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You’re In Love.

This is a Wayhaught fic I wrote based off of You Are In Love by Taylor Swift. I hope you like it! Warning: IT’S FLUFFY! 

Waverly’s known it for a while. She’s known it but she hasn’t said it, well she hasn’t said it to Nicole at least.

One look. Dark room. Meant just for you.
The first time the thought popped into her head was at the party the town was throwing. Waverly was coming down the stairs and her eyes immediately found Nicole. She was wearing that purple dress, her hair was down, she had makeup on and the biggest smile Waverly had ever seen. Nicole Haught was breathtaking. The closer her steps got to Nicole the faster her heart started beating. Her breath nearly caught in her throat. And as she made her way to her from across the room, Nicole’s bashful eyes casting down for a moment, the thought fluttered through her head.

“You’re in love”

For a split second she panicked. It was too soon for that. It wasn’t love…it was infatuation. It was lust. It was heart pounding, mind consuming, body shaking…like. Shit. It might be love.


Small talk. She drives. Coffee at midnight.
It was midnight and the headlights were pulling up to the homestead. Waverly grabbed her jacket and raced out the door before the car was even stopped.

“Hey you.” Nicole greeted her in the driver’s side seat of the police car. She had just finished her half of the night shift and immediately went to the homestead after.

“Hey babe.” Waverly smiled as she leaned over and kissed her cheek before buckling her seatbelt. She placed a thermos in the cup holder between them.

“You’re sure you’re not too tired?” Nicole asked.

“Not even a little bit.” Waverly reached over and laced her fingers between Nicole’s before they drove off.

Getting privacy in this town was like trying to get Doc to take off his hat, impossible. Neither woman felt like they could be truly alone together. But at 12 am, while the world slept, they found their peace. They made small talk as Nicole drove up the mountain just past the Purgatory exit. “How was work?” “What did you eat for dinner?” “How is Wynonna doing?” It was their time to catch up on the small stuff.

Nicole parked the car and turned it off, but kept on the headlights. Waverly grabbed the thermos and  stepped out of the car. She inhaled a deep breath as she walked to the cliff and took in the view of their small town. Nicole came up from behind her and wrapped a blanket around her shoulders, and then pressed her own body against Waverly’s back. Waverly tilted her head back and smiled up at her girlfriend. Nicole kissed her forehead. They didn’t speak for a few moments. They just stood there enjoying the warmth of each other and the rare peace and quiet of, the otherwise chaotic, town below them.

Waverly turned and held up the thermos. “Coffee?” She asked.

“I’d love so-” As she moved her hand the light from the car reflected a chain on her neck. “What’s that?” Nicole asked.

“Oh, Wynonna found it today when we were cleaning out Willa’s room. It was my mom’s.” Waverly pulled the the charm out from her shirt, revealing small silver angel wings.

Nicole smiled as she let her fingers dance over the pendent. “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah.” Waverly responded, some sadness in her voice. Nicole could hear it.

“Come on, I need some coffee.” Nicole said grabbing the thermos from Waverly before walking toward the car. They sat on the hood of the police car. Nicole unscrewed the top and poured some coffee into it like a cup, handing it over to Waverly. She took a sip from the warm thermos herself.

Nicole tilted her head back towards the sky as she cast her eyes on the moon. Her right shoulder brushed Waverly left. “Look up.” She smiled as she kept her eyes on the moon.

Waverly meant to look up, but her eyes caught Nicole in her peripheral vision and she couldn’t help but look at her first. She was stunning, especially under the moonlight. Waverly watched as Nicole laid back and rested her body against the windshield. She still hadn’t looked up at the moon because she swore nothing was as beautiful as Nicole. Nicole brought her eyes back to Waverly and smiled as she extended her right arm out and tapped her side. Waverly got the point and grinned as she curled into her girlfriend’s side. Nicole wrapped her arm around Waverly. And that’s when she felt it. She felt warm, and safe, and protected. She felt loved.

“You’re in love”

The voice came again and this time she didn’t panic, or fight it. Instead she let herself look up at Nicole with a large smile.

“What?” Nicole asked as she played with the ends of Waverly’s hair.

“Nothing. I just…I love this.” Waverly sighed as she looked back at the sky.

“I love this too.” Nicole responded with a kiss to Waverly’s head.


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  • Sombra: *presses button* Boop.
  • Bastion: *offended noises*
  • Sombra: What?
  • Lucio: You used the...*whispers* "B" word
  • Sombra: ...Boop?
  • Bastion: *angrier offended noises*
  • Sombra: It's just a thing I say when I poke things.
  • Lucio: Yeah well it's offensive to him.
  • Sombra: I'll say boop all I want.
  • Bastion: *even more offended boops*
  • Lucio: Come on, Sombra.
  • Sombra: boop boop boopity bo-
  • ~~~~~~
  • Winston: Welcome to the Overwatch Mandatory Sensitivity Training Course. I'll just take attendance...Sombra.
  • Sombra: Monkey. I'm the only one doing this.
  • Winston: Yes. Clearly you should be.
Golden Tongue (Bias x Reader) Epilogue

One year and three months later.

“Two burgers please,” you say once it’s your turn to order, “One cookies-and-cream milkshake,” You can’t wait to stuff that burger down your throat, you’re so hungry. 

“Nothing to drink with the other burger?” the cashier asks. 

You shake your head, “Not when you’re eating both,” 

No comment. 

You still work as a taxi driver, not entirely hating your job. Being on the road felt better than sitting behind a desk. Although it still resulted in the same butt-numbing sensation. 

You’re almost done with one burger when your phone chimes. Someone needs to be picked up a few blocks away from you. You accept the offer before other drivers can steal the catch. You thought of ignoring it, but decide against it. You’re almost done with your meal anyways. Stuffing the last piece into your mouth, you grab your other burger and shake as you push out the door. 

Living normally since your life took a turn over a year ago wasn’t easy. You dealt with guilt and depression to the point where you had to go to psychologist. Of course, once you confessed your inner pain to someone, you immediately wiped their memories clean of it. 

Eventually the pain began to numb. Thoughts of Jesse no longer crushed you. Thoughts of the people you killed no longer crippled you. Thoughts of B/N passed over you, like soft waves that lap onto a lakeshore. Other times, thoughts of him felt like the ocean waves; heavy, suffocating, and roaring. 

All in all, you felt okay. You often thought back to the past. Wanting to hang out with Jesse like before. Wanting to feel B/N’s arms around you, to feel his kisses again. You even missed using your powers as wildly as you did that night. You understood why Adra revelled in the power he obtained. It was addictive. 

Even though you took Adra’s power, his abilities were too inhumane to practice on anyone. Shockwaves, you banned yourself from using it. But he was also able to read minds if the topic was presented to him, but without pain or coercion, it didn’t always work. 

As for the other powers you used, it seemed to only work if the person was in close proximity. Even B/N’s power began to subside after a while. You could no longer control people. Being normal really was…boring. 

However, there would be moments you’d pick up someone in your car and they’d surprise you. You’d hear their thoughts, with them unable to hear yours. Your eyesight once got significantly better one night, only to find out the student you carried had night vision. Someone even had the power to see dead people, resulting in you almost crashing and them begging you to take their power. 

You meet lots of interesting people on the road. 

Now, as you drink your milkshake, arriving at the destination, you wonder who you’ll meet this time. 

You arrive at a cooperate building, the kind that makes you bend your head back to look to the top. You lean over your steering wheel to get a better look at the name through your window.

“N…U…A Corporations,” you sound out. Your mind doesn’t process it right away, but once it does you almost choke on a Oreo chunk. The back door of your car opens, the passenger sliding into the back seat. 

You have no time to think or react.

You slowly turn around, staring at B/N. He’s in a black suit with an open collared silver silk shirt. 

Your heart is slamming against your chest at the sudden sight of him. 

“Hi,” he smiles breathlessly. 

B/N didn’t feel like driving, as usual. So when his employees suggested he use a taxi app, he almost forgot those existed. He was so used to flagging them down. He put his information in, selected his destination which was a restaurant to have dinner with a few executives. 

Did he really have to go? 

He waits for a driver to accept to take him. He felt quite stupid looking at this app. He’s about to cancel when someone already accepts. The picture of the driver renders him motionless.  

He hadn’t seen her face in so long. He didn’t even have a picture of her. And here she was, smiling in the small photo. He taps the image, trying to get a better look at her but it doesn’t work. 

His hands are shaking, his heart beating way too fast. Even his armpits are sweating. It’s been over a year and he still feels this way. He hasn’t seen her since, and now he’s about to be in her presence?

Fate really has a sense of humor. And he’s about to throw up. 

He runs to the bathroom, checking himself in the mirror. His hair is parted at the side to give a professional look. A look he didn’t even like. 

“I look like an idiot,” 

He wets his hands, running his fingers through his hair. Should he go for a pushed-back look, or kinda-in-the-face look? He checks the phone, signaling that she’s almost here. Doesn’t matter. 

He rushes back to his office, pulling his secretary aside, “Smell me. How do I smell?” 

He didn’t mean to command her, but she sniffs him without hesitation, “You smell nice, sir. Very expensive,” 

He snaps his fingers, “Good,” 

He rushes for the elevator. She’s here and waiting for him. Will she notice the company name? Will she drive away before or once she sees him? He gets inside the car quickly and she turns, shocked to see him. Her mouth is parted and he can see the Oreo cookie residue on her teeth.

“Hi,” Idiot, you sound expectant. 

Her eyes are darting everywhere; she must be so confused. 

“Um. Hi,” she rests her drink down, wiping her mouth. He expects more to be said, but she faces forward, tapping in the destination he’s to go to. He sighs silently, calming his nerves. 

Did he expect huge excitement? He wasn’t sure. He was simply happy to see her. She’s driving in silence, refusing to look in the mirror where she’d meet his eyes. He remembers the first time she drove him in her car. He was such an entitled asshole then. He smiles at the memory. 

“How’ve you been?” he asks, “You look well,” 

“Oh,” her eyes meet his momentarily in the mirror, “I’ve been good. You?” 

He nods, “I’ve been good, too,”

“NUA Corporations? You really did it?” 

He nods, not surprised she remembered, “I did everything the way Jesse wanted,” 

“That’s nice,” More awkward silence. He can tell she’s uncomfortable, “How’s your parents?” 

