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My input on the whole Trace Cyrus situation.

Are you kidding me? Trace Cyrus was supposed to be on stage introducing PVRIS but instead he had to call out All Time Low for making a JOKE. Seriously Trace is a disgrace to the music industry. His band member who was up there with him is fine because he didn’t jump in on the whole situation and in my opinion didn’t care about what was going on. I’m not calling out Metro Station, only Trace. Because he has to make everything about HIM. He always wants to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION. Well guess what, congrats, this is the most attention you’ve had/you’ll have your entire career. I hope you’re happy that everybody hates you.

This Week in Bats: 7/17/2015

( mothernaturenetwork​ ) UCLA students design backyard abode for birds (and bees, bats and people, too):  While the very notion of “multi-species cohabitation” may immediately conjure up a rather unpleasant image of Snow White-influenced claustrophobia, numerous design considerations have been made so that everyone — birds, bees, bats, butterflies, mice, lizards and humans, too — taking up residence in Bi(h)OME is comfortable. Read more.

( Detroit Free Press) DNR outdoor rec center opens on Detroit’s riverfront: The state Department of Natural Resources Outdoor Adventure Center, Detroit’s newest riverfront attraction, opened for a sneak peek today, giving a look at the facility designed to bring interactive Up North recreation activities to families in the city. Read more.

( nbcnews )  Why would a carnivorous plant attract bats? The poop:  Pitcher plants that “eat” bat poop have come up with a unique way to attract their meal tickets, new research finds: The plants are shaped to stand out against a bat’s echolocation cries. Read more.

( nbcnews ) Dolphin brain scan reveals surprising similarity to bats:  Studying the brains of a deceased common dolphin and pantropical dolphin, researchers found at least two areas linked to hearing — unlike most mammals, which only have one. That makes dolphin brains similar to those of bats — something that is probably related to their use of echolocation to “see” their environments. Read more. 

( Norwich Evening News) New survey reveals the secret world of Norfolk’s bats - and sheds light on continental visitors: A new study, conducted in Norfolk, has put them in a new light, giving new insights into these enigmatic creatures.The two-year project involved more than 800 volunteers recording bat activity across the county.Their data allowed scientists to learn more about their migration patterns –including that one species in particular travels across from the Continent – their breeding and feeding habits. Read more. 

( Capital Public Radio ) Bats could help walnut growers control costs: Walnuts are one of the highest value crops in California – bringing in almost $2 billion every year. But keeping the crop free of destructive insects can be costly.Scientists are studying if walnut growers could reduce their pest control costs by employing hungry bats.Sean McNamara is walking toward a white barn at his family’s walnut orchards outside of Winters. Read more.


Book Arts Spotlight: Marvel Grégoire

This month, leading up to the Book Art Biennial, we’re featuring local book artists and recently acquired artists’ books in the Book Arts and Fine Press Collection. Special Collections recently acquired the latest work by Marvel Grégoire, “Contre-Chant Vert”, which features letter-pressed text and photo-polymer plate illustrations on abaca paper made by the artist. The book is printed in an edition of 5, each bound and contained in a handmade box.

1. How did you become involved with book arts? / What appeals to you about the book format?

Marvel: I became involved with book arts about ten years ago when I took a class at MCBA in box making. This class led to others when in 2008 I became a member of the MCBA Co-op. This allowed me certain privileges in using the equipment and facilities at MCBA to do my work. I enjoy letterpress printing and its connections to bookmaking. I also like the idea of a single author process where I can be the writer, creative designer, printer and binder of my work. Some of my books also involve handmade paper. The book as an artform is very appealing in that it is small, can be hand held and appreciated up close, and hopefully provides a more intimate experience for the reader.

2. Much of your work is inspired by nature or the human body. What draws you to these themes?

Marvel: I am drawn to connections between all things. Nature, with its beauty and many complexities, provides me with subject matter and is often a metaphor for life and its many questions. For example, how and where we choose to spend our time, how we relate to others and to our surroundings, how we understand ourselves, and how we plan for the future.

