rather fast with the steamy kisses you were exchanging, continuously deepening as your tongues played with each other and your hands explored each others’ bodies on top of your clothes. Finally, after all the wait, you had all the time in the world for just yourselves. No one would interrupt and there wouldn’t be an endlessly long distance separating you - instead of watching him touch himself through your monitor, you were now able to slip your hands into the back pockets of Mingyu’s jeans and grab his ass, your hands a bit shaky with the thrill.

Little by little, with Mingyu’s hands sliding up your body under your shirt, you could also start feeling a bulge beginning to press into your crotch. Gasping into the kiss, you broke away and looked into his dark eyes. You licked your lips as you put the words together in your mind. “Do you want to try out the couch?”

Mingyu let out a laugh and looked at you incredulously, but when you gave him a meaningful look and ground against him, he grinned and shook his head. “How can I say no to you?”

Not much later were you holding his shoulder tightly with one hand and grabbing the backrest of the couch with the other as your hips rose and fell on his lap at a slow pace. Mingyu held your hips steadily, his eyes wandering around as much of you as he could see, whether it was your slightly sweaty neck, closed eyes, parted lips or rolling hips.

You felt perfect - he couldn’t get over it. It was better than he had ever dared to even imagine during your phone calls; actually having you riding him felt so much better on so many different levels than it did to tell you that if you had been with him, he would’ve been pushing deep into you. Actually doing what he had been wanting to do for so long was a dream come true.

“You’re perfect,” he mumbled suddenly right before wrapping his lips around one of your sensitive nipples. You gasped and dug your nails lightly into his shoulder, clenching around him a little. Smiling to yourself, you moved your other hand from the backrest to Mingyu’s hair and played with the brown strands.

“Speak for yourself,” you replied, tugging at his hair gently in order to pull him away from your nipple, only to bring your lips together into a hungry kiss. You increased the pace of your hips and mumbled a few desperate pleas against Mingyu’s lips. He grinned and began thrusting up into you, making sure you were having it just right.

It was a lot sooner than you expected that you were a shuddering mess on his lap, just like he was in your arms.

- Kay

How to create hype for your game

Show the final boss in the intro (I.E.: Sonic Adventure)

“This is where your adventure ends, now why don’t you press start and let it BEGIN?” - Nerdword Entertainment

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I know that requests are closed, but I'm DEVASTATED for Carrie Fisher's death... Do you mind something about mc knowing about that and her s/o, trying to help her, organise a marathon of SW? Don't worry if you skip that, i undestand and i will love your blog as always, but... It's like having a hole in my chest and i don't know what to do

~So am I…I hate this year I am so fed up tbh. Requests are closed but we gotta do this one for her, it’s what she would want. I’m sorry if parts of this are more personal but SW is near and dear to my heart and I’m sad so I can’t help it.


  • He saw you about to be in tears as you dropped your phone onto the ground
    • “Woah, woah, woah, what’s going on?”
  • Saeyoung ran to the couch and sat next to you, wrapping you into his arms
  • It took a moment for you to compose yourself
    • “Carrie Fisher passed away today…”
  • He cradled you into himself and ran his fingers through your hair slowly for comfort
  • He was quiet for a while and just held you
    • “You’re really upset…” he finally spoke.
  • You nodded and looked up at him
    • “She was such an amazing woman…I looked up to her so much when I was little. Before my grandfather passed…well, this series was one we always watched together. It just hurts…” you cried.
  • His brain was immediately working
  • He hurt to see you so upset
  • Kissed your head
    • “I’m so sorry that I have to work today. But I’ll make sure to spend some time with you when I get back, okay?”
  • You let him leave after a quick kiss on the lips
  • Though he wasn’t going to work today
  • He wrote a sign and stuck it on the door of the toy shop
  • ‘Closed Today -_-;; Come Back Tomorrow!’
  • Now his quest began
  • He was on the hunt for the bluray of the Star Wars Collection
  • It wasn’t too hard to find
  • The Star Wars onesies however…
  • He spent a good 3 hours running to different stores to get them
  • He could have dropped to his knees when he saw the rack of them in the store
  • His feet were hurting by this point and he was so tired
  • But it was all for you
  • He bought himself a Han Solo onesie
  • And you
  • A Leia
  • The hood had the buns on it
  • Next was the snack run
  • He loaded up on chips, chocolate, sour candies, anything and everything
  • Lots of drinks
  • He returned home waaaaay before he was supposed to
  • Found you still on the couch
    • “What are you doing here so early?” you said in shock
    • “I had to come home, the force was too strong with you,” he bowed
  • He had so many bags omg
  • Made his way to the couch and dropped them
    • “It’s in here, hold on,” he was digging, “Yes!” he pulled out your onesie, “now put this on, princess!”
  • You didn’t even bother to ask questions anymore
  • You ran to put it on, wiping your tear stained cheeks
  • When you came out he was in his
  • The first film was queued
  • And the microwave beeped
    • “The popcorn is ready!” he jumped up and ran to it
  • There were so many snacks on the coffee table
  • Saeyoung brought the warm bowl of fresh popcorn over and sat next to you on the couch
  • He put his arm around you and kissed your lips
  • You knew how much effort he would have put in for this today
  • It almost made you want to cry out of joy
  • It had been so long since you saw these films
  • It was really special that he set this up for you both, and that this time it would be with the man you loved
  • You felt so much nostalgia bubbling inside of you
  • And you knew
  • Carrie
  • The beautiful angel
  • Our Space Mom
  • Was looking down on you with a warm smile today
  • He pressed ‘start’ for the movie to begin and held the bowl for you
    • “I love you” you snuggled into him
    • “I know” he replied
Clearest Blue - Rowaelin Fic #7 - Part 4