“They’re good. Traveling more,” 

She nods. Her shoulders are tense, hands tight on the steering wheel. The conversation is so strained he feels constricted for her. 

It doesn’t take long to get to the restaurant. He doesn’t have to hand her cash like the last time, the app does it for him. He steps out the car, but peeks his head in to speak to her. 

“Would you mind picking me back up?” he asks. 

“Um… I’m not sure I’ll be available, but I’ll see,” 


“You could just use the app again,” 

He chuckles, “I hate this thing. I’ll just flag a taxi,” 

She seems to be thinking and he’s hoping she won’t say no. 

Seeing her so suddenly made him realize how badly he missed her. Could they go out for drinks? A restaurant? Anything? He wants to know how her life has been, he wants to tell her how he’s been. He just wants to talk to her, and the look on her face shows that she doesn’t want to.

Her extended silence lowers his hopefulness. He’s about to say not to worry about it, but she responds with, “Sure. I’ll pick you up,” 

He bites his lip to keep from grinning like a fool, “Thank you,” 

She hands him her business card, “Call me on this when you’re ready,” 

He takes it, admiring the simple artistry, “You have a business card,” he looks at her and he feels proud, “It suits you,” 

The faintest of smiles is her response, her gaze finally holding his. He closes the door, almost wanting to skip out on this dinner but he resists. She’s going to pick him up. He’ll make this dinner quick. 

Should I have told him? you wonder. 

You’re nibbling on your second burger. It’s not as hot as you wanted it, but it’s not cold either. 

You heard what he wanted to say. You heard his thoughts. And it took everything in you not to react to what he was thinking. 

He missed you that much? 

But did you miss him? Or did you bury all that happened that year, including how you felt about him?

Or is it because you were still hurt by him? Did you even like him anymore? 

You roll your eyes, putting your burger down. What a dumb question. 

You sigh, leaning your head back. Too much to think about. 

Seeing B/N caused all your emotions to resurface. You didn’t even realize you suppressed them. But sometimes it felt good to just ignore your inner thoughts and pretend as if nothing bothered you. A delusional life, but it kept you going.

Within an hour and a half, B/N calls you and you head back to him. This time he opens the front door, “May I?” 

He’s so forward. You nod, feeling antsy with him so close to you. Why are you acting this way? 

“Where do I go?” 

“Back to the building,” he says, surprisingly. You thought he would’ve asked you to go out somewhere like he thought. 

Stopping in front of the building, he turns to you. 

“Would you like to see inside?” 

You must admit you’re curious as to how B/N brought Jesse’s dream to life. You nod, turning off your car. 

It’s late now, most of the employees are gone and the security remains, acknowledging B/N as he steps into the polished lobby. 

Everywhere looks and smells expensive. 

“This place looks like it cost millions of dollars,” you say as you observe everything. 

B/N presses the elevator button, “Just a couple,” he smiles at you. 

So many levels. You chew on your nail as a way to avoid looking at him. He takes you to the top floor where his office resides. 

“This room is the planning room,” he flicks on the light. 

You look at the walls. It’s literally a map to success, “Jesse was very thorough. But I had to make some adjustments due to the change in economy and with people not always being predictable,” 

So much detail. It resembled a map detectives use to catch a criminal. Three destinations with smaller road to leading to it. 

“What’s your goal?” you ask him. 

“Well, putting abandoned buildings and lots to use. Instead of creating more retail places we don’t need, we’ve incorporated them into homes for the less fortunate,” 

“And who’s idea was that?” 

He looks at you, “Mine,”

You actually didn’t expect that from him.  

“And you’ve done all of this without the use of your ability?” 

He smirks, turning to the mini fridge, “A little persuasion never hurt anyone,” 

He hands you a canned drink, “I drive. I can’t drink,” 

He turns the can so that you can see the label, “It’s soda,” 

You take the can from his hand and he walks you to his office, “It’s roomy. Must be bright during the day,” you say looking at the large windows.

He nods and you step to the window, overlooking the city at night. 

“It’s an amazing view,” you sigh. 

“The best,” 

You turn to him, seeing him leaning against the window with one ankle crossed over the other. You know he’s been watching you. 

“Why’d you bring me up here?” you ask him.

“A few reasons,” he stands up straight, walking towards you, “I haven’t seen you in a long time. I wanted to show you this place. And,” he stands before you, “I never got to thank you for all that you did,” 

“That’s behind us now,” 

“True. But thank you. You did a lot for me during that time, more than I can imagine. I wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for you,”

You turn from the view of city, a sight you’ve been using to avoid looking at him. Once your eyes settle on him, your stomach starts to flutter. 

You open your soda, hoping the bubbles will help distract you from the butterflies in your belly but instead it erupts, spilling onto you and his carpet. 

You find a garbage, holding the can over it as you apologize profusely. Why did you swing it in your hand as you walked? 

He dabs napkins onto the stain, handing you some to clean yourself as well. 

“I’m so sorry,” 

“It’s just carpet, Y/N,” he seems to think nothing of this, “It can get cleaned,” 

He’s speaking so gently. How is this the same person? 

You watch him as he cleans the mess and disposes of the napkins, “You’ve changed,” you observe.

“Change is required for growth, if one is willing,” 

You’re surprised at his response, “Who are you?” 

At this, he throws his head back in laughter and the sight of him laughing is so pleasing to see that all you can do is stare at him. Jesse’s death really broke him but he seems to have mended as best.

He stops laughing, watching you who happens to still be staring at him. 

It’s dark in his office, the night light casting in enough brightness to allow you to see what you need to see. And what you do see is the way his dark hair falls against the side of his face. How his silver shirt glistens when he moves. And how his eyes are like black stars, twinkling as he looks at you. 

“I am so sorry for what I did to you,” he says, which wasn’t what you were expecting to hear, “I know that my words hurt you, my lack of compassion and selfishness to your needs did damage. But I need you to know how sorry and grateful I am to you,” 

To your surprise, your eyes are burning. You bite your bottom lip, trying to get a hold of yourself. Is this what you needed to hear all along? An apology from the person who hurt you the most and who happened to be the one you cared about the most? 

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you when you needed me,” he steps close to you.  

Your chest is tight and you’re trying so hard to keep yourself together. You take a step back, putting your hand out to keep him from coming closer. He doesn’t take another step. 

“I thought I was over this,” you whisper. All those months of therapy and for what? 

“Y/N,” Why did he have to say your name like that?

You cover your face with your hands as you cry silently. You realized you needed to hear him say this. 

“You really-” you take a breath, your voice breaking as you look at him, “You really hurt me then,”

By the look on his face, you know he feels exactly what you need him to feel. He looks pained and steps forward but you put your hand out again to keep him away and he doesn’t cross your barrier. 

“I’m sorry…” is all he can say. 

Slowly, he reaches for your levitated hand, holding onto your fingertips. You don’t pull away from him and he takes this opportunity to bring your hand to his face. He holds your hand against his cheek.

Forgive me,” his breath is warm against your skin, “Please, forgive me,” you hear him say but he isn’t speaking. His kisses each knuckle with an apology and your tears cease as you watch him. 

“I forgive you. I forgave you already,” you admit. He looks up surprised, “I meant to tell you I took Adra’s power, but it never came up. I’ve been hearing your thoughts directed at me this whole time,”

You’re not sure what his response will be, but he raises his eyebrows with a pleased expression, “This makes things way easier,” he blinks, “Wait, how much did you hear?” 


He gently pulls you towards him by your hand and you don’t fight him. You welcome his touch, and it feels so wonderful to have him hold you again.

Your face is against his shoulder as he embraces you, his cheek against your temple. He sighs, swaying side to side with you in his arms.

He tilts your face up, smoothing your hair, “Do you have any idea how much I missed you?” His confession has your tummy swirling. He said it with such ease and honesty, that you didn’t doubt that he missed you at all.

“How much?” you ask him. 


“How much did you miss me?” 

“Search my thoughts,” 

“Doesn’t work like that,” 

He thinks for a moment, looking at your face. His mind is quiet, not ready to let you in just yet. 

I missed you so much that I took a taxi everywhere I could just incase one of them would be you.” he’s playing with your hair as he speaks, touching your face in admiration, “I’ve been to the beach you’ve taken me to over thirty times, hoping you’d be there. But now I go simply because you liked going.” 

As he exposes his thoughts, he presses your palm against his cheek and he looks content; entrusting himself to you.

“I lived with regret and accepted that I would never get you back because of what I did.” 

The more he speaks, the tender his face becomes as he looks at you, “I missed having you by my side, even though it was short and I took it for granted. And I miss you even now that you’re standing right in front of me,” 

You’re looking at him as if it’s the first time you’re ever seeing them. You’ve both grown in each other’s absence. Even the way that he looks at you is different from before. 

You don’t ignore the emotions welling up within you; you welcome them. You accept that your feelings for him never left, as well as your attraction.

He smooths your cheek, wiping away the undried tears left on your face. His other hand is still on your lower back, keeping you in place against him and you feel what you didn’t think you’d be feeling so soon. 

“Already?” you raise your eyebrows, wondering if you should acknowledge that you’re just as excited to be with him. 

“He wants what he wants,” he says shyly, detaching his hips from yours for your comfort. 

But you pull him back to you, surprising him, “She wants what she wants too,” 

A full five seconds of you both staring at each other and wondering if this is really about to happen. 

Fuck,” he thinks. 

You kiss him, and just like that night on the couch, nothing more needs to be said or done for him to respond. He slides his jacket off for better movement, his arms immediately locking around you. 

His touch is familiar, his lips bringing memories of you both together back to life. You didn’t realize how much you missed him until you saw him, and you didn’t know how much you longed for him until he touched you. 

You’re still kissing each other when you feel his desk bump your legs. Instinctively, he leans you back but there’s too much stuff there to remove with the sweep of his hand. 

He’s impatient.

Next thing you know you’re against the window, trying to carefully unbutton his silk shirt because it’s silk! But he doesn’t care about that. He pops the remaining buttons, peeling his shirt off. 

“You think anyone’s gonna look up this high?” you ask him, noting that people could see you both through the window if they wanted to. 

“I don’t care,” his voice is husky against your ear, his fingers skimming the skin on your stomach as he lifts your shirt over your head. 