3. There’s a delicate, whisper-like quality to many of your pieces. In what ways do the materials affect the reader?

Marvel: Materials are an intricate part of the aesthetic of my work. I always remember talking about ‘le fond and la forme’ in literature classes. The idea of keeping a tight relationship between the content of a book and its style is very important to me. I think about each piece in these terms. I prefer a certain softness in my work due to its conceptual nature. One way to communicate this is through the choice of paper and colors. I love to use handmade paper. It appeals to touch as well as to the eye.

More about Marvel and her work: Born and raised in Minnesota, I am a retired French teacher and currently a docent at the Walker Art Center and member of the MCBA Co-op. My interest in the arts has paralleled my career over the years, experimenting across disciplines in painting, watercolor, photography and sculpture through degree programs and adult education at the U of M. My first books, miniature French vocabulary books, were like tiny sculptures with text. The letterpress book appeals to me as a multidisciplinary art form, incorporating the visual with the word, something that can be touched and held intimately. For the past few years I have made limited edition books, broadsides and sculptural books from start to finish. I often make my own paper and incorporate the sheets in my projects. My work reflects the intersection of rural and urban experiences along with the personal questions in my life. How do we relate to others? How do we relate to our surroundings? How do we nurture those relationships over time? How do we envision the future? I try to complete at least one book project a year. Currently I am working on a book of photogravure prints about place and identity, called ‘Where I am’.


Visit HCL Special Collections to view Marvel’s books in the Book Arts and Fine Press Collection.

Explore trends in contemporary book arts through workshops, lectures, panel conversations, exhibitions, and a gala celebration and awards ceremony at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts’ Book Art Biennial, July 23-26, 2015.

#KenCenInterns: Carly Gordon & Maria Rodriguez

Why did you apply to be a KC Intern?

CG: I’ve always been passionate about writing, so I began looking for ways to combine that interest with my musical background. I’m studying music performance, but I’m also fascinated by the behind-the-scenes work that helps a performance come together, and wanted to learn more about that process.

MR: I’ve had the great fortune of working with the Kennedy Center before, through my position at my school’s student newspaper where I was the Arts & Entertainment editor. 

What’s the coolest project you’ve worked on so far?

CG: Part of my job is liaising with the managers and agents for the many illustrious guest artists who perform with the National Symphony Orchestra, Fortas Chamber Music Concerts, and Washington National Opera. It’s really exciting to be one degree of communication away from people like Philip Glass and the Tallis Scholars.

MR: The press department, as my supervisor likes to say, is part hospitality. FOX5 did an interview with the leads for Once, which was taped on the Millennium Stage, and I helped to set that up here. I worked the event and escorted the female lead from her hotel room to the Kennedy Center, making sure she arrived on time.

What are the perks of being a KC Intern?

CG: Free tickets! New friends! A fantastic city! A gelato place across the street!

MR: An unbelievable trough of knowledge and experience at your disposal. This internship is the most formalized I’ve seen, with great supervisors and regularly scheduled seminars with managers from nearly all the departments. You can learn the workings of a major performing arts center from the people who have worked their way to the top.

Advice for standing out as an applicant?

CG: Don’t take yourself too seriously. I confessed in my application essay that I didn’t think I had any pertinent experience and was not qualified for the position (and I included some silly parenthetical comments). My now-supervisor said she found my honesty and humor refreshing.

MR: Because the Kennedy Center is such a large institution, it always helps to have some previous experience, whether that be in school or another internship. 

Why are you passionate about the arts?

CG: I’ve been playing oboe for almost 11 years, and can’t imagine my life without it. The arts are such a natural expressive outlet, constantly challenging you to see the world from new perspectives.

MR: Music, theater, visual arts, and other artistic mediums all capture moments in time and create lasting memories that allow you to take part in a multiplicity of lives through these experiences of so many others.

Interested in joining the #KenCenInterns? You’re in luck! The fall deadline has been extended to 8/7/15. Apply here!

Dating the Maximoff's part 2!

