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hey guys !! i’m not going to be posting anything this evening, as i’ve got a very, very important exam for me tomorrow, and i’m using last hours to cram up! i’ve studied entire summer but i’m so anxious (despite it being a joke my… hands are shaking as i type… 14 hours before the exam) and — i don’t know if it helps, or if it doesn’t, but i’d be very grateful if i could get some positive words / vibes / even tips on reducing the anxiousness. thank you !!

Friends-themed Study Moods
  • The Monica: perfect posture sitting at a desk, colored gel pens in a cup, candles, homework in perfectly aligned stacks and clipped neatly on clipboards, Cornell notes, color-coded planner(s?) full of lists, dates from your syllabus input the very first day of classes, Pomodoro timers ticking in the background, highly focused with no music and no distractions, a bite of an Oreo as a reward for every page read, post-its for everything
  • The Chandler: instant coffee that's getting cold, Netflix playing alongside a Google Doc study guide, late night study sessions alone in a dark dorm room, constantly texting your best friend trying to help them pass and convinced teaching them is also helping you, responding to intrusions with sarcasm to hide happiness that hey at least this means it's break time, under a lot of stress but never quite enough to quit Netflix
  • The Ross: sitting in a library the first week of school, papers scattered all around in "organized chaos", reading ahead for your classes, a BIC ballpoint and yellow highlighter in your hand, losing points on assignments by overthinking everything and forgetting to answer the actual questions and then emailing your profesor, textbooks on the side that have nothing to do with the classes you're taking, dinosaur socks, debates everything and acts annoyed but definitely enjoys it, decaf coffee but if anyone asks it's a triple shot
  • The Rachel: studying with friends at Starbucks with a no whip mocha frappuccino, asking one another for help, making flashcards to quiz each other with, notes with purple pen and metallic gold for the headers, pop music playing over headphones, every Mildliner in your Kipling 100 pen case, hair up in a clip, planner that you fill only around exam time, doodles on everything, somehow finding yourself on pinterest or online shopping
  • The Joey: midterm? there's midterm?, cramming the night before, texting friends for help but they're all asleep (except maybe Joey), energy drinks and junk food, scrawling notes out in pencil on scrap paper even though you'll never have time to review them, watching Khan Academy and other Youtube vids on 1.5x speed, migrating to work on your (unmade) bed even though you know it's a bad idea, waking up without realizing you even fell asleep and then setting five alarms for the morning, understanding the fact that you do well under pressure
  • The Phoebe: messy buns, sitting outside either on a picnic table or the grass, you can be alone or with friends you'll do fine either way, rings glinting in the sun, losing track of time, snacking on nuts, an 8tracks playlist of indie alternative music mixed with some electro everyone's surprised about, you don't show off how much you know so you're constantly underestimated, coming up with rhymes and mnemonics to memorize things, pressed juice in a reusable bottle as well as some tea in a old pasta sauce jar, essential oils, Tumblr during study breaks
Little Things


A/N: This is my very bad attempt at something cute, but you know… Fluff isn’t my best. Also a bit different from what I’ve done in the past, so feedback would be great. I messed up the months, I’m aware. 

Word count: 3,365

Pickering, Canada
April 2024

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Here’s a beautiful vegan berry icecream bowl from a few days ago, topped with chia seeds and almonds and a fresh pressed orange juice. :)

Petname Babygirl II pt. 5

Yoongi x reader, Jimin

genre: smut, aaangst

word count: too long, 15.3k

Returning home and having a week off was nice, but after coming back to work everything changed.

Bugfuck. How could this happen? Hastily you ran after Yoongi, shoes in your hands as you made your way through the crowds inside the airport.

“I’m not that fast!”, you called out to him, the hundredth time already, but he wouldn’t slow down as you squeezed yourself with your stuff through a group of tourists which stood in your way.

“You are or who do you talk to?”, he said annoyed, his mood dropped to the bottom.

In your mind you cursed him and his impatience. You overslept this night. At six your flight should depart, but it was five past six and you ran like hell through the whole bloody airport, hands packed with your stuff and Yoongi’s laptop as he had to carry something for his brother as well. Sweat pooled on your back, running down slipping inside your underwear. God, he had to slow down!

“We can’t make it anyway, why the haste?”, you tried to sooth him into taking the next flight. It wouldn’t make any difference anyway.

Yoongi turned his head, face contoured in anger and annoyance. “For fucks sake, take those legs in your hand and run, woman!”


“I do!”, you shouted, anger fuelling your mind as well. He had longer legs and hadn’t to walk without shoes! He could talk, but it was you who struggled, not him.

06:15am you sat in your seats in the plane which seriously waited for you two. The stuff even apologised that you had to run through the whole airport instead of getting picked up at the entrance. With wide eyes you watched as Yoongi nodded, taking his seat next to yours. “It’s okay, but another time I will not be that patient, got it?” His voice was calm, but it was too calm and you heard the slight trace of the anger he had just shown so openly to you.

The stewardess nodded, bowing deeply to apologise again. Wow, he must’ve great impact even above the clouds. Yoongi scrunched his nose, a sign that he was tensed, his brows furrowed as he closed the seat belt over his jeans. Yes, he wore jeans, not because he really wanted to, but it was the first and easiest thing he fished out of the suitcase this morning. A plain back shirt and his typical boots as well. So not Min Yoongi. As you told him that, giggling next to him in the car he just threw an annoyed glance towards you, his lips twitching a little. Maybe it was your own outfit. Maybe.. Okay, it definitely was your clothes. You let your black sweatpants on and slid into the first shirt you found, too. It was a dark blue blouse and your pumps. Yes, you looked horrible, but he didn’t give you enough time to change into something different than those damn sweatpants. The sweat and messy hair completing your outfit messily and you were utterly embarrassed by now. Luckily you stuffed a leggings inside your handbag and was eager to change into it the moment the sign above your seats got off.

“Laptop”, Yoongi’s voice was tensed, his eye bags even darker as he reached for his laptop from underneath your legs. His hand slid down slowly over your curves ere he grabbed what was looking for. The goosebumps which formed on your arms covered with the fabric of the blouse hid it from him. He liked to tease some reactions out of you.

Time ticked and as you were high enough in your route the signs were switched off with the slight ring of the usual bell in an air plane. Hastily you opened your seat belt, stumbling over your stuff before you rushed to the small door behind a curtain in front of the seats. It was as small as the toilets in the economy class, not bigger, but cleaner. A movement and your wide sweatpants fell down exchanged by the tight black leggings and a feeling of relief. Just as you were about to pull them over your ass covered in a white thong you heard a faint knock on the cabin’s door.

“Just a moment, please”, you called out to the person waiting to enter the toilet after you.

“Open up”, a dark, quiet voice followed and you were perplexed a moment until you realized that it was Yoongi who stood in front of the closed door. You pulled the leggings up, turning around ere you opened the small door.

“You could’ve waited until I finished”, you said, still annoyed by his previous behaviour as he shooed you through the entire airport with bare feet.

Instead of answering he closed the curtain which separated the toilet from the first class seats and pushed you back inside the small booth. You knew exactly what he wanted and therefore you smirked at him, half-heartedly.

“Eager?”, you asked, a teasing question he asked you every so often. An unamused small chuckle fell from his pink lips, his grey thatch a mess from sleeping only an hour ago. Yoongi looked so very young in his youthful outfit and the messy hair, his usual attire of suit and tie opposing to his clothes today. You liked it and hoped he would dress like this more often outside of work.

“Not in the mood for your teasing, baby girl”, he said serious before he grabbed your shoulders to push you down, but Yoongi hesitated as he looked down to see that you just changed out of that ugly – so comfy – sweatpants. The curve of your ass and thighs was straining the material of the leggings and he had to gulp as far as you saw. Good choice, y/n, you praised yourself mentally.

“Turn around”, he commanded and as you did you felt his big hands on your ass the moment you faced the wall. The booth was too small for some wild action. “Put it on your list. More leggings in the office.”

“Check”, you smiled to yourself as Yoongi’s fingers left your butt to smack your ass. You felt it wobbling, the thin, transparent material showing him every ounce of flesh which wiggled underneath his hit. And so he repeated his motion while he rubbed himself over your ass.

“We have no time for foreplay, baby girl”, he sounded a little disappointed, but at the same time you heard the zipper of his jeans and as you tried to glance back you saw how he pulled his pants down. He wore no boxers and this thought alone aroused you a little. Controlling, clever, dominant Yoongi forgot his boxers. It made you snickers as to why the grey haired man’s attention was on you again.

“What’s so funny? This?”, you almost let the cry in your throat out as he reached back to give your ass a violent smack. “Guess it was”, his voice was a mixture of dark arousal and innocence.

With that he leaned forward, rubbing his erect cock over you clothed ass, pressed down hardly ere he reached his hand to your neck, pushing you down until your hands lay flat on the wall above the actual toilet, while he exposed your newly covered ass. A swift movement and another hit landed on the same spot as before, starting to tingle and in no time it would start to hurt, you knew it already.