You hold his chin, “Slow down. I’m not going anywhere,” 

He actually pauses and you forget you have his power. But once it wears off, he continues.

Do you know how long I waited for you?” He gives you a look so alluring and sinful that you know tonight won’t end the way you thought.  

His mouth is on your neck, his teeth giving just the right amount of pressure to make your knees cave, but he keeps you up by pinning your hands against the glass. 

“Why would I slow down?” 

Did he think his night would turn out this way when he woke up this morning? Not in a million years. Did he hope it would once she kissed him? Absolutely. 

He motions towards the couch and she hesitates for a moment before walking ahead of him. She’s topless, still in her jeans and bra and the sight of her walking has him restraining himself. 

She stands at the couch, hugging her arms around herself. 

“Cold?” he asks. 



“Is this a one time thing for us?” 

“Did you not listen to a word I said tonight?” 

She sighs, “Still,” 

“Is it not obvious?” 

“What is?” 

“That there’s no one else for me?” 

She takes a moment to reply, “You haven’t met many people then,” 

“Is there anyone else who would literally step in the line of fire for me?” 

She shakes her head and he smiles, pulling her towards him as he kisses her forehead. He wants to tell her so much more but he can’t. Not yet. 

I love you, Y/N,” he thinks to himself alone, knowing now isn’t the right time to tell her, “I loved you then when you took those flames for me. I loved you even when I watched you walk away from me, and even more now,

No, he can’t tell her this right now. 

But he can do something for her that could be the physical equivalent. 

He tilts her chin up, kissing her softly on her lips.

“Will you let me repay you?” he asks. 

“Repay me for what?” her eyes are closed, content by his touch. 

“For everything you’ve done,” 


He pokes her chest, pushing her against the couch. Getting on his knees, he unbuckles her belt, unfastening the button in one go. 

“Like this,” 

His movements are swift yet unhurried as he tugs your jeans off of your body. 

Fondly, he caresses your face, as if calming you. But excites you once more once his fingers descend down your lips, your breast and stopping at your waist. 

“Will you let me?” he asks once more. 

All you can do is nod. 

He leans forward, kissing you as he thinks a familiar question, “Do you have any idea of the power you possess over me?” You’re pretty sure it’s the other way around right now.

His lips travel down your neck, and slowly over your breasts. As he grasps your waist, his tongue leaves wet trails over your stomach.

Do you know how long I craved you?” 

With his middle finger, he traces the creased, damp lining through your underwear, touching your most sensitive area.

Your breath catches in your throat, your legs instinctively widening a bit. 

He looks pleased.  

He hooks his fingers around your underwear, and you lift your body up in response as he slides them down your legs. 

Excitement is coursing through your body and it makes no sense to hide it. 

He lifts your legs onto his bare shoulders, kissing your inner thighs with his eyes closed.

You clench your fists the closer his mouth gets but before he gets there, he looks up at you.

“Tell me, did you forget?” he asks.

“Forget what?” you respond breathlessly.

He opens your legs wider, his face lowering and your mind submitting.

With his eyes locked on yours, he drags his tongue heavily and slowly between your lips as he thinks to you, 

“I’m your slave to desire.” 

Someone requested more moments cute between them, did I deliver? 

SVT Cute Jobs; Jeonghan !!

Originally posted by visual-17

is it an angel







-so yeah

-literal angel 



-Yoon Jeonghan

-currently Jeonghan is studying 

-ha studying



-anyways hes currently studying music in college and just like vernon he needs to earn money

-so he’s looking around for jobs

-and it’s not going too well

-until one day

-his parent’s friends and his parents were going out and they couldn’t leave their 7 year old daughter alone so they gave her to Jeonghan to look after for the night

-it wasn’t even for the night

-it was only for like a couple hours like 3

-but at the end the daughter said that she really enjoyed being with Jeonghan and they gave him like £10 for babysitting

-and his initial reaction to his parents were

-”you can get payed for babysitting??!?!”

-”yes you can.”

-and it clicks

-he was gonna become a babysitter

-his mum helped him get the news out to the other parents 

-at first business was slow

-but after he got a couple great reviews from the parents he was getting money every night for babysitting over the summer 

-which was great!!

-he was gettin moneeeeeeeeeeey

-hes not so good at making meals 

-so he just orders pizza for himself and the kids

-after the first time that happened

-the other parents just puts out a couple of £20 notes on the counter with their number for pizza 

-he tried to cook spaghetti once 


-it caught alight

-h o w

-he’s really loving towards the kids

-one time he was chasing a kid around an apartment

-the kid was a robber

-and Jeonghan was a cop

-the kid fell over and started to cry because they he a grazed knee

-parent jeonghan mode: on

-he got the plasters put it on the cut and just had the kid in his arms to calm him down 

-then they just watched tv 

-when the parents came home

-they found the two of them on the sofa just asleep

-precious souuulllll

-who else is a precious soul?


-you and your brother were just chilling in your front room

-when your parents come out lookin all fancy and stuff

-”hey kids be good alright? the babysitter will be coming in a while.”

-at first you’re confused

-like what?

-you don’t need a babysitter

-so you think you’re going with them

-”wait should i put my dress on now? i din’t know you two were ready so quickly”

-”what? honey you can’t come.”

-”then why are you getting a babysitter if i’m gonna be here”

-”baby after what happened last time i really can’t trust you two all by yourself”

-okay so last time you babysat your little brother somehow ended up on the garage roof

-but it was chill because he didn’t hurt himself that badly

-okay maybe he broke his hand but broke is a strong word

-lets just say he badly fractured his hand 

-okay he broke his hand

-so a babysitter

-thats great

-”y/n, this babysitter is nice, besides hes pretty good looking. his name is Jeonghan and a lot of the parents say hes good with kids like you two”

-”mum what the”

-”you didn’t hear that from me though”

-your mum winked at you slightly 

-and your dad just sighed before heading out of the house with your mum following closely behind

-”honey can you not make y/n flirt with every young person??”

-you had a mix of disgust and slight nausea when she did that

-like you’re not going to flirt with this dude just because he’s apparenty ‘good looking’

-what if hes like 30

-good looking can vary between ages

-you sighed before looking to your little brother 

-“mario kart?”

-“mario party”

-“mario kart it is”

-“wait what why not?!”

-“my word is law until this dude comes here”

-”not even rock paper scissors?”


-you set up the wii u and you already noticed that mario kart was already in there

-oh well

-after race one of four was finished you hear a knock at the door

-”oh look the apparently handsome jeong…what was it…han? ham??”

-you weren’t trying to mock the bloke

-you seriously couldn’t remember for the life of you

-you got up and headed to the door to open it

-and outside

-was a blond haired dude

-he looked around your age 

-college age maybe??

-he looked a little bit tired by the way he had his hands just on his knees


-”uh…can i help you?”

-”yeah, i’m the babysitter your parents called…this is where y/n and y/b/n live right??”

-”yeah….oh you must be jeonghan and i’m y/n”

-looking up to you from the steps before your door

-he stopped

and looked to you??

-like you look pretty and young?? but not young enough for a babysitter??

-and you did the same


-you found an actual angel?? like you found a man so beautiful you nearly cried??

-sort of

-”come on in then, my mum left us money for pizza”

-”oh, yeah sure”

-”why are you so tired as well??”

-”at first i went to the wrong house across the road and they had a huge dog and it started to bark so i ran”

-”oh that’s just baxter hes friendly.”


-”hes just happy to see you”


-it’s as if his soul just left the world

-anyways you introduced him to your brother

-who had a slight obsession for his hair

-cause he thought it was lemon cotton candy

-he,,,tried to eat his hair

-sorry Jeonghan


-you two continued playing mario kart while he watched

-you noticed him a couple times staring at you 

-you looked down to your bro and asked if there was another remote for him

-”theres one in my room, i’ll go get it!!”

-oh sh it 

-you see him exit the room and then you just see jeonghan stretch 

-but he makes this noise like he’s moaning

-and your dying on the inside


-”so tell me how old are you??”

-”why how old are you??”

-he tells you his age and you two are actually the same age wtf

-hes older than you too wtf

-by like a month

-”so if you’re the same age as me then why did your mum need me to babysit both you and your brother? i can understand your brother but why you too?”

-”lemme sum it up for you- ball went onto garage roof, i was sat outside, he went up to get the ball, i didn’t notice until he fell onto the grass out back, and mum had to collect me and my brother from A&E”

-”wow thats quite a story”

-”there was this other time where i tried to make pasta but it burnt”

-”same wtf”

-your little brother came back downstairs with the other remote and gave it to jeonghan to join in with mario kart 

-long story short he chose wario on the sports bike

-fuck you wario

-after what seemed to be like 3 rounds of the game

-it was actually 20

-you heard your stomach growl

-but it was only 7:20pm

-”should we order pizza now? i’m kinda hungry”

-”yeah sure”

-you watch him take his phone out, dialling the number for the nearest pizza place

-it was like he had this all planned out from the beginning

-before he pressed call he asked if you two had any allergies

-”i’m alleric to plasters!”

-”thats cute y/b/n”

-he smiled before pressing the call button

-”hey, can i get two regulars? yeah, it’s Jeonghan again.”

-again?? so hes done this before??

-”oh really? sweet, thanks.”

-he gave the address to the pizza place and hung up, looking to both you and your brother

-”i got both pizzas that were written on that piece of paper under the money. he said that hes gonna give us free drinks too.”

-“really? has that happened before?”


-”lucky us then”

-the pizza came and it was hella delicious holy cow

-the rest of the night was spent with you two talking about college and you find out hes at the same college!!

-he also also likes the same things as you do too!!