(Note: 3 rewrites later I have finally finished this! There is a smutty threesome at the end, i tried writing two separate scenes but it just didn’t work out. Also sorry if Steve is a little ooc, I needed a conflicting point in the story. I hope this is worth the wait!)
Kissing them was unlike any other experience in your life. Wanda’s hands ghosting down your sides as your mouths connected with bliss. One hand threaded through Wanda’s hair as the other palms up Pietro’s thigh, pleasantly surprised to find the bulge in his pants. His scruff brushes your skin as he trails sloppy kisses down your neck, his hand finding its way to your center, pressing upon the bundle of nerves causing you to bite upon Wanda’s lower lip. She tugs up your shirt, gently gliding her nails up your stomach. The sensation gives you chills as she pulls the strap down exposing your breast, kneading and tugging at your nipple. The movie had ended ages ago, the display menu replaying the music over and over. In the throws of pleasure you hardly notice the footsteps coming down the hall. Ragged with lust and paranoia you quickly pull your bra back on and pull your shirt back down. The twins are sporting smug smiles, proud of your flustered appearance.
“We should probably go to bed.” You say, adjusting your clothes. The twins nod in agreement. The three of you start heading toward your room, saying awkward good nights to Clint who was in the kitchen making a late night snack. He observes the three of you going into your room, he finds it a little weird but shrugs it off as none of his business.
The mood being killed, you slip into bed in a huff.
“What’s wrong?” Pietro asks as he cuddles you. Wanda slips into bed on your other side, you wrap your arm around her.
“Nothing.” You reply, trying to get comfortable.
“It seems like something.” Wanda says as she turns to face you.
You let out a sigh, of course Wanda has read your mind and knows you’re bothered. You lay on your back and sit up a bit, the twins both looking at you with concerned eyes.
“Was it too much too soon?” Pietro looks guilty.
“No, not at all. I’m just afraid of what the others might think. I don’t want people to talk about us. I don’t want the team to be weirded out.” You confessed your concern.
“Is this a typical relationship? No. Will it be a little strange at first? Probably. But I think it is worth it. If you do not want to deal with the reaction of the others then we can remain friends and nothing more.” Wanda proposed. The very thought of it made you want to cry. You couldn’t just be friends with Wanda and Pietro, they meant everything to you. For the first time since your parents died you didn’t feel alone and empty.
“Don’t say that Wanda, you know we love her. The others will get used to it, if they don’t I do not care. We love you (y/n) and that is all that matters.” Pietro said. He took you into his arms, kissing the back of your neck and the surrounding area. It tickled, causing you to giggle as you held onto Wanda. You threaded your fingers together, Wanda holding your hand to her chest as she pressed a simple kiss to the top. Comfortable and content you all fell asleep.

