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SUPERGIRL, “Medusa”, November 28, 2016, Actors: Chyler Leigh, Floriana Lima, Helen Slater, The Scenes: Alex comes out to her mother & Maggie and Alex get together
Aimee Hicks: Maggie tells Alex that she wants to be with her and they kiss. This was a beautiful culmination of the first part of Alex and Maggie’s journey together. They’ve been through a lot in the short amount of time they’ve known each other. No matter what they kept finding themselves coming back to each other. They are drawn to one another and nothing seems capable of keeping them apart. At any given time they’ve both fought to maintain this unique relationship they have. ()

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What's next for Alex and Maggie?

Where is the Alex/Maggie Supergirl scoop you promised? — Brenda
Right here. Though Alex and Maggie smooched in the winter finale, their blossoming relationship has a long way to go. “There’s definitely some bumps,” executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells me. “Just because they are together now doesn’t mean it’s going to go smoothly. Alex has never been in this kind of relationship before and she’s going to make some rookie mistakes that they’ll have to get past. Maggie has been presented as being the perfect guide for Alex’s journey this season, but Alex is going to learn that Maggie isn’t perfect, which is going to lead to some difficult situations coming down the road.”

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