-there was also your brother asking to be chased around constantly

-jeonghan had something else on his mind so every time your little bro asked he was like nahhhhhh im too tired


-finally jeonghan agrees

-and you’re sat there thinking that he’s gonna hit his head or something

-the idiot runs

-he gets chased by jeonghan

-you hear a bang

-he runs into the god damn door

-what the fuck

-you hear your little bro start to cry

-so you’re just there

-”i knew this would happen–”

-you go to get the ice out of the freezer

-but you can also hear jeonghan

-”hey, hey, you alright? stop crying…it’s gonna be okay”

-and you see him put the gel ice pack on little bro’s head while hes just hugging him


-it makes you see a person you’ve barely known for 5 hours in a new light

-wow what a caring dude

-but oh so suddenly

-you become really tired

-and jut sit down on the couch

-and you fall asleep

-it wasn’t even 10 yet

-but you just pass out

-jeonghan was finished comforting your brother

-he fell asleep in his arms

-and he just sees you on the couch

-and hes just smiling so much

-bright idea

-sit next you and fall asleep with his head on yours while he’s holding your little bro

-before he knew it your parents came home

-they see the three of you just asleep

-he wakes up and notices them home

-he greets them before leaving 

-but not before writing down something on a sticky note 

-and handing it to your mum

-”hi i’m sorry to do this before i leave but i don’t want to disturb y/n while shes asleep can you give this to her??”

-”whats this? oh- ohhhhhh i will, don’t worry Jeonghan. good job today”

-he leaves with the biggest smile on his face 

-and you’re smiling while you’re sleeping

-your bro is just drooling


-you wake up shortly after he leaves and finds the sticky note stuck to your head

-“mum? whats this?”

-“jeonghan’s number. i told you he was handsome, wasn’t he?”





Coming Home In Your Arms

A/n: No matter how hard I try to make a drabble serious…I always end up injecting unneeded humor. Why self, why are you like this?? Anyway, this is not beta’d or edited at all. So there are probably TYPOS and things I’m going to fix later, so I’m very sorry! But I had teased you guys enough and I really wanted to get this up for you lovely shippers! Enjoy the super-powered sexy times.

She didn’t know it was like this. She didn’t realize talking to a person could be like coming home, like stepping back into a role you forgot you had. She thought she had found who she was on Earth and she was totally comfortable with that.

But the first time Mon-El talked to her about his parents taking him to other planets, beautiful far away stars, she felt something shift. She realized that he was the only person in the world that really got it. Of course, Clark was Kryptonian so he was even more like her than Mon-El was, but….Clark didn’t remember home. Clark hadn’t had it all ripped away from him. Mon-El knew exactly what that was like. Maybe even more so-he was an adult when his world was destroyed, while she was a child.

And when he talked to her about his home, about the couple of times he had visited hers, it felt like she was simultaneously unlocking a new part of herself and remembering who she used to be, back on Kyrpton. The latter part of her found comfort and warmth in discussing other planets, their planets, like it was completely and blissfully normal. But it was different with him than when she was a kid on Kyrpton. With him, she got sassier. She spoke up more. She wasn’t too shy to tell him when he was being an idiot. Because around him, she felt…free. Natural. Like she didn’t have to second guess what she said, keep a secret. She could talk about home. She could slap his arm HARD without fear of breaking him. She wasn’t awkward and stuttering when he did something she didn’t like. She was strong.

Maybe it was because that’s how he obviously saw her-fearless- or maybe it was because that’s who she really is, underneath all the facades she puts on in order for Earth to accept her. Of course she had family, real family, that knew her secret. But they didn’t understand it; they couldn’t feel the weight of it like she could.

Of course, it wasn’t just that they were from neighboring planets that persuaded her to walk to his door that night. No, he didn’t earn points just for being an alien. It helped, but the real reason she felt free around him was because he was the one person that expected nothing of her. And everything. He didn’t expect her to GIVE anything. She didn’t have to be Supergirl and save the day for him to like her. She didn’t have to be a good sister or responsible daughter for him to be interested. She didn’t even have to be a good friend for him to look at her the way he does. (Actually she wasn’t always the best friend to him, but that’s beside the point.)  

He asked for nothing form her, just that she be his partner and help him save people. He actually confessed his feelings tonight without having any hope that she would feel the same. He was simply being honest, like she asked him to be. And boy, did she ask a lot of him.

Not only did he ask nothing of her, but he believed everything of her. He probably thought she was capable of anything. And with her powers, she likely was. But something gave her the feeling that even if she had no powers, if it was a red sun, he would still think her capable of holding the world on her shoulders.
She almost couldn’t believe it. For one, he had listened to her and opened up like she asked. Secondly….comets. Come on, no girl would ever get over that. The look on his face….he was so vulnerable and genuine. She rarely gets to see his eyes that shade. Like a storm, swirling in on itself, blue skies invaded by worried grey cumulonimbus. He looked…afraid. More afraid than when she first met him and his whole word had suddenly disappeared. That look shook her to her core. She had just sat there, staring at him mutely. She supposes it’s not his fault that he assumed she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. She didn’t give much indication if she did or not. She was just too…stunned. She had tried dating before. When she was an awkward preteen, she was  too ignorant of Earth’s culture to be seen as anything but weird. When she was a teenager, she was so afraid of her own powers that she couldn’t control them. The couple of dates she decided to give a go ended up in disaster. Like a poor, innocent human boy injured and bruised disaster. And as she became an adult….she focused on her career, on what she was supposed to be doing with her life and the gift of her powers.

There was Winn. Sweet, clueless, sensitive Winn. He could hack into a government facility-and has several times-but couldn’t tell if a woman was interested or not. He admitted his feelings and her immediate rejection lost her a best friend for weeks.

Then there was James. She was struck by cupid the moment she saw him. Or she thought she was. She pined for months, but when her chance came to actually have him….the sparks seemed to fade. Something didn’t feel quite right when they tried. The kiss was good, but…she just didn’t know if she was actually ready for a relationship. She knew she wanted his friendship, for sure, but…she suddenly wasn’t sure about anything more than that. It almost felt like girlfriend wasn’t supposed to be her role in his life. She realized after the fact that what she felt for James was probably akin to puppy-love. Her first serious feelings for someone at all as an adult. Of course she didn’t know where to put them.
There had been a couple moments of questioning herself about some of the ladies in her life, but that was a completely different story….

But he hadn’t let her answer him. He assumed she didn’t like-like him before she could say anything. And that was frankly unfair. She….did feel something. She was just so scared and…she had never felt quite this MUCH before. It was overwhelming.

And that, ladies and gents, is how Kara Danvers ended up sneaking into the DEO after hours like a rebellious teen and knocking on Mon-El’s door. How cliché.

She waited impatiently as she heard the shuffle of feet before the door opened, revealing a tired and disheveled Mon-El. He had taken off the long-sleeve he had been wearing at her apartment and was now clad in a wife-beater-that she assumed he had on under his shirt-and dark blue boxers. His hair was messy and sticking up a little bit at the back. His expression registered sleepy as he rubbed his eyes and blinked, registering it was her.

Ok, so maybe she stewed and paced in her apartment for a couple hours before she came over here. At 1 am in the morning. Oh, bad idea, Kara. Why do you have such brilliant ideas? She berated herself even as her eyes ran over him.  His biceps were tugging at the armholes of his wifebeater distractingly, a clear indication he needed the next size up. She guessed he HAD been training more without her recently. His shoulders were wider too. And his bleary eyes pierced into her, his mussed up hair definitely not adorable.

“Kara?” his voice sounded unsure, enough of a shock to make her remember that he was speaking to her and expected her to answer, “What are you doing here? I thought-“

“You-“ she stepped into his room and his space, poking him in the chest with one accusing finger, “You…you didn’t let me answer! You just said your piece and assumed that the way the world seems in Mon-El’s head is the way it must be. Isn’t that right?”

Well, that wasn’t what she had planned to say, but she always was good with righteous tell-offs. It was her comfort zone.

To say the boy was non-plussed would be an understatement. Now Kara being mad at him certainly wasn’t a new feeling. But as far as he could tell, he had done nothing to make her this mad. Not recently.

“I….hold on,” he shook his head, “I’m confused. Why are you yelling at me again? Because I cut you off earlier…I don’t remember…”

“Of course you don’t!” she huffed, deciding to go with the angry thing; any other emotion scared her too much, “I’m yelling because you just SPOKE for me! You assumed I didn’t care about you the way you care about me! And that’s another thing-comets?? Who says things like that? That is not fair. Uh-uh.”

He didn’t know if he could frown any harder, he might be accidentally stealing her Crinkle ™, “So….you wanted to tell me for yourself that you don’t have feelings for me like that?”

She couldn’t believe him! It was as if the universe was forcing her to outright say it. But…she couldn’t. if she said it, it was real. There flirty, friendly banter was ruined and their friendship was no longer a safe friendship that she could depend on…she had so few solid friendships right now with Winn and James having lied to her and Alex being busy with the new girlfriend and all…
But if she says nothing again, then she’s stuck with this unbearable tension that’s always between them. Like a cloud in the air, shocking them if they get too close. Something that made her furious whenever he dared not listen to her and made him ache to have her look at him like he was worth something. That same thing that makes him act like a stupid puppy. Did she have magnetic powers too….Question for later, he filed away.

“Are you serious?? I come barging down here to tell you that I DON’T like you back? Are all boys on Daxam this dumb or-“

And that was it. In every relationship, there is a specific button that person A can press to set person B off like a volcano. Daxam and her prejudice against it was that button for Mon-El.

“Excuse me?! Just because we’re not the all-knowing high and mighty Kryptonians does not mean we’re dumb? I’m assuming you didn’t come down here just to insult me….so…what is it?” he almost glares at her expectantly, too tired for this much emotion. He had just had to deal with her rejection like a bullet straight to his heart. He didn’t know you felt actual pain in your chest when your heart broke.

“What is…why did I come?” she huffed, losing steam, “To…to tell you that you need to go shopping! You’re outgrowing your clothes and you look sloppy!”
There was a heat in her eyes, mingled with fear, like a cat ready to pounce, but afraid of the counter-attack. And from that look, he suddenly understood. Maybe the gods had given him a divine strike of insight. He didn’t know how he realized it, but he did. Kara liked him back. She CARED. Kara felt the same. It kept repeating in his head, a hopeful wish that maybe could come true.
He could tell she was too shy to say it, that much he knew. And he knew they would have to have a serious talk eventually, but maybe…if he pushed her far enough, she would forget her fear, just give in and tell him how she felt.
He scoffed, almost amused, “My clothes?” he raised an eyebrow, knowing his calmness would set her off even more, “What about your clothes? Do you think that tiny little red skirt is really sufficient?”