The next morning you wake up early for training, Pietro and Wanda kiss you goodbye before heading to their rooms to get ready. Shortly after their departure a letter is slid beneath your door. You open it curiously.
“Tony Stark cordially invites (y/n) (y/l/n) to join his company tonight for a night of drinks and dancing. Plus 2 ;)” you roll your eyes at the winkie face. Setting the note on your desk you continue to get ready.
Training is three grueling hours of drills and sparring. You’re dripping with sweat by the time its over.
“I need a shower…and food.” You huff as you pop the lid off of your water bottle, taking in several gulps of the icy cold liquid.
“I agree, Pietro will you join us for lunch?” Wanda asks.
“I can’t, I have to go to the lab. They’re testing to see if I’ve made any progress in speed over the last three months.” He replied. You pout, lunch was a ritual of yours and it bummed you out that you wouldn’t be sharing your fries with both of your loves.
“Tony sent an invite to his party tonight, plus 2. I suppose we will have drinks together.” You smile, he tips your chin up and kisses you.
“Date night, I love it. See you later frumosul.” He says before running off in a blur. You walk from the training area, hand in hand with Wanda. The display is not missed by Natasha and Steve.
“The twins & (y/n) huh?” Steve comments as he picks up some training equipment.
“Tony says they are all together, he also says to not talk about it. He broached the subject last night and Wanda threatened mind torture upon him.” Natasha responds.
“Kids these days, whatever happened to one guy and one girl?” He wonders.
“They’ve been stuck together like glue for months, I think it’s kind of sweet actually.” She smiles.
Back in your room you and Wanda share a playful shower, washing each other’s hair and making conversation.
“What should I wear tonight? It’s not a formal thing but I still wanna look cute ya know?” You muse as you shampoo Wanda’s tresses.
“You are always cute, whatever you pick will be nice.” Wanda smiles, You roll your eyes with a smirk.
“Thanks love, I’m kind of excited.” You reply.
“As am I, I always love the little sandwiches they pass out.” She giggles.
The 2 of you finish showering, dry off and change into something casual before heading to the kitchen to grab a snack.
“What shall we eat dragoste?” Wanda asks, hugging you from behind she plants kisses in your hair and down your neck. You turn to face her, kissing her lips as you snake your arms around her.
“Fruit salad and sandwiches?” You suggest.
“Sounds good to me.” She smiles, you share another quick kiss before going to the fridge.
Wanda cuts up the fruit while you make the sandwiches, taking care to make an extra one for Pietro. The lunch is satisfying, relaxed and content you and Wanda head to the living room. Cuddled up in Wanda’s arms you watch tv until you start to drift off to sleep.
• • •
“Shh, our dear (y/n) has fallen asleep.” Wanda whispers when Pietro enters the room. He’s just finished showering after his tests, hair still wet as he kneels down in front of your sleeping face.
“Printesa,” he gently cups your cheek.
“Wake up draga meu.” He kisses your forehead as your eyes gently open, delighted to see his face.
“I made you a sandwich.” You say as you bring your lips to his.
“That was very thoughtful, thank you frumosul.” He said, kissing you again before disappearing and reappearing with the sandwich. You and Wanda sit up, making room for Pietro on the couch.
“How did the testing go?” Wanda asks.
“I ran until the treadmill broke, Banner says he will analyze the data but I’m sure I have gotten faster.” He smiles between bites. Pietro finishes the sandwich, taking your hand in his he brings it to his lips pressing a kiss upon it gently.
“How was your day?” He asks.
“Fine, Wanda and I had a shower, ate lunch and I fell asleep.” You chuckle lightly, leaning into his shoulder. Soon you are joined by Tony and Bruce, who seem to be in some kind of debate.
“What’s up science bro’s?” You smile.
“Right now I’m convincing Bruce to come to the party, you guys are going right? (Y/n) you got my invitation?” He winked.
“I did, and yes we have agreed to come. Although I wonder the reason for the celebration.” You respond.
“See, (y/n) & the twins are coming. Everyone’s gonna be there Brucey. I will take it personally and be disappointed if you don’t show up for at least 2 drinks!” Tony laid on the guilt trip.
“Alright, I’ll go. 2 drinks, that’s it.” Bruce caved.
“I knew I could count on you, the party is to celebrate all of the great work we’ve been doing. Let’s kick back, have a little fun.” Tony smiled.
The five of you hung out for awhile, watching tv and talking. Bruce was happy to report that Pietro had increased his speed by 20% in the last three months. No one seemed to mind the interactions between you and the twins. You were relieved that Tony didn’t bring anything up.

