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It’s time to return to MARIO PARTY 2 on Press Buttons n Talk, this time we tackle WESTERN LAND, YEEEHAAA


it’s what you’ve ALL been waiting for, it’s time for our triumphant return to that beloved game, MARIO PARTY ADVANCE

Imagine having a great night out with Dan Howell. You take a cab to his flat once dinner has ended. He takes you into his bedroom for some fun. As you undress, he tells you he wanted to put on some music for the fun times ahead of you. He presses play and Party In The USA starts playing at just a slightly uncomfortably loud volume.


It’s time to play MARIO PARTY 2 on Press Buttons ‘n Talk.  This was easily the most purely enjoyable playthrough for me that we’ve done, because we just got to play Mario Party 2, and we just riff all the time even when we’re playing for fun, HOPE YOU ENJOY


Time for a brief return to MARIO PARTY ADVANCE over at Press Buttons ‘n Talk.

After a couple episodes of this shitty game, we’re going to start our next LONG Let’s Play….stay tuned…..


It’s time for us to play MARIO PARTY ADVANCE over at Press Buttons ‘n Talk

this game is….so….fun……


SZA SUCH FUN ENERGY BUT IMMA HIT YALL WITH THE SLOW CLIP If you had any doubts about @justsza talent you can press play. Also this slumber party outfit! #sza #omf #oakland

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