“My-my skirt?? I have tights on under it! And what about you? Running around, half-cocked, trying to show off your ‘hero’ skills!” she further invaded his space, shoving him backwards. Showing her anger like this really wasn’t like her, but she knew she wouldn’t hurt him. It felt good to let out her frustration physically without fear of causalities.

He had just planned to goad her into being honest, but she was starting to get under his skin. He wasn’t showing off; he really was trying to do good, be better.
“I was only doing what you said! Be the hero, Mon-El! Use your powers for good!”

“Until you left the people defenseless to save me when I didn’t need saving!” she rolled her eyes and he couldn’t stand it. He hated when she rolled her eyes at him like that, like he was a child.

He gritted his teeth to hold back his anger and almost laughed in disbelief, like he had when she asked if he liked her, “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I forgot the perfect Kara doesn’t need saving!”

She refrained from stomping her foot, but only just, “I never said I was perfect! But I wanted to trust you so badly, Mon-El. I want a partner that knows I can take care of myself!”

He almost snickered, “Of course you can take care of yourself, Kara. You’re the most self-sufficient person I know.”

“But you had to save me because you care about me, huh?” she meant it as a taunt, but she came off sounding a little insecure and unsure of her choice to ask that question.

He couldn’t believe she was still asking this-hadn’t he opened himself up raw for her? Was that not enough yet? “Yes, Kara! I do! I care about you! And your stupid adorable crinkle and the blinding goodness shining out of your damn soul!” he was breathing harder now, the intensity of the emotions exerting themselves on him now. He wanted to be good for her. No, for him. She made him see that he COULD be a great man and he wanted that. Not just because he wanted to deserve her, but…maybe he did deserve to make it off Daxam. Maybe he was meant for something more than to be the prince people blindly bowed to.

His chest suddenly felt heavy with the realization of what he was feeling and what was happening. It didn’t help when she walked towards him, pushing him back towards the wall behind him. Her eyes were tractor beams of blue holding him frozen in place with her indignant glare, somehow touched by yet another of his confessions and annoyed….How does one person even convey all that??

“And maybe, if you listened for once in your life, Mon-El of Daxam, you would realize that you’re not alone.”

He could hardly breathe. She was so close to him, “You mean-“

“My turn to talk,” she frowned with adorable determination and took a deep breath, stealing herself, “Yes, I mean I…feel…I don’t know! I feel SOMETHING towards you and it’s stronger than anything else I’ve ever felt. I mean I love my sister, obviously, and I would die for my friends, but this is…different. I tried my luck with boys when I was young and god I was so bad at it…but even then, all I felt was butterflies. I was nervous of what they would think of me. But it wasn’t this…this…” she looked straight into his dark eyes and did the bravest thing she could ever do-she was honest with herself, “This is overwhelming. This isn’t something I know how to do, Mon-El. You do some pretty stupid things and you make me so ANGRY. And then you do something amazing just because you feel like being good and it makes me question my judgements. You surprise me. I expect one thing and you do the other. You make me feel…safe. And familiar. Like I can say anything to you and it’ll be okay…and then there’s your puppy dog eyes that don’t give up and geez that one time you came out of the DEO shower and-“

He was beyond words. Everything he wanted her to feel…she was saying she did. And he didn’t care that she didn’t know how to go about it. He didn’t really either. Relationships weren’t exactly what he did on Daxam.  He didn’t care that she was awkward and rambling and sometimes yelled at him too much. He would take her for all of that. He wanted her. You didn’t choose your partners on Daxam. But here you did. And she was his choice.

He accidentally cut her off with a laugh of awed disbelief. In that moment, there was nothing left she could do. She obeyed the only logical option screaming at her in her head and kissed him. She grabbed him by the shoulders and yanked him towards her, her lips finding his as a release of all the pent-up, confusing feelings neither of them could get a hold on. He startled at first, making a short, deep humming noise in his throat before he slid his hands around her waist, holding her like she was precious. And she was.

She tangled her arms around his neck and leaned her full weight on him, sending them crashing against the wall behind him. His back hit the concrete and he didn’t know if it was that that send his head spinning or the taste of her lips. She tasted like she smelled-the scent that invaded his dreams- vanilla donuts and lilac soap. She was sweet to the point of being dizzying. He lost his fingers in her hair and marveled at how soft the gold strands were in his grip. She was so strong in every aspect of her life,  yet her body was so soft….How?
She pulled back when she felt the  little bits of concrete fall onto their shoulders. She looked at his face, nervous of his reaction, even after he admitted his feelings not hours before. But what she saw made her laugh giddily. The man was….there is no better word than flustered. His face was shocked, but there was a small smile there, like he had just woke from a dream. If she ever doubted he was head over heels for her…

But then his eyes locked onto hers and his gaze became a flame, burning through her, “Kara…”

She looked up at him and nodded, “Yeah?”

He smirked at her wickedly, “Tell me to stop right now or the wall will not be the only thing we destroy tonight…”

Her nerves were set ablaze.  She would usually laugh at that kind of come on, but combined with the desire in his eyes and the gruffness of his voice… she may have felt her knees wobble. He was holding himself back. Because he wanted to make sure she was okay with this. And that might have been the hottest thing he’d ever done.

She swallowed the tightness in her throat, still a little nervous, “No, I-I’m not gonna say that.”

His answering smile was bright and genuine and possibly the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. He squeezed his arms wrapped around her, almost like a hug. He brushed back a lock of hair from her face that had fallen out from behind her ear, “Kara…don’t be nervous. I would never hurt you. I’ve messed up before and probably will again, but hurting you….that’s not something I’d ever think was okay.”

“It’s not that. I just…” she looked down for a second shyly, “I’ve never done this before.”

He laughed gently, “I know.”

“You know?? How do you know? You don’t know,” she babbled, blushing crimson.

He lifts one eyebrow, “Contrary to popular DEO opinion, I’m sure, I am not an idiot. You were a child when you left Krypton so you obviously did nothing there. Once you got here, you had super strength you couldn’t control. Just learning to keep a hold on that myself, I understand how hard it is to control how much force you put behind your grip. I certainly didn’t think someone as compassionate as you would be ok with breaking your partner in that area…”
She giggled, actually giggled, and nodded, “No one thinks you’re dumb, Mon-El…”

“Eh…beg to differ. But Kara….?”


He smirked lustfully at her and started laying sweet, nipping kisses from just below her ear to her breastbone, “You can’t break me…”

She inhaled sharply at the first touch of his lips on her neck; it was like everywhere he touched, her blood heated up and she wanted to jump out of her own skin. Her heart hammered as he bit her earlobe gently, playing with her until she was ready to make a move of her own.

Quite unlike herself, she started to feel at ease with the foreign situation, a large grin starting to grow on her face, “Oh, I don’t know…I’m pretty strong.”

To back up her words, she grabbed the neck of his shirt and yanked him off the wall only to slam him back into it even harder. Dust fell from the ceiling at the impact and his eyes eyebrows shot up, pupils blown wide, “Woah…”

She laughed at him and gripped him in another searing kiss that he had no hope or power to resist. His hands were quick to work, throwing off her lose sweater and sliding up under the back of her shirt. God, the feel of her was addicting. He could spend hours mapping the curve of her back and the way it arched into him when he traced her spine. Hmm, the feeling of her breasts smashed against his chest wasn’t bad either. It was all doing things for him.

He was so caught up with her tongue licking his bottom lip that he didn’t even notice the feeling of his blood running south, hardening his cock. But Kara did. She was not used to feeling that against her.

She gasped and pulled back, smiling coyly at him, “Really? Just from kissing?”

He rolled his eyes in annoyance at her, “I’ve felt this way for a while, Kara….bottled up emotions and all that.”

“In that case…let me help you out a little,” she grinned teasingly as she hooked her finger in the top of his undershirt, just one finger. She pulled it down with her inhuman strength and ripped it right down the middle like tissue paper.

He laughed in surprise at that, “You know, you’ve got a lot of tricks for a virgin, Kara Zor-El,” he kissed her sweetly on the lips and muttered, “But I’m not a virgin. I’ve got more.”

He pushed his hips into hers with one smooth thrust and he watched her face, feeling these things for the first time.

Her eyes went wide, almost startled, at the reaction it got out of her body. Her core was tingling and she suddenly wanted to be wrapped around him like a monkey. She shook that image out of her head and promptly jumped, wrapping her legs around his waist. He stumbled slightly and caught her, flipping them around so she was the one with her back against the wall. He could tell the time for teasing was over, at least with words.

He dove back in, kissing her soft lips, drinking sweetness from her. His little shining light in the dark. He closed his eyes and pressed his fingertips into the flesh at the small of her back, needing her closer as he forgot himself.

Soon she was catching on, tugging at his hair and running her lips down his neck this time, sucking the skin into her mouth. Making out she had done before. But no man had ever responded to her like this before. His head dropped back as she bit and licked at the pale skin just above his shoulder. He moaned and his hips pushed up against her again, pinning her to the wall. She didn’t think he was aware he was doing it this time. He seemed dazed. She tightened her legs around his waist and started grinding back against him. The moment she did, he grunted from deep in his throat and opened his eyes.

“Kara,” he laughed, sounding more like a growl with the timbre of his voice, “You don’t understand what you’re doing to me.”

That was good then, she was taking mental notes for later, “Then show me.”
With any other woman, it would sound overly flirty like a blatant tease, but with her, he could tell she was just being honest. She didn’t quite know what to do. She wanted him to show her what he wanted.

All he wanted was her. So he decided to show her that. The first thing he wanted was her skin on his. With that in mind, he tugged at her shirt, possibly a little too hard, ripping it apart and sending the buttons flying.

Her mouth dropped open at that, “That was a work shirt. Is that payback?” she laughed.

“No, uh…” he blushed, “That was an accident.” Yes, he had had sex before, but never with superpowers. This should be interesting.