You got ready for the party, choosing a pair of black fitted jeans and an off the shoulder sweater paired with comfortable flats. Tony said it was a casual kick back so you definitely weren’t wearing a dress. You wore your hair down in loose waves, makeup subtle yet sultry. Pietro and Wanda head toward your room, Pietro seeming to feel apprehensive of what was to come.
“What is the matter brother?” Wanda asks.
“I just don’t want anyone to make (y/n) and us uncomfortable, don’t you think it’s odd that Stark asks what’s going on between us & then suddenly decides to throw a party?” Pietro says.
“I don’t think Tony is setting us up, if anything happens we will simply leave.” Wanda asserts.
“Not before I punch him in the mouth.” Pietro threatens with a scowl.
Soon there’s a knock at your door, you opened it to reveal a very handsome Pietro sporting a black v-neck showing off his toned everything along with grey jeans, his hair as usual wind blown and sexy.
Wanda looks equally adorable in a long, flowy deep burgundy tank top with black leggings, and a pair of short, black boots. Her hair is up in a messy bun, loose hairs framing her delicate face. You meet them in a bear hug before kissing the both of them.
“You look so handsome.” You bite your lip as Pietro brings you up into his arms, kissing you.
“You are beautiful as always draga.” He whispers into your ear before kissing your neck, knowing its one of your sweet spots. You shudder at his touch before turning your attention to Wanda, cupping her cheek as she snakes her arms around your waist; you share a gentle kiss.
“You look beautiful.” You smile, kissing her again.
“You are as perfect as ever draga meu.” She replies. You head down to the party hand in hand, your eyes drifting from Pietro’s toned torso in the tight v neck to Wanda’s delicate bone structure and supple pink lips. How could you be so lucky? You arrive on the floor of the party, glass doors opening to the wide spiral staircase. Several members of the team see you arrive.
“Hey guys, glad you made it down!” Natasha smiles as she sips her wine.
“Good to see you too Nat, what will you have to drink frumosul?” Pietro asks as he turns to you.
“Something sweet with vodka in it.” You chuckle lightly.
“And for you dear sister?” He motions to Wanda.
“A glass of red wine please.” She gives a small smile. Pietro heads to the bar leaving you with Wanda and Natasha.
“I don’t want to intrude but my curiosity has been peaked.” Natasha states.
“You probably heard it from Tony and yes it is true, we are romantically involved.” You say, holding Wanda’s hand as you nod toward Pietro at the bar.“
"We hope it will not effect the way we are treated as team members.” Wanda states.
“I would never treat you differently, family is family just the same as love is love.” Natasha gives her blessing. A weight comes off of your shoulders, you were still a team and a family no matter who you chose to love.
Pietro returns with Wanda’s glass of wine and a glass of vodka with lemon for himself. You look perplexed, he forgot your drink?
“Thanks for the drink babe.” You look up at him incredulously.
“What? You wanted something sweet with vodka in it,” he paused to sip his drink.
“And here I am.” He winks. You can’t help but laugh, snaking your arms around his neck and attacking his lips with kisses.
“Come, let’s go to the bar and order you a real drink.” Wanda laughs. The three of you walk to the bar and order the drink.
“To us.” You cheers with the twins. After you finish your sip they turn to you kissing both of your cheeks. You laugh as you kiss each one of them back, noticing Steve looking less than pleased you cease the display of affection, walking away from the pair.
Pietro speeds up in front of you, openly upset by your action.
“What is wrong?” His tone drips with concern.
“People were looking, looking disgusted.” You frowned, tilting your head down. Wanda walked up next to you, taking her hand in yours.
“Steve just doesn’t understand, he’s not angry…just confused.” Wanda tried to soothe. Suddenly you felt guilty and sick, why couldn’t this just be easy? Pietro scanned the room looking for Steve, when he found him he vanished in a blur.
“What’s your problem?” He stood in front of Steve, face stern as his hands twisted into fists at his sides.
“Nothing, what’s your problem?” Steve answered.
You and Wanda get to Pietro, trying to end the confrontation.
“Hey, we’ll just go back up stairs, it’s fine. I’m not even upset anymore.” You say, grasping at his wrist.
“No, I’m not going to let you or either one of us be made to feel like something to be gawked at.” Pietro took a step closer to him, breaking free from your touch.
“I just think it’s weird is all, I don’t get it. I’m sorry to have offended you.” Steve apologized. Tony had been around but talking to other guests when he heard what was going on. He walks toward the scene, looking to prevent a fight.
“Listen Gramps, if the kids are happy who cares? This polyamory thing has been around for awhile, sorry you missed the 60’s. Calm down speedy, we don’t want old cap throwing out a hip.” Tony quickly diffused the situation. Pietro’s shoulders drop slightly as he steps back toward Wanda.
“(Y/n) come with me for a sec.” Tony says. The two of you walk towards the bar.
“Thanks for doing damage control there, I didn’t think you’d be so cool.” You smile.
“(Y/n) do you think I’ve never dated Eastern European twins before? Honestly I feel so much closer to you now.” He smirks. You burst out laughing, unable to believe what you’re hearing.