“You look damn fine with this signature red mark of my hand on your ass, baby girl. How about I do this frequently?”, it was nearly a purr, but the hidden meaning made you shudder. You were marked by him, utterly, entirely bruised by him as he tied you to bed, kissed, licked, nibbled and bit your whole body. They were prominent and difficult to cover under your daily clothes, some marks always visible, but they felt good. Especially as he made them. The thought alone let a shiver ran down your spine while you felt your heat tightening.

“How about you don’t talk so much? The other passenger’s will be suspicious of us”, you announced with impatience in your voice.

“They will be not just suspicious if you moan my name”, he grinned, showing his pearly whites and a spark of his gummy smile which was exchanged by the typical smile that showed how full of himself he actually was. And he had reason to be as you were content that you had to muffle your moans in no time.

Yoongi rubbed your ass a few time, the space inside the booth so small he was pressed hot and throbbing on your core, your bare back coated in his pre cum. How long was he ready? Not just the few minutes you spent in there, that was certain. You tried to arch your back as far as you could, ass high up so he could have the best access to your entrance which was still covered in your white thong.

“I really want to stretch this scene, baby girl, but I need some release”, Yoongi’s voice got darker, laced with pure hunger as his finger stroked over your clothes pussy, the material feeling so tight in this position, your own arousal leaking a bit out on the edges. “Look who is eager.” His index finger enclosed around the fabric on your butt hole, tracing it a few times and you knew he was teasing your limit. No ass play. But before you could protest he pulled strongly on your underwear, the fabric cutting through your folds. Why had he to do this again? It was so arousing when he done this, your clit getting rubbed while sharpness cut inside your folds. You felt how your juices mixed inside the white thong, coating it as to why Yoongi hissed. How badly you wanted to see the expression on his face!

“I can’t wait to feel you, Mr. Min”, you purred, voice quietly whispering his name in awe. You knew it turned him on if you said his name in the most solemn tune you could, his ego stroked by just his name falling from your lips. It worked, because you could hear a growl coming out of his chest, his finger letting loose so abrupt the thong clashed down on your core, making your moan softly. The next you knew was that you heard him pumping himself a few times, the slick sound of his pre cum getting spread over his erect cock before his hands returned to the soft flesh of yours, taking the thong back in his hand to shove it aside, laying your heated pussy for his display. You tightened it purposely, pressing some juice out.

“That’s my girl”, he hummed proudly. “I didn’t even touch you and you’re so wet already. It’s easy to slide in right?”

“Yes, yes”, you eagerly said, now even as lustful as his voice filled the room.

“Wrong, baby girl”, he responded, voice an octave lower and mock lacing it deep. Confused you furrowed your brows, but as you felt what he did it made your head spin. Hot, wet saliva touched your entrance, his spit spread across your pussy with his thumb. “So beautiful, but so so fucking slutty..” This time you heard how he spit on you, not on your folds but above it, his coated thumbs sliding through his own saliva to allocate it to your butt hole.

“NO!”, you almost cried out, but he smacked you hard to stay still and silent.

“Chill, god damn, woman!”, he said, massaging your other hole slowly. “I won’t put anything in, just a little stimulation, for fucks sake.”

You relaxed again, hearing him say ‘woman’ made you proud, but you wouldn’t admit it. Yoongi was right, it stimulated you insanely as his thumb circled around your ass down to your entrance and back. Ere you could stop anything your started to pant, your pussy now tight with expectation and arousal. Yoongi seemed to sense it and pushed his cock inside you without another warning, the feeling of each other making both of you grunt at the same time. He didn’t give you time to adjust and started to move fast – your own juices plus his saliva was definitely enough for him to glide just right inside of your wetness. Merciless he hit his hips against your ass, his balls reached as far to your pussy, hitting on you. The sounds were wet, naughty, loud enough for everyone to hear who dared to sit in the front seats and went past the curtain covered booth.

Yoongi’s cock reached deep from behind, your sweet spot getting touched slightly. He was so erect and throbbing by now that it was just a matter of time until you heard him pant, his breath hitting your neck as he leaned forward, his hands on your bouncing, clothes breasts as he thrust hard into you. Although you tried not to, a few shaky moans fell from your lips, loud enough for everyone to hear. That the stewardess didn’t disturb you was all, but it was glass clear that nobody dared to interrupt Min Yoongi.

“Say my name”, the panting man demanded behind you, his fingers digging deeper in your flesh and you were sure that they were bruised by the time you landed.

“Mr. Min”, you said quietly, the thrust making it blurry even in your ears.


“M-Mr. Min”, you moaned his time, his hips clashing on yours. “You feel so..g-good.”

Yoongi grunted, liking the way his name was heard from your lips, wanting to hear it louder, screaming on top of your lungs. And he put in on his personal list, making it his goal the next time you two were all alone. “Don’t stop saying it, baby girl.”

And so you did not stop to call out his name, quietly enough for nobody to turn the volume of their music louder, but noisy enough for everybody to notice, but you couldn’t care less the more lust you felt. You began to tighten around him, his thrust getting shallow and sloppy and then all his release was melted by your contradicting pussy. Hisses and muffled howls filled the booth, slow, tardy movements of his hips signalling he let his last drops of cum fill inside your folds ere he pulled out, a streak of his white release leaking out of you to which he leaned down, stuffing it back in. Yoongi adjusted your white underwear over your filled core, giving your ass a final, small hit before you heard the rustling of his jeans as he pulled them back to their original place above his now satisfied cock. It took you a minute to straighten yourself and pulling your leggings up, your legs wobbling from the tension in your limbs.

“Be a good girl and let my cum inside your slutty pussy”, Yoongi whispered leaning down as you turned around to press his wet, warm lips on your neck. He remained like this for a while ere he pushed himself off of you, the spot wet and tingling where his lips touched your heated skin. You wanted them elsewhere, badly. But you wouldn’t try to kiss him again, two times you got rejected, not a third. “If you do as I say a surprise awaits you at your house”, Yoongi grinned exhausted, unlocking the door and slandering back to his seat a few rows down the aisle. Most of the personal as well as some passengers watched him intently, but he didn’t notice, or didn’t want to notice them on his way back. Unlike you. It was a walk of shame, a short one, but you felt everyone’s view on your back as you made your way next to Yoongi.

“Take the rest of the week of, y/n I don’t want anyone to see my marks and think I abused you”, Yoongi drove onto the street which reached your house in one or two minutes. “I will call you.”

And so he parked right in front of your door, letting you our with a faint smile ere you heard the screeching wheels telling you he went home himself.

Excited you entered your small apartment. You had his cum still in you, the way you clenched your pussy starting to get uncomfortable, but what lay on your coffee table was enough to forget it. A huge bouquet full of coral-red roses and a dark blue casket in front of it. The fact that he had access to your apartment was shocking, but you had no time to think about that right now as you rushed to the table, bag and suitcase falling on the floor.

You didn’t know why, but your hands trembled reaching out to read the tiny card which was put in between the bouquet.

I’m not good expressing my feelings, but the meaning of the color represents my current desire for you. Enjoy your week off.

Min Yoongi

Well, your best friend would’ve known the meaning of the hue, but you didn’t. Therefore you had to search for it on the internet and the meaning represented Yoongi’s feelings exactly, just as you thought. Desire, longing, lust, erotic. Not bad, Min Yoongi, you thought, grinning from ear to ear as you put the roses into a vase with water. They found place on your dining table next to the couch, ready to be looked at the whole week. You planned to call your best friends after you unpacked to invite them over, the roses purposely on display for them.

Your attention was drawn by the card a few more times and you contemplated who and when he ordered someone to go in your apartment. Shaking your head while giggling you decided that you didn’t really care as you stepped back to your coffee table to lift the small casket. Curious you looked for a sign of the brand, but the clever man had chosen a box without one. Therefore you clicked it open with shaking fingers and the shiny, silvery watch let your jaw drop.

“Unbelievable”, you whispered, taking the watch into your hands to inspect it more closely. It was all around silvery, the hand in a rose hue while small, glistering diamonds lined the surface. Not that this man made your head spin, no, the presents you got were as beautiful as his gummy smile!

You fished for your phone inside your handbag and as you found it hastily scrolled through your contact list.

You: The watch is gorgeous, Mr. Min! Thank you so much [02:24pm]

You never got a reply, making you strangely nervous and a tinge of sadness struck you. Anxiety crept into your head, you knew exactly where such feelings where going, but admitting them? Over your dead body. It was no use to tell him, better closing the invisible drawer in your head and locking away the upcoming feelings you started to develop for a man who paid for your body, not caring for your mind in the slightest. He told you as you talked about the conditions of this contract, no hard feelings, just sex in exchange to gifts. Even though it has its perks to get expensive presents which were utterly astonishing, but deep inside you knew that you would’ve agreed to his offer without getting rewarded.

The good mood from before clouded by such thoughts made you sigh. Better not poking further into this theme. With that you called your friends, deciding to meet in two days for some ladies night at yours.