He flashed her a brilliant, cocky smile and watching him with that mega watt grin and his chest straining with the effort of keeping her in his arms…Kara’s nerves disappeared. It was like that smile was a magic trick. And the look he was giving her was contagious. It was like that, the one and only time she’d been drunk, when he was laughing with her. Carefree. And she couldn’t help but just smile back at him, weightless. Floaty. And now she knew it wasn’t because of drinks.
“God, you’re so beautiful…” he sighed against her neck, trailing kisses down between her bra, tugging the soft cotton cups of the undergarment with his teeth, feeling a little wild. He pulled her close against him with all of his strength, nipping at her cleavage expertly. She groaned, feeling the force of his hands was strange. It wasn’t oppressive at all because she knew he would stop if asked. But it felt…real.
She exhaled out a sound

of pleasure that she had never heard herself make and suddenly the spot on the wall behind him that she’d been staring at was scorched, a singed hole in the concrete….Oh. She wanted to hit herself for her loss of control, but she quickly got distracted. Mon-El hadn’t even realized what she’d done. He was continuing his ministrations, reaching around her to unhook her bra. He pulled back just enough to get a look at her.

And when he did, breathless and grinning, she could feel him twitch in his jeans against her stomach, “Stunning.” She was like a dream, what he had imagined angels looked like. He slid his hands up from her waist without even thinking, cupping her breasts in his hands. He watched her expression as he squeezed, flicking one nipple with his finger.

She jerked in his arms, her hands digging into his shoulders as she huffed out a breath, “Mon-El…”

That expression on her face was going to become his favorite pretty soon-flushed and pleased. She was squirming in his arms as he dropped his head down to suck a rosy nipple into his mouth. She whined at the feeling, kissing over his shoulders as she clung to him, “I…I didn’t know…”

“Didn’t know what?” he muttered as he walked them across the room, talking in between kissing her lips.

“That this felt so good. I wouldn’t have waited if I’d known,” she panted.
Though the words were innocent, they turned him on immensely. Having the honor to show this whole new world to her was exciting him. He restrained a growl and sped forward, another dent in another wall. He slid her hands up above her head so that she couldn’t use her sneaky touch to distract him from his mission. He wanted her to beg. It had been way too long since he’d had a woman in his arms. And he’d never held one he cared for this much.

She bit her lip in anxious anticipation, “Mon, what are you-“

Before she could finish her question, he was back to her breasts. He kissed between the valley of them, giving the neglected nipple a soft tug with his teeth before he continued his path down her body. His lips worshipped her stomach, the skin there like vanilla velvet under his tongue. He swirled his tongue in her belly button for a brief moment. When she giggled at the sensation, he smiled to himself, memorizing her ticklish spots for later. He nipped at her hip bone, dropping to his knees now, like a man at the alter.

She let out her first real moan of the night, the sound almost getting caught in her throat. She blushed, trying to stop the heat from invading her face. She shouldn’t be embarrassed by the sound, but this was all so weird to her. Wonderful, but not usually a part of her day to day life. His lips on her skin felt like…oh she didn’t even know! But it was as if wherever his mouth went, all the nerves in her skin centered in that one place and lit up, “You’re good at this…”
“Well, I have done this before.”

His actions made something in her lower stomach tighten. It was heated pressure…down there. It made her want to move, need to move. She envisioned tackling him to the ground for a brief second before his fingers slid under the waistband of her panties. He teasingly slid his finger just under the panties, spanning the skin across her hips. Her hips, in response, flexed and pushed up against his hand without her permission. Her eyes widened and she briefly considered the very silly possibility that Daxamites were some kind of wizards.
He chuckled against her skin, his hot breath ghosting over her like torture. She dropped her head back against the wall in frustration and groaned.

“Relax, Kara. I’ve got you.”

The words were reassuring when she needed it. Without a warning-because he knew it would scare her- he slid his fingers downwards, pulling off her underwear. As he explored, his fingers found the nub right at the top of the juncture between her thighs. He pressed down lightly, testing how reactive her body was.

“Fuck!” her voice went higher, breathless as she cursed reflexively and thrust against his touch. A thrill shot up through her body from her center, little streams of white hot sensations racing through her veins. Very sensitive, apparently.
He squeezed her hip, prompting her to lift her head off of the wall and looked at him, “Watch me, Kara. I want to see your eyes light up.”

She nodded, trying to focus on his face and sort out one feeling from another as he began to play her body like a piano. He continued testing her, sliding his fingers in between her lips.  He had to stop for a second and collect himself when he felt how wet she was already, making him throb in his jeans.

“Oh…” she was almost mewling, small erotic sounds tumbling from her throat as her body felt something new. When he slipped a finger inside her, just wanting to feel her, she slid her hands in his hair and gripped it hard, “Mon-El…”

He looked up at her, stroking her hip with one hand, “Yes?”

“That-I…I” he could feel her clenching around his finger, scared of not being in control of her body.

“Shhh,” he kissed her hipbone affectionately, “I know. but it’s ok. You’ll like it. Trust me.”

And-she realized quite suddenly-she did. She did trust him now. The only reason she hadn’t before was because he didn’t listen. But the reason he didn’t listen was ironically now why she felt so safe. She understood he put her before everything.

She nodded and took in a deep breath, relaxing her body as he slid another finger in, while rubbing her clit in circles with his thumb, “Oh…ooookay,” she smiled as she relaxed, leaning back against the wall as an onslaught of hormones hit her, “That’s good…that’s really good. Mon,” she moaned.

He watched her, somehow finding her adorable and sexy all at once. He focused on her pleasure and ignored his body screaming at him to take her against the wall. Later.  For now, he decided to distract himself from the heavenly sound of her moaning his name by finally tasting her. He may have never acted on it before now, but he had dreamed of this. Oh, had he dreamed of this.
He amped it up a notch, dropping his mouth to her core and licking a straight line up to her clit, focusing there. He flicked his tongue over the little bundle of nerves over and over again.

She screamed, “Oh my God! Mon-El!” her hands tried to grip onto something, anything. One hand went to the wall beside her and punched it, rubble falling to the ground in the wake of her passion. The other hand squeezed his shoulder so hard, he knew he would have a hand shaped bruise there tomorrow. He knows he’ll get hard everytime he sees that bruise for the next couple of days.
He pumped his fingers faster inside of her, curling them on the up-stroke, searching for something. He wanted her to know what the BEST could feel like. He wanted to give her everything he could. He sucked her clit into his mouth while his free hand slid up to rest on her ass. Oh, how gorgeous that was too. Damn her.

She cried out above him and thrust wildly into his movements, “Un-there! Right there oh god yes!”

Her voice was like music and he closed his eyes to listen. He could tell she was close, her walls starting to flutter around his fingers.

He smirked against her as he got an idea. Without warning, he started moving his fingers as fast as he could, in and out, in and out at inhuman speeds. It was a little rough, but not enough to hurt her.

“Oh my god, oh my god, yes, that feels so good, Mon-El, keep going, please, I’m gonna-MMM!”

And beautifully, she exploded. Her nerves went off in a million directions as she moaned at the top of her lungs, not even words, but unintelligible sounds of ecstasy. Of course, she had tried to do this to herself before, but…she was not as practiced as him. She never would’ve been able to imagine what this felt like before. It was indescribable and overwhelming and Jesus she was drowning and she just never wanted it to stop.

“Oh Rao!” she cursed as she slumped back against the wall, sighing. She opened her eyes and started to collect herself as he rose back to his full height in front of her.

“I take it, you’re not scared of losing control anymore?”

He was smirking at her boyishly and there was a fine sheen of sweat over his chest that made the crappy fluorescent lights shine slightly on his skin. She wasn’t sure if it was the orgasm she just had or if she was just finally being honest with herself, but god damn, was the man gorgeous.

She shook her head rapidly at him and slid her hands down his chest, quickly trying to undo the button on his pants and pull his zipper down as fast as she could.

He moaned as her fingers brushed his erection, but took her hand, “Woah, that’s a little fast. You ok?”

She grinned like an idiot and shot her eyebrows up, “Seriously? I’m beyond ok! Just…ugh, take these off.”

Right after the joint effort to remove his pants, she did what she had been wanting to do for the last 30 minutes and tackled him to the ground. He fell to the floor with a rough thud and a naked blonde straddling him.

“Ok, I’m alright with this,” he chuckled as if he was weighing his options. He wrapped his arms around her, kissing her with every emotion she had ever made him feel. She laid her hands on his chest tenderly, pushing a curl behind her ear as she smiled at him, pulling back.

“I didn’t really have a plan after tackling you…” she admitted, still a little shy somehow.

“You never have to apologize for jumping on me, Kara,” he looks over her with hunger in his eyes, “But uh…” he moaned, shifting his hips, “You’re right on top of where I need you most and I’m kinda dying here. If you don’t decide on a next move soon, I’m gonna flip us over and fuck you into the floor.”
She startled at that; she had never heard him curse this much before tonight. She didn’t expect to be that kind of woman that enjoyed dirty talk, but….despite her recent release, those words combined with the look on his face had her tingling everywhere once again. She was ready for more. Actually, she thinks she was just…ready.

A crooked smile lifted her lips as she leaned down into his face teasingly and whispered, “Then do it.” A challenge he was willing to take.

He growled and flipped them over before a second ticked by on the clock. He kissed her passionately, licking the inside of her cheek and nipping her tongue, “Are you sure about this?”

She rolled her eyes at him and this time, he didn’t mind, “Mon, El…I am ready for this. Trust me.” She echoed his comforting words from earlier and she saw relief flood through his eyes.

“Good.”  And without another word, she felt him lining up the tip of his cock to her opening. She watched him nervously as he slid himself up and down her slit, coating himself in her wetness to make the entry a little easier for her.  The muscles in his neck flexed as he restrained himself from entering. He had to make this good for them both. Just the touch of her flesh against him had goosebumps shivering across his back and his shaft aching to be inside her. He looked up at her face, still obsessed with watching her reactions, as he slowly thrust into her, inch by inch until he was fully seated. He was a little surprised she could actually take him all. She was a virgin, after all.

Her mouth dropped open, her kiss-stained lips making a beautiful pout as she squeezed her eyes shut, back arching off the ground. Her breasts pushed up against his chests, nipples hard and brushing against his. She fit so perfectly into him. Or him into her. He couldn’t tell anymore. She was keening, a low humming sound. he couldn’t tell what the sound meant though.

“Kara,” he stroked her cheek to make her open her eyes, “Does it hurt? Are you ok?”

The moment he thrust into her, she had gone to another world. She never understood the phrase seeing stars until now. The intrusion did feel sort of odd; he was stretching her as much as she could stand and pulsing against her. Her mind was on overdrive, trying to process the feeling of being so full and whole. God, it felt good. Her face was burning, her skin was on fire and the molten coil in her stomach was growing tighter again. So much heat everywhere.