“Shut up Tony! I’m not with them for the fantasy of twins, I actually love them with all of my heart.” You swat his arm before ordering your drink.
“Hey I loved Ivana and Helga! They were twin super models from Russia, the sweetest, most flexible girls I ever knew.” He sighed, taking a sip of his scotch.
“But seriously I don’t want you guys to feel uncomfortable or weird, I doubt anything else will happen but if so let me know and I’ll straighten it out.” He winks before walking back into the sea of guests. You go to find the twins, they’re hovering in a dark corner, Pietro still looks angry and Wanda looks unhappy.
“Are you guys ok?” You ask as you take Wanda’s hand into yours.
“I’m ok, Pietro is still upset.” She sighs.
“I’m sorry, I talked to Tony and he said he’d make sure no one made us uncomfortable.” You try to reassure him, nuzzling into his side
“It’s not your fault (y/n).” Pietro sighs, placing his arm around you.
You kiss up his neck, making your way to his lips.
“Don’t be upset,” you say as you turn to Wanda and kiss her.
“We were supposed to have fun tonight. Let’s just go upstairs, forget the party.” You suggest. The twins agree, you finish your drinks and head to the elevator. Tony winks at you as you pass him. Once up stairs you flop down on the bed with a heavy sigh.
“Are you alright (y/n)?” Pietro asks as he kicks off his shoes. Wanda sits next to you, gently running her fingers through your hair.
“Of course I am, I have everything I’d ever need.” You smile, sitting up to kiss Wanda. Your lips move together in sensuous rhythm, your hands enveloping the curves of her hips. You bring one hand up, using your pointer finger to coax Pietro to join you. He obliges, kneeling upon the bed he threads his fingers in your hair, kissing your neck roughly. The action causes you to moan out, you move to kiss Wanda’s neck, your hands trail down the fabric of her top and slide up her bare torso. Your lips leave her body as Pietro tilts your head toward him, immediately bringing your mouth to his, your tongues entangling. You tug at your sweater, finding the fabric to be too much. Pietro brings the shirt over your head, Wanda unhooking your bra. You immediately tear Pietro’s shirt off, nipping at his chiseled chest. Your hand flys to the button of his jeans, starting to unbutton them. Feeling Wanda’s lips kissing up your back you turn back to her to see she is now shirtless to, drawn to her beauty you can’t resist the urge to kiss and nip and touch her hot flesh. As you explore Wanda’s curves Pietro begins tugging down your pants; he slides his hand between your legs, pushing them apart he begins moving his fingers in small circles over your slit. A sharp breath escapes your lips as you hold Wanda close to you, biting her shoulder. You push her down onto the bed and begin pulling down her leggings. She’s laying before you, naked save for her lacy panties, legs open and inviting. You kiss Pietro, hand slipping down to his boxers you grasp his hardness.
“Is this ok?” You ask suddenly, caught up in the moment you had almost forgotten the taboo of it all.
“We want you (y/n), you are our hearts desire.” Wanda says, hooking her fingers in your panties. She pulls them down; kissing your stomach you shudder at her touch. You lock eyes with Pietro as you begin stroking him. He groans as you increase the speed. Wanda pulls your panties the rest of the way down, you step out of them before crawling back on the bed after her. On your knees you kiss down Wanda’s body, taking your time to savor every curve and freckle before finally arriving at her center, first you plant gentle kisses upon her; loving every little noise she makes. You feel Pietro adjust your hips, pushing them open a little further before teasing you with his tip. A soft moan escapes your lips, vibrating into Wanda’s throbbing core she echoes your pleasure. You decide you have teased her enough, rolling your tongue over her clit she moans out, looking down on you with loving eyes. You continue, inserting a finger as you continue to lick and suck. Lost in her pleasure it comes as a shock when Pietro finally inserts himself, filling you with his thickness. His thrusts start off slow, grinding over you gspot. You push back into him, wanting more.
“Faster” you gasp out, still face deep in Wanda’s slit. When he picks up the pace you match it, inserting a second finger you pump in and out of her, tasting her sweet juices along the way.
“Do not stop.” Wanda moans. You continue, moans escaping your lips as Pietro’s finger tips dig into your hips, thrusts coming faster and faster. Wanda writhes beneath your touch, you can feel her tighten and release, cumming as your mouth fills with her sweet nectar. You can feel yourself coming undone too, the combination of Wanda and Pietro overwhelming your senses.
“Pietro…I’m gonna, ohh godd.” You say as you finally release; he brings you up into his arms, pumping hard and fast drawing out your high before filling you up with his seed. You collapse on the bed; Pietro to your left and Wanda to your right, the three of you panting in the aftermath of your bliss.
“I love you…both of you…so much.” You say, grabbing both of their hands.
“I love you too, (y/n)…more than anything.” Pietro kisses your cheek.
“My heart belongs to you draga.” Wanda squeezes your hand, kissing your shoulder. Energy completely spent; the three of you crawl under the sheets, with arms wrapped around each other you fall asleep.