A/N: Thanks for being so patient while waiting for this chapter! Please let me know if you like it and if I should continue. And as always, questions/comments are welcome!

If you haven’t read any of this story yet, you can start at the beginning here.

Part 4

She pressed her forehead into the cool, glass window. She thought that maybe if she pressed hard enough, she’d go right through. It would be better than standing here, useless, waiting for him to wake up. She temporarily left her vigil by the window to grab a fleece blanket off the bed. As she wrapped herself in it, she let out a high-pitched whistle, knowing that Fleetfoot, who was always nearby, would come running. She had an urge to nuzzle her fur, to receive kisses and affection, from the one person in the castle who didn’t think she was a complete bitch.

She padded into the room, right up to Aelin, who bent down to shove her face into the dog’s fur. Fleetfoot let out a small yelp as Aelin squeezed her a tad too tightly and tried to back away. “Oh no you don’t,” Aelin murmured as she pulled the dog closer. “I’m not letting you run away from me, too.”

Aedion and Lysandra, while supportive of Aelin, did not realize that she was going to become a shell of her former self after trying to heal him. A year had passed since Rowan had first disappeared. One whole year that she felt like a piece of herself was missing.

Three months prior, after weeks of practice, Aelin had poured every ounce of healing power she had into Rowan. She would have killed herself trying to heal him, but Aedion had found her just before she burned out. Rowan had been knocked unconscious from Aelin’s blasts, alive, but unable to wake up. Both Aedion and Lysandra had been furious with her.

Keep reading

I wake up, with sunshine seeping through my blinds. It shows me it’s probably time I get up and start the day. I slowly rise, yawning in the process of grabbing my phone to check notifications from people all over. Cleo, a black cat that sheds way too much for my liking, is all nudged up next to me, not wanting me to move from my position that he has fixated himself too. The comfort of him next to me relieves me. He is what I call my family. Just a small family of two.
I  start to crave my morning fix, Coffee. I get up and as I walk out, Cleo glares at me at annoyance, heading towards the kitchen through the hallways. I start the machine that I have prepared with coffee grounds from the night before and wait. The whirring sound of the coffee machine begins as I press start. My nostrils are overwhelmed with the fresh smell of coffee brewing in front of my eyes. Grabbing a mug that occupies a sunflower on it, I pour coffee about a third of a quarter way up. Placing the coffee pot back to its original place. Slowly turning, I open the almost empty refrigerator to reach for the creamer. Vanilla creamer to be exact. The only way I like my coffee. As I pour, sweet swirls of vanilla intertwine with the bitterness of what I can’t seem to live without. Similar to life itself.
Leaving the kitchen, I grab my freshly made coffee and head to my room. I place my mug on the nightstand and grab my laptop. Cleo sits for a few seconds and glares at me. While I get adjusted in my new position with my laptop in my hands, he soon enough comes over to rest his head on my chest. The sounds of clicking and typing begins and well enough, so does my day.
—  Sunday