Yoongi left work the next days deep in thought. Something was missing as he sat there working on some client’s file alone in his office. He looked through the room more than once, waiting to see you anywhere to pleasure him, hearing your voice hoarse after you sucked him off, cum spilling from your lips. How often was he hard? The whole day? The grey thatch shaking he wandered through the dark company, all his workers already home at their families, friends. Only he would drive home, switching the lights on to see, right, nobody.

Pull yourself together you weak ass loser, a voice called out for him inside his head. That’s it. Pulling his self pitying weak head out of his ass he got in his car, starting the engine to drive through the night. His thoughts went wild and in no time he found himself in front of your apartment. Blinking he shook his head again, laughing at himself. What was he doing here anyway? Going up to see you? Make you suck him dry ere he fucked you? Not a bad idea, but that would show his weakness in front of you. He liked if you came to him, not the other way around, expect the texts he had to sent you constantly to signal for you to show up.

As he sat there, not moving a limb to drive away, he saw light shining through your windows in the first floor. Yoongi imagined how you would be alone on your small sofa, listening to some music in your bathrobe, just as you did in your shared room on the business trip. He had enjoyed your company then, finding you waiting whenever he went to attend meetings and with almost transparent desire he longed for you to wait for him in his apartment as well. So ready, wet and willing to make him forget his stressful days.

He also wondered if you received the small gift and card he had personally chosen for you ere he remembered your texts a few days ago. You had gotten them, but he never replied also he was content to do it after the meeting he had that evening of your arrival. Yoongi never did, losing himself in his work again and after he woke up the next day he felt dumb for answering you after one day. Before you went on that business trip together he had difficulties choosing the right kind of roses and by the time he cursed himself that he didn’t chose the white ones, representing his feelings clearer. Too late, but next time they would be white.

Just as he was determined to shake off his lust filled and kind of pity thoughts, the light in your windows were switched off. Yoongi waited a bit more. Two options possible. 1, you went to bed, it was late, almost midnight. 2, you had plans, leaving your apartment.

It was the second option, he had to ascertain. And your appearance shook him, awake now while he straightened behind the steering wheel to make sure his eyes didn’t lie. Luckily he parked a few metres away on the other side of the street as he watched you step out of the house, three persons following behind you; two women and a man. Yoongi felt kinda bad to spy on you in the dark, the voice in his head rolling on the floor laughing at him for his actions. Never had he thought that you would actually step out of your home at this time, it was a weekday. But then he remembered that he had told you to take off the rest of the week off for your bruised skin to recover before you started work again next monday.

And here you were, the most attractive young woman between two average looking ones – okay, maybe they were pretty, but his dark eyes were drawn to you. Black tights under a dark, short skirt, your ass so fucking round in it he had to hold himself back to call out for you. Your high heels were new for him and the dark red, tight blouse under the leather jacket clinging to your upper curves deliciously, his dick twitching in his suit pants. You stood in front of your door, waiting till your companions were ready to leave with you. Yoongi saw how your hair waved in the cool breeze of early autumn, knowing how it smelled, how you felt and he was ready.

Several questions clouded his tired mind. What were you doing so pretty tonight? Who was this damned man? Why wasn’t you by his side to make the night pleasurable for him? Why the hell was his cock erect from just looking at you? Too many questions, but the prominent ones about fucking you. That’s what he was here for anyway. Yoongi wanted you, the only girl in the world that could make him relax right now, annoyed by the fact that he had to jerk himself off another night, the third in a row.

He had to draw a line. All he felt for you was desire, hunger for your body, nothing more and that he knew while he decided to start the engine and drive off without looking back at you. He didn’t care whoever that man was, probably the boyfriend of one of the other two girls, not caring where you went off to tonight. The only thing he really wanted was to fuck you right now, his cock feeling tight under his pants. Cursing he had to turn into a darker alley, the way home too long to wait as his balls hurt already from being erect almost the entire day again. Fuck, he could’ve done it in his bureau, but no, here he parked in some shabby lane secluded from the main street, pants pulled down while his hand stroked his cock. The white pre cum pooling on his tip the prefect lubricant, his hand gliding over his shaft heavily. Pictures of you, naked and in all kinds of positions flooded his mind and it took no time for him to come with such thoughts. The white semen spurted in the handkerchief of his suit, the fabric soaked, coating his palm with some drops of his cum.

“Fuck”, was all he grunted, the tightness of his balls finally gone. Now he could drive home, but his thoughts never left your body in that damn tight crimson blouse. By the time he finally got home he was hard again, the night filled with low hisses as he came again picturing you bouncing on his dick inside his office.

The next few days he was content to punish you for not even telling him that you partied the night, the profile photo of the messenger speaking for you. Drinks in both hands, the guy from before in the middle of three women, his arm around your shoulders while grinning into the camera of a phone. He was too fucking close to his belonging and if something would have happened between the two of you, he didn’t know how would react, but one thing was for sure. Yoongi would be furious.

Thin ice you walked on and you better not pissed him off any further. The week was traced with him being mad about every small mistake of his employees, Ana Jung, your co-worker making his work as difficult as she could and he couldn’t wait for you to come back to smooth her mistakes out ere he got the files, sucking him dry the moment you entered the office. Only then he had seen her, her legs spread wide whenever Yoongi asked her in his office, getting weak after seeing you with that man, his hand touching you, your eyes telling him not to stop and one thing topped the other. He was horny the entire night, day, morning, every damn hour thinking about you and then it happened..

“Mr. Min?”, a knock disturbed him, waking him from his thoughts. Mr. Kim entered the office without Yoongi telling him to. He had a sheet in his hand, the hair brushed out his handsome face while he smiled, a huge one letting Yoongi’s lips twitch as well. Kim Seokjin was his best employee and after years of working with him a good friend of his. “I brought good news for you.”

Hey Yoongi,

you told me to call you before I come home, but my phone broke a few days ago and I hadn’t time to get a new one. I’ll be home tomorrow, so make sure to order some good food and clean my room for me, will you? Bought the best wine! Can’t wait to visit the company and a special stubborn girl. See you tomorrow.


Yoongi beamed as he read the printed mail, the regret filled thoughts about some stupid mistake vanished. Until he looked at the date above his brother’s note. “When did you receive this?”

“Yesterday night, but I just printed it as I went home at five yesterday. My nephew’s birthday, remember?”, his assistant and friend explained. “Why do you ask?”

Just then another knock reached the two men before the door opened quietly, a grey haired man with a bright smile that reached his eyes peeked through the gap in the door. Jimin stepped inside Yoongi’s office who didn’t move, the shock of his brother’s arrival seeking through his body. He expected him in a week, maybe tomorrow, but not the instant.

“What’s with that disappointed look on your face? Aren’t you happy to see me?”

Yoongi shook himself out of his shocked state, standing up to round his wooden desk. He opened his arms with his signature gummy smile, hugging his younger brother shortly.

“I didn’t expect to see you right now, and by the heavens not here”, Yoongi responded, motioning through the office. “You definitely sent your mail too late, Jimin.”

“One day before my arrival”, the man grinned, showing his crooked front tooth while looking astonished around the room. “Never thought your office was that stylish. More like old fashioned”, he smirked at his older brother who stepped back to lean against his desk next to Seokjin. He knew Jimin as well, greeting the man with a slight bow and a polite smile on his full lips.

“Can you leave for a moment?”, Yoongi turned towards his employee who nodded and after the door fell shut behind him, Jimin’s attention wandered back to his brother.

“How’s y/n doing?”, the younger one took a seat in front of his brother, legs crossed and arms lazily hung over the armrests as if it was his own office.

Yoongi’s eyes got a special sparkle, gloomy as he heard your name fall so easily from his lips. How was she doing? He was silent, not knowing how you were doing, his mind wandering back to you and then another picture shoving yours aside. He had to close his eyes shortly, abandoning the heaviest mistake he had done in ages.

“Guess it’s okay”, he shrugged his clothed shoulders, eyes locked with his brother who tilted his head, a knowing smirk plastered in his plump lips.

“Got tired of her already?”

By god, no, he thought. Would he be able to even get tired of you? He meant, your body was addicting, satisfying him perfectly. “No. But didn’t you want to move back in like a week?”, he tried to change the subject of you as fast as he could before his brother could melt one feeling after the other out of his eyes.

“Couldn’t wait to see you”, he flashed Yoongi his typical charming smile, not the slightest ashamed of this lie. “And of course I wanted to meet y/n again, too. So, tell me Yoongi. Why her? She has a loose mouth and seems not to notice what a dick you can be”, he laughed, holding his hand in front of his face. “Come on, a joke!”

“Not funny, Jimin”, Yoongi grinned, knowing exactly what his brother’s innuendo resulted in. In the past Yoongi was an asshole, using women only for his pleasure, making them do whatever he liked even if they despised him. He jumped on every girl he laid eyes on ere he was forced to study hard, his new longing his work, making money and being successful. These were times he had no self-control, his attitude and behaviour making every girl he had feelings for cry and in no time they were gone. It was always the same, so no wonder his brother brought it up. He himself didn’t know why you even agreed to his offer – the presents weren’t worth it for you, he knew it. And after you would hear about his recent shit you would end it in the blink of an eye, he knew it.

