press failure

Nothing fails like Success. I mean that nothing can fail so completely, hopelessly, and finally as that which is solely based on Success. All other ideals can continue to fight even when they have begun to fail. The democrat can be democratic when he is defeated; but the successful man cannot be successful when he is defeated. The loyalist can be loyal when he is defeated; but the successful man cannot be successful when he is defeated.

G.K. Chesterton in the Illustrated London News, December 19, 1931

From 1905 until his death in 1936, G.K. Chesterton contributed a weekly column to the Illustrated London News. His columns have been collected in 11 volumes by Ignatius Press


Of course they did. Of course.

The MSM has been eager to peddle all the stuff GOP was doing and saying and selling to work against Obamacare. The media had happily declared it dead and were happy to be pushing those stories or a struggling administration. They would allow just about ANYONE on the oppo side to come and say anything. They happily did not report the facts OR correct any wrong facts being pushed over and over by the Repubs.

then the last week or two ago, they started writing articles on how there was no way Obamacare sign ups were going to meet the target, AP boldly declared it would be lucky if they even reached the 5mil or 5.8mil mark with pundits repeating that.

Then the oft proven Obama meep meep arrived, as always it threw them ALL off their shine. Not only did they meet the targets, they exceeded them. So what does the MSM do? They refuse to allow him space to speak this truth to even more people, so more can know that they can sign up and get covered.

Amazing. They never learn. Same thing they did with the elections too.

I honestly don’t know where to start with this article (I’m sorry it’s German but I happen to live in Germany I translated bits of it)

As you might have noticed this article talks about Cate Blanchett playing Galadriel in the second Hobbit movie. BUT THERE IS A PHOTO OF TAURIEL AKA EVANGELINE LILY NEXT TO IT WHAT A GREAT START GOOD JOB
But as photo mix-ups can happen and are somehow forgiveable it is not that they have NO IDEA AT ALL WHO GALADRIEL EVEN IS THEY JUST ASSUMED BECAUSE OF THE PHOTO THAT SHE’S AN ARCHER (quotes translated by me: “Cate fires” (title), “…she knows how to handle the hobbit-fashioned bow perfectly.” “She has to support Bilbo Baggins and the 13 dwarves in the fight against the dragon Smaug.”) the only things they got correct are her birth and departing date and that she is the Lady of Lorien WOW SO YOU CAN COPY THE FIRST INTERNET SEARCH RESULT CONGRATULATIONS
But not only do they get stuff about her life wrong but they also decrease her importance for middle earth and blame it on the male dominance in Tolkien’s books. (“Still her role is not very rich in content/of much importance. Men dominate in Tolkien’s dwarfworld.”) SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU EVEN TOUCHED THESE BOOKS AND ANY IDEA ABOUT MIDDLE-EARTH AND TOLKIEN IM NOT GONNA START ABOUT WOMEN IN TOLKIEN BUT YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
ALso the picture caption is great: “Posture top, the dress a flop: Hobbit-Legend Galadriel” YOU SERIOUSLY DONT KNOW ANYTHING



taken from Prisma

So i was doing the character creation of a homebrew universe using the Only War system, and after everyone was done a couple of them and i had time to kill, so i decided to do a sort of semi-session with only three of them. Four out of the six members were part of this secret group that the other two were aware of existing, but had no idea what they did, which obviously piqued their interests. So the duo hacked into their comrade’s files, and got just far enough to discover that their backstories were entirely falsified before they were locked out of the system by the firewall.
They then proceeded to sneak into their rooms when they were absent, and found that the four had no personal effects whatsoever apart from a single toy revolver and a ton of pornography magazines under one of their beds.
However they had ballsed up their stealth roll, and the one of the four notices that his room has been messed with. When he confronted them about it, they said “we were looking for you because we were going to have a drink or two”
This then prompted a down spiraling turn of events that beggars the imagination.

After realising that they have no alcohol they attempt to find some for cheap on the black market, resulting in acquisition of a bottle of terrible vodka.
The chemist of the group attempts to make it into a slightly nicer drink, and succeeds, to a point. Now they are stuck with a beaker of pure ethanol. They attempt to water it down with some water and orange squash. The chemist this time rolls a 100, which means he mixes up the water and the ethanol, leading to a drink that is just a fraction water and squash but looks exactly like it should, thus they know no better. When prompted the officer whose room was searched volunteers to try the concoction. It immediately knocks him unconscious and leaves him vomiting once he wakes up. The chemist attempted again to water down the drink with just tap water. They succeed in making terrible vodka.

At this point the chemist is enamored with his job and now wants to try making painkillers with his lab equipment.
At this point i was just fucking with them, fully expecting them to get themselves either killed or incarcerated before the game had started and i would have to redact this entire episode and begin anew with the proper session.
When the chemist attempted to make the Painkiller they rolled another 100. I decided they had made pure Heroin. The good stuff, the stuff the gangs would kill for. The chemist doesn’t exactly trust himself to make things correctly and analyses the heroin with the lab equipment.
He ballsed this up too, leading me to tell him that he had created Ketamine with just a hint of LSD, and the now-conscious officer to pronounce them all rich, rich beyond their wildest dreams.