She laughed lightly, like a tinkling of bells in his ear, and nodded, “Oh…yes! Yes, I’m good, Mon.” she wiggled her hips experimentally, delighting in the feeling of him swelling even more inside her at the movement. She tightened her walls down on him and dropped her head back against the floor, reveling at how good he felt inside of her-solid and so warm and…perfect. She sighed.

He choked on his own groan and glared down at her, the feeling of her wet heat enveloping him so tightly almost making him lose his mind, “That was evil.”

He took her words to mean that he was free to move as he liked. He braced his hands on either side of her hand and thrust up into her as hard as he could, pulling out slowly to torture her, before pushing back in forcefully.

“Uh,” she grunted, clawing at his shoulders, “Mon…El…please,” she looked up at him, pleading for him to give her what she wanted, “Just…faster!”

Somehow, she knew that would feel even better. An instinct was telling her what she needed from him. She didn’t know how that worked and she didn’t care.
“Kara,” he groaned gruffly into her, “That’s just what I was thinking.”

He started pushing into her body faster and faster, harder than any human man could. Not that she minded, he lifted his hips at the end of every thrust into her, hitting that spot that fried her brain and scrambled coherent thought.

His deep, contented moan of “Fuck, yes!”  was met with her light “Oh, that’s amazing,” as they both struggled for breath.

She lost her shyness and her desires took over as she slid her hands around to his ass, squeezing hard and pulling him even faster into her body.

He lost his mind as barreled into her without end. He could hardly breathe. His thoughts were a jumble of her name and the beautiful look on her face right now and the smell coming up off her skin while their bodies slid against each other, sweaty and overheated.

“Mon, I need you right…” he anticipated what she wanted and angled a particularly strong thrust straight against her favorite spot, “THERE!” she laughed through a ragged moan, “Oh! So much…,” she rested her face against his shoulder, trying to catch her breath.

He growled a reply as he stroked her hair, “You’re so tight…” he felt her heat seeping into his skin, “I almost can’t take it.”

She got a sudden idea, wanting to take control. She flipped them back over, making her the one that could control the pace. She sunk down onto him again, feeling him deeper in this position. Her toes curled as her head fell forward, “Shit, I can feel you…so deep,” she whined, not caring what she sounded like.
“Ungh!” he grunted, pumping his hips up into her, searching for any kind of friction to relieve the ache in his balls, “Please, Kara, move.”

She blinked, quickly deciding her best course of action was to lift herself up and down over him. She understood the cowgirl metaphor of riding a man now. And she had to say, it might become a favorite of hers. Having stronger powers than him, she was able to thrust over him so quickly, their bodies almost would’ve looked like a blur to anyone watching.

“Oh, lord above!” he shouted at the ceiling, holding onto her hips for an anchor, “Damn it, you feel good!”

Seeing him so blatantly enjoy himself sent a fresh wave of lust washing over her, making her even slicker against him. She circled her hips at the end of a thrust, curious to see what it would feel like and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she released a breathy scream, “Shit!”

He chuckled and counter thrusted back up against her, “Do it again, but slower,” he instructed, slowly learning what she liked.

She took a second just to breathe, feeling her head spin, before she listened quietly. She sat herself fully down on him and rotated her hips slowly in a circle. Right as she did, he ground his hips upward against her most sensitive spot.
She screamed out an “Oh!” in complete satisfaction, teetering closer to the edge. The knot in her abdomen was beginning to tingle so intensely, it almost hurt, “Mon El,” her voice broke as she tried to communicate just how much she was feeling to him, “It’s gonna happen a-again…I need-“

He sat up slightly and slid his arms around her back, pulling his knees up for her to lean against, “I know what you need, beautiful,” he whispered into her ear, caressing her back. The new position had her sitting in his lap. He kissed her deeply as he slid slowly and smoothly in and out of her, drawing out every last bit of the pleasure. She sobbed against his shoulder at the feeling of his cock dragging against her overly sensitive walls, “Oh, please.”

She could almost feel the hot prick of tears in the corners of her eyes, the intensity running her nerve endings raw.

He was not much better, having long since lost the ability to form entire words. He kissed her cheek right before he thrust back up into her one last time, as hard as he could, “Ungh!” he breathed out the primal sound, the throbbing in his shaft releasing all at once. His brain short-circuited and all he ever wanted was this feeling and her in his arms forever.

He could feel Kara’s nails scratching down his back and she let go once again, crying out like a siren, “Ah!” her hair was gold under the lights, a halo around her as her spine formed a lovely curve. She came undone with sweat glistening on her top lip, part of her curls matted to the side of her face, the ghost of a smile on her red lips. Now THAT was a comet-striking, a flame shooting across the sky, lovely and strong at the same time, shooting soft light down on everything around it. He could watch her shoot across the sky for the rest of his life.
As she came down from her high, she looked around them at the sleeping quarters of the DEO. There were several mysterious dents and hand sized holes in the walls, rubble lined the floor. One of the lights overhead was flickering on and off as dust fell from the ceiling tiles, “Oh no!”

The furrow of his eyebrows at that moment could’ve rivaled The Crinkle, “That’s really not what a guy wants to here with a woman on his lap.”

She slapped his shoulder playfully and gestured to the room, “Look around you, hot shot.”

And he did; he surveyed the room much like she had seconds before. Except, his reaction wasn’t worry so much as hysterics.

He bust out laughing, “Oh ho ho! Oh my GOD! J’onn is going to kill us!”
Her face went stark white out of nowhere, “Mon-El…that’s the least of our worries.”

“What?” he pouted in confusion until she pointed at a camera in the corner of the room, “The cameras in private dorms turn off at night.”

She shook her head, feeling sick, “Alex overrode that order last week once she heard that white Martians might be attacking soon. All cameras are to remain on at all times….”

“So….are you destroying the security tape or am I?”

A/n: Phew! That was long! But it’s finally done! So excited. Anyway, i kind of want to write a morning after drabble to this, showing Alex’s reaction to the tapes and J’onn’s reaction to the destruction of property. But I am too tired at the moment. If you guys have any suggestions for prompts, lines you want included or whatever, then as always, just let me know!

new pannenkoek videos!!

You may know him from this video, he’s pretty famous for his A-button challenge for Super Mario 64 - to beat the entire game without pressing A once. At the moment, the any% run (beat the game by defeating Bowser In The Sky) is down to a single press of the A button.

So, eventually he must’ve thought, “how many times do I need to press the other buttons to beat the game fully?”

For the B-button, there’s the obvious issue that you need to press B to grab onto Bowser in each fight with him, and again to release him. The second press can be avoided simply by positioning Mario near a mine, so that when he lets go naturally, Bowser flies into the mine. This still needs 5 all told for the bowser fights, and thus 5 to beat the game.. except he’s reduced it down to 4, by skipping the first Bowser fight. How? With the Pannenkoek classic, parallel universes. (2:30 if you want to see it in beautiful motion). Build up speed for just under 2 hours, then hop through multiple parallel planes of existence to open up the basement door, skipping the first fight in the process. Simple!

For the full 120 star run, there’s a few more that need to be done, and it’s well worth a watch. There’s even a difference between the US and Japan versions, since in the Japan version it’s B, not A, that needs to be pressed to talk to Toads and other NPCs, some of which are required to get certain stars.

For the Z button, you can actually beat Super Mario 64 without pressing it once. All the Z-button does is allow you to ground pound and crouch, not often used in stages compared to jumping which the a-button does, but still in a full 120 star run, you need to press that button minimum 4 times. You can sneak round some Z-presses by cloning coins and, yet again, parallel universes.

What about all the other buttons? As it turns out, you don’t need to press L or R twice to do a barrel roll to beat SM64. The C buttons, which alter the camera, are required for one single star. The start button? well, disappointingly, you need to press the start button once- to actually start the game. D’oh!

please give pannenkoek all your love on his uncommentated channel that these are hosted on and on his main one here, in the off chance he ever uploaded a commentated vid again

13 Great Tricks for your Super NES Classic

So, you’ve managed to get your hands on a Super NES Classic Edition, with convenient access to authentic versions of some of the greatest games of all time. It takes us back to an era of 16-bit sprites, Mode-7 effects, and, yes, secret codes and tricks. Some make games easier, some make games more challenging, some add new options, and some are just for fun. If you want to try something different with your Super NES Classic (and don’t feel feel like digging through the Classified Information section in your old issues of Nintendo Power for a refresher), give these tricks a shot.

Super Mario World - Re-Enter Conquered Castles: To re-enter and replay a castle stage that you’ve already beaten, press L and R while standing on the castle’s icon on the world map.

Super Mario Kart - Shrink Your Racer: When selecting your character, hold Y and press A. Your character will shrink, giving you a more challenging race.

Super Mario Kart - Unlock Special Courses in 2P Mode: If you want to compete on the the Special Cup courses in 2-player Match Race or Battle Mode but haven’t unlocked them yet through Grand Prix mode, you can do so using this code. When you get to the course select menu, put the cursor on Mushroom Cup and press L, R, L, R, L, L, R, R, A on controller 1. The Special Cup tracks will all now be selectable.

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Any word from Togami? I'm starting to get worried.

Still nothing…

*incoming call from Togami Byakuya* 

…I’m on it.

*call accepted, connection in process* 

*appears on the screen, looking tense* -an…ear…e? E…oun…na’s…! Ad…

Wait ! What? We can’t hear you well !

-an’t…you…*starts to move a bit* etter…ow? We…ed…help…uick…*a gunshot is hear*

…der attack…Fo…us…Hina…*another gundshot is heard and Byakuya falls with a pained face the screen show no one for a second before turning black*

B-Byakuya?? *starts pressing on the ‘call’ button*

*outgoing call to Togami Byakuya*

*error, connection failed*

N-No !! *tries again*

*outgoing call to Togami Byakuya*

*error, connection failed*

*stops Makoto as he was going to try again* Stop it. This isn’t working…

N-No…*lets himself slip to the ground, shaking* He promised me…He promised me…!

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It's totally ok!!! But if you do wanna practice writing for other fandoms, we can start easy! Jeremy getting a fever while gaming with michale?? Can be as short as you'd like, just experiment!

