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best arthur and eames fics | #3 | presque vu by rageprufrock 

“Arthur watches him go, the easy lope to the nondescript car, and then he stands on the porch and feels like an idiot, like his heart is trying to thrash out of his chest and go after the Honda vanishing down the road. But he’s sure, in that awful way that people are sure, that he’s doing the right thing, that the only actually stupid decision would have been to leave everything and run away with Eames, to let himself be shelved along with Eames’s books — loved, but sorted away — in Paris, to let himself rely to totally on another person, to burn all his bridges.

This is better, Arthur tells himself. This is the right thing to do.”

Strange Phenomena of the Mind

Déjà Vu - the experience of being certain that you have experienced or seen a new situation previously – you feel as though the event has already happened or is repeating itself. The experience is usually accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and a sense of eeriness, strangeness, or weirdness. The “previous” experience is usually attributed to a dream, but sometimes there is a firm sense that it has truly occurred in the past.

Déjà Vécu - is what most people are experiencing when they think they are experiencing deja vu. Déjà vu is the sense of having seen something before, whereas déjà vécu is the experience of having seen an event before, but in great detail – such as recognizing smells and sounds. This is also usually accompanied by a very strong feeling of knowing what is going to come next. 

Déjà Visité -  a less common experience and it involves an uncanny knowledge of a new place. For example, you may know your way around a a new town or a landscape despite having never been there, and knowing that it is impossible for you to have this knowledge. Déjà visité is about spatial and geographical relationships, while déjà vécu is about temporal occurrences. Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote about an experience of this in his book “Our Old Home” in which he visited a ruined castle and had a full knowledge of its layout. He was later able to trace the experience to a poem he had read many years early by Alexander Pope in which the castle was accurately described.

Déjà Senti - Déjà senti is the phenomenon of having “already felt” something. This is exclusively a mental phenomenon and seldom remains in your memory afterwards. In the words of a person having experienced it: “What is occupying the attention is what has occupied it before, and indeed has been familiar, but has been forgotten for a time, and now is recovered with a slight sense of satisfaction as if it had been sought for. The recollection is always started by another person’s voice, or by my own verbalized thought, or by what I am reading and mentally verbalize; and I think that during the abnormal state I generally verbalize some such phrase of simple recognition as ‘Oh yes—I see’, ‘Of course—I remember’, etc., but a minute or two later I can recollect neither the words nor the verbalized thought which gave rise to the recollection. I only find strongly that they resemble what I have felt before under similar abnormal conditions.”

Jamais Vu - Jamais vu (never seen) describes a familiar situation which is not recognized. It is often considered to be the opposite of déjà vu and it involves a sense of eeriness. The observer does not recognize the situation despite knowing rationally that they have been there before. It is commonly explained as when a person momentarily doesn’t recognize a person, word, or place that they know. Chris Moulin, of Leeds University, asked 92 volunteers to write out “door” 30 times in 60 seconds. He reported that 68 per cent of his guinea pigs showed symptoms of jamais vu, such as beginning to doubt that “door” was a real word. This has lead him to believe that jamais vu may be a symptom of brain fatigue.

Presque Vu - Presque vu is very similar to the “tip of the tongue” sensation – it is the strong feeling that you are about to experience an epiphany – though the epiphany seldom comes. The term “presque vu” means “almost seen”. The sensation of presque vu can be very disorienting and distracting.

The tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon (TOT or presque vuFrench pronunciation: [pʁɛsk vy], from the French for “almost seen”) is the failure to retrieve a word from memory, combined with partial recall and the feeling that retrieval is imminent.[1] The phenomenon’s name comes from the saying, “It’s on the tip of my tongue.”[2][3][4]

People in a tip-of-the-tongue state can often recall one or more features of the target word, such as the first letter, its syllabic stress, and words similar in sound and/or meaning.[3] Individuals report a feeling of being seized by the state, feeling something like mild anguish while searching for the word, and a sense of relief when the word is found.[3][5] While many aspects of the tip-of-the-tongue state remain unclear, there are two major competing explanations for its occurrence, the direct-access view and the inferential view. The direct-access view posits that the state occurs when memory strength is not enough to recall an item, but is strong enough to trigger the state. The inferential view posits that the state occurs when the subject infers knowledge of the target word, and tries to piece together different clues about the word that are accessible in memory. Emotional-induced retrieval often causes more TOT experiences than an emotionally-neutral retrieval, such as asking where a famous icon was assassinated rather than simply asking the capitol city of a state.[6]

The tip of the tongue phenomenon has implications for research in psycholinguisticsmemory, and metacognition.[2]

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Have you guys read Presque Vu?