“Why’s she not here? I slandered over every fucking floor looking for her”, Jimin said, his expansive hand movement showing Yoongi how annoyed his brother was. “This place is damn huge and after one damn hour I gave up So, tell me, is she here? Or did you lie to me?”

What the fuck was Jimin’s problem? Why had he to ask so many freaking questions about you? He had no right to ask anyway! Therefore Yoongi circled his desk again, laying his head onto his folded hands on the wooden table. “Has the rest of the week off. Monday she will be here.”

“Mhm”, his younger brother hummed, smiling mocking at him. “I’m excited to see her, Yoongs.”

“Can we fucking change the subject? You get on my nerves talking shit about her the whole time. Better start pulling out a sheet and write down what I tell you to. The first thing is: Don’t get on my nerves”, Yoongi scoffed while Jimin only laughed, holding onto the armrests at his brother’s remark.

Monday morning came faster than you expected, the week off flying by too fast for your liking. You had spent some days working out, visiting your parents and foremost going out with Pia and Sarah, her annoying boyfriends with them almost every night. The tries coaxing them into leaving their partners at home fruitless wherefore the nights most contained you alone dancing on the dance floor while they made out somewhere in the clubs.

The rest of the time you walked around the city, went shopping and although you didn’t want to, prepared some sheets for work. It gave not a minute you had time to think about Min Yoongi, the one you admired far too much, your sensitive spots crying to be touched the instant you lay in bed at night. Your body wanted him, the feelings in your head muting.

It was time. Today you would finally get him again! Therefore you dressed in some cute mini skirt, a lavender colored blouse, leaving your panties at home. At least today it should be allowed, your undies would be thrown away anyway after he finished inside you.

“Y/n!”, a female voice called your name the instant your feet touched your work-floor. Ana jumped out of her chair, rushing to you before she laid her hands on your shoulders. “I need your help! God, I missed your company. Where were you? Why was he back, but you weren’t? Were you sick? Why didn’t you call me if that’s the reason. I tell you, the office was on fire the whole week, the boss’ mood on the bottom of his damn expensive floor!”

You had to collect your thoughts after you were bombarded with so many questions at once. Ana talked too much, your mind not able to follow everything she hastily said to you.

“I wasn’t sick, had the week off”, you assured her with a faint smile. The reason for your absence a secret from everybody but Yoongi and you. “But what do you meant with ‘on fire’? Did something happen?”

The tall women shook her head, stress straining her pretty face, eye bags clearly darker than the last time you saw her. “Min Yoongi happened, y/n. He had the worst mood since I started working here. Seems tense and stressed. And maybe the office wasn’t on fire, but my ass. I made so many mistakes again and even the good reports were sent back!”, she walked back to her desk while you followed her in silence. “You need to help me, please. I can’t do this anymore. Mr. Min had called me inside his office almost four times this week. Four fucking times.”

Oh oh. That wasn’t the greeting you had expected and the relaxing week suddenly decomposing in front of your eyes. Sighing you took a seat across Ana’s and contemplated what next steps you would’ve to take. Late nights would be daily again, thank you Ana.

“Have you done it as we talked about? Didn’t Mr. Kim help you out?”

She nodded, her expression a mess of fear and tension. “He had no time for us employees this week. Some important person, a business man or whoever he is, arrived last week and Mr. Kim had to organise so many things for him that he was too busy helping me with my own shit.”

You nodded, taking a look at her reports and she did everything right in your eyes. “Give me some time, will you?” With that you started your work, eyes running through the marked pages and had to admit that she did not as bad as before as to why you didn’t understand the overreaction from your boss., the relaxing atmosphere in your bones from your free week missing as if it never was there.

After two hours you finished her files and told her that she did good. “Guess he had a bad week. Try as hard as you did with these one and by time everything will be alright”, you smiled at her, handing the files back.

“Thanks, y/n”, Ana said, her usually cheerful personality slowly creeping back into her smile. “Have you seen the business man I told you about? Every female human in this company is talking about his charms.” That’s how you liked her. Chattering and cheerful, slowly but steadily she was back to her normal state, the mischief she had in her eyes sparkling. But to her disappointment you shook your head with a laugh. “I haven’t seen him myself, but he is told to resemble our boss and by god, if he is really as charming as everyone says, I will catch him myself”, she winked at you and you knew that she would be able to do just that.

“Who is gonna catch who?”, a male, dark voice, kind of familiar sounded through the floor. The same one which called you a whore only a week ago. Rolling your eyes you scoffed, rubbing your hands over your face before you stood up.

“No one”, you said, bowing ere you motioned Ana to do it alike. “It’s nice to see you, again.”

Plump lips stretched over perfect white teeth, a tiny dimple on the right side of his cheek showing as Jimin reached for your hand. His smile didn’t reach his eyes to its fullest, scorn and interest glistering inside his dark oculars as he locked eyes with your own. “Pleasure is mine, y/n. Or wait, what’s your last name?”

“Y/l/n”, your answer was stiff, the same way your body cramped as your hand touched his for a short moment before his attention turned towards Ana, whose eyes got wide, her pretty face contoured in a bright smile.

“And yours?”, Jimin took Ana’s hand and squeezed it a few times, his smile as charming as the rumours told.

“Jung. Ana Jung.”

“Beautiful name, Ana. I’m Park Jimin, younger brother of Min Yoongi and new chairman of our partner firm”, he introduced himself and as he spoke out his brother’s name, your knees got weak what didn’t go unnoticed as Jimin knowingly pulled his eyebrows up. “Will you attend the meeting today?”

“They will”, another voice reached your small group of people. Goosebumps and shudders lining your body at Yoongi’s deep voice. He wore his typical costly looking suit, the grey thatch neatly combed with the same aura surrounding him as always. Dangerous, smart and mighty, steps large and confident as he stepped out his own elevator to come closer to the small group of yours. The only vast difference was the glance he shot towards you. Glaring, dark eyes pierced through your own, anger and hunger mixing inside his dark orbs as he locked eyes with you for a brief moment.

“Three pm, not a single second later at the meeting room one floor above. I expect excellent work from you, Miss Jung as you will hold the meeting today”, Yoongi said, his eyes laying on Ana as she stood there, stiff limbs and wide eyes.


“No but. I thought you wanted to as a sign that your presentations are a lot better than your recent work.” With that he turned around, signalling his brother to follow him back to the hidden, two sided mirrored elevator. He avoided looking at you and didn’t even talk a word to you which made you strangely angry and sad at the same time, his last week’s behaviour utterly different from his current one.

Your gaze followed the two men and as Yoongi turned around to push the elevator’s button you caught him staring back at you. The glances you exchanged told you that you fucked things up, but couldn’t get a hold of one thing that might be the cause of his glare. Yoongi didn’t turn away, not even as the metal doors closed. You couldn’t read him, not today as to why you started to feel anxious. Now that you developed a few feelings you didn’t expect him to end the agreement so soon. You weren’t ready, not after the sex inside the whirlpool or the time he shot you one of his sparsely given smiles.

The time went by too slowly. After two hours of work you had everything ready and helped Ana with her new task. You two made good progress as you looked at your watch and decided it would be the perfect opportunity for a short break.

Ana and you sat beside one of the huge windows at the ground of the big building, other employees also eating their lunch next to you. Mostly women consorted with you, chatting about their work, weekends or other personal stuff, but your thoughts were everywhere but on their talk.

What if Yoongi already was tired of you? Was it your outgoing personality or the way you couldn’t satisfy him? Weren’t you enough for him? He hadn’t 'cheated’, had he? Too many questions roamed your hazy mind as you poked around your food, no appetite as long as you stood in the dark. It would take a few hours until you could speak to him alone, too long for your liking. How were you supposed to concentrate further on your work or some files?

“I tell you he didn’t get a good fuck in a while”, Ana grunted next to you. “He even forced me to hold today’s presentation! Can you believe that his brother is the complete opposite from his asshole?”

Your attention was drawn by her words. She was angry at Yoongi, you would too, if he decided to push you into the cold water with your first important presentation ever.

“Have you heard that one young woman tried to seduce him last week?”, one of the women at your table said, Nina, Nora or what her name might be. Her words let you choke on your food, coughing heavily not to die at your first bite from your apple. Was she for real? Yoongi sleeping with another women than yourself? You couldn’t believe it. He wouldn’t do it, right? Or would he? Therefore you tried to listen to the next sentences which were exchanged, turning your stomach upside down.

“She only talks about it, right? How can she be proud of sleeping with her boss? I hate her anyway, so they seriously fit each other”, another women said, holding her fork in the air. “But he hadn’t agreed nor denied it until now, right?”

“Guess she just made it up”, Ana said, shoving a bite of her sandwich inside her pink painted mouth. What was going on? You stood up without realising it, the rumours too much for you right now. You could cope with them if you knew Yoongi treated you as he always did, but not if he showed you his cold shoulder, glaring at you with anger.

“Excuse me”, you said, rushing to the door that led towards the elevators. You took the first one, going up the highest floor of your company. With nervous, but confident steps you walked straight to Yoongi’s office, knocking and entering it without hesitation or invitation to come in.

