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jack playing games like night in the woods where he does voices and stuff is basically my grown up version of a bed time story

i usually watch his vids as soon as i can but when its night in the woods i wait till im sleepy and go wash my face and get some green tea and curl up under my blankets with just my fairy lights on and i just press play and its so therapeutic??? to just listen to him bring those characters to life in his own way and seeing his reactions is just so relaxing to me

i love the loud irish story teller tbh

Pynch headcanon #2

In college when Adam misses Ronan he listenes to Murder Squash song. He still hates it, but it makes him annoyed and comfortable at the same time. And it helps him calm his thoughts and fall asleep some nights. 

One day Ronan comes for a visit. While Adam is busy somewhere he spends time in his dorm on his bed and finds headphones. He turns the music on to kill some time - and it’s a Murder Squash song! He smirks but says nothing.

A couple of days later, when Ronan is back home, Adam begins to miss him again, he decides to listen to the music. He presses play - and jumps off the bed, dropping the headphones, because it’s Ronan’s voice singing the Murder Squash song in them. He says nothing about it to anyone ever, but he listens to the song every day.

mjonesy18 replied to your post “The first day of classes was great! I woke up at 5:30am. Worked out….”

How do you find the energy to wake up so early? What time do you go to bed as a college student lmao?

First of all, I want to put out the disclaimer that I don’t participate in a lot of what most other college students do. I don’t hang out with friends terribly often aside from meals and studying. And I don’t drink, do drugs, or party. So. That’s an important detail as far as time management, because that means I have more time to spend on meditation, exercise, extracurriculars, relaxing by myself, and—you guessed it—sleeping. Though not that much.

But to answer your actual questions…

I wouldn’t say I necessarily have the “energy” to wake up early. I press snooze like everyone else. But recently I changed my alarm to the Pokémon Theme Song. So I might press snooze once. The next time the song starts playing I listen to it while I gradually wake up. As silly as it sounds, I try to sorta half-awake dance to it. Then, where it gets to the ending where it’s like, “Gotta catch ‘em all… PO-KÉ-MON!” I try to force myself to jump outta bed and pump my fist. Silly, but hey, it works.

I think the Pokémon Theme Song is a great song choice because it starts out saying, “I want to be the very best,” which gives me a reason to wake up. And, practically speaking, I also use a light alarm clock (I set both, but I set the light alarm slightly earlier), which helps wake me up naturally, especially when it’s dark outside.

So, all-in-all, it’s discipline, not energy. I have issues with energy due to depression, so I had to find another way (it was definitely a process, but it can be done). I heard in a TED Talk that you have about 5 seconds to do something unpleasant before it actually requires significant energy on your part to decide to do that thing. So try to give yourself a time limit to start.

As for what time I go to bed, it’s generally between 9pm-12am. It varies day to day. If I get home around dinner time feeling tired, I force myself to work until 9pm so I can go to bed early and get the extra rest I need (sometimes I push through it once I start, though!).

I’m not gonna pretend I’ve never done all-nighters, but I avoid them like the plague because they’re miserable af. I’ve learned that sleep is very important to my success. So it’s up to me to be diligent enough in my work to where all-nighters don’t become necessary at all.

♦ press play ♦

I listen to songs that I hear and place them into a playlist.
Not just any song goes into this playlist.
They all have a certain feel;
Something that makes me feel.

None of these are love songs.
That is not what I want to feel.
Not to say I don’t want to feel loved, I do.
I just don’t want to feel remembrance of love that has left.

None of these are upbeat songs, well… maybe a few.
Nothing that’ll provoke me to get up and dance.
That’s moving, not feeling.
There’s a difference to me.

These are songs that strike a chord of my own piano in my heart.
These are chords that are in the inner circle of fifths.
They display what I feel beneath.
Something that I forget to register and see.

The playlist is titled “thinkin” because I’m ‘clever’ to hide.
There are song titles ranging from “5AM” to “Trees” to “Candour.”
The playlist has 199 songs, and that still doesn’t feel like enough.
Who knows how much will be enough…

I don’t know where I was going with this.
I think it’s that, hiding under sleeves and playlists isn’t doing me any good.
I’m not going to begin by showing anyone these; that’s too much.
I’ll just start by showing someone one song,
talking about one thing.
maybe make them think; 
maybe make them feel.

I’ll breathe.
On this long journey.
Because even if I don’t know what I feel sometimes,
this will not be the worst.


5 years ago Prince said King was the future of R&B. Their new album is proving him right.

Five years ago, R&B believed it had found its future in three songs. They came from King, a Los Angeles-based trio of two sisters Amber and Paris Strother and Anita Bias. Those songs made up an EP titled The Story, brimming with lush, dream-laden R&B. Prince was among their top endorsers.

However, as suddenly as the music flooded the space, it stopped. King went underground to record their new album. Years passed. Stars rose and fell. Friday, King finally emerged from their studio with a record. The album’s title makes a simple statement: We Are King. 

Within seconds of pressing play, listeners will understand what that means.

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🎶🎥▶️ press play on set today listening to the homie @gfrsh #PanicCord so good to see you last night🔥💣✨ vid cred my love @kristianheijkoop 😚❤️#iskralawrence #everyBODYisbeautiful (at Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11206)

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ok this song is fucking great and toppdogg deserve the world but this is almost a year and a half old and only has 1.5 m views so please just press play and have a lil listen of the babies as u scroll down ur dash ok thank you for your support

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aesthetic: going through your blog, pressing play on a bunch of videos, and listening to the layered crunch sounds


With over 100k+ subscribers, #WarmVibesAndSummerNights, my guided meditation x music mashup was an incredible summer collaboration between myself and @spotify. And to keep up with the momentum, we’ve decided to team up again to bring you all the vibes you’ll need for fall. Check out #TheCoolBreeze - now live on Spotify.

Thank you for the incredible support! I hope it makes you feel good every time you press play.

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