To the surprise of literally everyone the chemist marches up to the local Military Police station and announces he has some contraband for them. When asked what it is he replies “95% Ketamine 5% LSD” the attending MP nods sagely before putting it in the contraband draw.
About 5 seconds later he realises what he has just done and asks for it back. After being rebuffed he turns away sadly.
Later that night the chemist sneaks into the MP station to steal back his Ketamine. He disables the security feed, throws some flour in the air to check for lasers which aren’t there and searches for pressure pads which aren’t there. Feeling increasingly paranoid he sneaks around the edge of the room, knocking off a plant in the process and reaching the contraband. After spending about 10 minutes searching just the draw itself he opens it, sees his Ketamine inside.
And then flees. Just runs straight from the building back to his home.

The following day the Officer attempts to get his buddies’ drugs back, explains that “he’s a bit crazy and that we are going to use it for the war effort”. The military police inform him that overnight they had a break in and have since checked the Ketamines and found that it was in fact Pure Heroin. Now very very interested in getting it back he says that they were planning to dump it in the enemy’s water supply.
Upon being informed that that is chemical warfare and banned by the Geneva Convention he has only the time to utter the words “Oh god” before being thrown in jail. The Chemist follows swiftly afterwards as the prior day’s MP recognises his face. The final member of the team (a hacker) is handcuffed and told to sit on the bench until they work out what they can do him for, but they eventually release him without charge.

Meanwhile in the cell the Officer uses his phone call to ring his superior officer (aware of his secret connections) to try and get them off without charge, whilst eventually successful the time spent in a jail cell is not appreciated and the Heroin is moved to the secure contraband safe.
When they eventually get out the day had turned to late evening and the Hacker and Officer decided it was time to get a good honest drink whereupon they visited the local bar.
The Chemist however decided to have another crack at that Heroin.
This time he failed his attempt to shut down the security systems, but unaware of his failure he pressed on to the safe. Cracking the tumbler after a few minutes he looked inside and found a treasure trove. Not only his drugs but other people’s too! And a tank shell.

Meanwhile in the bar:
The officer was being seduced by a Spec Ops trooper. When she started to pick him up and dance with him he had enough and did what anyone would do and drugged her with Tranquiliser. She was taken away by some of her friends who then spent the rest of opening hours staring daggers at him. He coincidentally spent the rest of opening hours with an erect middle finger in their direction.

He was of course ambushed once he left the bar. Whilst he was getting beaten up his hacker friend bailed on him, leaving him in a full nelson.

The chemist had since finished hiding the drugs and shell underneath the piles of pornography and had gone out again to find his comrade, arriving just in time to see the hacker leave. He waded in and rather efficiently used his skill of the human body to snap a man’s neck. Now released from the headlock the officer grabbed a bottle and almost decapitated the trooper who had tried to seduce him with a smashed bottle. The other aggressors then fled, leaving the two of them with a pair of bodies and blood-splattered uniforms. They attempted to dispose of the bodies out the airlocks, but found them locked. Then they tried to set fire to them with a lighter, which set off an alarm.

By the time they had fled back home they had already decided to bleach their uniforms and re-dye them so that nobody will ever know. Whilst they are doing this the Officer changes into his formal attire, which is to say a full tuxedo. When they fail to get the dying right they decide to just burn the apparel. This sets off the fire alarm and sets the house alight. 

The military police arrive to a burning building, completely unprepared to deal with a house fire. In response they just to screw it and arrest literally everyone in the building. Which is a good thing as the chemist reminds me.
His shell was still in there.

Their house is gone, they are under arrest for double murder and drug possession, the hacker is arrested for assisting them.
Two of the team are in jail for life and the rest have literally nothing in their possession.

And the game has even started yet.

1am. Morning comes too soon. Silence seeps through the door from nearby abandoned homes. No stir of life. An unheralded rapture. War of thoughts. Reflections of failures. Insects press upon the window a thick blanket of sounds, a dense racket pierced only by the distant wail from trains. I remember now the sound of my name: cold and clean and too formal on your tongue. Maybe your way of hiding ‘I love you’s.’ I swallow another dream pill and maybe there where the ghost trains go, and to where the disappeared, a promised land once glimpsed in the glow of your smile, where now consumed all beautiful things once gleaned…maybe there this is true. I await my turn at the table of feasts.
Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops. My decision to attack at this time and place was based upon the best information available. The troops, the air and the Navy did all that Bravery and devotion to duty could do. If any blame or fault attaches to the attempt it is mine alone.
—  “In Case of Failure” press release by General Eisenhower if the Overlord landings had failed, written 05 June 1944