“Min Yoongi, I have to talk to y-”, your last word stuck in your throat you stopped your movements immediately.

A young women, maybe a few years older than you, leaned into your boss, her short skirt pulled higher than necessary as she lay her hands next to his on Yoongi’s desk. She was pretty and you definitely recognized her as the one who told the rumours about her sleeping with the chairman. And even you had to admit that it looked exactly like that, too intimate her movements for a usual employee. Therefore you gritted you teeth, hands balled into fists and limbs cramped while you stood there, waiting for your 'lover’ to direct his gaze from her tits towards you. But only slowly, as if he didn’t really care you burst inside his office, he tilted his head, eyes darting in your direction with a smug smirk on his heart shaped lips, his emotions unfathomable.

“Miss y/l/n, can I talk to you in private after Miss Wen is gone?”, his tone was calm, reserved as he spoke to you, a hand motioning for you to turn around and leave until he allowed you to enter again. “Bring the files for the upcoming meeting from Miss Jung please.”

You didn’t say a word, a stinging pain inside your chest as you closed the door behind you, steps heavy while you turned around, your hand wiping one stupid salty thing from your cheek. He was a chairman, a cold one towards you, but that asshole attitude was new. Was he doing her inside his office right now? You were dumb for thinking he would only fuck you, the agreement about other partner for both, but it was only for you.

“If that isn’t y/n.”

Nice, the second person you really didn’t want to see right now stood in front of you, his plump lips curled into a faint smile. You just nodded, pushing your body past Jimin’s to get access of the elevator he stepped out from.

“Yoongi is busy, better knock before you go in”, you spit, the doors closing while you and Jimin looked in each others eyes, his usually mocking, suggestive one wide with shock at you expression, yours gloomy and heated.

Several different thoughts clouded your mind, the picture of that bitch bending down in front of Yoongi, his veiny hands on her ass like they were on yours, his raspy voice in her ears as he spoke profanities of dirty things he would do to her next. Who knows what they were doing? And by the way, you had no right to judge him anyway. The two of you had agreed that you weren’t allowed to fuck someone else, but he never told you that this condition would count for the both of you.

Hands rubbing once over your face, you felt how the strange jealousy and pain slowly started to change into anger, a bit of anxiety mixed in. You were too easy to handle, right? Too naïve to agree to something like that with someone as mighty and cold as Yoongi. A loud scoff rang through the floor while you stomped towards your desk to snatch the material for Ana’s presentation he had longed for, but ere you could move back you had to visit the bathroom, traces of damn stupid feelings on your face, readable for everyone who laid eyes on you. Your reflection never looked that pissed, pain contouring it as well as another feeling; anger. Mixed emotions circled through your head while you splashed water in your face to clear your thoughts. And while you did that, you decided to confront him, the best and easiest method to get to know if he kind of 'cheated’ on you or if all the rumours were nonsense. You prayed to god for the last option, but your intuition told you there was more than a one-sided attraction between them.

Paralysed your feet wouldn’t take you any further as out the elevator of the last floor, people looking strangely at you while you stood there, not moving an inch with a lot of files in your hands and the most pissed expression on your face. If someone would come near you, they would see a thin layer of ice on your shoulders as the person you momentarily hated the most walked light-footed out of Yoongi’s office, her long ponytail swinging from side to side whereas a bright, arrogant smile was plastered on her rather pretty face the moment she saw you. Trembling you waited for her to pass you, but she never did, stopping right in front of your own appearance.

“Better knock when you want to meet Yoongi. Who knows what you could see the next time”, even her voice sounded smug, pure arrogance and confidence vibrating out her body. You hated her for that, no trace of an insecurity, only confidence, in her looks and the way she moved around. “Yoongi already waits for you, better hurry before he gets pissed again.”

Yoongi? Fucking Yoongi? Closing your eyes you tried to collect the few restraints not to throw the sheets you held in your hands at her. The simple sound of his name resonating from her lips made you furious. Not even you were allowed to call him by his first name, especially not in public let alone in the company. As you felt heat rush to your cheeks, hands shaking you just nodded at her. The small movement let your thoughts explode, but it was the best way to cope with her cutting words. Her eyes roamed your body up and down before she victoriously smiled, her long legs taking her away from you. If you would’ve one free hand, your middle finger would wave her goodbye, you swore.

Now it was time to confront him and woe betide him, he should tell you the fucking truth. If he fucked her, the agreement was over for you, if he didn’t then he better explained his shitty behaviour towards you.

“Come in”, you heard his deep voice answer to the three loud knocks you left on his door to signal your arrival.

Silently you closed the door, turning the key inside it’s lock while you felt your blood boil furiously. Faked lazily you turned around, walking past the two padded chairs in front of his desk to drop the files with a loud thud next to the paper he currently worked on, the breeze from your heavy move let it fly away, the ink of his pen smearing it’s white surface.

Your eyes darted down to Yoongi, his own seeming shocked for a second ere they got back to being cold and reserved, his head tilted in your direction while the sheet landed on the ground a few metres away from you two.

“Unnecessary”, he said aloud, the ice in his voice shown to you. “Lift it up”, it was an order, but you didn’t move, not even as his eyes locked with yours, disbelief and challenge lacing them.

“Explain”, you just said, leaning against the desk to face him. “And don’t even try to lie to me.”

Now it was his time to do what you said, not the way around. You wanted answers. It was a week, a fucking week and he treated you as if the time in the hotel never happened. As if you two were not constantly fucking each other and as if he couldn’t care less the moment you woke up today. Maybe it was your imagination, but you felt as if Yoongi wasn’t sure anymore with everything he offered you. It kind of hurt to admit it, but you were afraid he would just cancel it and do as if you never had anything with each other, the damn feelings you shoved to the back of your head blurring your vision. But you could never say it, not as long as he wouldn’t tell you his feelings first – even though you were sure he didn’t feel anything other than lust towards you. “Go. On.”

An annoyed sound fell from his lips while he crossed his arms in front of his chest, orbs roaming your body the same way his bitch already glanced at you which made you angry.

“Okay, you don’t want to talk, then fuck yourself the next weeks”, you scoffed at him and to your surprise did the corner of his mouth twitch, a signal that a smile or grin would contour his lips in no time.

“What do you wanna hear, y/n?”, Yoongi pulled his eyebrows up. “Don’t you think you should tell me something first? Like who the fucking guy on your damn picture is? He is touching you. And you are mine, nobody’s touching what belongs me”, his voice was calm, too calm for you while he stood up slowly, his body smooth under the costly looking suit.

You were startled at his accusation, the man in your photo Pia’s new boyfriend, nobody else but a friend of yours now. Therefore it was your time to cross your arms, your eyes still unsure what to show him.

“I asked first”, best choice of words ever.

“And I don’t care, y/n. Answer me”, Yoongi was closer to you than you liked it right now, his presence, fragrance and heat radiating from him was too much for you to think straight.

“A fucking friend, Mr. Min”, you emphasized his name extremely, signalling him that you already new who could call him by his forename and who didn’t. “I went out with some friends and the man is just my best friend’s damn stupid boyfriend. And now explain what that bitch meant by all her big bad mouthing!”, your mask slowly started to crumble, anxiety taking the front after you really tried to stay calm, confronting him on an adultery level, failing if he wouldn’t start to clear the fronts.

“Miss Wen?”, his gaze burned in yours, the emotion behind his brown eyes unfathomable. The name of hers itself falling from his pink lips drove you crazy, your mind clouded as he innocently spoke her name out. “What have you heard?”

“What wasn’t I allowed to hear?”, you answered with a counter question, a straight line now on your lips. You waited, but all he did was stare at you, thoughts running wild in his own mind, the mask on his pale face a non-transparent structure of coldness, perfectly still. “I’m not allowed to fuck other men, but you are the exception or what?”

Yoongi still didn’t say a word to your assumption of him sleeping with his other employee, but your nerves were super tensed right now. “I haven’t fucked her”, he mumbled, his eyes darting to the door. “Never have.”

Relief washed over you, his announcement lifting the heavy stone from your heart that felt a lot lighter after he had spoken the needed words. He hadn’t slept with her, which didn’t imply that she hadn’t sucked him off though or hadn’t given him a hand job or whatever she was capable of. Maybe he had eaten her out.. This thought was hastily pushed back again. But the others present and lined with a neon frame.

“Anything else?”

“I don’t know why I should give you an explanation of where my dick was the last fucking days! Stop that, you get on my nerves!”, Yoongi snapped, his composure slowly crumbling while he furiously stared at you, eyes darker than ever, but a flickering light of realisation made him stop in his movement. Be it your own expression or an invisible might that held him back, he stopped, lips pressed on another while not moving an inch anymore.

His reaction was enough to know that something definitely happened, if it wasn’t sex than any other physical contact. Your cheering heart clenched tightly in your chest while you held your hand up your mouth, covering the gape which separated your lower lip from the upper one. He was serious, right? His whole body screamed out what he wouldn’t form into words. With strong volition you held the hot fluids forming in your eyes back. He didn’t deserve to see you cry, not over his stupid behaviour. Why did you feel like that anyway? You had no right to.