(I completely read this prompt wrong it’s flip flopped with Michael being the sick one but hey it’s my first BMC fic and I have no idea how to feel about it so I’m going to just post it and run)

“Michael, go left!”

“Got it,”

“That’s right, Michael.”

“Sorry, Jer.”

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theory/headcanon: Keith is an explosives expert/interested in explosives. exhibit a: caused a distraction in s1e1 by causing an explosion at the garrison. exhibit b: >galra in weblum- presses a few buttons on their ship. >Keith, immediately- 'you're turning this ship into a bomb?' exhibit c: >thace- says some technobabble >Keith, immediately: 'you're turning the room into a bomb?' exhibit d: he's the fire paladin, fire is obvs related to explosives. exhibit e: hotheaded, 'explosive' personality

i can’t believe keith’s special interest is literally just exploding


(Epic Gear Shinobi shown above, Season Pass outfit shown below)

Shinobi is an Assassin class hero. (You can be a male or female Shinobi!)

The developers consider Shinobi to be a range character, sort of like a rubber band. Their attacks can pull or push you in and out of your enemies range while still poking them. However, Shinobi’s pull attack can be parried and cause you to fall over for a punish. Their attack while chasing can knock down enemies. Uses Bleed. The Naruto run is faster than normal sprint but uses up stamina. Shinobi also has the lowest health pool out of all current heroes.

The Shinobi can deflect attacks, and when you do, you disappear and reappear behind your enemy while dealing some bleed damage. You can combo a kick into this to distance yourself or to ledge an enemy. Because Shinobi is an assassin they have an active stance like Peacekeeper, Berserker, and Orochi.

Shinobi is significantly more technical, so it’s hard to call them the “Orochi killer.” This is also because Orochi has a high DPS, while Shinobi deals less damage. They are meant to grind your enemy into dust, not quickly kill them.

The main playstyle for Shinobi is Don’t Get Touched. Stay moving and poking while countering at your comfortable range.

Shinobi can only feint at close range. You can charge your heavy attacks, but you cannot feint a charged attack. Only cancel the charge.

Shinobi Moveset

Hero Specific

Renown: Earn more in 1v1 fights, killing enemy Heroes, and getting Killing Streaks

Defense: Reflex: Active stance

Light Attack Combo: Shadow Dancer: Second Light Attack is guaranteed if first one hits

Ghoul’s Rage: Light Attack is guaranteed if the heavy hits

Charge: The Attack has 2 Charging levels. The higher the level the more range your attack has

Charge Limitations: If you are out of stamina, you cannot charge. You can dodge during the charge or cancel it by pressing B/Circle/E. When blocked, charge is always interrupted.

Charged Attack: If parried by an opponent you will be unbalanced.

Deflect: Deflecting teleports you behind the opponent and inflicts bleed. It can be followed-up by a kick or light attack.

Super Sprint: Consumes Stamina. While super sprinting, press LS/Shift to go back to sprint

Double Dodge: Cancel you Dodge by performing another Dodge. Cannot cancel a back dodge by another dodge

Kick Mix-up: Surprise your enemy by launching a kick

Tackle: Can exit the tackle by pressing your feint button (B/Square/E)


Shadow Dancer (Chain): Light, Light

Sickle Rain (Chain, Bleed): Heavy, Heavy, Light, Light, Light

Ghoul’s Rage (Chain): Heavy, Light

Spider Silk Whip (Chain) Hold/Release Heavy, Heavy

Tackle (Not in guard mode, Unblockable, Knockdown): Sprint + Guard Break

Super Sprint: Sprint, Sprint

Charge: Hold Heavy

Charged Heavy: Hold/Release Heavy

Grab: Hold Heavy, Guard Break

Sickle Rain Mixup (Unblockable, Bleed): Hold Heavy, Guard Break, Heavy, Light, Light, Light

Charged Kick Mixup: Kick, Heavy

Grab Kick Mixup: Kick, Guard Break

Front Roll: Hold/Release Heavy, Dodge

Front Roll Kick (Unblockable, Pushback): Hold/Release Heavy, Dodge, Heavy

Crushing Front Roll: Hold/Release Heavy, Dodge, Heavy

Back Flip: Light or Heavy or Kick, Dodge

Crushing Back Flip: Light or Heavy or Kick, Dodge, Heavy

Back Flip Grab: Light or Heavy or Kick, Dodge, Guard Break

Double Dodge: Dodge, Dodge

Double Dodge Kick (Unblockable, Pushback): Dodge, Dodge, Guard Break

Double Dodge Light Attack: Dodge, Dodge, Light

Double Dodge Heavy Attack: Dodge, dodge, Heavy

Teleport Kick (Unblockable, Pushback): Deflect, Guard Break

Teleport Light Attack: Deflect, Light

Shadow Strike (Bleed): Parry, Light

otp prompt #37

person a is really drunk and trying to do laundry. person b is sober and trying not to laugh as person a puts quarters inside the drum and trying to press the on button before closing the door. 

Suppermariobroth: if you press the B button while Mario is on sand while the camera is turned to a 35 degree angle, you can see a video of Shigeru Miyamoto’s parents conceiving him in the reflection of Mario’s eyes

now amy visits the casino as well

yknow there was a line in sonic heroes where amy says that casino park reminds her of casinopolis despite her never going into that level, or so i thought until i read up about this.

Now this one is interesting since according to the FAQ I was reading this is only possible in the 1998 Japanese Dreamcast release I’m playing (which is known for being glitchier than the other versions of the game as a result of being rushed for Dreamcast’s launch). Anyway this glitch is far simpler than getting Gamma in. What you need to do is grab the statue outside the burger shop in Station Square, place it in front of Casinopolis, run towards it at full speed (you know you are at full speed once Amy is holding her hammer out while running), jump on top of the burger guy statue, and then on top of the statue do Amy’s catapult jump (done by pressing b while on the ground when at full speed). Then move towards the switch above Casinopolis and press the b button again to smack it with your hammer and you can just walk in like that. I didn’t need a video guide to pull this one off, it was a lot easier to understand.

Notes about this level as Amy

- Unlike Gamma, Amy warps immediately to the pinball tables with no issues and she can hit the slot machines with her hammer to get rings.
- The sewer level is a bit wonkier with Amy. Getting up the first slope is a real struggle and you can only make it up by repeatedly jumping and slowly inching your way up. Also, bizarrely the fans seem far more powerful than they were with Sonic, Tails or even Gamma. Amy zips up to the top of the level with a ridiculous amount of speed.
- Surprisingly, Amy actually has an animation for shaking herself dry at the end of the sewer level just like Sonic! However she doesn’t have one for tumbling around while being lifted by the fans (as shown in the third picture) or for taking a shower (sorry any amy enthusiasts clamoring for an amy shower scene)
- Also surprisingly, I got an emblem in this stage! Pictures of that are below. I got the emblem for having 50 or more rings upon finishing the stage. Although the game crashed upon completing the level just like with Gamma, it still saved that emblem I earned. I checked Amy’s emblems and it appears to have been awarded to me as a Twinkle Park emblem (note the ring high score for Twinkle Park being the same as my final ring count in Casinopolis confirming this). I’m guessing the game thought I was in Twinkle Park since that’s Amy’s only level in Station Square? Not sure. Kind of makes me want to try and get an emblem in this level as Gamma and see what happens there, but that would be far more of a hassle with the time limit.

Jinyoung Imagine - Studio

A/N - I wrote this at like 1 in the morning, hoping and praying something like this would happen to me…at least in a dream 😂 Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and continue to send in your requests!

You walked into the studio, heading straight for the recording booth your boyfriend was working in. Jinyoung had called you at one in the morning desperate for some inspiration for his lyrics. You hadn’t been able to sleep so happily drove to go and see him. You hadn’t gotten changed or anything for meeting him so you were still wearing one of his jumpers that you stole with a pair of your favourite shorts. When you arrived at the recording booth and walked in, you saw Jinyoung had drifted off to sleep with his head in his hands, a look of frustration still painted on his face. The sound of the door closing behind you made him jump but his expression changed as soon as he saw you. 

“(Y/N), I’m so happy you came,” he said, getting up to hug you tightly. Jinyoung kissed your cheek before pulling away and guiding you towards the table he had been sat at previously. Pieces of paper with lyrics scribbled on them covered it and there was a pile of crumpled pieces that had begun to overflow onto the floor. You glanced over some of the lyrics, reading some that sounded amazing and others that were..a little less than amazing to say the least. 
“I just can’t put the words together for this one. Jaebum hyung asked me to write some lyrics for this music he composed before we worked together on it but I just can’t create anything good.” 
“Is there anything I can do to help?” You asked, wanting to relieve Jinyoung of the stress he was feeling. 
“Maybe. Usually I just have to look at you and inspiration comes flooding through my mind but my brain just isn’t working tonight.”
“Play me the song and I can try to think of something to inspire you.” Jinyoung nodded in response and gave you a set of headphones before pressing a few buttons and playing the music JB had composed.

An R&B style song played through the headphones and immediately you felt the vibe of the song that JB had been going for. The song was sexy and very much the opposite of the songs Jinyoung had previously written lyrics for. You sat there and tried to think of ways to spark something within your boyfriend that would have him writing lyrics that were sexy enough to accompany such a song. You removed the headphones and placed them down, standing up to move closer to Jinyoung. 
“I know why you can’t get the right lyrics for this, Jinyoungie. You need to feel the mood of the song to get the ideas flowing.”
“And how do you suggest I do that?” He asked, pure desire filling his teasing words. 
“Well, I’m sure you can work out for yourself what I want you to do,” you replied, smirking at him. 

Jinyoung’s lips crashed onto yours in a passionate frenzy. He wanted and needed you right there. His hands explored all over your body while yours were tangled in his dark hair. The tension that had built in the room was now filling you both up and the two of you just let it consume you right there in that recording studio. Your hands moved to hurriedly remove his shirt while his were working on removing your clothes. It was when you were sat there, straddling Jinyoung only wearing a pair of laced underwear that inspiration came flooding through him. His heart was pounding even before you had started to give him attention in the one place he wanted it most. The surge of emotions coursing through him gave him ideas for lyrics for the song he was writing with JB but also for another song, he had planned for you. One that would be far more intimate.