Have you?

Have you?

Read it. Now.

It’s without a doubt my favorite fanfic of all time. Of any fandom, author, or pairing, this is my favorite. 

Title: Presque Vu
Author: Pru
Fandom: Inception 
Pairing: Eames and Arthur
Rating: R
Status: Complete
Summary: Or, “on the tip of the tongue.” Arthur meets Mal first. He inherits Dom, after. Everything else is on him.

Read here

anonymous asked:

Thanks for reccing Presque Vu. But also no thanks because it is destroying me and I DON'T HAVE TIME TO BE A MESS RIGHT NOOOOOW


true story I read that story like 3 times in a row the first week I was in England (ALMOST FOUR YEARS AGO EXACTLY AAAAHHHH I AM OLD) because I had it open on my computer and got to my room at Oxford and HAD NO ACCESS TO THE INTERNET. and my student card wasn’t working so I couldn’t get into the library. and this was before the days of (widely proliferated) smartphones. so like. I had nothing. except fanfic that was open on my computer, lol. and so I read that completely all the way through at least twice, maybe three times, and then the best bits I don’t want to think about how many times more than that. I like, imprinted on that story. it was a big thing for me at the time. I just love it.

I reread it last summer when I was in Paris and it was a whole thing. I mean. IT IS MY FAVORITE FIC. my favorite. and I love a whole lot of fics, you know.

Presque Vu (A poem)

Presque Vu

It’s on the tip of my tongue

Fighting to stay inside

Shifting though my lung

Trying to find a place to hide


These words of description

All lost in a stutter

Fighting this throat of boa constriction

Leaving the heart all a flutter


I found it jumbled in a slur

It’s fighting its way out

Cutting like a spur

Soon ending this literary drought


And through thick black ink the words flow

From a steady handed pen

If only for a bit of show

Writing it all down in the den

I'm currently exploring the realm of Deja phenomina. Here's my basic understanding of some of these things.

Deja Vu:
Literal Meaning is “Already Seen”
Basically it is the sensation of re-experiencing something.
The part which remains a mystery is whether or not the subject has ever actually experienced the situation before.
Many people claim that they experienced the exact situation previously in a dream, in some cases even down to precise details such as names, colours, and locations.

Deja Entendu:
Literal meaning is “Already Heard”
Unlike Deja Vu the subject in this case usually can’t recall specific details, however they are severely unsettled by hearing something they are positive they have heard before.

Jamais Vu:
Literal Meaning is “Never Seen”
This phenomenon is unique from the others because rather than feeling like something unfamiliar is familiar, the subject feels like they are experiencing something entirely new when they know full well that they have experienced similar things before once or multiple times.

Presque Vu:
Literal Meaning is “Almost Seen”
This is the feeling within the subject that they are about to have an epiphany. However much the subject believes they are about to learn something that has previously been beyond their understanding, this phenomenon never results in the subject acquiring knowledge.

Reja Vu:
Literal Meaning - Unknown
The feeling that what you are experience will, in the future, happen again. This phenomenon doesn’t always result in re-experiencing the suspected events. It is still unknown whether subjects who suffer from Reja Vu, and then find themselves in the same situation are prone to experiencing Deja Vu.

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hi, hello, sorry, this is probably a stupid question, but if you could choose an object- any object at all- to represent your fic Presque Vu, what would it be?

This is weird, not stupid, which is totally okay!

I think the object would be an old watch, the kind you have to wind. The whole story is about the way time can help and hinder you, how you can’t rush to your happy ending, and how no matter what you do, you have to live the valleys in between. But that getting that progression is also work. 

Actually, it makes me think of the beautiful skeleton watch I own, except with a rose tone face, too.