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Friday, February 26 and Saturday, February 27, 2016

Two of Broadway’s brightest new voices join the NSO Pops for one weekend only! Known for his title role in the Tony-winning Best Musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch as well as his breakout role as Blaine Anderson on Fox’s Emmy and Golden Globe Award–winning series Glee, actor, musician and Emmy-nominated composer Darren Criss is “mesmerizing” (The New York Times). Joining him is Betsy Wolfe, “a bright, strong soprano with a keen belt” (The New York Times) who recently turned heads in Bullets Over Broadway and The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Together with the NSO Pops, the dramatic duo serves up a hit parade of favorite songs from the Great White Way of today, including selections from their recent musicals.

Due to a scheduling issue, Jeremy Jordan, originally announced as participating in this program, will not be able to perform with the NSO Pops.

Performance Timing: Approximately 2 hours, including one 15-minute intermission

BUY TICKETS   Ticket prices range from $20 - $88.

Innovative Lab Launched to Strengthen Human Rights Work

Innovative Lab Launched to Strengthen Human Rights Work

Joint Initiative of Columbia and NYU Law Schools, Human Rights Watch

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A new joint effort will serve as an incubator for innovation in human rights research, the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at NYU School of Law (CHRGJ), Human Rights Watch, and the Columbia Law School Human Rights Institute (HRI) announced today. The Human Rights Methodology Labwill bring together leading human…

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DETAIL + DEPTH | I love this next setup for Ustrasana / Camel Pose. The dowel at the upper back emphasizes where in the spine most practitioners need to work to enter deep backbends, while the support of the chair allows the weight of the head to relax. This relieves neck strain and can even offer students the space to break dysfunctional habits in throwing the head back for backbends. To enter the pose, place a blanket or padding under the knees. My favorite prop for this is a chip foam yoga block from @halfmoon_yoga. Curl the toes under and come to a kneeling position. Place the dowel under the arms against the upper back above the tips of the shoulder blades. Ground down through the knees and lift the quadriceps toward the low abdomen. Lean back into the pose until the neck comfortably rests on the chair, then push the dowel up and forward to broaden the chest. Draw the upper inner thighs back and press the center sacrum forward. Lift the chest. Stay and breathe.

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22 April 2009 |

“Henry Cavill downs a bottle of Snapple Lemon Tea before posing at New York City’s 2009 Tribeca Film Festival portrait studio at DirecTV’s Tribeca Press Center” - via

#📷: #LarryBusacca/Getty Images

*Henry was in NYC for the TFF premiere of his latest film at the time, Whatever Works.

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Jung Kook sighed as he heard his phone going off. The male curling up in his bed wondering why someone was calling him in the middle of the night. Blinded by the darkness, his hand ran across his bed, searching for his phone as the ring felt deafening.Once he found the phone, he didn’t bother looking at the screen and he just pressed the center button to answer the call.

Pulling the blanket over his bed he set the phone on the side of his face sighing. “What?” He asked wondering if was being rude, however he didn’t care. Who called at three in the morning. Not to mention, he’d been in bed for so long since the break up a few weeks ago he hadn’t cared about much else. “Well, what do you want?” He asked again getting annoyed but a male voice made him stop as they started to explain something about the hospital and needed a guardian.  

After he hung up the phone he sat up in bed, sheepishly looking around the room hoping he wasn’t going to regret this. Tired and pretty confused, Jung Kook decided he’d go, if not to see what was wrong but to make sure that she was still okay. A car accident wasn’t something to mess with and he knew her family was further away than he was right now. 

The male ran his hands through his messy hair was he turned around the corner walking into the room lined with beds. It was pretty empty here, and he wanted to really fall into one. His eyes landed on the girl though and he sighed gently walking over towards her. “What happened?” He asked, his voice weak and tired. 

So often in Chapel did Bob Jones III urge us students to polish our shoes to a high shine and to carry our Mont Blanc pens because our testimony was always at risk by a scuffed upper or a plain ol’ Bic. He could always tell, he assured us, a man’s character and love for God by the way he took care of his shoes.

I remembered all this when I, as a faculty member in 2005, had worn holes through the soles of my shoes and couldn’t afford replacements while my students had flashy new Razr phones and giant SUVs.

Bob Jones University finances have long been a mystery to employees, students, and alumni. We don’t know the financial state of the university. We only can see the Mont Blanc pen that BJU flourishes to impress us. How are they doing really and what are their actual plans for the future? 

An alum found something last week that gives us a glimpse at BJU’s Facilities Master Plan – Google Earth.

Look for yourself. Here’s a small static version below or a large one:

It’s all there. We can see which buildings BJU values and intends to maintain and which ones it’s ignoring.