“Baby girl, I promise you that I never slept with her”, Yoongi’s hands shot forward, wanting to touch your shoulders, but you smacked them away.

“What then, Yoongi? Suck you dry? Making your come with her huge tits? What?”

His hands fell back to his sides, his crumbling mask let you see sparks of regret and anger. He felt anger towards you? You had the right to be at least angry, not sad or whatever, but mad.

“She gave me a blow job last week”, he admitted, his black colored eyes locking with yours. What you saw in them was enough for you to turn around. Not the tiniest feeling of compassion, common-sense or insight. Nothing. Scorn, might and self-assurance was all you witnessed. If he would apologise you wouldn’t even believe him, so you just walked back the way to the door, opened it and rushed to the toilets. Yoongi never followed you, not even his head was looking out his office, the only move his hand closing the door with a loud thud that resonated through the whole floor, all eyes shot towards his now closed bureau.

You frantically held your emotions back. Not a chance you would cry because of that jerk. Never.

The cold water woke you up from your rather drunken state, droplets spilling down your blouse inside your bra, but you couldn’t feel the coldness, your body numb from his statement.

“Fuck”, you heard your own voice sounding through the clean bathroom on the last floor, the mirror reflecting you again, wide eyes, flushed skin with watering eyes. Pathetic. You couldn’t come up with another word. How could one man drive you that crazy? Make you mad with that mistake although you two weren’t even in love, a couple or anything else. You were his bitch, he was your boss and sugar daddy, nothing more and nothing less.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. You tried to get your own ease back, his announcement and the ache in your chest made it impossible to think straight, breathe hitching. You had to find a solution with your rational, rightful half of your working brain. There were a few options forming inside your head. The most prominent one to slap him and this bitch before destroying his fucking office with all his belongings, but you rather refrained from such actions, they might cost you your job. Might.

Either you would confront him again, trying to talk things through and add another thing on the list of your own conditions or end the contract today, right now. Your heart tightened at the thought of ending whatever bond built between you two, your neglected feelings cheering, the feeling of loneliness protesting inside your mind.

Two options. One would it be if you wanted it or not, but while the clock hands slowly creeped further the upcoming meeting approached, a cold shudder running down your spine. Yoongi, Ana, Jimin and this whore would be present. Groaning you splashed another wave of cold water in your face.

“You can do it, y/n. He is just a stupid fucker who will come and beg you to come back to him”, you tried to cheer yourself up, the words leaving your mouth loud and clear pushing your self-esteem up. Sighing you dried you face before you waited another minute, your gaze fixated on your face. It wasn’t the time to drop your shoulders and give up.

“Y/n!”, it wasn’t the man you wanted to call out to you as you left the bathroom half an hour before the meeting. Jimin rushed to you, his face traced with worry. “Wait, please. Just a minute!”

You stopped reluctantly. He was also a chairman and you only a meek employee with low wage. “What can I do for you?”, you asked, faking a friendly smile. It was time to rebuild the mask you dropped inside Yoongi’s office.

Jimin watched you intensely, his eyes darting from the drops of water on your blouse to the one wetting the ends of your hair. “Is everything alright between you and Yoongi?”, his voice was no more than a low whisper. “He seems too tense since last week and now..that.” He gestured towards your soaked upper half, eyes still filled with saltiness.

“Sure all fine and good. Couldn’t be better”, you said hastily, hands adjusting your clothes. Your lie was too obvious.

“You’re a bad liar, y/n”, Jimin smiled at you, his hands shoved inside his suit pants.

“I know, okay? So what do you want?”, you scoffed, voice loud at first, but as you realised your rude tone you had to reprimand yourself. “Please, Jimin.”

Your boss’ brother tilted his head, a motion that resembled his brother’s precisely. “Nothing in particular to be honest. I just wanted to let you know how shitty you look right now. Better fix your clothes in the next”, he pulled his left sleeve up to glance at his expensive watch. “ten minutes.”

What? You had over half an hour until the meeting! You turned around in a haste to look for the clock on the wall. Jimin was right, ten fucking minutes and you were nearly drenched, bra slightly showing through the thin fabric of your lavender colored shirt. Panic may be shown on your face as Jimin started to chuckle, his hand held above his face before he pulled you behind him towards Yoongi’s private elevators.

“No, I can’t ride those-”

“I’m also a boss here, forgot that?”, he cocked his brows up, a faint smile still on his lips while he pulled you behind him in the metal booth, pushing the button on the bottom of the line that lead to the parking lot underneath the company.

“What’re you doing, Jimin? I can’t go shopping or drive home, the clock is ticking here.”

“Can you chill just a second?”, he rolled his brown eyes while crossing his arms. “Mind wearing someone else’s shirt?”

You had no chance but to nod.

“Great, then you can have a bright pink blouse”, he grinned, eyebrows wiggling and without doubt belonged this shirt the last girl he fucked inside his car. Who knew, maybe it was still warm.

“Turn around, you pervert”, your chest was heaving as you tried to hide your lacy bra from all eyes, especially Jimin’s, who sat in the drivers seat, his dark orbs cast in shadows while watching you change clothes. The fact that you had no panties on hindering you from shielding yourself with your legs. “It’s not for your eyes!”

“I know, I know”, he chuckled, but obeyed, his view now directed to the other expensive cars which parked next to his white one. It suited him, his personality playful, charming, white. Unlike his brother whose car was black as the night. Asshole.

After getting dressed in a way too tight blouse, buttons strongly holding onto the material you jumped off the car to rush with Jimin to the meeting which was held by Ana. Not even two minutes left while Jimin pushed the stud upwards. Your hands trembled at the thought of Yoongi and Miss Wen in the same room. Would he sit next to her? Touch her? Would she touch him? What if they did-

“I lend the shirt to you, don’t destroy those buttons, y/n!”, Jimin stopped the nervous tugging of your fingers at the already loosened button at the top of the collar. His hands felt warm on yours while your eyes panic locked with his. “It’s okay, don’t look at me like this. I won’t rip your head off even if you bust it.”

You shook your head. That would be the least reason you had anxiety mixed within your emotions. It was his brother, but you kept it a secret.

“Are you sure everything’s alright with you?”, the elevator’s doors tried open, but Jimin switched the lever to stop it from opening.

“Stop it, Jimin. All good, all fine and now let’s get going, we are late already”, you didn’t dare to meet his gaze, afraid he might see the pain behind your own while you tried to push his hand away.

“Try again.”

“Okay, fine. Your brother wasn’t as nice to me today. Is that enough? If not, then wait till I tell you myself”, finally able to reach the lever you stormed out on the corridor towards the already closed doors to the meeting room, Jimin close behind you. He seemed as your saviour, but actually turned out to be the one who made your life harder now. You knew that you owed him at least an explanation the next time you two would be alone.

“I’m sorry for the disruption”, you narrowed your eyes to your shoes while entering the room after faintly knocking, eight peoples’ eyes fixated on you.

“You’re two minutes late, Miss y/l/n. I don’t like unpunctuality. What took you so long?”, you heard Yoongi’s voice although you didn’t really dare to look up, seeing him with Miss Wen would be too much. Even though the tone of his voice let shivers run down your spine, typically bossy, arrogant and cold.

“I was the cause. Couldn’t find the right room, so Miss y/l/n helped me out a little”, Jimin smirked at his brother, your eyes going wide at his words. He lied. It wasn’t as obvious, but he still lied to your boss (lover, sugar daddy whatever) for you. While you couldn’t stop staring he winked at you, pushing you softly towards a free seat, taking his own right beside you. Just then you noticed who actually sat next to Yoongi. Ana. Miss Wen? Almost groaning you looked left to you, there she was.

“Start”, Yoongi’s low voice resonated from the walls as he gestured for Ana to begin with her presentation. Whereas you watched him across the table, his dark suit, his neatly styled hair, his veiny hands which laid lazily on the table, his slightly closed eyes whose looked in yours. Not the tiniest emotion inside his oculars, yours open as a book.

“As you can see does the…”

You couldn’t listen to your friend’s presentation, her voice only a dull sound like the ocean on a sunny day, its waves quietly after some time. Neither he nor you moved while you stared at each other, his mask gradually crumbling in front of you, but before you could guess the first thing he built it again, this time to perfection. His eyes never left yours, and while you felt awkward to blankly stare at your boss while in a meeting, you swallowed the knot in your throat. It was intimate, a silent conversation between him and you, his eyes speaking, but you didn’t want to listen, avoiding yours after the first unspoken words. Don’t be a bitch, baby girl. Let’s just forget- Not a chance he would be able to talk to you like that, not even if those words weren’t even formed loudly. Therefore you turned your attention towards Ana, who nervously chatted, hands shaking while pointing towards the power point presentation behind her. Up until now you found her reports and solutions quite good, well at least those you actually listened to – could be because you had filled her sheet two thirds yourself.

“What was that?”, it was Jimin who leaned in, his arm touching yours, face dangerously close to your ear. “Exchanging dirty secrets with your boss right next to his little brother?”