frumosul: beautiful/ beautiful one
Dragoste: love
Draga meu: my darling/ my love
Printesa: princess

VCU Medical Center ranked No. 1 in Virginia by U.S. News & World Report

Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center has been recognized as the No. 1 hospital in Virginia and the Richmond metro area in U.S. News & World Report’s newest Best Hospitals rankings. VCU Medical Center also ranks in the top 50 in the country for orthopedics at No. 34, nephrology at 48, and cardiology and heart surgery in the 49th spot. “As central Virginia’s only comprehensive academic…

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This Day in Evangelion: July 19, 2015

Shinji has spent the past week training to pilot Unit-01, tasked with memorizing  EVA emergence points, emergency power sources, armament building locations, and recovery spots. Presumably today, he undergoes a simulation exercise where he is taught about the EVA’s internal battery limitations and learns how to engage an enemy using the EVA’s pallet gun (and that in particular the most effective means is to position the target in the center, and press the switch, which he monotonously chants to himself over and over.)

Meanwhile, Maya Ibuki comments to Ritsuko how surprised she is that Shinji agreed to continue piloting the EVA. Ritsuko presumes that Shinji’s way of getting through life is to merely do as he’s told. Misato regards this sternly.

(Events depicted in episode 3. A full timeline of the events depicted in Evangelion can be found here.)
Ukraine: Odessans arrested for posting in social networks

July 31: Two residents of the Odessa region were arrested for postings on social networks calling for the overthrow of the ruling regime and the implementation of acts of terrorism, it was reported by the press center of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU). Criminal proceedings were opened under Art. 109 (actions aimed at overthrowing the constitutional order), 110 (separatism) and 258-2 (public incitement to commit terrorist acts).

TIMER reminds its readers that very real criminal liability can result from posts on social networks. So it is advisable to think about what and how you write.

[Translator’s note: TIMER is an independent publication in Odessa that opposes the U.S.-backed fascist regime in Kiev. Its editors and journalists have been subject to threats and searches by the SBU.]

YouTube Makes Virtual Reality Push With 360-degree 3-D

YouTube Makes Virtual Reality Push With 360-degree 3-D

YouTube Makes Virtual Reality Push With 360-degree 3-D

Option Trading Partners 

Tech News   –  YouTube says it’s making a further push into virtual reality, promising to add 3-D support for videos that play back in its 360-degree format.
Thursday’s announcement comes a day after the debut of the first online 360-degree ad, a commercial for Bud Light.
Right now, viewers using the mobile YouTube app…

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