We know that these three are already slated for razing – the Administration Building, Siddons, and Reveal. Here’s an overhead glimpse at those buildings in that order to use for comparison:

So from the status of the rooftop, that is the state of buildings BJU has designated for razing. That’s the standard for not-worth-the-upkeep.

Now what buildings look maintained? Rodeheaver looks amazing! 

But that’s newly renovated. That should look good, right?

Okay, how about the M&G?

Nice! What else is up to par?

The Child Development Center – the old elementary school, remember, and the Speech Building after that – looks to be in tip-top shape! 

But see those roofs to the CDC’s left? Those are all the Women’s Residence Halls, and every one looks as bad as the next – as bad as Siddons which will be destroyed soon.

How about the Men’s Residence Halls? Yikes! They are as bad as the women’s! Except for one there. Which one’s that? Brokenshire? Why is that one looking so good when it’s older than Johnson?

Before you think that just the old buildings are looking bad, take a gander at the Academy complex – originally BJU’s hospital. BJU has clearly preserved that one.

What else? The BJU Press Warehouse looks spic-and-span. It’s an old building – as old as Gaston and Johnson, at least.

Now look at this picture below. Compare these buildings from right to left. The Mack Library is good; Dr. Bob’s house is pristine, and what’s that on the far left? That’s the Bob Jones Early Learning Center – the building that houses the kindergarten and first grade. 

Check out all the buildings for yourself. Zoom in real close. You might see something else. But clearly Bob Jones University is going out of its way to carefully preserve some buildings and cast off others. 

In other words, Mont-Blanc-Pen-wielding Dr. Bob has holes, not in the bottoms of his shoes like his faculty have for years, but in the tops of his buildings. 

What does that tell us? It’s more than just a bad testimony.

lichirelia asked:

KarmaxIrelia Temposhark - Crime B)

Karma is moonlight, sliding over Irelia’s body, touching, moving, elegant, ethereal, commanding.

She doesn’t need words.

She pushes the soldier inside the bedroom, one step at a time, lips a ghost of a touch away, one arm between them, a finger pressed to the center of Irelia’s chest, applying the lightest of pressure to direct her backwards.




Karma smiles.

Irelia’s smile is in her eyes, in her blades, twitching eagerly behind her.

Karma presses her back to the bed, until Irelia’s calves touch the mattress.

“Strip,” she whispers, loving, demanding, adoring, commanding.

Irelia moves with mechanical grace, the swift movement of a well-practiced drill, refined to a point of elegance. Mastery of the body, the deliberate, the conscious.

Karma watches and enjoys as piece after piece falls to the floor.

“I love you,” Karma says, and in her gentle words coil a dragon, a dragon that simmers with fire and breathes you’re mine between the syllables.

“Mm,” Irelia hums, a true smile touching her face. Naked, she reaches for Karma, finds a seam of fabric. “And I you.”

Karma comes in close, kisses her way from lips to jaw to earlobe.

“May I?” she murmurs in a tone of jade flames.

“Yes,” says Irelia, her anger set aside, surrendered.

Shenandoah Valley Art Center highlights Governor's School in February

Shenandoah Valley Art Center highlights Governor’s School in February

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The Shenandoah Valley Art Center, during the month of February, as a tribute to art education, is exhibiting the artwork of the Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School Visual Arts Department, located in Fishersville since 2002. The school serves gifted junior and senior high school students of the Augusta County, Staunton, and Waynesboro Public Schools.  Under the guiding hand of Jennifer Vaughan,…

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Microsoft Plumbs Ocean’s Depths to Test Underwater Data Center

Microsoft Plumbs Ocean’s Depths to Test Underwater Data Center @JOHN MARKOFF: Microsoft sank a data center on the ocean floor, where the sea water acts as a coolant, and plans to use the waves to power it. The results were encouraging enough to try a bigger version. #Technology #Trending #Popular #Buzzing #Viral #News

Fort Pickett marks groundbreaking for embassy security training facility

Fort Pickett marks groundbreaking for embassy security training facility

External image

Today, U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, along with Governor Terry McAuliffe, U.S. Representatives Bobby Scott, Randy Forbes, Rob Wittman, Gerry Connolly, Robert Hurt, Dave Brat, Don Beyer and Scott Rigell released the following statement welcoming the groundbreaking of a Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC) at Fort Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia. “After years of unnecessary…

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Cupid’s Corner: Valentine’s Day Folded Napkins

Hosting a Valentine’s Day soiree is all about ambiance. After all, this holiday is all about embracing your inner hopeless romantic. Whether you’re brunching with your besties or setting up for a romantic date night in, planning the menu is only half the battle. Since you’ll want to make a good impression before your guests even take a bite, my latest décor idea will come in handy. To help you kick an already beautiful tablescape up a notch, I’ve created three folded napkin tutorials to wow your guests. Keep scrolling to learn how to easily turn ordinary dinner napkins into love letters, roses, and hearts…

Love Note Folded Napkin

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