You flinched, almost colliding with Jimin’s head, your gaze telling him to shut up. A slight shake, unnoticeable if he wouldn’t have been only centimetres away. But he smirked, his view telling you mischief and amusement, a bit of worry still lacing his eyes. Jimin was sneaky and you better refrained from coming too close to him now. Whatever he thought, he would whisper it in your ear for everyone to notice and be suspicious if you didn’t stop him.

“Any questions?”, Ana’s loud voice reached your ears while Jimin and you still stared at each other, a silent challenge filling the air around you two. Several hands shot up. Your eyes got wide seeing the one hand you better not wanted in the air, hatred you never felt for her filling your eyes to the deepest corners. If she tried to say something negative you were ready to strengthen Ana’s back even more! Therefore you straightened, oculars fixated on Yoongi as Miss Wen started ranting about Ana’s arguments, her own vaguely thin, without content at all. But what interested you a lot more was that Yoongi never even looked at her, Miss Wen’s eyes constantly flying over to him, seeking his attention, but what she was looking for was on you.

“And I don’t think her presentation had enough content to fill the clients needs in information”, she ended her negative critics, proudly smiling at Yoongi, whose eyes still were fixated on you, telling you to defend your co-worker and friend and so you did.

Smoothly, without haste you stood up your upper body and hips stroked by Jimin’s arm that was pressed against you, chair pushed back while you coughed slightly to steady your voice. “I’m honest, Miss Wen, Miss Jung did an excellent presentation. She was prepared, her speech smooth and her arguments had good content. The report which represented the wrong way to deal with the problem of-” It didn’t last long before all eyes lay on you, Jimin’s and Miss Wen’s included, wide, interested eyes. You definitely stated your opinion, defending your friend and doing a pretty fine expression on your boss and your departments head Mr. Kim. “Therefore I think your arguments are too thin to be a load of criticism, Miss Wen.” As thin as your eyebrows, bitch.

Another voice resonated through the room after you took your seat again, a happy, thankful smile on Ana’s lips and an interested one on Yoongi’s. It made you nervous, but you didn’t dare to look away again, it was no personal matter right now, seeking your boss’ opinion was important even though he hurt you on another level today.

“I have to agree with Miss y/l/n. Miss Jung, good job, keep it up and maybe I will hire you in the future”, Jimin shot his charming smile towards Ana, nudging you unnoticed for everyone. He helped you out, again. What have you done to deserve this?

“Miss Wen, please refrain from negative critics next time. Your arguments were vaguely and if you would’ve listened while in elementary school, you would’ve known that first the positive aspects should be listed before telling someone the less strong arguments”, Yoongi pulled his eyebrows up, scribbling something on his sheet while lecturing her without even looking up a second, your heart pounding in your throat. He did it to prove you that she didn’t mean anything to him, right? Or was it daily routine for him? You interpreted more into it than you should, dumb sheep. “Miss Jung, please sit down, I handle the rest from here on.”

The rest of the meeting went past way too fast, your eyes constantly wide at Yoongi’s professional behaviour, his brother, whose first meeting it was, too, exchanged excited glances with you now and then. He must’ve felt proud of his brother, admired him and wanted to be like him in a few years, his hands writing down everything Mr. Min talked about, his sheet full of notes at the end. You observed his gestures, his non-existent smile on the heart shaped lips while he explained some issues the company had to handle in the next weeks, using Ana’s notes as examples.

“Miss Jung, Miss y/l/n, please stay for a while”, his speech was finished with those words as he took a seat to write something down next to his own notes.

Ana and you waited, the other attendees rushing back to their workplace, except Jimin and Miss Wen. He laid his hand on your shoulder, leaning in. “Show that bitch, y/n.”

Your cheeks flushed at his words. Was it so obvious what was going on? Had you overstepped the line? Did Jimin know what his brother did and wouldn’t talk to you? Gulping you turned around, but Jimin just winked, slandering out of the room. Miss Wen on the other side sat down beside Yoongi, her hands underneath the table and the pictures in your head burned down your last bits of self control. If she did what you imagined, then you would run riot in not time. But it wasn’t like that as Yoongi’s eyes darted towards her.

“Can you leave? I have to discuss something with my other employees”, he sounded annoyed, nerves stretched over his already thin patience. “Now. Leave.”

Pouting the thin woman stood up, her eyes showing the all too familiar arrogance as she walked past you, gaze fixated on you as if she knew that she wasn’t the only one he had eyes for.

“Sit down”, another command, Yoongi’s hands also under the table. “I know that those notes aren’t yours Miss Jung. Please refrain from help the next time I ask you to hold such a meeting. If you have problems with some files or finding solutions, go to the company’s library and study whatever you need to do your job on your own.” Busted. How? “That’s all I wanted to say. Use those sheets as a pattern for your next weeks own presentation.” He dismissed her with a motion towards the door and as you also wanted to stand up, he stopped you. Maybe you should have only told her to write down the notes herself while explaining its content instead of doing her work yourself. You just hoped he had compassion for her, and you as you really didn’t want to get Ana into trouble for helping her out last minute.

The door fell in its lock as you turned to Yoongi, your eyes darting around the windows behind his back, the weather a constant downpour the last few days. You didn’t want to be alone with him, but at the same time you really wanted to be alone with him, clearing the mess inside your head.

“Baby girl”, a rather weak sound, all emotions he felt put in one word. Goosebumps formed on your arms, your eyes meeting his while swallowing hard. It wasn’t a small issue, not for you though. She sucked him off, touched him, put her mouth around his dick. Too much for you, although you were sure that if they would’ve fucked your heart would be shattered.

“What?”, you sounded sharp, not what you wanted to express, but it was close. “Wanna spill the details now?”

“Stop that, okay? I’m trying to apologise, so stop bitching or go”, he growled, his hand shooting forward to pull you by your blouse, the already loose button falling off. And here you thought you heard regret in that soft word which fell from his lips, not that anger. Split mind. “And what is this, hm?”

You frowned, his behaviour making you furious again. He had no fucking right to accuse you of cheating yourself, nor had he the right to break those damn buttons off of your only lent blouse.

“Your brother helped me out, okay?”, you scoffed, swiping his hand off your collar. “I’m waiting, Min Yoongi, apologise, explain or I’m really going back to work.”

An exaggerated sigh filled the air around you, his hand dropping back to his lap, body leaning against the rest of the chair. Yoongi snarled a moment, his thoughts running wild inside his head, before he constrained himself to speak up, apologising his least favourite thing in the world. “I’m sorry about that incident, y/n. I really am, but I was so fucking furious, okay? Seeing something that is supposed to be mine with someone else made me blackout. I wanted to..”, he made a break while you crossed your arms, tongue roaming around your inner cheek to stay put. “kind of visit you, fuck you and I saw you going out of your house with him, then this damn photo and not a single message from you. Let me be honest, I’m not jealous, it’s just if you don’t behave as I want, then this agreement is over.”

Such news were new. He had seen you? He seriously waited in front of your apartment to see you? You had to blink at his words, too much information right now. So, Yoongi had this bitch to suck him off just because he thought about you hooking up with Pia’s boyfriend?

“Are you for real? What about asking me, huh? I may have agreed to this shit, but let me tell you, I don’t belong you, Min Yoongi. And if we really want this to continue better go through the conditions again. Add up 'Min Yoongi isn’t allowed to fuck other women’ as well. Don’t treat me like shit just because you pay me for this! I’m also a human and if you want to fuck other women, this agreement is for the dogs, don’t you think so? Man, I’m mad at you!”, had you just told him that you wanted to go on or end this? “Don’t even think about fucking me the next days!”

You wanted to stand up, you needed time to think about this shit. But a hand stopped you.

“I’m firing her”, he whispered, his eyes locked with yours. “Not just because of that, but she’s useless anyway, you’ve seen it yourself. Just don’t be like that. I-I..”

Your eyes got wide at his next words.

“I want only you, got that? I know I fucked up big time, but let me tell you that there is nobody who knows what I really want, despite you, y/ girl. She gave me head, so what? It was the worst I ever had and here I thought she could compensate for the time you were absent.. Don’t break things off so fast, I try to make it up to you, I promise. No more playing with other women until you say otherwise.”

Another lie? Could Min Yoongi form such words out of honesty? You doubted it, but sighed and sat back down, adjusting your half opened blouse. “I don’t want to hear a single word about her out of your mouth, Mr. Min.”

He nodded, exhaling loudly as he circled the table to get to you. “Never going to happen again, and you add up 'Y/n y/l/n has to inform Min Yoongi if she goes out with other men’. If you want to fuck them tell me before you do it, okay? I regret what happened. But you’re back now.”

Perplexed you looked at him. Before I wanted what? “I thought-”

“You’re mine, y/n, but I can understand if you say you want payback.”

The fuck? Payback? Who wanted such things? What crazy illusions did he live in? You didn’t say a single word about that, but it felt strange to agree silently to this. Never had you heard about something like that. Was it normal in such a contract?

Yoongi turned your chair around, leaning in to grab your chin between his thumb and index finger, pulling your face close to his.

“Everything alright again, baby girl?”

You shook your head as far as you were able to. “It takes time to erase the picture of this bitch’s lips around your cock”, you spit the words a little too hard, the grin on Yoongi’s lips deepening. “You just told me, so how can I be alright? Give me time to cope with this shit. You seriously have to work hard, Min Yoongi.” The last sentence was more of a faked dominance, but with luck he would do just that to compensate for his shitty action.

Sighing he leaned in, stopping close above your mouth, his dark brown orbs focused on your parted lips. “Dinner at eight, friday at my house.” With that you were free, his body back to his previous position. “My chauffeur will pick you up.”

“Dinner? You can cook?”, you asked, still pretty angry while hoping he would make up for it the next weeks, your phrase may have worked on him. Because you needed this time to get this pic out of your head ere you could fall back to your behaviour before this all went to the bottom of the ocean today.

“I can”, he smirked, but the usual scorn and might missed, replaced by regret and a spark of sorrow for the situation he had brought you both into. “So, you agree?”

“Okay”, you nodded reluctantly, still too hurt to feel excitement from his offer.

After Yoongi had released you with a faint smile you went back to your usual desk, Ana waiting for you with nervous eyes. You told her that everything’s fine, she didn’t have to fear to be fired and you neither as Jimin also made his appearance to check on you. He was pestering Ana and you to keep him company the next days for lunch, although you had rejected his invitation were you forced to come with Ana and Jimin from now on.

Tuesday you went to a small café near the company, Jimin’s treat while he told funny stories about the time abroad. It seemed as if he was a decent guy, with a lot of mischief in mind even though he was the head of a great company. He wouldn’t let you out of his brown eyes, smiling constantly at you, a way to cheer you up from your rather still depressed state. To your surprise did he never ask what happened after the meeting, guessing it went smoothly between you and his older brother.

Wednesday you and Ana had lunch alone, your co-worker sad that Jimin had to attend Yoongi’s meeting. She had told you that she had thrown her eyes on Jimin, his charms making her crazy. And in no time they had the first date, so she told you on friday after you three came back from the coffee shop a few blocks away.

“I asked him though, but he agreed immediately. Thanks to you y/n”, Ana smiled brightly at you, excitement and joy filling her pretty eyes.

“Me?”, you were clearly confused. What have you done for her to get a date with the second most mighty man in the firm?

“Jimin had told me that you helped him out last monday and then I told him that you also tried to save my stupid ass that day. So one thing topped the other and he said that he could help me instead of you the next time, teasing about you a lot while I offered him this weekend, and so that’s how it happened. God, I can’t wait to tonight!”

She hugged you, the way she informed and explained how you were responsible still a mystery. If you found it a good idea? Well, not really, but if Ana wanted him then that’s what you had to accept. As long as he wouldn’t play with her feelings. Two friends from work had dates with two brothers who were the heads of your company. This thought alone made you giggle as to why Ana wrapped her arm around your shoulder.

“If we find a nice guy for you, then let’s go on a double date!”

You chocked on your laughter. Double date with Jimin and Yoongi..and Ana? No way.

“Sure thing”, you just told her, walking arm in arm back to work, your pale face unnoticeable as Ana chatted about her outfit for the night at the bar with Jimin and how she wanted to hook up at least once.

The day passed too slow in your opinion, filling reports, drinking tea, filling reports, talking with Ana about her date, filling reports. The clock hands wouldn’t move after your break, your heart starting to flutter with every hour that finally passed. Tonight you would see Yoongi again, after almost two weeks of no contact, except for monday and a brief moment on Wednesday as you and Mr. Kim had brought documents from the library up to his office. He had smiled at you faintly, the eye bags under his eyes as severe as you had seen them in the air plane last monday. As you lay the files next to his busy hand, he patted your back unnoticeable for Mr. Kim, a shiver running down your spine. Even though he had done some shit with Miss Wen, you wanted him so badly. Your body aching for his touch as to why you hastily collected your mind to follow Mr. Kim as he called for you, repressing the urge to bluntly sit down on Yoongi’s lap.

At five you rushed home, Ana’s tries to help her pick the right choice of clothes refusing. You had to look for a decent outfit yourself and had to take a long shower, shaving and creaming your body.

Punctual at eight a luxurious car stopped in front of your entrance, your heartbeat increasing at the fact that you would see Yoongi’s home for the first time in, like ever. The drive lasted about twenty minutes while you looked out the window, calming your racing heart with some deep inhales and slow exhales. You had put on some make up that looked soft, natural, but as you started to sweat because of nervousness you were afraid it might flow right down your neck towards your plain dark blue dress.

“We’ve arrived, Miss y/l/n”, a familiar voice woke you out of your nervous trance, holding the door open for you to step out. Smiling you thanked Yoongi’s personal chauffeur, looking at him in hopes he would lead you to the mansion Yoongi lived in. Because you stood in front of the most expensive hotel complex of your city, several people walking in and out, all dressed up in costly suits, dresses and coats.

You knew Yoongi had money, but renting a damn hotel room for a living? You had thought he had his own house, but not an apartment right in such a luxurious place like this hotel.

With wide eyes the chauffeur handed you a small card, folded neatly while he said his farewells.

Apartment 713

Swallowing the knot in your throat you made your way inside the lobby, slightly confused which way to go as a man in the hotel’s typical attire lead you to an elevator, his eyes telling you that you’re out of the place with everything you got, not even a faked smile showing while pressing the button at the top for you. The tenth floor signalled, you adjusted your dress a last time, checking your teeth before stepping out on the corridor.

“713”, you mumbled, walking past three other doors until you read the number on a door at the end of the floor. “Keep calm”, you reprimanded yourself, looking for a bell to ring as the door opened, an all too familiar face contoured in a charming smile greeting you. Jimin wasn’t the one you expected and the voice in your head told you to hide, maybe Ana was with him, but you saw only him in the door.

“Are we having a secret date I don’t know of or did Ana send you to cancel so you are her replacement?”, Jimin smirked, leaning lazily against the door frame in his casual shirt, three of the buttons open, revealing sparks of a toned chest, his arms crossed as to why the fabric stretched over his broad shoulders. He looked hot. Handsomeness in a pure form with his lopsided, lascivious smirk, eyes checking you out way to bluntly.

“If you’re Min Yoongi, then yes, we have a date”, you purred sweetly, Jimin’s dark oculars giving off the feeling that your comment wasn’t really funny. “Isn’t he home?”

“He is”, Jimin just said, motioning with his head to come in, and so you did. “Guess in the kitchen. Tell him I’m leaving and that he shouldn’t wait for me to come back anytime soon”, he looked you up and down again. “If he can even think straight.”

Jimin grabbed his coat, putting on some sneakers while winking at you as the door fell shut. What a handful Jimin was. Too attractive, too cheeky and way too sexy.

Only then you noticed that you stood inside a huge apartment, a living room as big as your entire flat, illuminated in soft light from above your head put in front of your eyes. Huge sofas, expensive paintings and statues lining the walls, a dozen vases, antic and old put under glass, electronic gadgets which had to cost more than your yearly wages across the couch, opposing to the older treasures this apartment had to offer. A glassy staircase lined the back of the living room, softly looking carpets topping it while you got a glimpse of more doors above you. The walls painted in light colors, brown, white, beige giving of the feeling of a warm home, the smell that intoxicated its atmosphere sweet, manly just like its owners. Only the mixture of good smelling food disturbed its perfection wherefore you called out to Yoongi, not knowing where the kitchen even was.

“Mr. Min?”, you tried again, this time a faint voice responding whereas you slowly slandered in its direction.

Yoongi also decided to greet you, a dark shirt, light jeans and neatly combed hair his appearance for tonight, his plain outfit let your heartbeat increase. He smiled at you faintly, his heart shaped lips lifted upwards, the meaning behind showing you that he would make up whatever he had done wrong.

“Tonight I’m Yoongi.”


Silicon Valley tech workers whine about “scraping by” on six-figure salaries

  • Tech giants in Silicon Valley have intensified income inequality, displacing low-income and working-class families — but some high-earning engineers want you to know they’re suffering too. They helped create a bubble, and now they have to buy $8 bagels in it.
  • The Guardian published a story on Monday illustrating the woes of wealthy engineers in Silicon Valley who feel they are just “scraping by” due to rising rents in the area.
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[march study challenge] • 24/03/17

Day 24: one exciting thing you did today

I didn’t have time to post yesterday but I also don’t know how to answer today’s prompt (favourite study youtube channel) as I don’t watch study youtube channels, so I’m posting my answer to yesterday’s prompt today! One exciting thing I did today was that I was really (surprisingly) healthy - I went for a run and had three healthy meals: an apple and a banana for breakfast, some vegetables with rice for lunch and just a salad for dinner. I didn’t even have anything else in between except for a bottle of cold-pressed juice and the coffee pictured above! Also, as a coffee addict I can promise my coffee isn’t as weak as it appears to be in the photo - my machine puts weird froth on top so it looks really bland, and while I generally don’t drink black coffee, I certainly prefer it strong.